We Wore Pregnancy Bellies • Ladylike

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Mackenzie Daniels
Mackenzie Daniels - Day ago
I love Karen
Love Dragons vs unicorn
My teacher in grade 4 is pregnant right know and it’s a boy
Berenice Mccormick
Berenice Mccormick - 4 days ago

'No kidding!'
Miracle Monroe
Miracle Monroe - 5 days ago
Am five months pregnant 🤰 and ugh 😩 still getting sick 😷
Daphne Moon
Daphne Moon - 8 days ago
*My genderless baby's name is the colour blue and is 6,296 claps old*
Kaylyn Grace
Kaylyn Grace - 10 days ago
normal people - aww so cute! how old are they ?
*those moms* - she is 65 and 2/10s months old
Bablin - 12 days ago

Panui GmbH. Ki te neke atu i te
Anonymouse - 5 days ago
No go away
Sena Akdeniz
Sena Akdeniz - 12 days ago
why would anyone stare at a pregnant woman it is a normal thing like have u never seen a pregnant woman
Pearl Rodrigues
Pearl Rodrigues - 19 days ago
Yes, they want to touch your belly and aw you look more beautiful not true your look the same maybe more chubby. 😂😇
Giu M
Giu M - 19 days ago
Chantel looked beautiful!!
instant Alice
instant Alice - 20 days ago
Is noone going to point out that Kristen was wearing her seatbelt wrong
quiplo - 22 days ago
Weirdly what puts me off more about having a baby is the pregnancy and not the birth itself. 9 months? no thank you
K L A U D I A - 23 days ago
"My daughter is 21 months old"
Why do people do that?
Why can't they just say "My daughter is almost 2 years old"?
Game Beans
Game Beans - 24 days ago
me as a mom
someone: your children are adorable!
me: thanks i grew them myself
Miriam Hoehn
Miriam Hoehn - 24 days ago
I love freddies outfit for the night out!
Blair Underwood
Blair Underwood - 24 days ago
The lift driver just asked himself if he is stupid or why didn't he noticed the belly the day before 😂
sierra huffnagle
sierra huffnagle - 26 days ago
ok but why does devin look so sick with bangs?????
Ainsley Clagett
Ainsley Clagett - 26 days ago
Kristen is so cute with her belly!!
Jade Fox
Jade Fox - Month ago
Not the same but when i broke my elbow and had a cast and sling for a week people STARED. They also gave up their seat on the bus, paid for wash cloths from the charity shop because i didn't have enough money (and starting crying as i couldn't shower with my cast) and when asked helped to put my hair in a ponytail, put my jacket on, or help with my backpack or shopping. I felt very happy about humanity because wow i needed help i was on exchange on the other side of the world and it was my bloody right arm, of course :P
Emilyisthequeen Rose
Emilyisthequeen Rose - Month ago
Well we have to be considerate to the pregnant women out there . Be kind and offer them some help
Sabrina Mantegari
Sabrina Mantegari - Month ago
I never thought I would grow a third boob- Kristin omg I have 2 likes from my mom and from wait why is it blue ?
Arieana Bradshaw
Arieana Bradshaw - Month ago
it was funny
Oliver Closof
Oliver Closof - Month ago
I barely see any pregnant people in public
Hannah F.
Hannah F. - Month ago
All I need to do to look pregnant is eat two bowls of cereal
Ana Paula Zesati
Ana Paula Zesati - Month ago
Me watching this while dealing with horrible period cramps-
Karis Roberts
Karis Roberts - Month ago
Stay at home moms/ pregnant women don't get enough credit for being the superheroes they are. Women should be proud that they have the amazingly special built-in power to grow new humans and people should applaud these brave, self-sacrificing members of our society. They are NOT LAZY-- let's go #Mompower!
Juliette Verhofstede
Juliette Verhofstede - Month ago
Stephanie Waddle
Stephanie Waddle - Month ago
its funny Kirsten looks 9months
Rosita'Rose - Month ago
As someone who is pregnant. This does not even compare. Lol xD! But nice try.
Sandra Sarabia
Sandra Sarabia - Month ago
The only thing I’ve gotten during my current pregnancy is people staring at me. They stare for a good minute. I look young according to everyone so I’m assuming that’s why. I’ve only gotten asked 3 times if they could touch my belly.
Freya Hughes
Freya Hughes - Month ago
You and try guys do the same thing
Beth Sweet
Beth Sweet - Month ago
Kristen already looks pregnant so she didnt even have to wear it
Ma’ayan Praiss
Ma’ayan Praiss - Month ago
Also my sister lives in Israel and she was 7 months when I saw her. I thought u would be super awkward but surprisingly I wasn’t. Now she has the most adorable month old. She is the best.
Ma’ayan Praiss
Ma’ayan Praiss - Month ago
I hate the word “belly” or “tummy” it makes me feel like it sounds like it would describe fat or chubby. Just say stomach
Jean’s World
Jean’s World - Month ago
Now go to the bar and have beer
Crystal Rose
Crystal Rose - Month ago
I’m 7 months pregnant right now and I realize when I go out in public I’m kinda shy with my belly. Definitely not embarrassed, just very SHY. 😂 I can’t help it, when I see my reflection I just look so freaking cute lol I love my belly. He’s gettin a bit heavy tho. 👀
random channel
random channel - Month ago
5:14 probably was a fan being like when did she get pregnant oue I'm telling everyone
Dancing with Em303🐢
Dragon Animations
Dragon Animations - Month ago
O hai there
Sunset Dreamzz
Sunset Dreamzz - Month ago
Omg what happened to the comments
JuneBug - Month ago
Guys All of the As/Is videos are getting in to our recommendations. I don't know for sure but maybe cuz of the virus they are giving us videos! I am not sure tho
The Black Crayon
The Black Crayon - Month ago
Your recommendations are based off of your viewing preferences....
Chenle Zhong
Chenle Zhong - Month ago
Well okay then, i think youtube is a little messed up
Michelle Quick
Michelle Quick - Month ago
U people should @ my Snapchat itz_dobby for my insta or tiktok hehe
Grace S
Grace S - Month ago
It say 13 comments and there’s less than that YouTube is going crazy
Eleanor Draws
Eleanor Draws - Month ago
Grace S it counts the replays too
シchimmy - Month ago
Lmao what happened to the comments
TheOmlyPitbull - 26 days ago
It switched from ladylike channel to the as is channel I think
Chenle Zhong
Chenle Zhong - Month ago
Hello fellow army
Zaara Hassan
Zaara Hassan - Month ago
What’s up with the comments?
blueberry dwarsa
blueberry dwarsa - Month ago
why there's only 7 comments and it's not even long ago and this video published in 2017
Hi Guys.
Hi Guys. - Month ago
Maybe it's just a bug idfk
Hi Guys.
Hi Guys. - Month ago
I think the comments were disabled before
flurry nightsky
flurry nightsky - Month ago
Sup people
Michelle Quick
Michelle Quick - Month ago
flurry nightsky sup
You Tube
You Tube - Month ago
What happened to the comments? Lol this was uploaded in 2017
Scarlett Altamirano
Scarlett Altamirano - Month ago
I think its happening to all of their old videos, I came from the video were they were try on wedding dresses and the same thing happened to the comments.
Kate Carlan
Kate Carlan - Month ago
Can you give me a shoutout, bc I love ur videos
Kate Carlan
Kate Carlan - Month ago
Kate Carlan
Kate Carlan - Month ago
Kathy Schneider
Kathy Schneider - Month ago
Freddy Mercury
Freddy Mercury - Month ago
Jennifer Waldron
Jennifer Waldron - Month ago
This was the first ladylike video I ever watched
Joan Crawford
Joan Crawford - Month ago
Having a fake pregnancy belly is like a cop using a siren to get through red lights ha!
hana parsons
hana parsons - 2 months ago
No one told Kristen it was grey top day...
K.an.ne.s - 2 months ago
Her baby girls name is Flynn??? I love that name
hothotheat3000 - 2 months ago
Most people are very polite and accommodating to preggos. They want to look out for you and help you.
Luna Luvgood
Luna Luvgood - 2 months ago
When people tell my mom I’m so cute or something like that my mom always replies with “ thanks I made her myself “
Ava Barron
Ava Barron - 2 months ago
Yes my baby is 900,000 days old
Zeref Dragneel
Zeref Dragneel - 2 months ago
Kristen doesn't even look pregnant with the belly
Antonia Rigopoulos
Antonia Rigopoulos - 2 months ago
Bellies look like a giant chicken cutlet for a bra
lavender clouds
lavender clouds - 2 months ago
They should have gone to a restaurant, made it clear that they were pregnant and then order sushi and a beer 😂
Virgil Sanders
Virgil Sanders - 2 months ago
I’m actually pregnant so this is hilarious because I relate to almost none of these because nobody cares about me👌
may • 27 years ago
may • 27 years ago - 2 months ago
Lmao I think chantel is a vsco girl I think she has a hydro flask and wore birkenstocks lmaoo
Miss Pepper
Miss Pepper - 2 months ago
Okay for everyone asking what the month thing is about. I'm gonna just embarrass myself and explain. You have so many doctors appointment's and that's how they talk about your baby aging and pregnancy brain is completely real so you get used to it and kinda blank later when you are talking to other people that aren't doctors. Idk if that's true for everyone but that's why I did it.
Miss Pepper
Miss Pepper - 2 months ago
Also when you purchase clothes the sizes are often broken down by months.
Katie Shimick
Katie Shimick - 2 months ago
🦨🦨🦨🦨 uh oh stinky 🦧🦧🦧🦧
Cassidy Green
Cassidy Green - 2 months ago
no hate but am I the only one who noticed how flat devin is lol
FuckYouKaren - 2 months ago
Everyone noticed. Even Devin noticed. She talks about it often.
Yizzi - 2 months ago
shes taking advantage of it
WorldVersusD - 3 months ago
The description quote should have been
*"I never needed to grow a third boob"*
Ansleigh Dupre
Ansleigh Dupre - 3 months ago
5:53 when those two were together it kinda gave me bird box vibes
Banufshay - 3 months ago
8:02 this lady is hilarious 😂
Banufshay - 3 months ago
"So now I'm just a capital B" 🤣🤣
Banufshay - 3 months ago
All the comments making these months jokes and the replies following with the age in years is killing me 😂😂😂
pinkyslippers - 3 months ago
Watching this while my unborn baby has yet more hiccups. 32 weeks today! ❤
Anastasia Romanova
Anastasia Romanova - 3 months ago
You shouldn’t really carry heavy stuff, like Chantelle was doing when pregnant lol
Maddy Barnard
Maddy Barnard - 3 months ago
I can stick out my stomach to make me look 5 months pregnant. Guess what causes it?

I blame chick fil a and McDonald’s
Trailer Life For Kids
Trailer Life For Kids - 3 months ago
I love how I am like the only person in this comment section who realize that Devin is wearing the bra she bought during the buying bras from Amazon video
Anikan Wolves
Anikan Wolves - 3 months ago
Chantel should wear it every time she goes anywhere so she doesn’t get bumped XD!!!!!!
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