Every Way to Cook a Tomato (47 Methods) | Bon Appétit

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Kyumim - 4 hours ago
You didn’t do macerated tomatoes!! Those are my favourite, they remind me of my dad making them for me before dinner as a little snack. Only me and my other Chinese friends like tomatoes like this lol. I loved the video and love tomatoes :)
Nik - 6 hours ago
That tomato granita would be super good with a little bit of balsamic
Nhan Kien
Nhan Kien - 9 hours ago
I can’t even eat a cherry tomato.
justinandrew04 - 14 hours ago
I really wish people could do these videos without all the smacking...
The Lozt Boyz
The Lozt Boyz - 16 hours ago
Makes me want to
The Lozt Boyz
The Lozt Boyz - 16 hours ago
I hate tomatoes but amiel wants me to devour one
Shaema - 18 hours ago
my fafourite part is how he voiced over the whole thing.
Jacob Bau
Jacob Bau - 19 hours ago
for the tomato soda, you needed to wait for the bubbles to die down before holding the button again. Thats why you lost some tomato water and also loss some fizz.
chapa quente do Vlad
chapa quente do Vlad - 23 hours ago
In this video you realize that Amiel like his food to be as natural as possible, in meats he wants the meat to be rare (or even raw :P) so he gets the "true" natural flavors of the meat.
Amiel after all has a very professional taste.
Stan SF9 And rm’s tiddies
*i don’t even like tomatoes why am I watching this?*
Cayla Wade
Cayla Wade - Day ago
Altirix - Day ago
"I'm not sure this fresh air is good for me, let's go inside."
Gamer: *I can relate*
megaking. el
megaking. el - 2 days ago
Smily tomato naw deranged tomato
megaking. el
megaking. el - 2 days ago
Tomato popcorn wtf
The Overglower
The Overglower - 2 days ago
2:27 was my favorite to try
Joaquin Moncayo
Joaquin Moncayo - 2 days ago
cringiest most disgusting intros ive witnessed on this channel
Joey S
Joey S - 2 days ago
Stephanie Rowe
Stephanie Rowe - 3 days ago
14:35 :is he okay?
ChaseTheOneHope - 3 days ago
I loathe tomatoes
Mepnet - 3 days ago
Top 10 anime deaths: 10:32
Dinesh Janapati
Dinesh Janapati - 3 days ago
Micheal Reeves:
Merjema Crnkić
Merjema Crnkić - 3 days ago
Tomatos suck
Dracon Uchiha
Dracon Uchiha - 4 days ago
There's one thing this series has truly taught me. IF IT AIN'T MEAT, IT'S A PICKLE!
Dracon Uchiha
Dracon Uchiha - 4 days ago
I swear that I smelled marinara sauce during the sauce section of this video. It is 5 AM and I smell MARINARA SAUCE.
Derek Michelle
Derek Michelle - 4 days ago
30:14 is amazing
Respha - 4 days ago
"Let's make some Tomato Ice Pops"
"Ew it's a bit icey"
Vinh P
Vinh P - 4 days ago
wait did he make a vegan sushi?
Zromel yt
Zromel yt - 4 days ago
Michael reeves will hate this vid
Salty Bonsai
Salty Bonsai - 4 days ago
I hate tomato's... Why am I watching this?
MiniCyclone - 5 days ago
*SCP-504 enters the chat*
Phoenix Weckman
Phoenix Weckman - 5 days ago
why is that my hair color.
Boiled Egg
Boiled Egg - 5 days ago
For the fried tomato, you cut five slices, fried four of them, and served three
Kronicle nonicle
Kronicle nonicle - 5 days ago
Hey wait,
He never did the pancake fake
Emaad Ally
Emaad Ally - 6 days ago
Different types of tomato 🍅. Me:tomato is tomato
Magmafrost13 - 6 days ago
You can also use sous-vide to confit things. Needs way less oil that way, too
Christopher Cheung
Christopher Cheung - 6 days ago
I don’t like tomatoes
Jack-O-bonnie Gaming
Jack-O-bonnie Gaming - 7 days ago
My favorite tomato is a cherry tomato i like to cut it in pieces add some choped onions add salt and thats all
Jack-O-bonnie Gaming
Jack-O-bonnie Gaming - 7 days ago
Make evrey way to cook a onion
Mitchell Nelson
Mitchell Nelson - 7 days ago
8:28 just snort it already!
G[re]at [post]
G[re]at [post] - 7 days ago
Who got pissed that he did not use a spoon on some parts
beans aah
beans aah - 7 days ago
Tomato soda???
Copy Ninja
Copy Ninja - 7 days ago
That "Hello World" at 10:10 cracked me up
Erika Todorova
Erika Todorova - 7 days ago
Tomato man after trying every tomato: *M*
I don't know why this was in my recommended but I'm proud.
Cierra Dacunha
Cierra Dacunha - 8 days ago
That fire hit hard 😂😭
Andrew Floats
Andrew Floats - 8 days ago
90% of this is just eating raw tomatoes and pretending like all these methods really change the taste
Andrew Floats
Andrew Floats - 8 days ago
*fake chewing and reaction noises*
lemons1098 - 8 days ago
“We’re going to cook tomatoes in every way in a possible way...” Raw Tomato
Tax Hus
Tax Hus - 9 days ago
and then bread crumbs
Mitsuki Orochimaru
Mitsuki Orochimaru - 9 days ago
Minato's wife wants to know your location.
Levi Paragon
Levi Paragon - 9 days ago
16:04 meme
Xtremely Midnight
Xtremely Midnight - 9 days ago
He said ugly messy and dark i wonder why dark has to be a bad thing
Jaan Laks
Jaan Laks - 9 days ago
SO WOBBLY.he says while in eastern Europe we have meat jelly also known as sült or holodets.
Pablo Clemente
Pablo Clemente - 10 days ago
When he sais that frozen tomato is icy, he's talking about texture, not temperature
Ravin Chowdhury
Ravin Chowdhury - 10 days ago
16:13 The lick
Anime Weeb Necro
Anime Weeb Necro - 10 days ago
it should be every way to eat a tomato that we thought of because some of these he isnt even cooking
Valkyrie Feirro
Valkyrie Feirro - 10 days ago
*Someone send this to gingerpale*
Heather Moodie
Heather Moodie - 11 days ago
Your a grown man and your still calling your mom
chuck sellers
chuck sellers - 11 days ago
he tried, but tomatoes are gross
Bαє αínthαvíngít
Bαє αínthαvíngít - 12 days ago
"i mean it is tasty"
No its bon appétit
Dr.Potatoz - 12 days ago
I literally just got Bon appétit ad.
iDyslexxik - 12 days ago
15:00 I felt that whole sentence
Warrren Huang
Warrren Huang - 12 days ago
why. cooking tomatoes.
ItsAlex128 - 13 days ago
I have a feeling he doesn’t wanna do onions shred style that’s why he hasn’t made one yet but I’m still waiting for the day to happen
wearethefallenmusic - 13 days ago
Brad would love the a fermented tomato
Ciel Phantomhive
Ciel Phantomhive - 13 days ago
Thomas the tomato had a Darth Vader shaped head underneath
Anthony Mazzochette
Anthony Mazzochette - 13 days ago
Dude I Just realized that this show is voiced over after they record the cooking... That means this man is sitting in his studio just making fake eating noises into the mic before he starts to describe how each tomato tasted like.
Grin Delwald
Grin Delwald - 13 days ago
This guy can make a tomato look better than my future ...
It's Chris
It's Chris - 13 days ago
Puts a full bottle in sodastream “am I doing this right”
Stelar14 -HawtDogee-
Stelar14 -HawtDogee- - 13 days ago
Now I really want a dehydrator
Jack Withrow
Jack Withrow - 14 days ago
Life is soup, I am fork
Thomas Hertfelder
Thomas Hertfelder - 14 days ago
no tomato soup?
Pigeun ideas
Pigeun ideas - 14 days ago
Wait, so is he just eating it again while voicing over to get the mouth sounds?
Maya Bee
Maya Bee - 14 days ago
Pug-o in a Suit-o
Pug-o in a Suit-o - 14 days ago
When he said "Tomato tartare" an ad showed up half way of the sentence and it sounded something like this: "Tomato tarta-target" it was a Target ad.
A Tal da Anahy
A Tal da Anahy - 14 days ago
* T3ddy left the chat *
DaPoodleFloof - 14 days ago
“Who doesn’t like a good tomato”
Me. I hate them.
GubungoDupenhagen III
GubungoDupenhagen III - 2 days ago
im only here to find out if im being pranked by tomatoes or something. how can someone enjoy something that has legit made me throw up
xDerTopflappen - 14 days ago
15:54 Yes, the ICE CREAM is ICY
sad turnip
sad turnip - 15 days ago
14:52 is he okay?
Joker Yuh
Joker Yuh - 15 days ago
Why am i craving a Tomato...
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