Dana White weighs in on Tony Ferguson vs. Donald Cerrone | UFC 238 | ESPN MMA

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Private Hudson
Private Hudson - 2 days ago
How the fuck has Tony not got a shot at fucken kabitch ??? this is the shit that makes me want to punch dana in the face hes a fucken scumbag
Christian Merasty420
Christian Merasty420 - Month ago
This the clone dana
Nicholas Galante
Nicholas Galante - Month ago
Dana “I’m not even thinking about that right now” White
Dan Stolee
Dan Stolee - 2 months ago
IF Connor can beat Cowboy, AND win the Trilogy with Nate, I MIGHT pay to watch him get smeshed by Khabib again. If Tony doesn't get a real title shot after this, I'm fook'n done with the UFC until Dana White is gone.
Orr Jake
Orr Jake - 2 months ago
If Khabib wins it better FINALLY be Khabib vs Ferguson
Rex Thrasher
Rex Thrasher - 2 months ago
He knows nothing about fighting. He knows about slavery and selling out. thats all dana nazi white knows
RevMeTurk - 2 months ago
Why are people still talking about McGregor? He's not coming back after being gone so long. He's done.
Anthony Lucente
Anthony Lucente - 2 months ago
Cowboy should have won that fight
Brian Kinary
Brian Kinary - 2 months ago
Ive been saying we should riot if Tony doesn’t get a title shot. Think about his last four fights, not to mention it’s 12 in a row and would be 16 if he didn’t break his arm vs Johnson.
He whooped Dos Anjos at elevation in a 5 round fight at an insane pace in Mexico City and still wasn’t breathing hard. He’s kicked Lee’s (ass sub off his back), Pettis’ ass (corner stoppage), now Cerrone’s ass (dr stoppage). That’s 4 straight welterweights too btw. Wtf do they want Tony to do for a title shot? Fight DC? Shit. Tony’s been next up for years
CandyRed - 2 months ago
If Dana won''t give Tony title shot I will personally kill him
Jesse Ramirez
Jesse Ramirez - 2 months ago
Rather see a Ferguson vs Dana white fight at this point. Dana give him a shot at the title you pudgy fuck.
Seth heath
Seth heath - 2 months ago
Nobody wants to see Conor fight. He's a has been.
Haris Ali
Haris Ali - 2 months ago
Interviewer: "let's get to the people's main event"
Jane Doe
Jane Doe - 2 months ago
Brett okaono your way off! most fans want to see tony vs khabib you don’t speak for the rest of us real fans! Sounds like its something you’ve been wanting to see Conor vs khabib, he got whopped already by khabib time to move on and get off connors nuts.
mike - 2 months ago
I have zero respect for Dana , he's a scumbag
cadboy07 - 2 months ago
Dana piling on the pounds 🍔🍔🍔🍔
colin meechan
colin meechan - 2 months ago
Dana , just doesn't want to give Tony any credit ?? Why not ,, Tony's the man give him a title shot !!
BedriSinan Korkmaz
BedriSinan Korkmaz - 2 months ago
He looks like kingpin from daredevil :d
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide - 2 months ago
Round 3 could of went different as cowboy gets alot better as the fight goes on
Deep hug
Deep hug - 2 months ago
couldnt be more wrong idc what conor or khabib do i want tony in a title fight period
airsoftgod211 - 2 months ago
I think the reporter just just said the line about McGregor Vs Khabib because saying why the fuck isnt Khabib vs Ferguson been booked already is a little unprofessional.
sparkyddd - 2 months ago
Nobody wants Conor vs Khabib. The fans want Tony vs Khabib
jesse nuno
jesse nuno - 2 months ago
just let Tony fight them all !!!
S Mozza
S Mozza - 2 months ago
even Connor doesn't want a rematch with khabib, Connor wants a easier pay day
J G - 2 months ago
No one wants a rematch until connor has worked his way back up. Tony is far and away the best opponent for khabib.
rodney lee
rodney lee - 2 months ago
If i was toney and heard this i would be fucking pisttttt
iluvmyboba - 2 months ago
Khabib vs. Dustin. Aww, shucks. That'll be a good one.
A_a_ron B
A_a_ron B - 2 months ago
wolf30349 - 2 months ago
Tony deserves khabib Connor should have to fight Tony first. Yep
Cow Boys
Cow Boys - 2 months ago
So why did his eye swell up, I’m confused he blew his nose and it swelled up? Can someone explain why that happend? Thanks.
Joanna - 2 months ago
How can Dana not say that Tony Fergusons next fight is a shot at the belt.........
Toby Hennessey
Toby Hennessey - 2 months ago
Tony the type of guy to make love to Donald’s eye
Fred Rindock
Fred Rindock - 2 months ago
I love Conor fights no doubt but TONY deserves the title fight 💯% he’s been through hell and back and proved he’s a beast he should get it!!
B V - 2 months ago
I don't think we need to see Conner get his ass kicked again, there's other fighters who actually deserve a shot
Michael Lay
Michael Lay - 2 months ago
No one wants Conor vs khabib 2, Brett you retarded dumb fuck.
Jason Delvaux
Jason Delvaux - 2 months ago
Brett: "You know more about fighting than anyone else in this business."
Dana: "It is what it is." "It sucks!" "Whaddya gonna do?"
Yeah... he's a real fucking genius. Stick your tongue further up Dana's ass, Brett.
Konrad Knysak
Konrad Knysak - 2 months ago
1st Tony fights winner of Khabib v Porier, then Connor can take on loser or even winner of Justin Bieber v Tom Cruise, I dont give a fuck really. Just dont make WWA freak fights, FANS ? Fans wants Tony's tittle fight, not Connors stand up comedy u knob.
MegaMma4life - 2 months ago
Just feed tony to conor. That would be such a one sided fight it wiuldnt be funny
MegaMma4life - 2 months ago
Baahhaahha yhe peoples main event not at all and tony looked ok and he beat cowboy whos mever been a championship calober fighter. But that chesp shot was bullshit. Round 3 could of went different as cowboy gets alot better as the fight goes on
rated 21
rated 21 - 2 months ago
tony gets harder to figure out the longer it goes. round 3 would have been worse for cerrone
Mike Holland
Mike Holland - 2 months ago
the ufc will try and give conor tony and pray to god he ko's tony so they can set up that rematch with khabib. as far as conor vs khabib being something fans want to see that couldnt be more wrong idc what conor or khabib do i want tony in a title fight period
Sciatifukt - 2 months ago
Who are these "fans" that want to see McGregor get dominated by Khabib again and not Tony vs Khabib?
Ksevenx13 - 2 months ago
How do you know when Dana White's lying?
His lips are moving.
Edgar Flores
Edgar Flores - 2 months ago
Connor's Dick riders do..
checotey - 2 months ago
this thumb nail is hilarious man!!
youtuberi su stoka Youtuberi su stoka
Khabib the best numer 1
John Wick
John Wick - 2 months ago
He shluld have been disqualified flat out cowboy would have won
Adam S
Adam S - 2 months ago
No one wants to see Conor v khabib again it would be the same out come
why so serious
why so serious - 2 months ago
Someone had to win.........Just wish it didn't happen the way it did. Honestly 2 of my favorite fighters.
mike - 2 months ago
Tony and Conor and then Tony and Khabib, don't fake Dana, stop trying to protect Conor from a good ole Mexican ass whoopin.
MegaMURRAY123 - 2 months ago
Rematch between cowboy and tony that last punch was crucial imo
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar - 2 months ago
Jacob - 2 months ago
How can Dana not say that Tony Fergusons next fight is a shot at the belt.........
Jacob - 2 months ago
Fuck conor Tony Has PAID HIS DUES
Tariq Ketwaru
Tariq Ketwaru - 2 months ago
Indoctrination at it's finest. Nobody wants to see Conor vs Khabib 2 before Tony has fought Khabib.
Need you now
Need you now - 2 months ago
I dont think Dana White cares anymore, I think he is tired and done. Thank you for making the sport what it is today... go away now and enjoy.
j s
j s - 2 months ago
Bald motherfucker. Slave owner.
james johnson
james johnson - 2 months ago
Bret fucked up there, we want Tony fighting for the title, no one else is more deserving
james johnson
james johnson - 2 months ago
The ‘fans’ want Tony fighting for the title, not Connor.
digdeep0169 - 2 months ago
f*ck #mcTapper... he quit remember...eerrr... retired! Tony vs Khabib.
kevin johnson
kevin johnson - 2 months ago
Tony vs winner of khabib and Dustin and do Conor vs Nate and have those two winners fight to end this whole thing
Jamie Carmichael
Jamie Carmichael - 2 months ago
I think conor vs tony should happen
gopi nath
gopi nath - 2 months ago
Tony vs conor
IntoTheFray - 2 months ago
Bruh the fans wanna see Tony vs Khabib
WEEBBREAKER - 2 months ago
I could give a fuck about seeing that little Irish alcoholic fight. Give us the REAL title fight.
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia - 2 months ago
I'm shocked that Tony got hit so much by those short arms. He's been boxing for so long with top level boxers and his reach is crazy.
Shawn Gregory
Shawn Gregory - 2 months ago
Think Dustins nobody? Give him a chance.
thegoodbadmusic - 2 months ago
Thumbnail looks like the world record attempt for the hardest wink ever.
x x
x x - 2 months ago
Dane is a piace a shit.
mike - 2 months ago
Padilla vs Khabib, make it happen Dana whitey
BrfcDanny1 - 2 months ago
Literally haven't seen one UFC fan say they want to see the McGregor rematch. We want Tony vs Khabib
Lionel Anthony
Lionel Anthony - 2 months ago
The last 10 seconds of the first round was ok I guess ? Not ridiculous!! Pettis fight was better I think
Jamal Black OP Chakuu Negro Crawford
Khabib vs McGregor REMATCH!!!!
JasonSmith577 - 2 months ago
Dana secretly Hope's Poirer upsets Khabib, That way it's the best of both worlds and the decision is made for him. Big $ McGregor vs Khabib rematch, and the #1 contender Ferguson getting the title shot he deserves vs Porier.
James Christopher
James Christopher - 2 months ago
I dont think Dana White cares anymore, I think he is tired and done. Thank you for making the sport what it is today... go away now and enjoy.
B. Graves
B. Graves - 2 months ago
Dana I didn’t pay $70
smoke0407 - 2 months ago
May be a dumb question, but what’s the reason everyone keeps talking about Cowboy blowing his nose?
Michael G
Michael G - 2 months ago
Wtf no one wants to see Conor vs lazy fat boy that doesn’t fight
Saptarsi Sanyal
Saptarsi Sanyal - 2 months ago
Fans want to see Tony vs khabib
Jake Pants
Jake Pants - 2 months ago
Tony is Legend. His jab is as powerful as most rights. Tony vs khabib Get it
Music Factory Studios
Music Factory Studios - 2 months ago
Brett Okamoto brings up fucking Connor in every interview WE GET IT BRETT you are a Connor fan but Tony deserves a title shot over Connor. Connor needs to fight and at least win a fight. Let Connor prove he's still got the drive to fight. But Geez every interview Brett brings up Connor when talking about lightweights.
Lance Smith
Lance Smith - 2 months ago
Tony knew his blows , Donald blew his nose.... great fight, full credit to both men.
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