Why Millions Of Potatoes Are Being Thrown Away During The Pandemic | Big Business

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Andhra News
Andhra News - 8 hours ago
World wide Same Problem...
Shamim Jubayer
Shamim Jubayer - 8 hours ago
Why sneaky ways are used by Business Insider.
ericspawn1 - 9 hours ago
Why not put it to food charity
Madjid Madjid
Madjid Madjid - 9 hours ago
Musique Wawa il
Porns grandad 69
Porns grandad 69 - 9 hours ago
Why not just give them to people who need them instead of throwing them away. Kinda stupid not gonna lie.
Governor Of Habsburg Netherlands
The depression is coming
hu man
hu man - 10 hours ago
They are running business, i really don't believe they just throw it
Global Investor
Global Investor - 10 hours ago
I don't know why but the thumbnail gave me toy story 3 vibes when they all get tossed in the burning furnace.
Masood Shaikh
Masood Shaikh - 10 hours ago
I read a few weeks ago that a mom in Africa boiled stones to convince her kids that she was cooking, whilst waiting for them to fall asleep as there was no food. Imagine what the potatoes or the milk thays thrown away in USA can do for these people.
Our planet has the potential to sustain humans, even more humans, but not their mis management, not their greed.
All these problems are man made, if you think about it.
TheEvolutionChannel - 11 hours ago
Throwing away potatoes
*Sad Russian noises*
Cereno - 13 hours ago
give it to poor people ...
Adrian Marquez
Adrian Marquez - 13 hours ago
Idk man cudve fed some villages with that shit i wud love to take some
haunted shit
haunted shit - 15 hours ago
And why can’t they give it to the hungry yeman people
Nathan - 16 hours ago
millions of years later, the most advanced species on earth found a mountain of potato fossils, and concludes potatoes were social animals
Deirdre Morris
Deirdre Morris - 18 hours ago
AmmarDanish - 18 hours ago
America is going to be an apocalyptic wasteland if it goes like this. Also Happy July 4th everyone.
Banana Cat
Banana Cat - 19 hours ago
Sad irish noises
Marbie Jade Andaya Mendiola
How many french fries is that
HAZOX - 20 hours ago
Could give it to starving homeless people and those who can Bearly afford food anymore
MrJustinpoooga - 20 hours ago
There's such a surplus of potatoes, and the restuarant throws so much French fries away, people STOP ordering fries on the side and then not eating them
Sura Pan
Sura Pan - 21 hour ago
So i can just go pick some potatoes for free?
globby 24
globby 24 - 21 hour ago
P O T A T O :(
Santiago Bron
Santiago Bron - 21 hour ago
show this to a native Andian.
they'll have a heart attack.
they put potatoes on literally everything.
Arivle Daba
Arivle Daba - 23 hours ago
Why didnt they gave it to familes that are homeless
Mz3zoomteam Formula1
Mz3zoomteam Formula1 - 23 hours ago
Give every potato away that you can share online for pick up something is better than nothing.
Daniel Truong
Daniel Truong - Day ago
just donate them to the poor. What a dumb choice
Francisco Rodriguez
Idiots, as bad as potatoes stink when rotting. You could generate natural gas and electricity from it. Ethanol alcohol from potatoes is some powerful shit! How about this for an idea? Make alcohol from potatoes that can be used as disinfectant in hand sanitizer. To fight the root of the problem!
marie holt
marie holt - Day ago
I find it so dumb most these food company's and others as well as the government be like oh we have to much and no one's buying throw it away why not bag the damn food you don't sell and hand it out for FREE to starving people instead of wasting it I know it's hard cause you need the money so badly you rather throw food away then give it away. So tired of the world being oh we care but instead of helping others you waste things/food
Nas Mohamed
Nas Mohamed - Day ago
why not make crisps
David Brown
David Brown - Day ago
This shows you how much America cares about the poor.
Sam Furlong
Sam Furlong - Day ago
This comment section really shows how little the average consumer knows about the supply chain that provides them with everything they need.
Scott Pine
Scott Pine - Day ago
Bc capitalism is the most rational and efficient system they said
Alex Rajsel
Alex Rajsel - Day ago
Wasteful give it away to the people who need it.
Adam Turian
Adam Turian - Day ago
You ask why not give to the starving. They did what they could do themselves, its in the video, but the problem is they are in real financial trouble rn and they cant afford to spend money on shipping. Its our government, beloved celebrities, social figures, millionaires that can afford it, who should take action and organize some delivery across US or to Africa. Farmers are devastated enough already.
Thomas Zheng
Thomas Zheng - Day ago
Why not donate to those hospitals?
Ricardo Ibanez
Ricardo Ibanez - Day ago
They could easily be given away to non profits. BS
Yukki - Day ago
Give them to sasha braus
El Comodo
El Comodo - Day ago
How is their monoculture effecting Americas’ future farm lands?
Mr K Lakhan
Mr K Lakhan - Day ago
Can those potatoes, 🥔🥔 be replanted?
Thank you GMO, foods. 🤔 Hmmmm
Jafezy JD
Jafezy JD - Day ago
It's gonna grow into a giant Potato field.
natasha mabika
natasha mabika - Day ago
I get regulations but this is insane!!!
natasha mabika
natasha mabika - Day ago
Instead of just throwing them away. Or even potato flour! Dehydrated potatoes...wow
natasha mabika
natasha mabika - Day ago
They should just make alcohol with the potatoes
Newby Ton
Newby Ton - Day ago
It's literally potato land
Sarah Rodrigues
Sarah Rodrigues - Day ago
Whats sad news. Even knowing there's a lot of hungry people all over the world, the farms can't do the hole logistic to ship so much potatoes, they need help to do all this. The opposite of that, they would be broken. They're doing what they can to make sure they won't loss so many for the next season.
ABONESR - Day ago
potatos are still pretty expensive in my shth0le country and people are starving due bad economy it makes no sense
Master Ferguson
Master Ferguson - Day ago
Thanks government
Jece ce
Jece ce - Day ago
I'm almost certain there was another alternative to the idea of burying 1. Million potatoes in a ditch.
chocolate cream
chocolate cream - Day ago
I love how they’re nice people that refuse to believe they would dump this many potatoes when if they would just watch and read around, they’d realize that it takes less money to dump them than to ship them all around the world. No one is gonna package and ship that many potatoes for free and guarantee that they’ll be fresh by the time they reach their destination. It just doesn’t work that way.
Raniere - Day ago
Hahah when the seed is also the end product.
Sive King
Sive King - Day ago
Me as an African watching this thinking of all the french fries i could hv made 😣
Raniere - Day ago
Definitely the best use of those potatoes.
Austin Hannemann
Austin Hannemann - Day ago
Great people, good luck!!
cristina lambo
cristina lambo - Day ago
Wish i can have some of these potato😥
eve x snapped
eve x snapped - Day ago
Then give me them
bonex234 - Day ago
can they feed pig cow in farm with those potatoes?
Spectacular Spaghetti
I swear, these farmers could find light in a black hole with the amount of positivity and hope they have :)
aisling - Day ago
Why not replant them !
ozzoto lol
ozzoto lol - Day ago
sorry for your loss. hope you can find better solution ahead to avoid this in future.
hadi allahbakhshi
hadi allahbakhshi - Day ago
Should’ve made vodka with it
sparsh 5403
sparsh 5403 - Day ago
Just give those potato to me please it will be very helpful
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo - Day ago
Solution: More Chips, Less Air
Камиль Толонов
What a sad news guys... I appreciate your hard work..
Gaming Guruji
Gaming Guruji - Day ago
Send potatoes to india and africa.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo - Day ago
You could turn them Into Vodka.
Auzgul - Day ago
Gimme da potaooooss, I want French fries
Sam_ yak
Sam_ yak - Day ago
Just give it to hungry
Sam_ yak
Sam_ yak - Day ago
Mr beast left the chat
Sam_ yak
Sam_ yak - Day ago
Just eat it fools!
Stellarim198 Gaming
Can you please give those potatoes to poor countries ???
Arthur Hayo
Arthur Hayo - Day ago
Why can't they just give it out to jobless and homeless. But capitalism can't allow them to be human, they prefer to destroy it than giving out for free.
Luke DeCarolis
Luke DeCarolis - Day ago
Who wants to go visit the tater hole with me
Adrian Koh
Adrian Koh - Day ago
I can see the future : 30 dollors for potato chips? You better got toys in this. 😂🤣😂🤣
four paws and a heart
give it to the poor ? but to be fair, it's potatoes, they grow from the ground it's not a pig that has waste their life in a slaughter house and not being eaten when slaughtered .
Mike Simmons
Mike Simmons - Day ago
Donate to homeless shelters with kitchens or even jails. I guess making sure worms have full belly’s is more important.
D F - Day ago
What a terrible clickbait video. You pad the video and bury the point. It’s a logistics problem. The cost of shipping millions of pounds of potatoes add up to be very expensive. They even cost money to throw away. They gave away 77,000 pounds to the community but no one can take more without incurring shipping costs.
Airbus A220-300
Airbus A220-300 - Day ago
LOL..this is why the world laughs at America .I hope more people die of coronavirus
Kelsey CoCa
Kelsey CoCa - Day ago
Potato heist, anyone?
Gabe Gran
Gabe Gran - Day ago
I pray for these Americans hopefully everything works out for them
JoãoTex - Day ago
why don’t donate?
Dave Bone
Dave Bone - Day ago
You could turn them Into Vodka.
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