Real vs Candy Cane Challenge // Clam-Flavored Candy Canes?!

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Vat19 - 2 days ago
Which ugly sweater was your favorite?
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Rafibeyli Aliya
Rafibeyli Aliya - Day ago
Vat19 hehe joey’s
King Onion
King Onion - Day ago
Vat19 I liked all of them
Julianna Martinez
Julianna Martinez - 2 days ago
They are ugly how to u except me to like them
Iloverobloxking 9000
Iloverobloxking 9000 - 2 days ago
TheOneWeird One
TheOneWeird One - 2 hours ago
2:20 Joey why did you pick the pickle and then pick Eric to eat the pickle root beer, you picklie pickle
Layla Paws
Layla Paws - 18 hours ago
Too Christmas EASTER eggs ???
Miki -Chan
Miki -Chan - Day ago
Dean Nakis
Dean Nakis - Day ago
A fake version of fbe
Mason Novak
Mason Novak - Day ago
1:45 hmm Mac and cheese and Swedish fish
Kalentine - Day ago
0:58 "I don't like it.. I dOh lIkE iT"
lance lefkowitz
lance lefkowitz - Day ago
This is so pickly
Julianna Martinez
Julianna Martinez - 2 days ago
Eric said this one is ReAlLy PiCKely

And I said maybe because it’s a PiCklE!
Acanaia The Acapella Adventure
5:01 oh it got so fizzy like your pickle
Acanaia The Acapella Adventure
3:11 hahaha
Olivia Patterson
Olivia Patterson - 2 days ago
Clam actually poop outside of their shells via an excurrent siphon. How do I know this you ask? Well. I had to dissected one for a bio lab. Yeah. Riveting.
London Crowe
London Crowe - 3 days ago
The guy with the santa hat likes the girl next to him
Bella Boii
Bella Boii - 3 days ago
I really wish i could be one of the Vat19
ShawnCarter1114 - 3 days ago
0:57 I dont like it
Spits out "I dont like it"
Fer Espe
Fer Espe - 3 days ago
4:59 sounds like a minecraft villiger
CatalystGuardian - 3 days ago
The fuck is wrong with those pickles, normally they taste really good.
Anime Queen Monique Warde
American gravy looks weird. Gravy in Australia is brown
David Kinman
David Kinman - 4 days ago
Comedy&Cosmetics - 4 days ago
WAIT, Joey looks like Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth!!
Kolt Tupa
Kolt Tupa - 4 days ago
Kimoi Gacha sisters
Kimoi Gacha sisters - 4 days ago
I just figured out that this was made on my birthday c:
Theo - Lemon
Theo - Lemon - 5 days ago
0:19 Sailor Moon ?!
Ur creepy Uncle
Ur creepy Uncle - 5 days ago
Honestly I wouldn’t mind eating warheads with MAC and cheese(real)
Aiden Farmer
Aiden Farmer - 5 days ago
no that is not how you make orange chicken and orange chicken is an actual food just tastes better and doesn't have orange crushed mixed with it
Ella Mcguire
Ella Mcguire - 5 days ago
"Am I tickling your pickle"
"No No I Mean Your NOSE
C.C. Studios 사랑해요
I luv pickles but i hate root beer XD
Random Stuff
Random Stuff - 6 days ago
Pickle is my fav food and Root beer is my fav drink!!! OMG PERFECT COMBINATION
Sofia Jan
Sofia Jan - 7 days ago
I love pickle
Leen Memes gaming
Leen Memes gaming - 7 days ago
Pickels are satans greens
Emma Allen
Emma Allen - 7 days ago
Who misses Eric!!!!!! Ccccoooolllloooouuuurrrrsssss!!!!!!!!!
Tarek Ahmed
Tarek Ahmed - 7 days ago
You should call it Dr. Oreo
jonaspacman100 Roblox
jonaspacman100 Roblox - 8 days ago
Root beer and pickle...GIVE IT NOW ERIC
G0Damm1t YT
G0Damm1t YT - 9 days ago
Mac and cheese is my favorite
An Nguyen
An Nguyen - 9 days ago
To be honest I would eat the real pickle and clam it doesn’t sound bad
SurpDrank - 9 days ago
is it just me or does joey have a striking resemblance of chris evans (AKA captain america)
Infinitystars ll
Infinitystars ll - 10 days ago
“This one is SUPER PiCkeLy”
Calico ネコ
Calico ネコ - 10 days ago
I like to do that😂
angellugtu - 10 days ago
I ate mint oreo
MC Chase
MC Chase - 10 days ago
Gravy and Bacon is not a good mix... that's like putty gravy on skittles
Roblox Lolbit
Roblox Lolbit - 10 days ago
7:00 gets me every time XD
Kayden Broek
Kayden Broek - 10 days ago
omg thees adds r killing me
Isabella Trivedi
Isabella Trivedi - 10 days ago
pickels are great
Emma Furini
Emma Furini - 10 days ago
Why does everyone at Vat19 seem to hate pickles?
Reaper - 8 days ago
I love pickles so much especially the small cucumbers that are put in a jar with a mix then you put them in the jar with the mix for a long time
OwOUwUCat - 11 days ago
Courtney Adkins
Courtney Adkins - 11 days ago
3:05 hmm I wonder why
Jason Brand
Jason Brand - 11 days ago
Jon: We need to hug more often
Btw Kara, YES, they do have peppermint Oreos
david podehl
david podehl - 11 days ago
Guy(i forgot his name): THIS IS SUPER PICKLY

Me: I wonder why
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson - 10 days ago
Kaitlyn Zhao
Kaitlyn Zhao - 11 days ago
Drenzkhallil Badulis
Drenzkhallil Badulis - 11 days ago
I know whats thats orange chicken taste like when i didn't do it

Its sweet and soaked with crush like if its right
Makeup By Shays
Makeup By Shays - 12 days ago
- Eric
Gianna Viggiano
Gianna Viggiano - 12 days ago
Jon: go-k we’re off to a weird start
Ivette Lopez
Ivette Lopez - 12 days ago
I’ve done worst combinations of meat and candy and peppermint with oranges
Doktor W.D. Gaster
Doktor W.D. Gaster - 12 days ago
hey, what would happen if somebody gonna have dr.pepper and dr.pepper
Grabbarna Grus
Grabbarna Grus - 13 days ago
im coming from sweden!
quiqui s
quiqui s - 14 days ago
"hard to make an Oreo bad...maybe with a pickle" lool 😂😂
Julian Kuhn
Julian Kuhn - 15 days ago
I dont understand this game lol
Rage WT
Rage WT - 16 days ago
3:28. Beaver laugh
Cecily sanchez
Cecily sanchez - 16 days ago
Hey I ate drpepper with 5 pickles
Abigail Johnson
Abigail Johnson - 16 days ago
I love pickles!
an_Gizylla - 16 days ago
I want to work st vat19... how do I sign up? 😅
Bpro Lnoob
Bpro Lnoob - 18 days ago
DampVibes 69
DampVibes 69 - 18 days ago
Anyone else misses eric??
God of Light11
God of Light11 - 18 days ago
Waits they like Oreos... disgusting
The Republic of Ustio.
The Republic of Ustio. - 19 days ago
6:36 I lost it with "Who, first of all, finds an OCEAN ROCK, and says, 'Oh, I'm gonna crack it open and scoop out whatever's on the inside and eat it'?"
Oliver Vezer
Oliver Vezer - 19 days ago
Its ticklin your pickle
Me: [laughs of screen]
The Squad
The Squad - 19 days ago
ThIs 0Ne 1s SuPEr P1CklElY!
Space Spaghetti
Space Spaghetti - 19 days ago
It should be meaty and sweety
Alilyana Herrera
Alilyana Herrera - 20 days ago
Wallace Bucket
Wallace Bucket - 20 days ago
Music To My Ears
Music To My Ears - 20 days ago
Robin Hopkins
Robin Hopkins - 20 days ago
I love pickles and root beer
ThingsWithUnicorn - 20 days ago
4:54 Music? And all others?
Emily Love
Emily Love - 20 days ago
oh my gosh I dont know why but when santa started putting candy canes in his pants my brother said, " Why is Santa shoving candy canes down his penis?"
The Cantaloupe c:
The Cantaloupe c: - 20 days ago
Pickles are fricken delicious
Natlie Hart
Natlie Hart - 21 day ago
I love Eric. “This one is super pickeley!?!” *holds up a pickle*
Natlie Hart
Natlie Hart - 21 day ago
Julie Bakly
Julie Bakly - 21 day ago
Use Code Mobile
Use Code Mobile - 21 day ago
carmela mammoliti
carmela mammoliti - 21 day ago
7:15 he did the whow
lego brat99
lego brat99 - 21 day ago
Pickles are great
Faisal Francis Wong
Faisal Francis Wong - 23 days ago
7:02 He sounds like Steve lol
Jerppu Playz
Jerppu Playz - 23 days ago
Who hear cocaine in 1:04?
Mike Herrera
Mike Herrera - 23 days ago
Only guys would know the jokes they are making about the pickle
Pj Zip
Pj Zip - 23 days ago
“It got super fizzy like your pickle “ 😭😭😭😭 5:01
Anna Liu
Anna Liu - 23 days ago
I love pickles! And clams
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 23 days ago
5:42 that face tho
Even though Kira said it may not be bad
A.l.k.g Productions
A.l.k.g Productions - 24 days ago
At 1:44 he said Shwedish fish
SoftRedina - 24 days ago
Amricans dont like pickels? I mean pickels are so good cuz they are accually cucumbers!
Jon’s Vlogs
Jon’s Vlogs - 24 days ago
Eric is the funniest
Josiah Keddy
Josiah Keddy - 24 days ago
If you like pepsi like. If you like coke comment
NarwhalNinja The Dragon
NarwhalNinja The Dragon - 24 days ago
Am I the only one that loves pickles and would be fine with the root beer and pickle? I mean, I love both so it might be good
Gus Brockmann
Gus Brockmann - 24 days ago
This one is super pikly. I wonder why?
Snippskillツ - 24 days ago
Why does everyone hate pickles
Youkicklol The retard
Youkicklol The retard - 25 days ago
Actually Swedish fish is not popular in Sweden
Mason Vozenilek
Mason Vozenilek - 25 days ago
John’s like that straight kid in school that acts super effeminate to get closer to females
Livvy’s Dance life
Livvy’s Dance life - 25 days ago
3:05 and 3:04
Eric: ThIS ONe iS SupPeR PiCkElY
maren carter
maren carter - 25 days ago
kara reminds me of pam from the office!!!
Rachel Wu
Rachel Wu - 25 days ago
And I thought my convulsingwas bad (it was a for a game I played with my brother)
Pamela Zingeser
Pamela Zingeser - 25 days ago
You’re dirty minded
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