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Screen Junkies
Screen Junkies - 6 days ago
Do you think we could still get Secret Invasion storyline?

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T Electronix
T Electronix - 2 hours ago
@SilverSmoke So, you don't know what 'the other guy' typed.....but you think he is right. Okaaaay, then.
SilverSmoke - 3 hours ago
@T Electronix And the other guy is right. It's leftist propaganda. Destroying society.
SilverSmoke - 3 hours ago
@T Electronix What did he say that was homophobic? I can't find the comment.
SilverSmoke - 3 hours ago
@Justin Pullen I'd rather Nazi Cap than Antifa Cap. (Wait, what's the difference?)
SilverSmoke - 3 hours ago
Again, who defines those buzzwords? Is it misogyny to say Captain Marvel is a bad film? Many people would say that it is. (Also do you even know what the secret invasion storyline is?)
Amazing Guy
Amazing Guy - 5 minutes ago
"Her Marvel issued black friend" LMFAO
Amazing Guy
Amazing Guy - 7 minutes ago
Spider-Man x Captain Marvel = SpiderMarvel
Frank Bowman
Frank Bowman - 25 minutes ago
Hollywood NEVER gets tired of turning great comics into crappy movies.
mdsupernova20 - Hour ago
You should Honest Trailer Pretty Woman
Werwolf2k11 - Hour ago
Mary Sue the movie
HoboJoe2016 - Hour ago
You: *forgot to disable comments*

Me: wait, that’s illegal
Sam H
Sam H - Hour ago
All went downhill after the Stan lee opening marvel sequence.
C-MC Official
C-MC Official - Hour ago
this wasn't funny
randy zecca
randy zecca - 2 hours ago
So end of the day, movie sucks balls !!
Copy that
Malgus - 2 hours ago
do jhon wick 2 please and lego movie 2
D - 2 hours ago
Do Dark Phoenix
Erikjust - 2 hours ago
please say (in your shockwave voice) "The world is primitive, but rich with raw energy."
Onyx1916 - 2 hours ago
Say "You're doing Captain Marvel and you didn't disable the comments section? That's bold." In honor of cohobast92. :P
Zehn Waters
Zehn Waters - 2 hours ago
"Woah, Carol, calm down!"
Stomobro!!! - 3 hours ago
wait no do dark phoenix
Stomobro!!! - 3 hours ago
how about shazam the other captain marvell
Willem Müller
Willem Müller - 3 hours ago
Jim Hochdorfer
Jim Hochdorfer - 3 hours ago
Please consider doing an honest trailer for punisher war zone...marvel studios first attempt. And it is terrible!
The immortal Yak
The immortal Yak - 3 hours ago
For your next honest trailer do mulan
Danny Wang
Danny Wang - 3 hours ago
I had no idea the CGI'd Fury's face.
Lyn Charles
Lyn Charles - 3 hours ago
Captain Feminism
FarArcZMan - 3 hours ago
Where’s the New Stranger Things season 2 Honest Trailer
bernabeu74 - 3 hours ago
please say: "Dyatlov was in charge"
Firenze 64
Firenze 64 - 3 hours ago
You know it’s been said a billion times by now but her being a woman had nothing to do with why most people hated this movie
เอเที้จันทะวง จันทะวง
Ricardo Khoury
Ricardo Khoury - 3 hours ago
Please say: my name is thanos and I am not a terrorist
Jeffrey Yehezkiel
Jeffrey Yehezkiel - 3 hours ago
Pls say: "i'm not going to fight your war, i'm gonna end it"
Priscila Peixoto
Priscila Peixoto - 3 hours ago
Are we just ignoring the fact that Fury's known about the Tesseract all this time??????
The Capitalist
The Capitalist - 3 hours ago
I hated this movie and the actor respectfully. She defiantly had the same effect in endgame. I'm glad she wasn't in it longer.
Kostas P
Kostas P - 3 hours ago
your video was so funny (i kept a straight face the whole time)
Blake Wilson
Blake Wilson - 4 hours ago
3:54...oh man. I rewatched Winter Soldier after Captain Marvel, and I agree that that particular line doesn’t sound nearly as cool and epic as it used to.
Emilia Lynn
Emilia Lynn - 4 hours ago
Can you do Rocketman???
Deborah Allen
Deborah Allen - 4 hours ago
*Smack* Where is it! Where is my honest trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3!!!
ᔕᗯEET ᔕTᖇᗩᗯᗷEᖇᖇY
I think I would have enjoyed a Marvel movie that gave us more lore and information on the Kree and Skrull, than I would have with Captain Marvel.
Vyshnav - 4 hours ago
Say "my mom's making sphegetti"
אורי לבנט לוי
אורי לבנט לוי - 4 hours ago
say: my face! give me back my face!!
Ardi Prawiro
Ardi Prawiro - 5 hours ago
Please say 'I'll ship you to SURINAMEEEE!!!!!!'
Trần Minh Tuấn
Trần Minh Tuấn - 5 hours ago
this video is better than Captain Marvel movie
Change my mind .
Parvej Rahman Ikra
Parvej Rahman Ikra - 6 hours ago
Endgame endgame endgame
Parvej Rahman Ikra
Parvej Rahman Ikra - 6 hours ago
Please do endgame
Faizal Afiq
Faizal Afiq - 6 hours ago
3:05 what's the song, again.?
ThatBeginner - 6 hours ago
All feminism
Bhargav H
Bhargav H - 7 hours ago
I would rather watch PAM from "THE OFFICE" in captain marvel role.
I miss the office 😭😭
LokiTetch - 7 hours ago
that was it?
Chauncy Wong
Chauncy Wong - 8 hours ago
I need this epic voice guy to come back to honest game trailer!
MrFuggleGuggle - 8 hours ago
This movie was ass.
Joe Sycamore
Joe Sycamore - 9 hours ago
Amazing, even an honest trailer of this crap isn't funny
Matt Prophet
Matt Prophet - 9 hours ago
Nicholas Sparks movies!!
Andrew Campbell
Andrew Campbell - 9 hours ago
Please say "The Goodies are coming for you & you & you!" in your epic voice
Revendigo YT
Revendigo YT - 9 hours ago
First avenger? Possibly
But not the first established avenger
That would be iron man
Steve W
Steve W - 10 hours ago
Maybe now that the Marvel/Netflix series are over, would you please do either Honest Trailers for each show or a mashup of all of them?! That would be awesome!
David 8th Generation Synthetic
Hmmm Ghostbusters 2016. You think these corporate Youtube channels will follow the same trend. Interesting this corporate channel didn't. Actually it's very interesting.
Hand Some
Hand Some - 11 hours ago
I could of sworn Captain Marvel was a Black woman... what's up with that????
RedRoseSeptember22 - 12 hours ago
Marvel issued black friend...lmfao I can't!!!
Pixelate Wings
Pixelate Wings - 12 hours ago
“Meet Captain Marvel, a girl with the power of spaceship.” 😂 I MEAN BASICALLY.
Deathbyfarting - 12 hours ago
you forgot the best joke of all: Captian Marvel unlocked the ability to....fly straight through her problems......oh wait, that not a joke, now I see why it's not here.
Debbie Moore
Debbie Moore - 12 hours ago
Most comments "hate that actor who plays her" rofl
Commander Spock
Commander Spock - 12 hours ago
My problem with the film is the central problem is everyone is saying she's to emotional YET THEY NEVER SHOW IT so we're stuck with Captain Blank
There Is No Sandwich
There Is No Sandwich - 12 hours ago
Brie Kree phone home lol
Mavis Violeta
Mavis Violeta - 12 hours ago
This woman won a Oscar, a Oscar!😂🤣
Pencil Glue
Pencil Glue - 12 hours ago
Say kush kush khul khul kabra kubra kubra khabri..
PHRED FINO - 12 hours ago
So glad i never watched this CRAPtain marveLESS joke
Ariadne Wolf
Ariadne Wolf - 12 hours ago
This shit's so unfair. Men don't know how to write women so they write crap female superhero movies, and then we women get blamed for being, like, boring. It's not our faults!!

Let women write women and you might get actual decent women-centered films.

Also, unrelated: Give me a Natalie Dormer superhero movie! A Jena Malone superhero. Give me a non boring superhero film and I'll go see it!! I will!
Chickn 16
Chickn 16 - 13 hours ago
I absolutely lost my stuff at Brie Kree phone home
Chris Douglas
Chris Douglas - 13 hours ago
Dude this was prob the worst marvel movie yet i could barely get through it
Killermike2178 - 13 hours ago
In your Epic Voice, say "That *is* America's Ass."
Kakashi0429 - 14 hours ago
Funny story. I know a girl who looks like Brie and has the same emotionalless face...its hilarious but the girl I know is bit hotter and has a nose ring. Also possibly a stripper lol
casey - 12 hours ago
Agree to disagree. Even though,it's a fact ot makes them seem more trashy
Kakashi0429 - 13 hours ago
@casey I disagree....
casey - 13 hours ago
Nose rings take away some of the hotness
Assassins Bleed AC Walkthroughs Cutscenes
Marcelo M.M.
Marcelo M.M. - 14 hours ago
Starting: Captain Mary Sue?
Anandapadmanabhan sreevilas
Marvel issued black friend 1:42 😂
Nithin Ravi
Nithin Ravi - 14 hours ago
I enjoyed the movie personally.
rio20d - 14 hours ago
i like how he pronounce" Hala" lol....
THE LEGO GUY - 15 hours ago
Do ENDGAME when I comes out on blue ray
Zalona Smith
Zalona Smith - 15 hours ago
please say my refridgerator looks like the food version of a luandry hamper aka stay away
Sean-Paul F
Sean-Paul F - 15 hours ago
Lol so not even worth a watch. Done and done lol
Jaze - 15 hours ago
That was much gentler than expected. :)
Esmin Gonzalez
Esmin Gonzalez - 15 hours ago
Say' When I was a teenager you couldn't get out of my shell for nothing I had this high squeaky voice and these itty bitty little pincers and then one day boom I sound like Caruso and these tacos popped out
casey - 13 hours ago
I think u mean tacos popped out
Jessica Blum
Jessica Blum - 16 hours ago
Do A League of Their Own. Please and thank you.
Plush Boi
Plush Boi - 16 hours ago
So when's Avengers Endgame?
Brandon Mauer
Brandon Mauer - 16 hours ago
Old school action flick: PLEASE DO UNIVERSAL SOLDIER!!!
Mari Stogner
Mari Stogner - 16 hours ago
Say: "This is my playhouse, and you're just living in it"
Infinity Gauntlet
Infinity Gauntlet - 18 hours ago
wasted story
wasted story - 18 hours ago
this movie was soooo garbage I was laughing at it the entire time
huskerBen 98
huskerBen 98 - 18 hours ago
Hahaha!! So perfect, and very on point. Especially about her 'emptions'
"Veers, emotions are your weakness." "What emotions? I have none at all, except for when a flimsy cliche plot needs a hint of possibly decent acting." "... touche"
Look, the movie was okay and fun enough, but for Marvel hyping it (and her) up so much, it was kind of a flop, in my opinion. Nick Fury and Goose were the best things about the movie, in a flick that's supposed to focus on empowering women, I believe it was, or something like that. Way to go, Marvel. If this is what the future of the female led MCU is gonna look like, then I'll stick with DC. At least they have Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn.
(Btw, personal opinion here, but Margot Robbie over anybody, any day. Ever. ;) just me)
Anna VT
Anna VT - 18 hours ago
Please make an EndGame honest trailer
Wilo Polis
Wilo Polis - 18 hours ago
So is Everett Ross Black Panther's Marvel-issued white man?
Living Myth
Living Myth - 19 hours ago
I don't get why people complain about all the "forced 90's references." THE MOVIE TAKES PLACE IN THE 90'S!!!!! What do you expect, Billie Eilish posters all over the walls, people using their smartphones to take Instagram pics of their food, and a gay couple enjoying some craft beer at a board game café?
Believe it or not, if you went back in time to the 90's, you would be bombarded with "90's references." It was Radio Shack, not the Apple store. It was Alta Vista, not Google. Except they weren't references back then, they were just the shit we had around at the time. Like, you might as well watch a movie that's set int he 1930's, and gripe about all the men wearing suits and fedoras. What else did you expect, a fuckin' "This is How I Roll" t-shirt with a d20 on it!?
FilmTech101 - 19 hours ago
That yvan eht nioj reference! Nice!
Erik Hawkke
Erik Hawkke - 19 hours ago
Are Spencer and Joe dead? Can anyone confirm they're still alive? I can't believe those two would say anything negative about this film while they drew breath. Did Dan finally snap and murder them? What's going on here? Were they replaced? I'm legitimately shocked.
ハウリング - 20 hours ago
please ゴジラ!
Michael Matherne
Michael Matherne - 20 hours ago
Jessica Jones is a much more interesting hero than Captain Marvel. Yeah, I went there.
Spottedfeather - 20 hours ago
Please do the Arnold movie Commando.
Marco Meza
Marco Meza - 20 hours ago
I lost it at “Paid DLC”.
Daly Mutini
Daly Mutini - 20 hours ago
1.) Please come back to Honest Game Trailers 😭🕹
2.) Next Do: “We Need To Talk About Kevin”
bekah saxon
bekah saxon - 16 hours ago
they did. it was linked at the end
Ginga Ninja
Ginga Ninja - 20 hours ago
How dare you say Captain Marvel is better than Ant Man!
kani kerry
kani kerry - 20 hours ago
He had nothing bad to say about Cap marvel bc that movie is amazing.....he litterly couldnt think anything bad about it his just hating the movie for viewers
casey - 13 hours ago
A. Vincent Herrick
A. Vincent Herrick - 21 hour ago
Please do Paul !!!!!!
smthhappy - 21 hour ago
Just do Chernobyl already
Jisheng Anus
Jisheng Anus - 21 hour ago
Say ‘Cheeseburgers’
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