Luke Combs - What You See Is What You Get (Audio)

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Billy Simmons
Billy Simmons - 16 hours ago
Luke is great!
Luka Gugunishvili
Luka Gugunishvili - Month ago
My favorite song of his
TeroxXLF - Month ago
2:42 huh?
Bubbie Brown
Bubbie Brown - 2 months ago
Convinced he absolutely cannot make a bad song
Kelsey Seay
Kelsey Seay - 3 months ago
❤ 😉😅🍻
Cassie Davidson
Cassie Davidson - 3 months ago
We Love Luke Combs! He just keeps on putting out the Best Music.
Alanoud Fab
Alanoud Fab - 3 months ago
That’s awesome 👏🏼
paul austin
paul austin - 3 months ago
One of the best country albums I have EVER heard! Much respect and appreciation from the UK!🇬🇧🇺🇸👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Joshua Katz
Joshua Katz - 3 months ago
The 430 dislikes are the confusing and hard to read people 😂
Ryan Mac
Ryan Mac - 3 months ago
tickets in London 220 each wow I didn't think there were that many country fans over here
Jay Smith
Jay Smith - 4 months ago
I love this song... It is so true
Darby Lheureux
Darby Lheureux - 4 months ago
HUNTER123 8BP - 4 months ago
Bring back country one song at a time 💪
Maddison Squad
Maddison Squad - 4 months ago
this is crazy this song is bomb why iS this only the first time listening to this song🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀omg ......
Joseph Harview
Joseph Harview - 4 months ago
It seems like its impossible for this guy to make a bad song. Keep up the work man your keeping country alive!
Jorge Magana
Jorge Magana - 5 months ago
You have the best songs Luke coms
Aaliyah Cline
Aaliyah Cline - 5 months ago
Anyone else think that luke combs is the best country singer should he get 10000 millon likes
Josie Nordyke
Josie Nordyke - 5 months ago
luke f t dub
Haidan is Cup stacking
Haidan is Cup stacking - 5 months ago
luke come to texas my hole familyb loves you!
Paddle Camp Cook
Paddle Camp Cook - 5 months ago
Bringing country back to its fans!
Paddle Camp Cook
Paddle Camp Cook - 5 months ago
You fucking rock brother!
Peter Machek
Peter Machek - 5 months ago
Who here love's all of Luke Comb's music ?
Azn Man
Azn Man - 5 months ago
Luke Combs and Bret Young got me listening to country music. Luv all their songs.
AJ Ard
AJ Ard - 6 months ago
Love it
Joel Kemp
Joel Kemp - 6 months ago
Joel Kemp
Joel Kemp - 6 months ago
how bout a flim clip for what u c iz what u get. JAK 1984 AUSTRALIA
Samantha Hilliard
Samantha Hilliard - 6 months ago
Thanks again Luke!!#girlversionhere
Jesse Brake
Jesse Brake - 6 months ago
Luke seems to me like the buddy you would like to have as a friend good guy and living life to the fullest
Mike Nardini
Mike Nardini - 6 months ago
He never dissapointed with his records...hope he keeps to this style
radio459 - 6 months ago
did he said "nigga" at the end of the song ? i'm just asking i'm probably more fan of Luke than you
Harley Swafford
Harley Swafford - 6 months ago
I've listen to this song so many times. I love it. He's my #1 singer since he came out
123 RaVeN
123 RaVeN - 6 months ago
When he won Male vocalist, it sounded like people were booing him!!!!! That really ticked me off!!! Then they said that they were yelling Luke! Can anybody help me here with!!!!! So disrespectful!!!
Austin Buntz
Austin Buntz - 6 months ago
I love this song it’s the best
Doug Stanhope
Doug Stanhope - 6 months ago
Keep em coming Mr. Combs
LivingOnly - 6 months ago
Kimberly Harness
Kimberly Harness - 6 months ago
First of all I dont think luke combs would want me to put my bank info on a phone
Kimberly Harness
Kimberly Harness - 6 months ago
Why am I supposed to put my bank info on here
Ooppp Sister
Ooppp Sister - 6 months ago
Love the “Dancing queen” piano tune at the beginning
Jeremy Heartriter2.0
Jeremy Heartriter2.0 - 6 months ago
This should've been a single😵😵😵
Kimberly Harness
Kimberly Harness - 6 months ago
What you see is what you get so quit playing with my feelings now
Sarah Saucedo
Sarah Saucedo - 6 months ago
This is a good two stepping song!!
Anita Stapleson
Anita Stapleson - 6 months ago
Luke combs is really good country singer
Tiffany Smith
Tiffany Smith - 6 months ago
I love this song🎶 and I love Luke
Joshua Brady
Joshua Brady - 6 months ago
This song resonates with me so hard. His music always touches home.
magdaline - 6 months ago
wyatt stickman
wyatt stickman - 6 months ago
So excited for his new album tomorrow
Kash Hunt
Kash Hunt - 6 months ago
Me and my sister are huge fans andnshes been to three of your concerts in des moines
zack Compton
zack Compton - 6 months ago
I'm ready to hear the hole album 💯
Stupid Nuy
Stupid Nuy - 6 months ago
Love ❤️
Madisyn Mead
Madisyn Mead - 6 months ago
my favorite song by far
Cowboy Joe
Cowboy Joe - 6 months ago
When are Luke and Jon Pardi going to collide. Like if that would be badass
Zombie Killer
Zombie Killer - 6 months ago
i guess 330 people have no good taste in music
MALLORY KELLY - 6 months ago
still best person for music and will always will be :)
Triston Rutkowski
Triston Rutkowski - 6 months ago
Luke I need advice on how to play the Guitar I have been practicing for a little while but cannot seem to get better
Braden Undead
Braden Undead - 6 months ago
Another great one from him
Bruce Phillips
Bruce Phillips - 6 months ago
I have seen him twice and about to see him for the 3rd time in Atlanta. He puts on a great show. Country music is back!
Linda Elizabeth Cole
Linda Elizabeth Cole - 7 months ago
Well I certainly didn't get what I wished for today , but somehow a few hours further on , you Luke Combs always brightens up my day when I hear you sing , your just awesome !!
Jake Beddes
Jake Beddes - 7 months ago
ThirstyRabbit Tanks2U
ThirstyRabbit Tanks2U - 7 months ago
More 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥☝️☝️☝️
rjpunkin - 7 months ago
Not long till the albums out :)
Brendan Hallford
Brendan Hallford - 7 months ago
Can’t wait to see this guy live in March 2020
Kristen Leta
Kristen Leta - 7 months ago
Sing it Luke!! 😍 Never disappoints!
anggiat silaen
anggiat silaen - 7 months ago
Love from indonesia😍
Ben Corlett
Ben Corlett - 7 months ago
More more more
Third Shift Patroller
Third Shift Patroller - 7 months ago
Every. Single. One!! F yeah
Analog Man
Analog Man - 7 months ago
Who writes this crap?
Fly Outwest
Fly Outwest - 7 months ago
Kicked some ass in Fresno you’re band members can sing
Best intro ever
charlie Stead
charlie Stead - 7 months ago
Your trash get good get some like my man you so cool not your bad you thought
Timothy Johnson
Timothy Johnson - 7 months ago
We all love what we see brother don’t let that slip, be humble and appreciative of what you got, you are doing better than all of us listening, money isn’t everything but you influence people and make music for all of us, your mentality and confidence is how you look at yourself, look at yourself with love and know deep inside that you are loved by the one who created you in the womb not sperm but God brother you are truck driving beer drinking hooter nothing better than knowing yourself and if you ever think other people’s thoughts are important think again they got nothing and just want to hate!! Stunt on em with that truck and that Rolex
Brandon Prenni
Brandon Prenni - 7 months ago
I love how there’s not one bad comment about Luke!
Bri Glover
Bri Glover - 7 months ago
I swear he's my new love. 😍 He's so relatable and true with his music. I love him.☺️
Tove Cecilia Lindgren
Tove Cecilia Lindgren - 7 months ago
Just gotta love the guy, absolutely amazeballs ....
Angry Jock
Angry Jock - 7 months ago
I haven't listened to country for 20years, accidentally found your music and thank God I did , hello from Scotland 👍
nathanael harwood
nathanael harwood - 7 months ago
This song describes me so well. Another great song Luke. Gonna be big!!!
Isaiah Politte
Isaiah Politte - 7 months ago
one of the soonto be bests
Michael Edge
Michael Edge - 7 months ago
This is his next number one hit.
Kenna_23 - 7 months ago
Your music is so stupid shut that off
Kim Schultz Liska
Kim Schultz Liska - 7 months ago
Love! Love! Love, he just keep getting better!
YourBestSelf - 7 months ago
Luke hasn't released a bad song yet. Straight from the heart; the way country should be.
Prithvi Sindhar
Prithvi Sindhar - 7 months ago
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