This Low Budget Movie Is a Disaster

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111 111 - 8 hours ago
imagine a group of 20 year olds sabotaging preteens' performances
Where's My Emrald Zombie
Where's My Emrald Zombie - 14 hours ago
That is a light switch, we have it.
annie roberge
annie roberge - 17 hours ago
One of the wiggies looks like dannelle bragoli
QUAKIE - 17 hours ago
Zura And irakli
Zura And irakli - 18 hours ago
Where did the guy get the pepper from the backstage? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM???????????????
savannah tipton
savannah tipton - 18 hours ago
Y'all, the writers had the characters perform their own songs so they wouldn't have to pay for royalties on REAL songs
strawberry boba
strawberry boba - 19 hours ago
At 12:13 it looks like that's Charli D'amelio (idk how to spell her name)
Zoe Moore
Zoe Moore - 20 hours ago
embarrassed to say i once genuinely liked this movie
Hi I'm Eleanor
Hi I'm Eleanor - 20 hours ago
I saw this at a sleep over 4 years ago
And it was my favorite movie for a year
Gacha Donutzz
Gacha Donutzz - 20 hours ago
Did he say make up or make out...?
Raccoon plaz roblox
Raccoon plaz roblox - 22 hours ago
mind talking about camp rock? pls
Raedust the Gray
Raedust the Gray - 22 hours ago
I've watched this video so many times. It never gets old.
Calvin Brotus
Calvin Brotus - 23 hours ago
I have one of those light switches it does turn on the light
anouk sprengers
anouk sprengers - Day ago
13:40 trish? Is that you?
Trinity Wood
Trinity Wood - Day ago
At 10:30 it is actually a light switch... I have a couple of them in my house...
So it is a light switch, but u can lower the brightness by turning the circle one way or another!
sarahk - Day ago
All the dislikes are from the wiggies
Maggie Player
Maggie Player - Day ago
The competitions are show choir comps. i promise show choir isn't this weird.
Coffee Tam
Coffee Tam - Day ago
I saw this film on nickelodeon
Rose Kingdom
Rose Kingdom - Day ago
You should react to the show “Go! Live your own way”
Totally Normal Lemon
I’m wondering if anyone noticed mr and miss wiggs in the audience
Matt Obrien
Matt Obrien - Day ago
3:20 when i stub my toe
Jeff Oliver
Jeff Oliver - Day ago
They’d be _swimming_ with the fishes?
Dead people don’t swim. (They just complain to weird little girls.)
The expression is that they _sleep_ with the fishes. All that swimming with the fishes means is that they would go swimming in the ocean or a lake, or maybe in a river (or any body of water with fish in it) instead of a swimming pool.
Ruben Guy
Ruben Guy - Day ago
is that eric from vat19???
MoonyLighty - Day ago
can't wait to see whether I die or turn Hindu once the stress gets to me, thanks movie
Elza Grenina
Elza Grenina - Day ago
Am I the only one who is uncomfortable listening to I I want you to bring my mother back lol
Caleb XD
Caleb XD - Day ago
"Standing Ovation" with 6% rotten tomatoes
Georgia Berry
Georgia Berry - Day ago
“Kids will watch it even if it sucks”
Me, 9 years old: *obsessed with the movie, watched it a lot* oops
Kayla Nelson
Kayla Nelson - Day ago
I watched this every day when I was like 8 I swear this movie was my life
Reilly Ellis
Reilly Ellis - Day ago
the manager girl sounds like fat sam from my year 8 play
Theo Greenaway
Theo Greenaway - Day ago
You know I'm cool by the way I step
Chords - Day ago
And then several years later, they split up and several of them become druggies and hookers and one is going through a lawsuit and one has a divorce and is a single mother.
Carl Rowton
Carl Rowton - Day ago
He doesn’t know about those types of light switches because he is too young.
Namjoon’s Juicebox
I feel like it’s a problem that I couldn’t stop watching this even though I knew it was pretty bad
Snippy Diamonds
Snippy Diamonds - Day ago
Britney looks like she would smell like pool water
zoé - Day ago
omg this brought up ancient memories, I remember seeing this once soooooo long ago
The Evan Show Starring Evan Miller
Yea e yea e yea e yea e yeaaaaa
camtheman - Day ago
the light switches are real in fact I have one
Benjamin Naylor
Benjamin Naylor - Day ago
Stole 90000 dollars from her bank account 12 years ago...

Vaughn Jamieson
Vaughn Jamieson - Day ago
The most dangerous part about watching Danny’s videos is that I almost chocked to death from laughing whilst drinking grape juice 😂
rebekah - Day ago
12:11 is that bhad bhabie?
Streetmeme-box - 2 days ago
Maloikis= BS
Fnaf Fan101
Fnaf Fan101 - 2 days ago
Why does Joey talk like a Italian mafia boss
Kenna Schafer
Kenna Schafer - 2 days ago
I loved this movie way too much as a child lmaoo
Mimsadoodle - 2 days ago
I remember watching this when I was younger and thinking Joey was the most badsss character of all time
Flash SPRTN - 2 days ago
*i l o v e d a n n y*
Caution Idiots Ahead
Caution Idiots Ahead - 2 days ago
When he said the made up I thought he said then they made out
renzo 43 43
renzo 43 43 - 2 days ago
oh yea yea
Briana Ramos
Briana Ramos - 2 days ago
"Why are you eating?!" Because, that is something you do when you're fucking hungry..?
Matthew barilaro
Matthew barilaro - 2 days ago
one of the boys said the f word
Matthew barilaro
Matthew barilaro - 2 days ago
at 17;58
Erica Hume
Erica Hume - 2 days ago
When you’re trying to have a heart felt moment with your dad, who left you when you were younger to go be rich after stealing from someone else’s dad so hard they died, and you’re talking about your dead mom and how you want her back, but you’re at a party so the singers are like: *oH Oh oh yEAh*
GrɆg - 2 days ago
1:09 What are they doing in the back? WHY?
parvejar - 2 days ago
17:34 who paused if dont, try
Mad Jelly two
Mad Jelly two - 2 days ago
Zooch - 2 days ago
RMS - 2 days ago
I love how protagonists go from a small group of dancers to basically an entire dance company with no explanation whatsoever.
Lemon Productions
Lemon Productions - 2 days ago
I actually loved this movie as a kid.
Your Neighbor, Totoro!
Your Neighbor, Totoro! - 2 days ago
Lemon Productions same-
My Life With ANXIETY
My Life With ANXIETY - 2 days ago
Singing and dancing?! Sounds like a musical
Hima Thummala
Hima Thummala - 2 days ago
how did i not realize how weird this movie was when i was younger? haha
Michael Kitto
Michael Kitto - 2 days ago
I was diagnosed with maloikies. It's terminal
Lockstra - 2 days ago
this is better than pitch perfect
Sly.X D
Sly.X D - 2 days ago
you missed so many of the funny background extras that couldn't keep a straight face nor act.
Mya Lyster
Mya Lyster - 2 days ago
It is called musical theatre
ᴀɴɢᴇʟɪᴄᴀ - 3 days ago
Ohh I remember this! Yeah it got a bit boring tbh
kiki_pride 493
kiki_pride 493 - 3 days ago
I wonder where the actors are now
Deku is the best
Deku is the best - 3 days ago
Kids: yeah we got enogh money to buy a new game system
Grandpa: have you guys seen any money
Kkhh Fggg
Kkhh Fggg - 3 days ago
BBQPig22 - 3 days ago
The manners song is so 🔥
BBQPig22 - 3 days ago
How can you get any enjoyment in this movie?
Owens Amazing stuff
Owens Amazing stuff - 3 days ago
Honestly every singing and dancing competition is this story.
•Cloud• - 3 days ago
No one:

Disney channel movies:
Faith Shacklock
Faith Shacklock - 3 days ago
Hi 👋🏿
Aaron Salim
Aaron Salim - 3 days ago
The Hindu dot is a sign of marriage. It has nothing to do with chanting
G.izmex - 3 days ago
i loved this movie as a kid haha
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan - 3 days ago
One of them looks like Daniel brongolie
Debbie Schmitt
Debbie Schmitt - 3 days ago
I subsribed turned on notifications and clicked the dell
maddy ricosky
maddy ricosky - 3 days ago
Sad part is that I’ve watched this movie before I saw this video 💀
Brady Fredhoff
Brady Fredhoff - 3 days ago
Discount pitch perfect
Ollie - 3 days ago
I actually watched this movie with my sister
marinara candle
marinara candle - 3 days ago
"the stress put my pops 6 feet under" tbh low-key seems like an easier way to deal with stress
Kid Cloner
Kid Cloner - 3 days ago
Are we gonna ignore how the guy said “sit up straight or you don’t get food” dude starving people wait WHY ARE THEY SO OVER DRESSED WTF
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