Every Way to Cook a Tomato (47 Methods) | Bon Appétit

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Dracon - 6 hours ago
Some things shouldnt be allowed, this is a good example
Ka Gamings
Ka Gamings - 6 hours ago
You missed the salsa
Guy with Cool life
Guy with Cool life - 6 hours ago
Is this video a joke?
DGN Spicurt
DGN Spicurt - 6 hours ago
he forgot 1 way. in soviet russia the tomato cooks you
Zyonna Wells
Zyonna Wells - 6 hours ago
When he cut off the tomato's face it gave me MAJOR Dwight Schrute vibes
deepbhlue - 7 hours ago
this guy: mm yeah wow *hand motions*
NoobMaster exe
NoobMaster exe - 7 hours ago
Did you just call a tomato a fruit
deepbhlue - 7 hours ago
tomato and salt is the best
Terorist Potato
Terorist Potato - 7 hours ago
tomatoes are absolute garbage i dont know how anyone can eat a whole tomato and survive
Professor A
Professor A - 7 hours ago
causally cuts of face
Pepsi Pepsi
Pepsi Pepsi - 7 hours ago
Idk I just eat them raw
Pepsi Pepsi
Pepsi Pepsi - 7 hours ago
And like apples
Myriam Savard
Myriam Savard - 7 hours ago
Link is triggered
Александр Жигадло
i just cant get over eating just sauce off a plate with a knife and spoon
Treddergaming 76876
Treddergaming 76876 - 8 hours ago
Thinking about the stick one makes me sad
ThotDeflector96 - 8 hours ago
That modified blowtorch looks like something straight out of Fallout 4
Caio Henrique
Caio Henrique - 8 hours ago
I have a suggestion, instead of putting “cook” in the title, why don’t you put “prepare”?
Trevalon N
Trevalon N - 8 hours ago
I dont know why but the fried tomatoes looks like a vegetarian version of a burger patty
Steven Ashby
Steven Ashby - 8 hours ago
this man made a tomato sundae and said
ok guys i am gonna put a cherry t o m a t o on top
Lindsay R
Lindsay R - 8 hours ago
why am i watching this? i hate tomatoes and I started gagging when I got to the "tomato water" section
Nightzz Mixx
Nightzz Mixx - 9 hours ago
It still makes me uncomfortable when I remember that he voiced this over, so the sounds he makes while biting into the food, and chewing, are most likely just him making sounds.
Mrbink01 - 9 hours ago
Should be called "Every way to Prepare a Tomato"...quite a few raw tomato preparations.
Victoria Zylka
Victoria Zylka - 9 hours ago
no, we'd love to see your paintings, amiel :)
icyMemes зсг
icyMemes зсг - 9 hours ago
I looooove charred tomato😍😍
skz soft bot
skz soft bot - 9 hours ago
*𝐦𝐢𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐞𝐥 𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐬 𝐡𝐚𝐬 𝐥𝐞𝐟𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐭*
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown - 9 hours ago
My acid reflux is shaking
Jerzy Weiss
Jerzy Weiss - 9 hours ago
Dude just make a pinned comment that's a link to your art, we'd click that.
Louis Capanelli
Louis Capanelli - 10 hours ago
Jaded and Empty
Jaded and Empty - 10 hours ago
My mom made a beef patty w/a slice of tomato on it, topped by a slice of melted cheese.. didn't even really need the rest of the burger!
kathryn - 10 hours ago
i’m watching this video, but i don’t like tomatoes
Electro - 10 hours ago
These all seem interesting, but I'll stick to the tried and true Tomato Ketchup
Joostagram - 10 hours ago
Thomas Vaillancourt
Thomas Vaillancourt - 10 hours ago
Platonic Ideal
Samuel Laplante
Samuel Laplante - 10 hours ago
waste of food
The Moon
The Moon - 10 hours ago
I guess he just likes tomato a lot
Alvadar65 - 10 hours ago
That Night Elf reference though 12:31
John James
John James - 10 hours ago
I'd be really interested to see an episode on mushrooms
Isheeta Rahman
Isheeta Rahman - 10 hours ago
13:56 ...this show has really gone off the rails.
Akari the Ice cube
Akari the Ice cube - 10 hours ago
Lmao I like how he pretends to eat in the voiceover
juppeta - 11 hours ago
That smoked tomato looks like congenital ichthyosis.
its me alex
its me alex - 11 hours ago
22:49 pyrocynical?
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