LITTLE WOMEN - Official Trailer (HD)

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Olivia McDonald
Olivia McDonald - Day ago
i love this movie with all my heart
Matea Luketin
Matea Luketin - 2 days ago
I am planning to read this book this is so good😊
Summer Hernandez
Summer Hernandez - 2 days ago
This movie was one of the best movies I have ever seen
Leah Demchuk
Leah Demchuk - 2 days ago
this movie is very similar to the work of Ukrainian writer Olga Kobylyanska ''Valse melancolique''
Daiana Schlueter
Daiana Schlueter - 3 days ago
Foda-se Timothée é o homem mais lindo dessa geração pqp
Majestical Horses
Majestical Horses - 5 days ago
this version and the 2017 version are my favorites.
Parampreet Singh
Parampreet Singh - 5 days ago
Laurie was probably the most desperate character one can watch on the reel screen, but still ended up making out with almost all 4 sisters here
Gamze Gül Uçar
Gamze Gül Uçar - 5 days ago
I'm gonna watch this movie just for Emma Watson and James Norton. I really love both of them and I am happy to see them together. I wish they were main couple :((
Choco la
Choco la - 6 days ago
Sarah C
Sarah C - 6 days ago
Timothee Chamalet: Marry me
Me: Ye-
Saoirse Ronan: NO!
Me: Ok, no
Julia GV
Julia GV - 6 days ago
I definitely need a Laurie in my life
Alyssa Duffy
Alyssa Duffy - 6 days ago
I absolutely love little women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AlieniFy - 6 days ago
Me here because of Emma Watson
Ranju Bala
Ranju Bala - 7 days ago
I read the story book of little women it is really good in the last there is a twist in the story I like this this is a very good story😘😘
Miss Potato
Miss Potato - 7 days ago
I have lost count of how many times I’ve watched this trailer.. where can I watch this movie online😭😭
Moon. child
Moon. child - 5 days ago
try cinewhale hun
parisdandelions - 8 days ago

*gives me hamIlToN vIbEs eH-*
Alex B
Alex B - 9 days ago
Harleen - 8 days ago
same bro
Julieta - 9 days ago
Mmm i like the winona and sarandon version
lizzie kate
lizzie kate - 9 days ago
this trailer always makes me cry
いご - 11 days ago
Can anybody tell me what Timothee say 1:34? I could catch that " evep since I've known you Jo. I couldn't help it. We wouldn't be a disaster. No. We would be a perfect brbr. "
Pauline - 12 days ago
I'm surprise Emma is not the main lead
razan younis
razan younis - 12 days ago
This movie is better than the first one 😊
Sarah Robinson
Sarah Robinson - 12 days ago
Misleading trailer. Such a disempowering film.
Abel Gomez
Abel Gomez - 13 days ago
Gotta said it
_Definitely Pugh deserved that nomination._
Fa-Tian Nashnond Hsieh
Fa-Tian Nashnond Hsieh - 13 days ago
Emma should be Jo so now her characters are bookworms , Hermione, Belle
Joe Biden is a Racist, Senile and Corrupt Pervert
Dull Feminist propaganda. Nothing interesting here to see. Women are victims and overlooked.
MOonstrUCK - 14 days ago
My favourite book is Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women". It says so much just in one book. A tell of all four girls in their teens, their growth and when they truly become a woman. Meg's growth after her marriage, there are certain life lessons like where her mother advised her to include her husband in raising kids etc, Amy wrote a letter to Joe after she finally found love and that was epic. I love all of them so much. I truly hoped once in my lifetime I would be able to see a good adaptation. This is way too silly for that great book. I really hated the version where Elizabeth Taylor portrayed Amy but this one is surely the worst.
Cool French Bulldog
Cool French Bulldog - 14 days ago
I hated this version. Loved the 1994 version. I hated the acting and the writing. Florence Pugh made a good adult Amy, but I thought her as a 12 year old was hard to watch. Hard to believe she was supposed to be a child, It was like watching a whiny 25 year old that was overacting. You have a movie with terrific actresses that were terrible in this, they showed zero emotion. I hated how it jumped around. If you had not read the book or saw an older version it would be hard to follow. I can’t believe all of the positive reviews it has received.
Rebekah Stark
Rebekah Stark - 16 days ago
I honestly hated this movie with every essence of my being 😂.
Marion Nasimiyu
Marion Nasimiyu - 17 days ago
Who else is here because of friends? 😂
Samantha Yzabelle
Samantha Yzabelle - 17 days ago
Im so late but I'm here waiting for saoirse ronan and timothée chalamet to be together
Lucas Mckenzie
Lucas Mckenzie - 17 days ago
Actually those are regular sized women.
Depressus - 17 days ago
Who watches this cause of school work?
lll l
lll l - 18 days ago
I didn't know Florence was English her American accent is insane wow
Kim Joohn
Kim Joohn - 18 days ago
I love this movie. I love it so much that I decide not to watch second time cause I cherish the experience I had first time watching!
Rohit Thakur
Rohit Thakur - 19 days ago
Whatever if Emma wasn't the first lead. we guys only watch her.and i respect her more because she chose not the first lead...
Plush TV FNAF - 19 days ago
The trailer looks a lot better than the movie
Catch the Play
Catch the Play - 19 days ago
The movie was literally so confusing but yes it was so so classic 😍
Keemy World
Keemy World - 19 days ago
I was like Emma Stone I wanna watch this movie then Timothee chalamet I really wanna watch this movie
Fahi's vlog
Fahi's vlog - 20 days ago
Beth dies
princessriley123 - 20 days ago
this movie was so bad and boring
Vignesh subbiah
Vignesh subbiah - 20 days ago
1:42 what sound track?
Unathi Sibiya
Unathi Sibiya - 21 day ago
Jo and Laurie should have ended up together, it doesn't sit well with me that they didn't.
Hobbit V
Hobbit V - 21 day ago
This film has THE BEST cast ever!
Himanshi Gupta
Himanshi Gupta - 21 day ago
I have just watched this movie and I don’t like jo corrector at all, she looked arrogant, dumb, idiot, confused and selfi too
Belle - 21 day ago
Damn Hermione aged well
Animal Leckner
Animal Leckner - 22 days ago
Emma Watson's the best looking girl in this movie.
Banana Kings
Banana Kings - 22 days ago
0:01 Meg? I thought her name is Hermione granger
Kate Jenkins
Kate Jenkins - 24 days ago
I wish people refrained from putting spoilers in comment sections
Thomas Cerda
Thomas Cerda - 24 days ago
This movie is so freaking good. Recommend for anyone!
Tt Ginavan
Tt Ginavan - 24 days ago
Remember the world must remember jo March
Tt Ginavan
Tt Ginavan - 24 days ago
If saoriosa ever reads this you are my favorite actress I adore you ps I’m Irish to
Tt Ginavan
Tt Ginavan - 19 days ago
I’m from cork
Last Day ON Earth
Last Day ON Earth - 19 days ago
Im from philippines i like her and her beauty are on another level
Fatima Rahman
Fatima Rahman - 24 days ago
I absolutely love this movie! It's so iconic! I think it will have it's own place in th a history of Hollywood. The cinematography is outstanding, the story is extraordinary. I really appreciate all the afford behind the making of this. And...the costumes do deserve the Oscar.
Little Women FullHD MoViE 2019
geat movi4
BoBa_ Pop
BoBa_ Pop - 25 days ago
Whats the piece played at the last part of the trailer?
Dayanara Lingas
Dayanara Lingas - 25 days ago
When your love was not reciprocated. It hurts like hell. 💔
Jo and Teddy (Laurie) should have been a great couple and yet, we cannot force love. reality check!
Ringleader24 T
Ringleader24 T - 25 days ago
Imma watch this now
jessell martinez
jessell martinez - 25 days ago
Went to watch Jumanji and it was full so me and my friend decided to watch Little Women instead having no idea what it was about, I was not disappointed and I’m so glad I watched this movie instead!
Softvxbes - 26 days ago
I have watched this 15 times just to see timmy
Shweta Thami
Shweta Thami - 27 days ago
This movie is an art.literally
Raja Raj
Raja Raj - 25 days ago
Agreed, its a visual poetry of colour and beauty unfolding at a lively pace.
Renato Filipe
Renato Filipe - 27 days ago
The intolerable world actions against women should be ended and Nato, who fought in Africa against the small odds of survival, is powerful enough to maintain it distinct traits and stab in the heart THE use of women as dying meat. For women should not be an object, a use of corporations but a heart. 
I am for them.
serbia love
serbia love - 28 days ago
One of the best movies ever. 💛❤️💚🖤
Jayendra Singh
Jayendra Singh - 25 days ago
What was good?
Yo _itsshaz
Yo _itsshaz - 28 days ago
I’m sure in the book it describes Laurie as a brown skinned boy 🤔🤔🤔
minhaj ali
minhaj ali - 28 days ago
Humans are incomplete without love.
mimi minou
mimi minou - 29 days ago
Such an amazing movie nude women to prove a point, no unnecessary sex scenes , no vulgarity just pure acting and talent and a great message behind every situation,I loved it ❤
b ray
b ray - 29 days ago
"I'm so sick of people saying love is all a women is fit for" says the actress in the men should gladly sacrifice their every whim and dream to make her life a fairy tale love movie...infant believe people dont understand why men dont like being depicted as a womens stepping stone in these "love movies"..
fede018 - 26 days ago
Insecure, fragile, little incel.
Tashi Dadon
Tashi Dadon - 29 days ago
Just watched the movie!!
What a movie 🎥
Movie about the four sisters
Which I can relate as I have six sisters (including me)
So overwhelmed by the storyline and how can a sister/sibling can sacrifice such a big thing just for their sister/sibling 😢
I'am touched!! ❤️
medd tee
medd tee - 29 days ago
*watches Little Women trailer with my little sister*
*my sister: Omg its Belle*
*me: Noooo its Hermoine Granger*
swiftie4lyf - 8 days ago
YEAH IKR there's gonna be a whole generation of children that's gonna identify Emma as belle and not as Hermione AND THAT FUCKING SADDENS ME
Liongirl169 - 19 days ago
OMG 😂😂 definitely Hermione
يومياتنا our dairy
😂😂 so cute
Pankaj Soam
Pankaj Soam - 28 days ago
I guess that's generation gap😂
matteo.parzanese - Month ago
**The BBC miniseries is much better than this shit.**
Its Sukh
Its Sukh - Month ago
Who are watching trailer after it uploads on amazon
Ranzee k
Ranzee k - Month ago
butter cup
butter cup - Month ago
Uhm,can someone tell me where can I watch this??
Jai Bharat
Jai Bharat - Month ago
now india is also copy english movies. nudity in indian movies is common now.every actress can give bed scene or lips kisses frankly but this is not indian culture
Amin Guides
Amin Guides - Month ago
So Emma Watson is not in the lead role?
I'm not gonna watch this..
fede018 - 26 days ago
what are you, 12?
Neha - 28 days ago
Amin Guides It’s such a great movie. You’re missing out.
dancingbear - 29 days ago
You’re not gonna watch it because she isn’t the lead role?💀
humanity - Month ago
I watch movie
And jo March deserve Oscar ❤️
She acting fantastic
Julian Villarreal
Julian Villarreal - Month ago
They Brought Back the 1993-2007 (Twenty O Seven) Columbia Pictures Logo to Pay 💰 Homage to the Original 1994 Movie.
Jeet Dutta
Jeet Dutta - Month ago
This movie was extraordinary. Especial Greta Gerwig as a director. Every shot speaks with the viewer in a very subtle way, portraying the inner struggles, future outcomes of the characters.
Lindsay Drawn
Lindsay Drawn - Month ago
amy broke the girl code I mean come on she shouldn’t have married Laurie even though jo didn’t want him. None of the girls should unless it’s jo but sadly she didn’t love him
乛Đ乇Vエし乛 - Month ago
Masterpiece ❤️
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