Mark and Ethan Go Casket Shopping

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Purple Face
Purple Face - 18 minutes ago
Where in hell did the coffin go??????????
C Hill
C Hill - 2 hours ago
Starcrossed Studios
Starcrossed Studios - 2 hours ago
Why Isbella be looking like Edna from the incredibles?
zayda - 3 hours ago
i seriously couldn’t find any comment about this but *WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS WHY IS SHE LITTERALLY EDNA E MODE*
ZARR yt - 4 hours ago
I started this video and there talking about death
The Positive One
The Positive One - 4 hours ago
Mark explained death as to like accept death. Like at 8:48 - 9:19, I almost teared up because I thought about my Pawpaw and like they say death is inevitable but it's not something to be afraid about. You, yes you reading this I want you to think about the most happiest memory thats happened to you and when you feel yourself slipping into death think of that memory and you will forever be happy. Maybe not but that's what I think and if you think so to do it. God Bless everyone and I hope you have a wonderful life. Sincerely Jacob Obenshain.
Marco Leonel
Marco Leonel - 5 hours ago
I’m buying a casket for multiple baby corpses. Yes.
GrantedFoxner - 6 hours ago
I think they're gonna use caskets at the end of unnus annus
Noodle Kaboodle
Noodle Kaboodle - 8 hours ago
I find caskets so fucking strange.
In England we have mostly coffins rather than caskets and i just find the idea of putting a corpse in a rectangular decorated box with pillows and blankets so odd.
my grandpa was literally buried in an wooden coffin with no polish or detailing, just plain wood
Sheposco Beatz
Sheposco Beatz - 8 hours ago
I feel like after cameras shut off she just told them no
Tyler Hopper
Tyler Hopper - 9 hours ago
Ya know, most YouTube channels don’t want to die. Then there are just these lads, embracing it.
gina - 9 hours ago
I feel so bad for this woman LMAO I hope they told her somewhat about what they were aiming to do
Dubstepneon7 - 14 hours ago
She reminds me of the person who makes the costume in incredibles
Izzy H
Izzy H - 16 hours ago
if Ethan dies in the glue machine they’re already in the right place
Mig the Animator Sed
Mig the Animator Sed - 21 hour ago
Still waiting to see that casket
strxwbrry sky
strxwbrry sky - Day ago
mark: shout outs ABC caskets
Isabelle: :D
Blue Strawberry gacha_uwu
The thing is the lady said her father-in-law made it to that means she's the owner and is also doing the interviews herself wow
slenderkiller Svegeboe
dont you think its a bit early for casket shopping?
Qu33n.V - Day ago
I love how you guys treat everyone the same no matter where you go ❤️ n I feel the same way she does about death
Lily Blanco
Lily Blanco - Day ago
Is that Edna from the incredibles??
Cyle Lance
Cyle Lance - Day ago
Shame to see Edna had to get a second job selling coffins 😭
Dark Knight
Dark Knight - Day ago
Is this for Norbert?
Logan Driscoll
Logan Driscoll - 2 days ago
I'm guna hook myself up to elons nerolink and live in through thi Internet
Aiden Wendtlandt
Aiden Wendtlandt - 2 days ago
she reminds me of edna from the incredibles
peepeepoopoo __
peepeepoopoo __ - 2 days ago
11:08 cAn yOu sToP iT?
helljumpper - 2 days ago
Isabelle is too wholesome. God bless.
TheTruePotatoLord - 2 days ago
She thought someone had actually died and Mark and Ethan were just excited
Dendrei Bautista
Dendrei Bautista - 2 days ago
Michael jackson has a gold casket
Lilyfish - 2 days ago
Still waiting to see the casket 6 months later. And the fact we haven't seen it yet has led me to believe the casket wasn't actually made
just a dumb kid
just a dumb kid - 3 days ago
ethan the eboy
ethan the eboy - 3 days ago
edna mode
Abby Bashaw
Abby Bashaw - 3 days ago
Mark: ed Sharon? Ethan: BrUnO mArS?
Abby Bashaw
Abby Bashaw - 3 days ago
:Isabelle I'm so sorry
Mark: well ya know it happens
PLAYDanGlad - 3 days ago
I feel like they will use the ordered casket in their last video...
- brainramn -
- brainramn - - 2 days ago
mary freegirl
mary freegirl - 3 days ago
this lady looks like she's about to shout "NO CAPES" at any second
hehe eh
hehe eh - 3 days ago
Still waiting for the casket to arrive...
Charlie Bowser
Charlie Bowser - 3 days ago
Ok they *must* have it by now
Anthony Marino
Anthony Marino - 4 days ago
She's like Edna Mode's much quieter twin.
Link Sanders
Link Sanders - 4 days ago
did they get the casket i wanna see it
nat moreno
nat moreno - 4 days ago
i don't know if it;s just me, but does anyone get second hand embarrassment when mark is talking to someone that he doesn't know on a personal level?
colin brown
colin brown - 4 days ago
What am I missing here, why is there a countdown
MiracleMira - 4 days ago
Ethan : It's not a great time to think about America...
Me after seeing when this was posted: oh my sweet summer child
BlueJojo - 5 days ago
Did he really just say “Pimp my casket”
wthrill - 5 days ago
I felt really bad when she said its not great to be thinking about death every day ☹
Trash But better
Trash But better - 5 days ago
Ah what a great video to be released on my birthday
Fuzed Elemental
Fuzed Elemental - 5 days ago
The us of a
Alyx Lynch
Alyx Lynch - 5 days ago
i love how wholesome she is, doing the best she can to answer their most ridiculous questions
zaccwiggins - 5 days ago
I love how happy she gets every time mark shouts out the business and how good they are
and i oop-
and i oop- - 5 days ago
this poor lady had to deal with two idiots and was thinking someone died and they were happily buying them a casket.
Khronically Kasey
Khronically Kasey - 5 days ago
This is my birthday video and honestly, death follows me so closely I almost die every other day so this fits very well
Commander Apex
Commander Apex - 5 days ago
What SCP was he talking about
Onesemo Brown
Onesemo Brown - 5 days ago
We just gonna ignore how good mark is at making these promotions?
kris - 6 days ago
it’s two in the morning and i got eleven seconds in before i paused it to have an existential crisis. thanks, mark and ethan :)
EnderEli - 6 days ago
It's definitely not a great time to thinking about America....
Adnan B.
Adnan B. - 6 days ago
Me when Mum's talking to Grandma and Grandma's hands are covered in flour.
Jayden Clawson
Jayden Clawson - 6 days ago
This was so awkward it hurt!
lakshmi suresh
lakshmi suresh - 6 days ago
Hey! Mmm from the future, what happened to the casket they ordered?
Switch - 6 days ago
They look like Drake And Josh
Darkstar - 6 days ago
Poor woman. These two were confusing the absolute HELL out of her
Alan Wants waffles
Alan Wants waffles - 7 days ago
She reminds me of Edna from the incredibles
EdingamerH2 - 7 days ago
Shinju - 7 days ago
Isabelle looks so done with their shit at the end
amazemax - 7 days ago
GabrielTheAngel7 YT
GabrielTheAngel7 YT - 7 days ago
I get dream house, and dream job... but wtf is a dream Coffin?!?!
diana zovkic
diana zovkic - 7 days ago
110% convinced their custom casket is on hand and will be used for the final unus annus video
GabrielTheAngel7 YT
GabrielTheAngel7 YT - 7 days ago
Are u sure... u should up it up another 300 %
Final fantasy Forever
Final fantasy Forever - 7 days ago
This will be a funeral to remember
rebecca - 7 days ago
Any updates on the caskets?
Sophie Le Beau
Sophie Le Beau - 7 days ago
Mr Estonian
Mr Estonian - 7 days ago
Someone will be buried in one of these someday...
annie marie
annie marie - 7 days ago
it’s ironic how it’s behind a hospital
Hydra Productions
Hydra Productions - 8 days ago
Ill get a coffin and have it as my bed and when i die it be my resting place 6 feet under
Experimental Hero
Experimental Hero - 8 days ago
She's such a sweet heart!!!!🧡💚💙🧡
Lauren Treloar
Lauren Treloar - 8 days ago
I would love to have a running commentary of Isabelles inner thoughts
Absolutely Amel
Absolutely Amel - 8 days ago
They should meet Ask a Mortician!
Kayceesprite - 8 days ago
for some reason i really wanna buy my casket now
xx Anime_simp xx
xx Anime_simp xx - 9 days ago
Omg I love her :)))
Sprinkles 3-d
Sprinkles 3-d - 9 days ago
Little did this lady know
That she has met the worlds most amazing men
She’s the Edna of caskets and I love her
emma mora
emma mora - 9 days ago
Alexander - 7 days ago
emma mora 2 days ago
Big Ben Games
Big Ben Games - 9 days ago
Why does this lady look like she makes costumes for the incredibles
Matisse Guereca
Matisse Guereca - 10 days ago
I wanna see deh casket
Project Zeta
Project Zeta - 10 days ago
I am so exited as everyone knows when this channel ends we finally get to see this beautiful casket
HoudiniJr Lee-Jones
HoudiniJr Lee-Jones - 10 days ago
I would love to have the silk casket as a bed
HoudiniJr Lee-Jones
HoudiniJr Lee-Jones - 10 days ago
Actually I want the black old style casket
J F Plays
J F Plays - 10 days ago
the fact that it's behind the hospital...
Axl Gonzaga
Axl Gonzaga - 11 days ago
6:03 cracks me up 😂
Mistic - 11 days ago
I just love her accent
Fram dast to dast
sunny peachy morgan
sunny peachy morgan - 12 days ago
this is the sweetest casket lady ever oh my god i feel so bad that she had to put up with them
Gabriella Price
Gabriella Price - 12 days ago
The women was just acting so calm the whole time
B. Scorpio Raven
B. Scorpio Raven - 12 days ago
That’d black coffin’s the one i want to have. The black and the silver with the red velvet interior? Not to mention the classic gothic style? I don’t want it so i can be buried in it or something. I just want to be rich enough to purchase it and keep it in my equally decorated house so i can climb in it and put little trinkets in it. Basically, i want to turn it into those aesthetic lunging chair like those bean chair or uh single person armed soda.
Xavierthevan - 13 days ago
are we actually gonna see the casket anytime soon?
piGeon lips
piGeon lips - 13 days ago
edna mode 👁👄👁
Jennifer A
Jennifer A - 13 days ago
that woman is a saint lol she definitely has kids, probably boys. so calm "can you stop it?" hahahahaha
AnomalyINC - 13 days ago
I'm gonna be real with y'all, when I die people can throw my carcass in a landfill for all I care.
My family shouldn't have to spend a small fortune just to put my remains in a fancy box that's gonna be buried anyway.
I'd rather they spend it on something nice for themselves, since they'd probably be a bit glum after my passing.
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah - 46 minutes ago
I admire how thoughtful you are about it
Guachead_ - 13 days ago
“She was in good shape” is the lady dead now
I'm fucking bored ok
I'm fucking bored ok - 13 days ago
Love how every time mark says something good about the business she just grins like a happy child
Egg Bean
Egg Bean - 13 days ago
Alternative title: Missed opportunity to bring in coffin dance
Sampuran Chakraborty
Sampuran Chakraborty - 13 days ago
I'm pretty sure they are gonna bury the youtube play button for Unnus Annus in that casket when the time runs out...
katy a
katy a - 14 days ago
bro where is the casket now
Help - 14 days ago
Berny Square Head
Berny Square Head - 14 days ago
13:56 me explaining to my parents why I shit in the sink
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