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Screen Junkies
Screen Junkies - 2 months ago
Do you think we could still get Secret Invasion storyline?

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Dawson Thoresen
Dawson Thoresen - 4 days ago
We can but it reverse skull are good guy kree bad guys
bigoz169 - 8 days ago
After the new lineup of movies they are going to put out I say sadly no. Buuut!!! we might get Victoria's Secret invasion.
Bitchstorm66 - 20 days ago
Do human centipede
manda 4
manda 4 - Month ago
Screen Junkies okay I already can see what you would say for Shazam you gotta do it 🤣
Ram Spencer
Ram Spencer - Month ago
I feel like we got most of those notes with Hydra infiltrating shield in winter soldier. Secret invasion doesn't really make sense anytime soon to me after that. Apparently there are lots of secret Kree cells hiding out somewhere though....
Nichole Becker-Zumba
Nichole Becker-Zumba - 19 hours ago
This movie was so stupid
Alex Hur
Alex Hur - Day ago
I was so SURE you would have done Dark Phoenix by now, and this popped up when I searched for it.
swissbeats2k - Day ago
This movie sucked
pettertor - 2 days ago
I love the jab to the shitlords who are afraid of "the feminist agenda taking over marvel"
Like dudes... calm down. It's a good movie, not the greatest but let little children (and adults) have a female superhero once in a while. it's fine. If that's the feminist agenda then that's a good thing. Represent, sister!
Josh N Melody Keating
Josh N Melody Keating - 2 days ago
Please say: I eated the purple berries. They taste like burning.
Jordi Vanderwaal
Jordi Vanderwaal - 3 days ago
For me Captain Marvel is much better than Wonder Woman. There's no forced "love story" between her and a random guy she happens to find. There's no "omg I'm an adult woman but I'm going to get extremely embarassed over the silliest stuff" bullshit. I get that some women are like this, but this was more for the "straight male audience" than anything. A non-threatening, naive, innocent woman that happens to be very strong. Nah. And the female villain is such a disappointment. The movie was good, yes, but not that groundbreaking piece of art some consider. Also, the tone in CM is lighter, funnier, and the action looks cooler for me (2 scenes in WM stand out though, the village and no man's land).
Captain Marvel was a really solid origin story, by the way. And this whole "don't show your emotions" thing, just remember that the Kree are supposed to be emotionless, they hate to show emotions. It makes them look weak, instead of the strong warriors they're supposed to be. So they want Carol to "look" like one of them, so she doesn't turn on them, snap (and release her powers) and recover her memories. The best way for them to manage that is to keep her emotions in check.
Sahanawaz Mohammad
Sahanawaz Mohammad - 3 days ago
Every tarantino movie honest trailer please
Shuvo Speaking
Shuvo Speaking - 3 days ago
"Wait, the scrulls are nice?" 😅
chandra shekhar L
chandra shekhar L - 5 days ago
Please say "i am inevitable"
chandra shekhar L
chandra shekhar L - 5 days ago
Please do endgame
MR Esotericana
MR Esotericana - 5 days ago
Antti Huovila
Antti Huovila - 6 days ago
AltaVista nevaforget
amhrae ni dheasmhunaigh
Adlan Kacak
Adlan Kacak - 7 days ago
please do Dora Explorer live action movie ...
Timothy Mclaughlin
Timothy Mclaughlin - 7 days ago
You know in the future with home video i agree with dora with honest trailer to give a finger at the latest Nickelodeon era for this garbage. But i won't see the whole film no no.
Adlan Kacak
Adlan Kacak - 7 days ago
watching this video make me realize Brie quite lack in face expression in her acting ...
Frederick Bopst
Frederick Bopst - 8 days ago
MARIO 64!! Or sunshine if you haven't done them yet!
Coral LB
Coral LB - 8 days ago
"The Garfield your aunt still has stuck on her car windshield" I lost it!!!
JINXtheGamer - 9 days ago
Instead Paid DLC should be Overpriced RGB ;)
A_ MC156
A_ MC156 - 9 days ago
Should call it Cosmic Karen
Joseph Beard Jr
Joseph Beard Jr - 9 days ago
Stop being so emotional said no one ever. She has the emotional range of a stump.
Marcelo Bertoni
Marcelo Bertoni - 9 days ago
She is the worst
ChAudharY Haseeb
ChAudharY Haseeb - 10 days ago
U do know that Captain America was before the 70 s and captain marvel is from the 90 😑😶😏
Ryanne Cochran
Ryanne Cochran - 10 days ago
........there was so much wrong with this movie
rembrandt rosel
rembrandt rosel - 10 days ago
Nexie  Terithu
Nexie Terithu - 10 days ago
Shoutout to the people who hate the movie so much they can't understand sarcasm. Woohoo.
Dante Batong
Dante Batong - 11 days ago
People who say she has no acting abilities have never seen room
陳杰廷 Jetting Chen
陳杰廷 Jetting Chen - 12 days ago
I haven’t found a good sci-fi film since Interstellar and Passengers until Captain Marvel. The movie itself being good is icing on the cake. People can talk all shit about it as they want, I still love it.
Marwan Farawila
Marwan Farawila - 12 days ago
What emotions are the characters taking about?
Swanay Mohanty
Swanay Mohanty - 13 days ago
I liked this movie
Ben McDonald
Ben McDonald - 13 days ago
It's hilarious how every time a female led superhero movie comes out the Internet starts going insane and thinking that female led superhero movies are gonna take over the industry and wipe men off the face of the earth, I mean sheesh guys, the ratio is still like 90-10, female led superhero movies aren't "Taking over the industry"
Gothelittle - 13 days ago
"Control your emotions!"
"What emotions?"
I didn't understand the brilliance behind this until the end. He keeps knocking her down by taunting her about showing her emotions until he actually stirs her into frustration, thus finally pushing her from doing great into doing.. less great... so that he can knock her down and let her know he's still boss and she still has 'a lot to learn'.

It is, in its own way, a type of gaslighting, and it works until the end, when she either finally figures out that she *isn't* a super-emotional person or just stops caring whether he thinks she's emotional or not.

If it'd ended there, it would've been brilliant. Unfortunately, they pushed just a little too hard in every part of the plot, turning an otherwise fun film with a solid lead into "Mansplaining: The Movie".
Fabiana Valentino
Fabiana Valentino - 12 days ago
That was a pro for me, so, different strokes.
AOT Fangirl
AOT Fangirl - 14 days ago
Carol: 😐
Carol: 😐 Okay. 😐
Edwin Dix
Edwin Dix - 14 days ago
Has the power of space ship lol
Kitty Girl54321
Kitty Girl54321 - 14 days ago
Mother flerken!
CLEONARD TV - 15 days ago
1:40 does anyone feel like is racist
TheBeagle - 15 days ago
What emotions?
Cassian Andor
Cassian Andor - 16 days ago
Marvel issued black friend HAHAHAHA that's so true.
Diksaca Yehovah
Diksaca Yehovah - 16 days ago
Karen, the superhero movie.
Handere - 16 days ago
Telling Carol that she’s too emotional is like telling Chell from Portal to shut up
Kantrun Wetmepants
Kantrun Wetmepants - 17 days ago
Captain Plank
Matty C.
Matty C. - 17 days ago
That ending....🤣
MIK - 17 days ago
"a marvel issued black friend." Line of the century 😂
ben mansel
ben mansel - 17 days ago
When broly
Slick Slack
Slick Slack - 17 days ago
*CoSmIc KaReN*
Alex de Suys
Alex de Suys - 18 days ago
Wait did you just put Tank Girl on the same level as Elektra and Catwoman? Sacrilege!
Chinmaya Bhoi
Chinmaya Bhoi - 18 days ago
Avengers Endgame pls😁😁😁😁😁
Excursioner - 18 days ago
“The movie no real MCU Fan asked for!”
Mn384 - 19 days ago
Endgame endgame endgame!!!! It's time.......
samuel sujeeth
samuel sujeeth - 20 days ago
Marvel issued black friend
Man that's that's freaking
em ad
em ad - 20 days ago
the Tesseract was used in ww2 by hydra why this movie claims that the Tesseract was invented in the 90th
FATE IND SHAWEZ PUBG - 20 days ago
I fell asleep while watching this movie
blackfeather dog
blackfeather dog - 20 days ago
who cares
M NANA - 21 day ago
*aLiEn cAT*
What Ever
What Ever - 21 day ago
Very disappointed that you took it so easy on CM. But then who didn’t?
Did you get a preemptive cease-and-desist from Disney?
Goblincrypt - 21 day ago
Boring movie.
liked Your trailer
Craig Treloar
Craig Treloar - 21 day ago
Should have mentioned how the first half of the movie had a high attention to detail (like era correct stores and posters etc) and then it all went out the window in the second half (like her clothes surviving exiting and reentering the atmosphere).
pbjent - 21 day ago
All the talk about the Kree and I thought it was about the Cree.
Gabriel Murray
Gabriel Murray - 22 days ago
I generally really liked this movie but it does have lots of flaws.
anonymous -
anonymous - - 22 days ago
They forgot to give Captain Marvel the additional power to destroy galaxies with a blink of her eye.
Anon 24
Anon 24 - 21 day ago
they did forget to add the energy absorption powers she actually has in the comics from last millenium
Xxtruny6xX - 22 days ago
Do endgame pleaseeee
Jorge Torres
Jorge Torres - 23 days ago
I wish you went as hard on this as you did Alita, but that’s just me being foolish that you guys won’t be predictable.
Jessica Amethyst
Jessica Amethyst - 23 days ago
Idk I didn’t hate this movie. I thought it was pretty good. But this is funny af!
Michael W. Lytle
Michael W. Lytle - 24 days ago
Please say, "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to."
Caldera Collapse Records
Caldera Collapse Records - 24 days ago
Kree Larson
Alex Crespo is Awesome Sauce The Movie
3:16 I'm feeling pretty sad about that scene
edwin sparks
edwin sparks - 24 days ago
also gotta love that retcon of the winter soldier, just perfectly done there....
edwin sparks
edwin sparks - 24 days ago
Also, wasn't maria rambeau supposed to be Captain Marvel?
edwin sparks
edwin sparks - 24 days ago
lol, wasn't her callsign Cheeseburger?
Kid From 21 Jump Street
Kid From 21 Jump Street - 24 days ago
Never more invalid opinions on any film ever. My God.
Kid From 21 Jump Street
Kid From 21 Jump Street - 24 days ago
Yon-Rogg only tells her she's too emotional because HE DOESN'T WANNA GET HIS ASS KICKED. HE'S THE MAIN FUCKING VILLAIN!!!
It's literally 2 + 2 you sheep! LMAO all these complaints. She's a space Nazi for half the movie, ever see a Nazi emote? Naw you have not.
Distort - 24 days ago
תעשה על החממה!
Kid From 21 Jump Street
Kid From 21 Jump Street - 24 days ago
Anyone who complains about Larson's lack of emotion is a dipshit. Know why? It's literally an invalid opinion because IT'S THE ENTIRE BASIS FOR HER FUCKING CHARACTER. She is a literal brainwashed Space Nazi for a full 2 Acts. Ever see an Nazi emote anything but Seige Heil? Didn't think so. A strict moral compass of "Complete mission for Hala! Skrulls are bad!" & that. Is. It. Don't like that? Blame the Writers or Directors. Not her.
You can'tt change everything about yourself in 2 days. I don't care if you got un-brainwashed or whatever, she is literally playing an emotionless character & y'all call it bad acting LMAO I'm so lost on y'all wanna be critics man. Pick any other Larson movie to say that about. Shit maybe it's even why she was casted! CAPTAIN MARVEL IS SUPPOSED TO BE AN EMOTIONLESS WOMAN HERE. She did a good job at it too. Maybe it's natural for her who knows but it wasn't to the characters detriment in this case. I think you all miss that.
PS: I think 'Captain Marvel' (2019) is one of the worst MCU offerings. Bottom 5 probably. So don't even try to tell me what my own personal thoughts are. Anyone who can discern a story & character (no matter how bad) should know this shit already. If not you are the 99% homie.
Christina Lindo
Christina Lindo - 24 days ago
Marvel issued black friend had me ROLLING!!
Kid From 21 Jump Street
Kid From 21 Jump Street - 24 days ago
How could you put Thor (2011) over Iron Man (2008) when showing all the solo origin stories? Thor is hardly an origin story, he just learns not to be a douchebag. Even though the same goes for Iron Man except we actually see an origin of a hero who is tech based come to life, for example he builds multiple suits & also gains better ideologies. Thor is just the latter & family drama. He already had his powers & status. Shit it was just taken than granted back. You should've put Iron Man over Thor in that little lineup lol. SEE I'M AS PETTY AS YOU!
Kid From 21 Jump Street
Kid From 21 Jump Street - 25 days ago
Do Endgame ya fucks.
AngieWinchester338 - 25 days ago
I may be the minority but I really like that movie, it was relaxing to watch between infinity war and endgame and Captain Marvel is one of my favorite superheroes! She's just so Badass!
baz Lynch
baz Lynch - 25 days ago
She has such an expressive face.
Vern Von Trertnert
Vern Von Trertnert - 27 days ago
3:36 If Hillary got elected
rhys oneill
rhys oneill - 27 days ago
They basically just copied and pasted green lantern and added someone with the charisma of door thank god I haven't watched it this says enough about it aha.
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