How Much Sawdust Can You Put In A Rice Crispy?

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Mark Rober
Mark Rober - 5 months ago
“Mars Rover and Mr. Yeast” is going to be the title of our upcoming buddy cop movie.
PingPongDairy - 12 hours ago
Shadow Panther
Shadow Panther - 14 hours ago
Kohen Coffey
Kohen Coffey - 6 days ago
I love this
Neel Patel
Neel Patel - 6 days ago
My G casually feeding people wood for brunch
Jinat Jahan
Jinat Jahan - 7 days ago
Christian Kjelgaard
Christian Kjelgaard - 22 minutes ago
It was no way near successful we need to plant sooo many more trees plus the younger kids will believe you and they will think we need to chop down trees I got this info from mark rober
kemplar - 34 minutes ago
During the siege of Leningrad the only food available was 125 grams of bread per day, of which 50–60% consisted of sawdust.
Guisepp Kort
Guisepp Kort - 44 minutes ago
0:11 i thought he was gonna do the meme of 1, 2, 3 how many n's are in my store.
Plse don't take it like something racist its just a funny meme.
Haseeb Ahmed
Haseeb Ahmed - 47 minutes ago
I have a Lisp and I can't say Rice Crispy Treats out loud
FWBE - Hour ago
If we got to many tress then lets start a WW4 to reduce them :))
EnhancedNightmare - 2 hours ago
Stalingrad survivors approve of this
PunKick Jack
PunKick Jack - 2 hours ago
So basically this video sums up with ''wood is solid'' ''hard to digest'' ''can fool people to a degree'' Welp thats all i needed
pvrhye - 3 hours ago
"It has a flavor to it, like a caramel or something" Isn't that the principal behind bourbon whisky? Maybe in cooking the sawdust in the pan you got it to the point of the Maillard reaction?
Ivy Clan
Ivy Clan - 3 hours ago
How did i end up here
Cab - 3 hours ago
you are just giving them ideas to profit of of.
bad name
bad name - 4 hours ago
Frostpunk simulator :
Mary Cheng
Mary Cheng - 4 hours ago
Mmm yes let me just buy some sawdust to bake some goods. mm
JackTheBredd Guy
JackTheBredd Guy - 8 hours ago
What did I just read?
Sam DuPre
Sam DuPre - 8 hours ago
Yo I was thinking"Rice Cakes" the whole time I'm dumb
RaPtorteAm - 10 hours ago
So you guys are preparing another siege?
B-More Duo
B-More Duo - 11 hours ago
congrats on 2mil
Érick Brunet
Érick Brunet - 11 hours ago
Audrey Larocque
Audrey Larocque - 11 hours ago
William, how many times do we have to tell you, just because it's edible, doesn't mean you should eat it
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford - 12 hours ago
damn thats science
Michael Mora
Michael Mora - 12 hours ago
I like the background guys concern 1:41
RennieBoi - 12 hours ago
I’ve seen this in my recommended constantly for like 3 months
our_rightangle - 14 hours ago
the 50% one looks like someone shat out a dehydrated piece of shit
The no face kid
The no face kid - 15 hours ago
thank god i always wanted to know how much sawdust i can put in rice crispies
George Kennett
George Kennett - 15 hours ago
Zeomora - 15 hours ago
They got that Nile Red merch so you know they're the real deal 👌🏻
Max Winkel
Max Winkel - 15 hours ago
The number of TWSS jokes you could've made in this😂
DoorCamper - 16 hours ago
2:30, the lisp in his voice when he says "poster board"
foxy - 16 hours ago
I got a ad from Gordon Ramsay before watching this-
iiTheLegend - 16 hours ago
2,000,000th subscriber!
Sesshomaru474 - 17 hours ago
They probably already do that but still sell at normal price if not slightly higher to make a profit.
KPhoenix - 18 hours ago
Hey its jesse pinkman
KPhoenix - 18 hours ago
Assuming there isnt already wood in most of the food products consumed by the general public
reedle - 19 hours ago
Idubbbz looks like that weird uncle
Alex - 19 hours ago
I like the NileRed beakers
Nicholas Dewes
Nicholas Dewes - 21 hour ago
Try and sharpen a knife made out of the 100% Sawdust one.
Juicy Jr.
Juicy Jr. - 21 hour ago
so u workin with simps now
Legofilms !
Legofilms ! - 21 hour ago
”How do u know how woodglue tastes like?”
*Awkward silence*
Logan Clementi
Logan Clementi - 23 hours ago
Nile red glassware
Callan Wesson
Callan Wesson - 23 hours ago
If you had said ft. IdubZ I wouldn’t have debated watching this for so long
Deadly - Day ago
Bro u can literally eat a part of the tree bark dubbed “tree bacon”
Warren Peace
Warren Peace - Day ago
This kept popping up as a recommended video. Now I know why.
AJ Hill
AJ Hill - Day ago
niklas bengtsson
niklas bengtsson - Day ago
sponsored by a company that wanna save the trees yet using sawdust in the video, where does the sawdust come from? hmmmm
Ferenc - Day ago
4 Million People: Lets find out!
Rundhille23 Pool
Rundhille23 Pool - Day ago
100% sawdust is just wood.
YorkshireTom - Day ago
It’s not the question we asked for. But it’s the question we needed answered
JUST - Day ago
is that the "my girlfriend whores out on the internet for money but idc because she is my queen" guy?
A.J. - Day ago
When he so kindly asked “are you vegan” my heart 🥺🥺🥺
Adamo - Day ago
You heart...?
Anon - Day ago
*_Are those NileRed beakers?_*
Dark Slayer Gaming
Dark Slayer Gaming - Day ago
Team Tree’s can never be to Successful
Thomas Cooper
Thomas Cooper - Day ago
Trogdor Burninator
Trogdor Burninator - Day ago
You needed to increase the goo/butter content as you increased the sawdust; Alternately, measure the sawdust to rice krispies equivalence by weight, instead of by volume. The high-percentage ones would taste similar if you crushed rice krispies down to a powder ("rice flour") and mixed them similarly.
Pootisbird 3000
Pootisbird 3000 - Day ago
Uncle Dane is a very good sentry man
epico - Day ago
This is how treevirus start
Hozic - Day ago
Terrence Gunther
Terrence Gunther - Day ago
Ian: Let's see of we can put dog hair in there.
Will: No.
Ian:...Human hair?
You can tell Ian still misses the good ol' days with the FilthyGang boy... 😔
Totally Legit
Totally Legit - Day ago
“Let’s do one of those mommy fingers tricks.”
Blazex213 - Day ago
“That’s all that is” - IDUBBBZ
ECD Studios
ECD Studios - Day ago
"100% saw dust was a brick" no its wood
Grant Reid
Grant Reid - Day ago
Dude that’s not Idubbz that’s hitler
R4V4G3RS2K - Day ago
Common Cold Virus
Common Cold Virus - Day ago
1:42 engineer main
sieve5 - Day ago
5:23 The 0 percent sawdust is exactly what you'd expect a rice crispy to taste like!
Wow william! That's amazing!
Ray Chong
Ray Chong - Day ago
Someone send this to @kiwamijapan
Donut Narwhal
Donut Narwhal - Day ago
"please consume this"

10/10 marketing
Ellie Spry
Ellie Spry - 12 minutes ago
*c o n s u m e t h i s*
salty soviet
salty soviet - Day ago
ok im only watching this because it wont get out of my recommendations
StrokeMahEgo - Day ago
15%-33% is like you accidentally discovered the recipe for Nature Valley granola bars
MPforfun - Day ago
You cake cook an eat some part of the tree i think
HalfLucan - Day ago
Kellogs is going to make this and brand it as "High Fibre"
Thanks William.
Mystikk AJ
Mystikk AJ - Day ago
oh no, wood flour looks too similar to normal flour.
Professor Tree
Professor Tree - Day ago
"I have an idea. Let's eat sawdust!"
baconator 157
baconator 157 - Day ago
Nice NileRed measuring glasses
Tre Selor
Tre Selor - Day ago
nom-nom Cellulose. Most shredded cheese is coated with it as well, prevents caking!
Sheriff K
Sheriff K - Day ago
Well, to be fair, spleens used to digest bark, but it's kind of a vestigial organ now. (Or was that the appendix..)
Edward Martsen
Edward Martsen - Day ago
Why was this video made?
Godlyvex5 - Day ago
Why do people paint paintings or tell jokes?
Vsevolod Shipitcyn
Vsevolod Shipitcyn - Day ago
Idunno about the rest of the audience, but all I could think of the entire time was all those accounts of famine in days past when people would cut flour with sawdust and boil tree bark to survive. So yeah... We sure can eat trees, it's just not that fun.
Shadowkiller 69
Shadowkiller 69 - Day ago
When you find out you’re part 0.0001% beaver
Jay Huang
Jay Huang - Day ago
Jesse Pinkman and Heisenburg cooking again?
RichyN25 - Day ago
huh, I didn't know PeterSripol knew y'all
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