LITTLE WOMEN - Official Trailer (HD)

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Philip Moore
Philip Moore - 4 hours ago
I cant wait for this its going to be great
AKD - 17 hours ago
Propaganda for feminism. A disgrace to the ethereal novel. I'm glad the March family wasnt ground up by daycare and divorce. Men and women are equal in importance, not capability. Long live homemakers like Marmee who prioritize their children and husbands
j am
j am - Day ago
"these little women, they're WOAH"
Lalisa Is My Love
Lalisa Is My Love - 2 days ago
You’ll be always Hermione for us 💖
Ashfaq Ul Haq
Ashfaq Ul Haq - 2 days ago
Which theme/song plays from 1:40?😭😭😭
Neha - Day ago
Ashfaq Ul Haq Finder by Cyrus Reynolds
Iliyas N
Iliyas N - 2 days ago
Emma watson is more famous than any on the cast members in Asia.. coz of her people gonna watch it here
Kennedy Evans
Kennedy Evans - 2 days ago
So we have an aspiring writer, actress, the fourth sister a singer or dancer? I like how they have artistic dreams, it's very sweet
Neha - Day ago
Kennedy Evans The fourth sister likes music and plays the piano.
Isle of Life
Isle of Life - 2 days ago
1:29 just because I sound like someone off Derry Girls doesn’t mean I’m unimportant.
sabrina joon
sabrina joon - 2 days ago
Saoirse Ronan and Timothee Chalament playing lovers that don't end up together and Emma Watson doing another terrible American accent? Groundbreaking.
sabrina joon
sabrina joon - 16 hours ago
@aj pat I'll do what I please, thanks.
aj pat
aj pat - Day ago
sabrina joon Emma Watson has shown an American accent before in The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Bling Ring. Like, don't jump to conclusions just yet.
Kaitie Del Rey
Kaitie Del Rey - 3 days ago
Never another Winona Ryder sorry Sony
aj pat
aj pat - Day ago
Kaitie Del Rey Sony is notorious for some messy remakes. Looking at Ghostbusters remake, here. Sony also wants to remake The Princess Bride??? Like, f**k that s**t.
XxWaterMelonQueenxX - 3 days ago
Jo is mah favorite character, who's yours?
nomm me
nomm me - 3 days ago
I still haven't recovered from her rejecting Christian Bale. Now she's going to reject Timothee Chalamet. I won't be able to take it. They have to stop casting gorgeous men to play Laurie.
Neha - 3 days ago
nomm me But, this time the actor playing Friedrich Bhaer is an exceptional one too.
Aysenaz Pınar
Aysenaz Pınar - 3 days ago
Ne zaman nerde başlığı
Aysenaz Pınar
Aysenaz Pınar - 3 days ago
Türkler nerdesinizz
vamsi viswanath
vamsi viswanath - 3 days ago
Emmawatson is here who came for that?
Hussam Al Anesi
Hussam Al Anesi - 4 days ago
This brings me nostalgia of reading the story
Alexander Khlapov
Alexander Khlapov - 4 days ago
What a beautiful melody
syts77 - 5 days ago
Film looks great aside from the forced message of feminism.
Ace spade
Ace spade - 5 days ago
I'd watch that movie
Sa Yu
Sa Yu - 5 days ago
So... is Mr Bhaer not in this one? Because I always thought Mr Bhaer was the worst character in the books. Not necessarily as a person, just. In the way he was responsible in what happened, with Jo not becoming a writer after all and stuff. I'd stan it if he wasn't in this one.
Neha - 5 days ago
Sa Yu Friedrich Bhaer is in this one. He’s played by Louis Garrel. I think it’s a little disingenuous to claim that Jo couldn’t become a writer BECAUSE of him. He was the one person in the book who understood her and encouraged her talent when everyone else stood by shellshocked by her ambition. He encouraged her to find her passion in writing, which most definitely wasn’t in the soulless sensationalist writing that she was creating up until that point. And she later became a teacher and published novels 🤷🏻‍♀️
Call Me A Wizardess
Call Me A Wizardess - 5 days ago
Young Amy's voice is not young at all :
9renadine - 5 days ago
there's no young Amy in the movie just Amy played by a mid 20s actress
Vincent H.
Vincent H. - 6 days ago
What's with all the downvotes from the incels? Greta Gerwig is an amazing director and writer as is Sarah Polley so I'm no sure how anyone who claims to love film isn't looking forward to this.
real Bill James
real Bill James - 7 days ago
Terrible tarrible horrible movie
Brian Kent Pirrie
Brian Kent Pirrie - 6 days ago
now that what i call a real movie.
sabrina joon
sabrina joon - 7 days ago
I'll just stick to the 1994 version.
LeroY - 7 days ago
Emma Watson is so overrated.
Julian Galkin
Julian Galkin - 8 days ago
tara love
tara love - 8 days ago
Belle Granger
Belle Granger - 8 days ago
I feel like Emma represents more of Jo than Meg, but I still think this will be a great movie with all these amazingly talented actors.
Benedek Szöllősi
Benedek Szöllősi - 8 days ago
Can't wait to watch it!
Amelia Kingston
Amelia Kingston - 8 days ago
Lol I’m only here for Timothée
Ioana M
Ioana M - 8 days ago
Saoirse will finally get her Oscar for this role!
aj pat
aj pat - Day ago
Ioana M Not so fast. Saoirse Ronan has got major contenders for that awards. Renee Zellweger, Alfre Woodard, Scarlett Johansson, Charlize Theron, and Awkwafina is aiming for that award, too.
Roompa Mahato
Roompa Mahato - 9 days ago
I got goosebumps by the end of the trailer. Saoirse is a classic actor. She brings life in a new way to everything she portrays on screen. Ladybird, Brooklyn and now Little Women. You go, Girl!! Meryl, Emma, and others are just wonderful addition to this movie. I hope it gets here in India.
Don181, you'r a frickin Neanderthal
Unorigional comment about how they cant come up with new ideas for tv shows and movies.
Pranay Beast
Pranay Beast - 9 days ago
Gotta feeling this one is flop..
Komal Walhe
Komal Walhe - 9 days ago
I think Emma Watson could have been perfect for playing Jo's character. After all , Hermione was also a character of firm belief.
Neha - 7 days ago
Komal Walhe She would be an ok Jo in mind, but not in spirit. Saoirse looks like she’ll be great as Jo.
Olivia Rouse
Olivia Rouse - 9 days ago
I literally freaked when I saw Meryl Streep. She’s such a legend❤️.
Screeming Meemie
Screeming Meemie - 9 days ago
Greta Gerwig is one of the best directors of the decade- prove me wrong
aj pat
aj pat - Day ago
Screeming Meemie Greta Gerwig is not the only single best director of the decade. Christopher Nolan, Jordan Peele, Alfonso Cuaron, Paul Thomas Anderson, Damien Chazelle, Guillermo Del Toro, Wes Anderson, are also one of them.
Luis Manriquez
Luis Manriquez - 9 days ago
Beth dies
Harouache Athmane
Harouache Athmane - 9 days ago
Amazing movie!!
Sirimiri - 9 days ago
Saoirse and Timothee are the next Kate and Leonardo❤️❤️❤️
Sreekar Nim
Sreekar Nim - 9 days ago
beth dies.
painite - 9 days ago
Sreekar Nim I’m sure you’re a fun person at parties.
Hazel Mendes
Hazel Mendes - 9 days ago
So I'm gonna be crying again over jo not ending up with Laurie? AND WHEN LAURIE IS TIMOTHEE CHAMALET?
Lendi Vihari
Lendi Vihari - 10 days ago
As much as I looove lil timmy T, Im glad they removed him from the thumbnail and put the women instead.
Sam Nathapong
Sam Nathapong - 10 days ago
I already booked the tickets to see this three times
GIUDITTINA1978 - 10 days ago
Who will be professor Bhaer?
MCU Potterhead
MCU Potterhead - 10 days ago
I can’t wait for this
strawberryshortcake - 10 days ago
i wish they would have casted a younger amy too for the first part of the book
Emily Williams
Emily Williams - 5 days ago
I agree I think they casted too old for her....the woman they have playing Beth is younger...
Sofi Wu
Sofi Wu - 10 days ago
I remember meg sell her hair to get money cause their father is sick :((
Sorry for my bad English
Nuha - 9 days ago
Nah that was Jo :c
Sofi Wu
Sofi Wu - 10 days ago
Can't believe a classic novel that i've ever read when i was 14 become a film ugh
Suzy Solidor
Suzy Solidor - 10 days ago
Can’t wait
Marjel Perater
Marjel Perater - 10 days ago
Love this!
Amaranta Yuuki
Amaranta Yuuki - 11 days ago
This casting has me so excited, I can't wait to see this!
Danielle Couston
Danielle Couston - 11 days ago
Just goes to show how well Winona Rider fit as Jo, when the remake has an actress that looks exactly like her.
Penney Burgess
Penney Burgess - 10 days ago
Danielle Couston Actually, the actress’s fit the physical description of Jo because of Louisa May Alcott, the author of Little Women.
Jay Lu
Jay Lu - 11 days ago
Can somebody please tell me what soundtrack they use in this trailer ?
Kayla Bear
Kayla Bear - 8 days ago
Jay Lu Finder by Cyrus Reynolds
Foodie Queen Official
Foodie Queen Official - 11 days ago
Can’t wait to watch this and see Jo breaking Laurie’s heart AGAIN ! 😈😭
Dheeraj Motwani
Dheeraj Motwani - 11 days ago
Little women? How little are they? Are they like scary little !!??
Jack on Mars
Jack on Mars - 11 days ago
Very nice 💚💚💚💚
marien blunt
marien blunt - 11 days ago
I will watch this movie when it come out only because of meryl streep
Quen Loust
Quen Loust - 12 days ago
Damn, that Emma Watson accent is atrocious, who signed off on that?
IceNinjaGamer TV
IceNinjaGamer TV - 12 days ago
ey Sony, Where is Sonic?
im his fan actually,when his trailer came out,I was so happy
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