Alaura R.
Alaura R. - 30 minutes ago
I can't be the only one who likes the song but ABSOLUTELY DESPISES the video.?
Luana Bolla
Luana Bolla - 2 hours ago
I love very much this song
AH! Agora eu entendi!
AH! Agora eu entendi! - 3 hours ago
1:10 pause
Drake Magnum
Drake Magnum - 3 hours ago
Willikers Mark Ronson knows how to make a terrific pop song. Props to Miley Cyrus as well. What a nicely produced video!
Jaclyn Golden
Jaclyn Golden - 4 hours ago
She really disappointed me she used to be so beautiful and her voice used to be amazing I really used to look up to and then she turned into a slut
ツツSaffy - 4 hours ago
Mom: *No ice cream for you!*

Me: *nOtHiNg bReaKs LiKe a hEaRt*
Noz Islam
Noz Islam - 5 hours ago
Forgot that Miley could actually sing...
immilunati - 6 hours ago
Sene 2013 o zamanlar manitadan ayrılmışım ama nasıl efkarlıyım... neyse güzel şarkı akdkallsd
Taynara - 6 hours ago
This song is so good vibes 😋
excellent channel
excellent channel - 8 hours ago
Nooo, fucking ass ...
Mohammed Abotahoon
Mohammed Abotahoon - 9 hours ago
I miss Hannah Montana
Wendel Pires
Wendel Pires - 9 hours ago
That is a good song on a dancefloor 😉
K W - 9 hours ago
Hannah Montana moving mad these days...
andrea giudici
andrea giudici - 10 hours ago
thanks me later @1:10
Katie Holford
Katie Holford - 10 hours ago
I love you Mark and miley
Abigail Feith
Abigail Feith - 10 hours ago
Tu peinado es re feo ,los ojos casi te quedan a la altura de la cola de tu cabello
SRB Gamer
SRB Gamer - 11 hours ago
that ass
Aleksandra Bormowska
Aleksandra Bormowska - 12 hours ago
Jedyne co jest do d... to gołe d... w teledysku i czemu ktoś uważa że widok okrężnicy,cudzej spoconej od tańca, kojarzonej z kałem jest sexy? Tak bezosobowy zadek jak śmietnik pod moją chatą bardzo mnie brzydzi.
yugraaj sandhu
yugraaj sandhu - 12 hours ago
3:46 nothing breaks like car
Mr Oasis
Mr Oasis - 12 hours ago
This song is hypnotic
Danna Yazmin
Danna Yazmin - 12 hours ago
Donde quedó hana Montana ???? Es broma
unterstr1ch - 13 hours ago
I just hope miley keeps making music like this.
QUIT ._.
QUIT ._. - 13 hours ago
+unterstr1ch love this song from iran (sry for bad englis)
MikikiDesign - 13 hours ago
omg yes it's beautiful
Mikiki - 13 hours ago
yea that song is awesome
Carolina Olguin
Carolina Olguin - 13 hours ago
I love MILEY😘😘💖💖
I love Marc🤗🤗💙💙
Travis Weber
Travis Weber - 13 hours ago
Kids motorcycle
Ajitha Chellam
Ajitha Chellam - 14 hours ago
who else is love with miley performing the whole song driving the car
Ajitha Chellam
Ajitha Chellam - 14 hours ago
may 2019 ....
Juliette Sabrina
Juliette Sabrina - 15 hours ago
Feels like Lana Del Rey
trust me
trust me - 15 hours ago
NOw I understand !!!💔💔😢😢💔💔
TIE/LN Starfighter
TIE/LN Starfighter - 16 hours ago
rocking that double magwell?
Filip Filak
Filip Filak - 18 hours ago
Danisuera - 18 hours ago
Her voice was made for Country music
Lil Tezar
Lil Tezar - 19 hours ago
In this vidclip miley look so pretty😂😍😍
20cher09 - 19 hours ago
I had a dream about Mark driving this bright yellow sports car with black racing stripes on the hood driving down Old Town Road. Then it came true. I seen the car.
Julia - 20 hours ago
So awesome girl and voice
Eve ill Anderson
Eve ill Anderson - 20 hours ago
just like a woman she thinks she'll fuck her way out of any trouble
Eve ill Anderson
Eve ill Anderson - 20 hours ago
she's so proud, well I'm not
ty miley
Eve ill Anderson
Eve ill Anderson - 20 hours ago
she's so proud, well I'm not
ty miley
Eve ill Anderson
Eve ill Anderson - 20 hours ago
karina - 20 hours ago
As Creations
As Creations - Day ago
Carlos Brandy
Carlos Brandy - Day ago
Mark Ronson is a genius, only he can do a Miley Cyrus good song
Alejandro NBA
Alejandro NBA - Day ago
1:10 the real reason why i'm hear 😁😏
Frammyxx locky
Frammyxx locky - Day ago
Really great song, but why did you have to have children shooting in your video :(
Guillaume Gabriel
Guillaume Gabriel - Day ago
Satanic cheers ! :D
Samantha Jane
Samantha Jane - Day ago
80s kitsch meets white trash meets teeth too large for the mouth. Who knew it’d make for a good song.
Sarah my vids
Sarah my vids - Day ago
Sounds like Mans Zelmerlow's song Hero!
Kevin Juarez
Kevin Juarez - Day ago
Nils Zeltner
Nils Zeltner - Day ago
Nothing breaks like a Mercedes-Benz S500 W220 :,(
Angelina - Day ago
This is awesome!
Contrary barrel
Contrary barrel - Day ago
I miss old miley cyrus
Vinícius Venturine
Oliver Charles
Oliver Charles - Day ago
Miley’s new lead single is coming out on May 30th. Yesss
Jack Croatan
Jack Croatan - Day ago
What is the point of her showing her ass in this country song. I just dont get it. My kid likes this song but I cant play the video...i dont understand why. Is that supposed to be provocative or what?
Michael Le Grand
Michael Le Grand - Day ago
+Jack Croatan play Lyrics then.
Jack Croatan
Jack Croatan - Day ago
+Michael Le Grand one second to much
Michael Le Grand
Michael Le Grand - Day ago
It's just one second, don't worry.
Andy Prince
Andy Prince - Day ago
Wow... True artist
Jhoss Echegaray
Jhoss Echegaray - Day ago
Please no hate but when I heard this song on the radio I was like ... is She Cyrus or Gaga?
Лизка Киска
Linus Unknownhero
Linus Unknownhero - Day ago
The unbrokeble s-klass
Юля Юля
Юля Юля - Day ago
Юля Юля
Юля Юля - Day ago
Супер. Супер. Сумер
Corneliu noname
Corneliu noname - Day ago
my first time when i saw the videoclip after hundred times on radio. lame. the song is beautiful
Obey The True King! 🙏💯✌
If this is the first time you heard this track? Welcome back to Earth! ✌👍🤣
ID mine
ID mine - Day ago
Česnakas LT
Česnakas LT - Day ago
marios pagkalos
marios pagkalos - Day ago
Julia Rokocz
Julia Rokocz - Day ago
I Love you😍😍
Descendants Of Grayskull
A fantastic tune to have full blast in the car on a hot day.
Moona1966 - Day ago
Was scrolling through the front page, and legit thought this was Alyssa Edwards in the thumbnail!
Mr Oasis
Mr Oasis - Day ago
Me at 1:26 looking at 1:10. If you know what i mean...
Yevhen Fastiuk
Yevhen Fastiuk - Day ago
Play Music:
Chicken Nuggets_andadonut
Director- “Any other things you want to put in the video?”
Miley- “ My ass”
Sean Brennan
Sean Brennan - Day ago
Every time this song comes up in a mix here, I can't help but think of how awesome a collaboration between Miley and First-Aid Kit would sound.
Seyma E
Seyma E - Day ago
This song kinda reminded me of silver lining by first aid kit🤔
20cher09 - Day ago
I would much rather speak my mind. How about I give you an Our Town Celebrity Review for the whole internet to read all about You!
marcin misarko
marcin misarko - Day ago
Nikodem Górski
Nikodem Górski - Day ago
Good musucialy
Mister X
Mister X - Day ago
Is the warm content COFFEE?
Proceed to check If there is a remainder in the cup.
Does your hair point up?
Is there petrol relate pain?

You might want to exist the car while it's only partly on fire.
In any other case you might remain seated.
Peter Hedlöf
Peter Hedlöf - Day ago
Dont fear THE reaper they invented a divice called pacemaker.
Newmarky Inc.
Newmarky Inc. - Day ago
Best part was Miley's ass :)
Shroctopus - Day ago
It breaks my heart that Arianda grandes song 7 rings got like 4x more views and came out around the same time.
Ramon Alcantara
Ramon Alcantara - 2 days ago
Vai ter essa música na nova novela da Globo, A Dona Do Pedaço.
Notícias Poliana
Notícias Poliana - Day ago
Seriooo?? Que hino
M J - 2 days ago
OK. The Hannah Montana time is over 😂
Miss Z Z
Miss Z Z - 2 days ago
Owwww Miley Cyrus all that time...and offcourrse pastors in the striptents ...mocking God again they are not human and can make they cannot be contaminated by demonic forces to go astray .. yes it does happens..and yes some turned/work for the enemy and misuse/abuse God's name yes it does happen..
Miss Z Z
Miss Z Z - 2 days ago
On the radio all the my head all the time..
Canseli Tıpyardım
Canseli Tıpyardım - 2 days ago
ehliyeti yeni alinca ben
Hope Glory
Hope Glory - 2 days ago
She sounds amazing
Jake Lamotta
Jake Lamotta - 2 days ago
So who wrote the lyrics and who created the melody?
Sharon Foley
Sharon Foley - 2 days ago
If I could like this 1.5 million times I would.
Surabhi Avhad
Surabhi Avhad - 2 days ago
I had missed that voice and reality for so long ❤️❤️❤️
Sharon Foley
Sharon Foley - 2 days ago
Omg I have watched this like a million times 😅😅
Liza Torres
Liza Torres - 2 days ago
The wawa playlist brought me here
Дмитрий - 2 days ago
Охренеть это Киев!
Makelele Mejia
Makelele Mejia - 2 days ago
Oh god she is amazing 😍😍😍
Osman Menzek
Osman Menzek - 2 days ago
help mee
w0lf6pack - 2 days ago
Almost forgot what an incredible voice she actually has. Instant goosebumps.
donny mcs
donny mcs - 2 days ago
sounds so much like stevie nicks , love from glasgow
انجلينا جولي
Ilove you mark
Lol fajne
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