This Low Budget Movie Is a Disaster

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Abby McDonald
Abby McDonald - 28 minutes ago
it looks like this was filmed in the city my grandma lives in and its throwing me way off
Abby McDonald
Abby McDonald - 28 minutes ago
why do shows film things in ocnj theres Nothing! There!
Brandon Neilson
Brandon Neilson - Hour ago
I remember watching this movie when I was like 7😂😂it was so bad😂!!
T4STY lowbell_
T4STY lowbell_ - Hour ago
4:04 The f*ck did you say to me you little sh*t?! 😀😀
Shadow Pheonix
Shadow Pheonix - 2 hours ago
My childhood is that movie
Cloud Kitten12
Cloud Kitten12 - 3 hours ago
the wiggies actually look about 14 or 15
Phluffy Phantom
Phluffy Phantom - 3 hours ago
You forgot about the scene with the fat guy in the bath
Phluffy Phantom
Phluffy Phantom - 4 hours ago
I remember seeing and enjoying this. What was wrong with me
KC Dobbins
KC Dobbins - 4 hours ago
Joey is the best actress in that movie
89mickeymat89 - 5 hours ago
Just saying my friends house has a dimmer like in the one scene where you say it’s not a light switch and when you click it at her house it does turn the lights on/off
Bethany Fournier
Bethany Fournier - 5 hours ago
Clearly Allana was channeling the voice of Mrs. Maloikie.
Hannah Paxton
Hannah Paxton - 6 hours ago
Yes the movie was weird, but you missed a lot of details!😢
Aspect - 7 hours ago
19:05 Thats what inside Area 51 so no point to check now.
Kamia Nichols-Williams
Kamia Nichols-Williams - 8 hours ago
I honestly really liked watching this movie when j was younger.
WV!7 4
WV!7 4 - 8 hours ago
17:58 Bruh this is a children’s movie
Fangirl99 - 11 hours ago
Why does Jeff have so many children?
Aruffi Al
Aruffi Al - 12 hours ago
Also, the girl who's dad died from stress, the probably meant it was a heart attack.
Aruffi Al
Aruffi Al - 12 hours ago
What. The actual. FUCK. Is this movie?
Lív Nolsø Poulsen
Lív Nolsø Poulsen - 12 hours ago
I am greg
Alyssa - 12 hours ago
I think I saw this movie at a public community event. I have blocked that memory out until now
Sinister Silence
Sinister Silence - 13 hours ago
"the wiggies" is what I call my guinea pigs. "please can you go check on the wiggies?" "The wiggies need cleaning out"
Lydia Linda
Lydia Linda - 13 hours ago
Dang, I thought I had imagined this movie lmao. I should have known my brain ain’t that creative.
M&L - 14 hours ago
Ebbizken - 14 hours ago
Choen gom! Tha wegis pot it thae on poepos.
Ebbizken - 14 hours ago
Choen gom! Tha wegis pot it thae on poepos.
plushguts. - 16 hours ago
may ski
may ski - 17 hours ago
i remember seeing this movie when i was younger and i literally have the gogo girl dress that they wear
Gacha Charlie
Gacha Charlie - 17 hours ago
13:05 he does sound like mr poopybutthole ooh weee rick
Annaleah Lasry
Annaleah Lasry - 21 hour ago
standing ovation was my favourite movie in like third grade
rennan ferreira
rennan ferreira - 23 hours ago
You said I'd be immortal if I subscribed, but then I subscribed and died, thanks very much you douche!
Madelyn Vohland
Madelyn Vohland - 23 hours ago
this used to be one of my favorite movies when i was youngerrrrr
BeckyWith TheCoolHair
BeckyWith TheCoolHair - 23 hours ago
I DIDN'T REALIZE I DIDN'T SUBSCRIBE *subscribes then sighs* good, NOWW I'm a greg
Jimmere Long
Jimmere Long - Day ago
I used to watch this movie all the time on Netflix 😂
sydney merryman
sydney merryman - Day ago
me when I saw my sister watching this: wow this movie is real dumb 
me years later when I see this video: oh god ... it's back ....
Trash_O_Fish_Al - Day ago
So this entire movie is just a bad show choir competition
dodgers ALL day
dodgers ALL day - Day ago
“I wish mom came back”
“Nope she’s very much dead”
Oh oh oh oh yeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhh
Kage Inu
Kage Inu - Day ago
Jeez i remember watching a dubbed version of this years ago... and i didn’t even question it... i didn’t realize it was this weird
Rayan Bari
Rayan Bari - Day ago
You should do the room
Mar cry
Mar cry - Day ago
This movie is good how dare you show your opinion 😡
Gordank Freekman
Gordank Freekman - Day ago
One of the girls looks like a girl I go to high school with
Mary Grace
Mary Grace - Day ago
Bro bet I loved this movie tho
ASMR LOVER - Day ago
DUDE, THAT MOVIE WAS ONE OF MY CHILDHOOD FAVORITES. I just watched it last night and it brought back so many memories. Also I did realize how bad the acting is.
Maddie_ Choro
Maddie_ Choro - Day ago
Danny you should review a movie on the hallmark channel called “A killer under the bed.” I just watched it with my grandma and was very confused
Yee Yee YEET
Yee Yee YEET - Day ago
He also forgot to mention that Britney’s brother and one of the wiggys start dating
Yee Yee YEET
Yee Yee YEET - Day ago
As a kid I watched this movie and loved it but now I watched it and it sucked
Sophia Schnur
Sophia Schnur - Day ago
At 21:49 I literally thought he said and make out and ha da bit of a heart attack
brianna. - Day ago
Omg I watched this when I was like 9 and looking back’s so trash lmao
Sophia Schnur
Sophia Schnur - Day ago
When I was little I literally loooovvveeeddd this movie I watched it all the time😬😬😬😂😂😂
Ayy_izYaBoii - Day ago
Also the little girl had one of those fake, foam, glittery microphones while singing

How does that make sense
It was like 3am and the movie was on I hated it it’s so annoying
Cloudyyy - Day ago
Danny: I think they should have turned the microphone at that part-
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