1st Look at Bronny James & Zaire Wade On SIERRA CANYON In China!! Bronny JUMPING Even HIGHER!

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死神 - Month ago
Jeric Yarcia
Jeric Yarcia - 3 months ago
Bronny is busy in chair 🤦‍♂️
Tina Williams
Tina Williams - 3 months ago
Joshua Rhodes
Joshua Rhodes - 4 months ago
Who else is waiting for Sierra canyon vs Mayfair
bronny bryant
bronny bryant - 4 months ago
China dog play basketball like lavar ball without his shoes cuz his shoes is buried with the dead to Xi Jinping
Chow Ezio
Chow Ezio - 4 months ago
This is Chinese disable high school basketball team?
Amir Wahli
Amir Wahli - 4 months ago
Playing high school basketball in China , we was lucky to get Chinese takeout 🥡 after the game.,, 🤦🏽‍♂️
Teis Feld-Jakobsen
Teis Feld-Jakobsen - 4 months ago
Bronny tips the ball up in the air
China crowd: uuuuuuuuuuh
Deposit 2k
Deposit 2k - 4 months ago
Zaire does 360 under the legs dunk: 😑😑😑😑😑
Bronny touches rim: 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Martin Medina
Martin Medina - 5 months ago
How tall is Zaire Wade now?
Thịnh Phạm
Thịnh Phạm - 5 months ago
3:04 anyone see Bronny legs
Daniel Villalobos
Daniel Villalobos - 5 months ago
Why no one mention how bad the Chinese lost ...?
AndroidTV 11
AndroidTV 11 - 5 months ago
Are bBronny and Zaire on the same age???
Ghost Plays Games
Ghost Plays Games - 5 months ago
Damn, this squad should represent the USA in the Olympics🤣
MEGAoOF - 5 months ago
Imagine being a small white dude amongst them
YWB Tristvn
YWB Tristvn - 5 months ago
5:49 thats a travel
andreirg13 - 5 months ago
This is probably the most black people those chinese people saw all at once
fake fake
fake fake - 5 months ago
Bro i swear bronny lil brother bryce be stealing my drip i had the same outfits of him in it for the last 8 videos😂😂i just wore that drip 3 days ago🤣🤣
Dushawn21 - 5 months ago
If they weren’t gonna play bronny he could have stayed at crossroads and played with shaqir tbh
Dushawn21 - 5 months ago
Wait Zaire wades cousin is on the team too lol
Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith - 5 months ago
Why they let Michael j fox be the camera guy?
JRG Productions
JRG Productions - 5 months ago
Bronny get no pt
Manu Q
Manu Q - 5 months ago
That lefty kid is good but d wades son is better
Aaron - 5 months ago
As overrated as their bum dads.
Treyvion Richardson
Treyvion Richardson - 5 months ago
Why they yelling for bronny like half these players not better than him the world we live in🤦🏾
Dawson Keigley
Dawson Keigley - 5 months ago
Where’s my boi jahzar
Creg Door
Creg Door - 5 months ago
Bronny and the bench🤞
Peyton Fowler
Peyton Fowler - 5 months ago
did bronny even get in the game?
Donovan Marcus
Donovan Marcus - 5 months ago
Funny how Bronny can do the simplest things and have the crowd OUING and AHHING.
brian green
brian green - 5 months ago
Zaire Wade amazing
Ghost WOW
Ghost WOW - 5 months ago
9:15 I think he hurt his leg
Jaii - 5 months ago
I felt bad for these niggas 😂😂
AMF Blue
AMF Blue - 5 months ago
shitty ass filmer
Marcus De leon
Marcus De leon - 5 months ago
Bro I was the dude shooting during break at 10:33
Tarzan Montana
Tarzan Montana - 5 months ago
I see you shy
Esther G. White
Esther G. White - 5 months ago
I bet they practice hella fun not gon lie
Jame Yung
Jame Yung - 5 months ago
Bronny's only on Varsity cause he's Lebron's son
kelly prince
kelly prince - 5 months ago
Did the coach just give the kid the folks handshake.Smh
Dwayne Brown
Dwayne Brown - 5 months ago
Bronny didn’t play a hot second
Henry - 5 months ago
44 wiht the fro just cant wear the short shorts lol. Get this man some socks or something atleast.
Nickson Edgar
Nickson Edgar - 5 months ago
3:00 bronny is tippy toeing 🤔
Zcharles43 - 5 months ago
everyone looks like they want the ball. Bad
Verbatim - NF
Verbatim - NF - 5 months ago
Damn I'm gonna miss the crazy blocks and dunks with KJ Cassius and Scottie
Analytical Chick
Analytical Chick - 4 months ago
They'll have plenty of talent this year.
Ninja Channel
Ninja Channel - 5 months ago
Who is that tall light skinned kid tho.?
Ninja Channel
Ninja Channel - 5 months ago
The next generation of mutant ball players is coming....
DicktatorzZ - 5 months ago
Lol they look like their dads
J Burroughs
J Burroughs - 5 months ago
WTF are little kids in China playing basketball for, is there really any reason they need to?
Lex opims
Lex opims - 5 months ago
Who is taller LeBron or Zaire?
Frank Franzell The II
Frank Franzell The II - 5 months ago
3:06 IYKYK🤣‼️

Look at bronnys feet
Remy Mking
Remy Mking - 5 months ago
Anybody feel sorry for the China squad?
Jörn Heinemeier
Jörn Heinemeier - 5 months ago
why are those kids in China? I think things are really getting out of hand nowadays.
And I am the only one getting sick from the ballislife camera work? please get some stabilization!!! Please!!
J Stackz
J Stackz - 5 months ago
Imagine going all the way to China to not play...
The Chef O' Jenkins Family
Colleges prolly looking at Bronny and Zaire 💯
Did Bronny even play???
Josh Coleman
Josh Coleman - 5 months ago
Bronny:makes a mid range shot
Kid after him dunks
Dead silence
ItsFlanaman - 5 months ago
That one kid looks like Adam Morrison's emo son.
Mikochi - 5 months ago
Has Bronny played?
CallMeShinobi - 5 months ago
Scotty Pippen Jr is definitely taller than Zaire now
Anton LangMalakas
Anton LangMalakas - 5 months ago
Why bronny didn't play?
Just Boots
Just Boots - 5 months ago
We Play Them Our First Game I hope luck😂
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