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Screen Junkies
Screen Junkies - Year ago
Do you think we could still get Secret Invasion storyline?

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Carlos Almonacid
Carlos Almonacid - Month ago
Veranke was an exile from her own people at first. That still leaves secret invasion in the realm of possibility
Old School
Old School - 2 months ago
It would've been epic Instead they screwed it up for lulz
MrBruce5437 - 3 months ago
Joke: put the bunney back in the box lol
June Lawrence
June Lawrence - 4 months ago
Yes, MCU can switch Skrulls for Kree being the antagonist for a Secret Invasion storyline, it was previously tease in Far from Home that there are Kree sleeper cells on earth.
CNBLUE YONGHWA #1 NOONA - 9 months ago
Yes. Every race has good, and bad. Now do fucking Spider-Man Far From Home, already!
Good Krypollo
Good Krypollo - Day ago
lmao "the dog from the thing" great reference
Bananaforscale - 4 days ago
So, everyone hates on this move because they don't like the acress and how she plays her role?
startingQB - 6 days ago
Heeey! I like Tank Girl.
Tyler Castaneda
Tyler Castaneda - 9 days ago
I watched community recently and now I kinda like Brie Larson
Nishant Mishra
Nishant Mishra - 12 days ago
Interesting fact: yon rogg actually means sexually transmitted disease in Hindi. Sums up his character perfectly though.
Parth Patel
Parth Patel - 14 days ago
It was the biggest disappointment after BvS and Justice League
LinkMarioSamus - 14 days ago
Is the point of Captain Marvel just to be, like, generically marketable? That's the vibe I get - Marvel's counterpart to Superman. If so, this movie isn't a bad start - it's probably better than any Superman movie since 1980!
I won't say this movie was good, per se, but to me it did what it needed to do in establishing who Captain Marvel is. Now we just need to give her a compelling story. The potential is definitely there!
Nick - 15 days ago
Bloody woeful movie.
cotowawa cotowawa
cotowawa cotowawa - 16 days ago
jonas brothers
Sbonelo Xaba
Sbonelo Xaba - 21 day ago
Maybe Marvel should just recast her... put Jeniffer Lawrence or something. And those powers of her... man 🙄🤦🏾‍♂️
Abishek v
Abishek v - 22 days ago
The film sucked big time😑
Abbas Haidari
Abbas Haidari - 24 days ago
If you watch Bree Larson only in Captain Marvel, you'd never guess in a thousand years that she's an Oscar winning actress
Vivian Worden
Vivian Worden - 24 days ago
The movie was so bad. It made the Honest Trailer bomb.
Barsam Valdkeshyaie
Barsam Valdkeshyaie - 25 days ago
Wait did fury say the f word
R G - 28 days ago
She has one emotion with three phases
Bland stare
Bland smile
Bland angry (which looks exactly like bland stare)
Stalin Lai
Stalin Lai - 28 days ago
Movie was great the Brie Larson is a disease.
StarDancerLB - Month ago
I completely lost it at “starring “WHO?!””
Ni Ai
Ni Ai - Month ago
If they want emotionless woman, they should've cast Kristen Stewart. Maybe this time she'd close her mouth due to flying in space😂
aniliname - Month ago
Ecrof ria eht nioj!!! Probably 3 people got that one, but it was brilliant
Tomáš Vácha
Tomáš Vácha - Month ago
I am not sure if I am more dissapointed in the movie itself, actress, poorly written Captain Marvel character or the fact that Fury has lost his eye to a fricking CAT!!!
faryal 111
faryal 111 - Month ago
They should've just chosen a different actress to play captain marvel
Tomas Chabrillon
Tomas Chabrillon - Month ago
the stan lee tribute was the best part of the movie, by far
Han Jobe
Han Jobe - Month ago
shes the karen of the mcu
XperimentorEES - Month ago
You were too respectful XD
vince west
vince west - Month ago
Andre's - Month ago
4:03 That's a big stretch..lmao
I expected a badass scene.

like Thor's.
Alex Saunders
Alex Saunders - Month ago
A solid watch? Solidly irritating from beginning to end with a disheartening take on Nick Fury's history and the Avengers' inspiration (plus don't remember but probably didn't do Phil Coulson any good) maybe.
A solid watch against Ant-Man and Cap 1? No.
A solid watch against Dr strange, Hulk inc. and Thor? Still no but closer.
Sergio Díaz Nila
Sergio Díaz Nila - Month ago
She is the first extraordinary hero with the title of Avenger, so they decide to name all the other extraordinary heroes Avengers.
Rahul Raj R
Rahul Raj R - Month ago
The marvel issued black friend gets me every time
Konan Konan
Konan Konan - Month ago
I wonder why people hate capital Marvel but love wonder woman.
Carlos Almonacid
Carlos Almonacid - Month ago
2:13 why the hell isn't their leader female? You can make the goodies, but it kind of sends an unfortunate message that male leader=good and female leader=evil if you make the leader a guy in an adaptation where you give the skrulls adaptational heroism
TJ Ficarrotta
TJ Ficarrotta - Month ago
This honest trailer was actually better than the movie.
Jimmy Rustling
Jimmy Rustling - 2 months ago
Starring: ECROF RIA EHT NIOJ and WHO?!
The world just got a bit brigther for me with that joke.
Asgard Ninja
Asgard Ninja - 2 months ago
The very first thing I noticed about this actress is how she's... flat and handsome
CMatY29 - 2 months ago
Say, "I'm Hungry! . . FEED ME!"
Potted Plant Entertainment
Worst Marvel movie.
animo - kun
animo - kun - 2 months ago
This movie was the shittest movie from mcu
Lapidot 4 ever
Lapidot 4 ever - 2 months ago
Well the kree being evil twist is ruined if you watched agents of shield.
Jean Vieira
Jean Vieira - 2 months ago
I never understood the emotional part either. I guess that's something women in general have a problem with, including women with super powers!
Shane Fagan
Shane Fagan - 2 months ago
The lack of emotion she showed through, all her appearances in the mcu is the only solid thing we can depend on in her character
gab casasis
gab casasis - 2 months ago
When you thought nick fury lost his eye because of fighting a giant monster or in a middle of a gunfight but not.

Daniel Isaac Novicio
Daniel Isaac Novicio - 2 months ago
Nick furry😂
Josiah Theobald
Josiah Theobald - 2 months ago
The Smoothie breaks so much freaking continuity
Sean Sutton
Sean Sutton - 2 months ago
'Ben Mendelsohn is always evil.'
Gary Oldman: Laughs in Churchill.
Old School
Old School - 2 months ago
"I have nothing to prove to you"
Except that you can do a good solo movie
Peter Laws
Peter Laws - 2 months ago
Everyone tells her to keep her emotions in check, so she constrains her emotions and is criticised for being neutral?!
Ryodraco - Month ago
It's more that it breaks the common guideline of "show, don't tell." If your movie is going to make a huge deal about her having trouble controlling her emotions, it loses a lot of meaning if you never actually show her having problems controlling her emotions and having said lack of control impair her.
Mariusz - 2 months ago
I was hoping you would be honest but this was pathetic. still thanks for the video
Agrhonak - 2 months ago
Paid dlc is the best
TREJAN CRIGER - 2 months ago
I really want the skrulls to be evil cmon Kevin we want secret invasion
Liv Stupak
Liv Stupak - 2 months ago
The whole point of her acting neutral was subtly pointing out how controlled she was even though everyone was telling her to not be emotional.
zurnie - 2 months ago
Kate Maloney
Kate Maloney - 2 months ago
Thank you, Honest Trailers. This is the closest I will ever get to watching the movie. And I still want those 4:00 minutes back.
L-e-gendary - 2 months ago
This Captain Marvel was so stupid..... The Idea that Nick Furry lost his eye from cat scratch undermine everything they create about the character smh.
GEEKFOREVER (Pixel Gaming/Sur La Toile Ce Soir)
Here's something they should have added :
"Prepare for an okay movie that somehow gets the internet go wild against an actress because... Reasons ?"
Liberal Logic
Liberal Logic - 2 months ago
Green lantern anyone??
The PurplePanda
The PurplePanda - 2 months ago
I literally got a captain marvel video after watching this video
mo mo
mo mo - 3 months ago
Nick fury losing his eye to a fur ball
Ravenous alien fur ball
But fur ball all the same
Lordwin Machava
Lordwin Machava - 3 months ago
NinjaSpecter7 - 3 months ago
You were far too nice. It’s a horrible film
Shamrock - 2 months ago
How do you figure? I got 78% on rotten tomatoes and grossed over a billion dollars, by any standard that's a pretty good movie
Greg Dore
Greg Dore - 3 months ago
Actually skrulls were in agents of shields
MeshKat / Déjà Entendu ?
Lisa won't ignore that one !
Pranav More
Pranav More - 3 months ago
Why everyone was asking captain marvel to keep a check on her emotions when in reality she ain't got any😂
Y3arZer0 - 3 months ago
Nine Inch Nails is for every generation. You better take that back!!!
инструктор мото безопасности
Please say: I can shoot a Reichsmark coin from sidecar machine gun, Ja!
Suramya Singh
Suramya Singh - 3 months ago
I think she's deliberately shown that way. She doesn't show emotions very much but still called overly emotional. It happens to women all the time. I mean may be.
MrZDawgSwag - 3 months ago
Captain Marvel was so bad lol
Winter Now
Winter Now - 3 months ago
I don't watch these things until I see the movie or decide I'm not going to see it. Last night I streamed Endgame and realized there's no way I'm sitting through 123 minutes of her.
Aarav Sen
Aarav Sen - 3 months ago
loser's corner
loser's corner - 3 months ago
Nah Lashana Lynch was the best
Isaias Barros
Isaias Barros - 3 months ago
Cap Feminarvel :v
Anurag Sharma
Anurag Sharma - 3 months ago
Do Hitman's Bodyguard
Jay N
Jay N - 3 months ago
A girl working in a male heavy space who barely shows emotions still being called emotional. That’s like..... life
Chris Justice
Chris Justice - 3 months ago
Oof,all I can think about are those gangrenous appendages she calls toes
mark borishnikoff
mark borishnikoff - 3 months ago
3:05 for being a solid watch compared to the other origin stories, I sure was asleep lol
Honest TraitorBear
Honest TraitorBear - 3 months ago
She needs some one to smirk at lol
mvrshadow - 3 months ago
can we talk about how she is stoic and even then the male patriarchy is like check your emotions, agh
Camila Talavera
Camila Talavera - 3 months ago
I fell asleep watching this movie.
free spirit 1
free spirit 1 - 3 months ago

I clapped when I got that reference!
wolfsfire - 3 months ago
I'm gonna make it a point to skip the next captain marvel movie, larson sucks and hard. She's the gravel gum stuck on the bottom of one of Gal Gadot's sandles.
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