Guillermo at the Oscars

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Jesus Ponce
Jesus Ponce - 8 hours ago
Es que agarren la onda. Ese es el mejor Tequila del mundo !
Obvio todos quieren
(Fuera de broma, es el trago favorito de Tomy Hilfiger)
Luke Townsend
Luke Townsend - 12 hours ago
beanie feldstein looks like female jonah hill 🤣🤣
Andrei Gherghe
Andrei Gherghe - Day ago
Elaine is not Funny anymore, maybe because she’s old😁
John Cu
John Cu - Day ago
To other actors: If Scarlett Johansson and Al Pacino are not too cool to not talk to Guillermo you are not too cool to not talk to Guillermo
Matthew Molkentin
Matthew Molkentin - Day ago
"I just got to first base with Harvey Kietel" - that line literally made me laugh out loud.
Queen Tea
Queen Tea - 2 days ago
Guillermo: “we’ll see you next year!”
Me: “...if there is a next year”
DJ-Stobbe - 3 days ago
5:10 Harvey Keitel that old Gangsta :-)
Ellie Shields
Ellie Shields - 4 days ago
And that’s how COVID began to spread
BXndkdn Jdnxn
BXndkdn Jdnxn - 4 days ago
if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray
Shríharsh Shaw
Shríharsh Shaw - 5 days ago
I liked the reaction how scarlet came back after recognising Guillermo..
Jesus Mendoza
Jesus Mendoza - 5 days ago
Mexican technology 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Demolution - 6 days ago
only scarlett and Charlize i found to be not only sexy, but easy going.. 3:20 scarlett 4:56 Charlize
Gaurav Pandey
Gaurav Pandey - 6 days ago
This man was the inspiration behind CoronaV.....
How many mouths have touched it...?
"Nobaadi... You are da first one" - Sir Guillermo
The Winter Soldier
The Winter Soldier - 6 days ago
Guillermo could be facing legal charges had it been this year.
Sera - 7 days ago
Lmao this was so funny back then but watching this now and seeing how they drank from the same banana gives me crippling anxiety 😂😂😂
Yasva Raveloson
Yasva Raveloson - 7 days ago
5:43 I haven’t laughed this hard in a while 😂
Héctor Mallet Flores
Héctor Mallet Flores - 7 days ago
This has aged badly in the post-Covid19 era...
Aryan Parekh
Aryan Parekh - 7 days ago
7.4m views for seeing Scarlett johansson holding a banana in the thumbnail
Yaery Min
Yaery Min - 7 days ago
that card would cost a million dollars
MadNit - 8 days ago
this is how corona was spread
Celso cordero jr.
Celso cordero jr. - 8 days ago
Whos scarletts bf? Looks chill and sport too..lucky guy
Joana Lobato
Joana Lobato - 8 days ago
That guy is her agent. Her BF is Another one from SNL.
Andreee D
Andreee D - 8 days ago
*attending oscars nomination only for guillermo*
Josh Andallo
Josh Andallo - 8 days ago
Pre-pandemic me: 😂😂😂😂😂
Post-pandemic me: 😬😬😬😬😬
Ryan Carpio
Ryan Carpio - 9 days ago
Imagine now drinking out of the banana
negrophiliac - 9 days ago
i’m crying cause for covid they definitely won’t be doing that tequila shots anymore
bonny wilson
bonny wilson - 9 days ago
Mark Rober, you are just amazing a great person, I look forward to every new project.
Rock Block
Rock Block - 9 days ago
azz kiker
azz kiker - 10 days ago
3:40 Scarlett is very cool.. very beautiful.. and Charlize 4:56 is so amazing..
Mikael Owe
Mikael Owe - 10 days ago
Scarlett johansson is so dam beautifull at 3:37 in the video :-)
Vania Dwi Adinda
Vania Dwi Adinda - 10 days ago
"it's Mexican technology"
Rocco DiLeo
Rocco DiLeo - 10 days ago
Guillermo is the equivalent of that awkward uncle you have at dinner parties
Bernard Chu Piek Yong
Bernard Chu Piek Yong - 10 days ago
I’m so enjoyable to watch this video wow 🤩
Simone Buno
Simone Buno - 12 days ago
I'm doubtful about the tequila thing next year.

Gonna miss it for a bit.
Simone Buno
Simone Buno - 8 days ago
@Vaibhav Khullar The Emmys happened. Don't think too negatively.
Vaibhav Khullar
Vaibhav Khullar - 11 days ago
I am doubtful about the entire oscar ceremony happening 🙄
ddiax m
ddiax m - 12 days ago
Every year I after the Oscars I immediately look for the video of Guillermo, I watch teh videos over and over and we can see who are the nice actors and who aren't . I love Guillermo!
Iron City Experience
Iron City Experience - 12 days ago
Scarlett is so nice
tutubeos - 12 days ago
shashwat upadhyaya
shashwat upadhyaya - 12 days ago
This is mexican technology 😄😂
Michael Soriano
Michael Soriano - 13 days ago
The Mr. Man
The Mr. Man - 13 days ago
*_"Did you make this?"_*
*_"Yeah, it's Mexican technology"_*
Danica Domingo
Danica Domingo - 14 days ago
This should be titled " how to spread a virus 🦠" lol
stanleykaffee - 14 days ago
Why is he making them drink from the same banana and why aren't they wearing their masks.
AoiTori - 13 days ago
This is 7 months ago bro 😂
Deepak Tatavarti
Deepak Tatavarti - 14 days ago
Now I know why COVID spread so fast in the US
May 03
May 03 - 15 days ago
then theres lebron
Jordan Lopez
Jordan Lopez - 15 days ago
Eclipse - 15 days ago
How to spread Coronavirus
Mark Ludden
Mark Ludden - 15 days ago
She lied to Scarlett Johansson so Laura Dern is gonna come at him waving a stick like in Marriage story.
Mateo - 15 days ago
Guillermo: See you next year!
Time Travellers: Ha
Ayushman Singh
Ayushman Singh - 16 days ago
and thats how he gave everyone in hollywood the flu

that didnt age well
Btyler mitch
Btyler mitch - 16 days ago
Manoj Kumar.k.s
Manoj Kumar.k.s - 16 days ago
I always keep tequila in my Banana
Biswajyoti Das
Biswajyoti Das - 16 days ago
Scarlett is the best
Andy - 17 days ago
It's Mexican technology. I'm dead 💀
Mariannela Martinez
Mariannela Martinez - 17 days ago
Scarlett stopping to for the interview and Charize arriving and asking for her shot. Love them
Akbar Noorie
Akbar Noorie - 17 days ago
Scarlett Johnson is so humble and beautiful man.
I'm a huge fan of her.
The Koolin_ARMY
The Koolin_ARMY - 17 days ago

Lin-Manuel Miranda meets Guillermo..

Mr Fenris
Mr Fenris - 17 days ago
I always put tequila in my banana?
wah lee
wah lee - 17 days ago
Charlize is gorgeous
WN Dylon
WN Dylon - 18 days ago
”Everyone likes drinking from my banana”😳
YaBoiBMO - 18 days ago
Guillermo is the best person you can see at the Oscars.
Ertuğrul Karaçuha
Ertuğrul Karaçuha - 18 days ago
Scarlet and Bratt Pitt 2 good people have no bad ego's
sambath4real - 18 days ago
Charlize knows what to expect every time.
Nathalia Rodriguez
Nathalia Rodriguez - 19 days ago
I love this little guy!
Yaman Yadav
Yaman Yadav - 19 days ago
Eli Sheahen
Eli Sheahen - 19 days ago
And that’s how celebrities got the coronavirus.
BunBoHue - 19 days ago
Scar Jo is so genuine. I love her.
Sheeps sleep while you stare
Charlize knew he was the booze provider
Mohammed Albi
Mohammed Albi - 20 days ago
Why does this make me desperate to be famous
Taz - 20 days ago
If all I gotta do is work for Jimmy to drink and meet celebritys I'm all in
Tricia Mamaril
Tricia Mamaril - 21 day ago
This was literally the last hooha before lockdown huh
xXGhostDZXx - 21 day ago
corona hhhhhhhh all dead tommorow
Winfield Scott
Winfield Scott - 21 day ago
Watching this during quarantine paints a whole new picture.
tech news show
tech news show - 21 day ago
celeb+_How many people mouth on this banana 🍌
Guillermo ::no one 😎
tech news show
tech news show - 21 day ago
Where is jimy Fallon and gardon
Esequiel Hernandez Jr
Esequiel Hernandez Jr - 21 day ago
I need that tequila flask lmao
Maui Gacitua
Maui Gacitua - 21 day ago
Guillermo you are the best, Jimmy is so envidious!!!
Aaron Arevalo
Aaron Arevalo - 21 day ago
meboi47 - 21 day ago
I judge celebrities bye how they talk to gulliermi
Scar A
Scar A - 22 days ago
Al Pacino is the King forever.
Isaac Gonzales
Isaac Gonzales - 22 days ago
Mexican pride🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Redeemable - 22 days ago
Guillermo will be doing this for so long there’ll be a point where celebrities are happy to win the Oscars just to speak to Guillermo.
Redeemable - 22 days ago
Guillermo would never have thought in a 1000 years that he’d be on the red carpet with celebrities partying and drinking tequila together.
Kshitish Sorte
Kshitish Sorte - 22 days ago
0:37 isnt she miss davis from big bang theory?
Cyproduction - 22 days ago
Charlize: "Where's my shot, Hi, where's my shot?!?!!?
I love that woman
Vikas M
Vikas M - 23 days ago
That's how we gave everyone in hollywood... coronavirus.
E T - 23 days ago
Scarlet was so nice and she seemed genuinely happy to go over and talk to Guillermo
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Matej Mikloš
Matej Mikloš - 23 days ago
fag destroyer
fag destroyer - 23 days ago
Yes Regina king let’s be racist!!!!
C2 The King
C2 The King - 24 days ago
Regina King is a GOD
MrAlex3132003 - 24 days ago
"Thats how we gave everyone in Hollywood the [Caronavirus]" @05:57
Alex Pavelka
Alex Pavelka - 24 days ago
Jimmy at the end “that’s how we gave everyone in Hollywood the flue” if only he knew
Eisa Alsuwaidi
Eisa Alsuwaidi - 24 days ago
all actors now have herpes , good job
Deimos Y
Deimos Y - 25 days ago
huh??? Neymar?????
Scarlett Rose
Scarlett Rose - 25 days ago
I want to be best friends Scarlett johanson
Prateek Singh
Prateek Singh - 25 days ago
Scarlet and Charlize 😘😍
D 192706 Play
D 192706 Play - 25 days ago
Rip Chadwick bossmen
Sam Temple
Sam Temple - 26 days ago
Those two kids from Jojo Rabbit!!!
Robert Nguyen
Robert Nguyen - 26 days ago
Scarlette is perfect. Beauty and humble.
Regina Phalange
Regina Phalange - 26 days ago
Just when I thought I couldn't love Scarlett more...
Tim McDowell
Tim McDowell - 26 days ago
These are just a lot of fun.
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