How To Super Clean Cloth and Leather Seats

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Naseem Baig
Naseem Baig - 6 hours ago
Chrisfix be like, Chabam, Cachow Cabaam😂
Cristian Chelcea
Cristian Chelcea - 6 hours ago
"amazing "....
gaming apple
gaming apple - 6 hours ago
Hey guys Chris fic here and today i am gonna show you.....

(Pls Chris complete this)
Darryl Booc
Darryl Booc - 6 hours ago
9:31 Chrisfix has no head, confirmed
Runn__Jake - 6 hours ago
Love the vids, but are you gonna do a video talking about the driftstang's motor saying kerchoo and falling out?
mydarlinglana - 6 hours ago
KACHOW! thanks Chris. always enjoy watching your vids, especially in the morning. Looking forward to the next installment!
therealknapster - 6 hours ago
I take my removal seat covers & use the washing machine 😂
M9A1 MAN - 7 hours ago
Wife hates when I have an accidental discharge.
joe ph
joe ph - 7 hours ago
Few cheap n' easy tips : 1- a regular dry/wet shop vac will do the job as a water extractor, and most of the time it will be stronger. 2- Leather shoe dye can fix small scratches. 3- to get the OEM satin leather look (not shiny) brush the leather seats with a mix of warm water and powder oxy clean. Then apply the cleaner and conditioner .
Adriel Baclig
Adriel Baclig - 7 hours ago
Chrisfix im watching your vids from 2016
Central Intelligence Agency
what happened to driftstang
Jonko Bonko
Jonko Bonko - 7 hours ago
Can you make a video about how to lift up car for offroad
Winston Correa
Winston Correa - 8 hours ago
Very explained and good vid
ALFA - 8 hours ago
Dude i just wanted to clean the seats holyyy
grace omakada
grace omakada - 8 hours ago
Just clean seats and get 1 million views hmm l need that goodluck charm
diyon gregory
diyon gregory - 8 hours ago
GOOD l like it.
ZizoSimo Alasaad
ZizoSimo Alasaad - 8 hours ago
Wheres the driftstang
Styraxtwinblade - 10 hours ago
love watching your cleaning videos man
ChrisFix - 7 hours ago
I'm glad you like the cleaning videos!
William Karsten
William Karsten - 10 hours ago
Can you explain why would the battery drain if you have the doors opened?
MRSlippy - 10 hours ago
the car lights would be on. that drains the battery
ukiop21 - 11 hours ago
the dislikes are girlfriends of chris who told them out with the old and in with the new
ChrisFix - 7 hours ago
Charlene Woods
Charlene Woods - 12 hours ago
> if you're smart ... answer this.
a | ■□□
b | □■□ (name the shaded ■ squares)
c | □■□
1 2 3
Dyn - 12 hours ago
wHeRe iS tHe DrIfTsTaNG?!?!
KekoOmega - 12 hours ago
Could you imagine being the person that vandalized the car watching these cleaning videos hahaha
ChrisFix - 6 hours ago
They would be like O_o
Chaos Dom
Chaos Dom - 12 hours ago
Thanks for the vid my seat belt it retracting again
Going to give it another soak i think will bring it back
ChrisFix - 6 hours ago
Let me know how it goes!
xXDECXx :p
xXDECXx :p - 12 hours ago
Chris what if your seats have heaters in them
ChrisFix - 6 hours ago
Same method, just don't go overboard on the extractor!
Samuel Ruediger
Samuel Ruediger - 12 hours ago
Can I be a part of chrisfix's family, my car would be clean and always fix as it would be a good video
ChrisFix - 6 hours ago
Haha everyone is part of the ChrisFix family!
David of Hawaii
David of Hawaii - 12 hours ago
Great Videos.
I would like to advise for repairing Leather seats using products from "Rub and Restore" leather and vinyl dyes for damaged and discolored leather. I have successfully restored and changed a leather couch from green to red-brown as well as repairing and re-dyeing an old leather recliner chair to match when my wife decided to redecorate the house. I am currently working on a second leather couch. (I do not work for the company)
Since you seem to like black seats, you might also try small touch ups, like that worn area when the driver gets in and out, with black permanent felt markers or shoe polish.
Good luck to you and have a great Thanksgiving.
ChrisFix - 6 hours ago
Thanks for the tips and Happy Thanksgiving!
xXDECXx :p
xXDECXx :p - 12 hours ago
When’s the next drift stand video!!!
ChrisFix - 6 hours ago
Stay tuned!
VAIBHAV彡 SONI - 13 hours ago
Where is the driftstanggggggggggggggggg
ChrisFix - 6 hours ago
I'll have an update on that very soon! Stay tuned!
Kelvin Aparicio
Kelvin Aparicio - 13 hours ago
Even tho I have a Bike as a car , I still watch your videos
ChrisFix - 6 hours ago
I'm glad you're still watching the videos!
Mafas Amir
Mafas Amir - 13 hours ago
Upload videos very often like bfr
ChrisFix - 6 hours ago
A lot of these videos take hundreds of hours to research, plan out, film, edit and produce properly, so it's not as simple as just making more videos. That being said, I'm working hard on being able to get more efficient and I'm planning on weekly uploads from now on!
Vishnu Sudarshan
Vishnu Sudarshan - 13 hours ago
I watched you a few years ago when you had like 2 mil subs. I’m so impressed by how much you’ve grown I can’t believe I couldn’t find your channel again. Now I subscribed and then took a screenshot caus you my fav
ChrisFix - 6 hours ago
Thanks for the ongoing support and welcome back!
Abdul Wasaay
Abdul Wasaay - 13 hours ago
ChrisFix - 6 hours ago
Thanks for the video idea and stay tuned!
Eddie Hueso 90s Kid
Eddie Hueso 90s Kid - 13 hours ago
Just finished watching this. Thank you for making these videos. Learned alot and how to detail (the real way to detail) with watching these. Thanks
ChrisFix - 6 hours ago
Awesome! Thanks a lot!
nijuo joing
nijuo joing - 13 hours ago
With winter being right around the corner, is there any chance that you'll do a video on mounting tires at home?
ASSEM YEHIYA - 14 hours ago
whhat car is on the chrisfix youtube logo it looks like a miata to me
nijuo joing
nijuo joing - 13 hours ago
I’m curious to the tool set you use to remove the seats.
A1Rook - 14 hours ago
T u r b o del sol
Adithya Moorthy
Adithya Moorthy - 14 hours ago
Still waiting for turbo charger
JP Ancheta
JP Ancheta - 14 hours ago
what kind tip did you use to remove your seat @ChrisFix!!
Tbfit Tbfit
Tbfit Tbfit - 14 hours ago
Did he credit detail geek? He made this a trend on YouTube
Zuko Gaming
Zuko Gaming - 15 hours ago
Possible next video how to swap a new engine into your mustang
Touqeer Ahmed
Touqeer Ahmed - 15 hours ago
Chris: hardest part is down in the stitches, what would we use to get that dirt out?
Me: BRUSH, and then he used the brush I felt what kids feel like when they guess Dora's questions right. Little proud inside.
Alden Jamieson
Alden Jamieson - 16 hours ago
Chrisfix: you can never use to much
Me: hand over that leather conditioner
J-J - 16 hours ago
Mommy, the neighbour is talking to his car seats now!!!!!!!
RIZWAN Zahid - 16 hours ago
Hey ChrisFix can you please make a video on how to remove deep scratches on your car. 👍
wyomarine - 16 hours ago
I use a compressor and air hose to clean my seat belt release mechanism , then lubricate and blow out again. Took seats and carpet out of my Jeep TJ and used cleaner/ power washer, vacuum, then air dry in hot August sun. Turn seats over, clean and lubricate track and cable mechanism. Pull out center console, clean and lubricate hand brake, install console. Assemble interior, let yellow lab in, 5 minutes later, all work for naught.
WitherSlayer - 16 hours ago
You should do a how to super clean your rims. That would be interesting
Swfn - 17 hours ago
One thing you need to do is how to fix back seatbelts that's the issue in my mom's old car idk if you have that issue chris
if Integra
if Integra - 17 hours ago
Oh man detail geek got some competition now
Jonathan Muñoz
Jonathan Muñoz - 17 hours ago
I’m curious to the tool set you use to remove the seats.
The513Warning - 17 hours ago
With winter being right around the corner, is there any chance that you'll do a video on mounting tires at home?
David Lee
David Lee - 17 hours ago
Have a question for you Chris,
Would it be okay to soak the leather seats that has ventilator holes with cleaner/conditioner like you did in the video?
Tom Husfelt
Tom Husfelt - 17 hours ago
Great video! Thanks
Mrinmoy's TV
Mrinmoy's TV - 17 hours ago
the best thing is to put seat covers in the seats right after u buy a need for all this hassle
machi457 - 17 hours ago
Do you recommend any method for extra dirty seatbelts? Just bought a car with seatbelts so dirty the retractor is having a hard time bring it back up.
bluec52 - 17 hours ago
A random thing happened to me i been watching for a few years now and always enjoyed your content but I felt like you would enjoy this i work at Autozone and this particular location heavily serves the Spanish side of my community one Spanish guy that didn't speak English came asked me If we had this product precedes to show me a screenshot of the "soapy wooder " bottle from one of your videos and I could not believe it I tried to explain to him said product does. If exist I eventually got him to understand but I can't get over this 😂
Bryan Del Monte
Bryan Del Monte - 18 hours ago
The RebTek Channel
The RebTek Channel - 18 hours ago
I'm wondering why would this channel have any dislikes? I believe that some of these dislikes are robots and just do it for the sake of not having no dislikes
Pedro Santos
Pedro Santos - 18 hours ago
honey poop
honey poop - 18 hours ago
I don't understand why people give this thumbs down.
Keep up the good work bro.
sakamoto haru
sakamoto haru - 19 hours ago
How to supercharge your car?
fuax hzu
fuax hzu - 19 hours ago
@18:10 “ Youre really not cleaning and conditioning your leather...

Youre cleaning and conditioning your life. 😏
RoyaleFizz - 19 hours ago
my sister got a new car and there is house paint on the cloth seats... What do i do?!?!?!
UknoMxncho - 19 hours ago
You make it look so easy😂
Nick Loss
Nick Loss - 19 hours ago
A dirty seat belt is also the top reason they don't retract properly, they get stiff from all the dirt. I soaked mine in a bucket of laundry soap with a little downy for a couple hours and you wouldn't believe how filthy that water was, the seatbelt retracted perfectly after that.
*_PHOENIX_* VLOGS - 20 hours ago
After week or months IVE BEEN WAITING YOUR VIDEO'S
daniel bravo
daniel bravo - 20 hours ago
It would have been easier to use a power brush to clean the seats rather than manually brushing 😢
6ixking Yolo
6ixking Yolo - 20 hours ago
I canceled my appointment at the car detailing shop to deep clean my truck seats due to COVID. This video came in time. I can now enjoy doing this on my free time thanks to ChrisFix. Thanks bruh.
Anthony Toro
Anthony Toro - 20 hours ago
Did you just “kachow!” ? 😂 that alone makes this video great
Morgan Cook
Morgan Cook - 20 hours ago
Great video! Thanks for taking the time to make the video and share!!
shanae - 20 hours ago
hey chris fix i have a question where do you get your microfiber towels do you go for tbe cheap advanced auto parts or what
isabell gorringe
isabell gorringe - 20 hours ago
Seat skin made my day
Jack BD71
Jack BD71 - 20 hours ago
Very few peoples videos gets a like from me before i start watching it, and ChrisFix is one of them and i am always right, now i would like to know who and why will someone dislike this video ?
Lj Vlogs
Lj Vlogs - 20 hours ago
Hi Chris can you do another video on Christmas gifts 2020 edition
Elijah Lewis the best
Elijah Lewis the best - 20 hours ago
He sure does love his vacuum cleaner
enzo Labolle
enzo Labolle - 20 hours ago
what is the difference between this extractor vacuum and a conventional vacuum cleaner
Shane H
Shane H - 21 hour ago
Funny enough I have the same vacuum and carpet extractor as you... love them both they work amazing. The vacuum is incredibly powerful. I want to know where you got the filter for the air return? I feel like the shop vac blows dirty air out
BasketKase - 22 hours ago
Chris! You should do a full interior deep clean and exterior detailings demonstration video for us on a certain Lexus Is300!
Blitz - 22 hours ago
When’s the next driftstang vid I’m exited for what you have planned for a new wrap/vinyl
qing tian
qing tian - 22 hours ago
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Eat Carbs Outdoors
Eat Carbs Outdoors - 22 hours ago
When he pulled the seat.. my first thought was: Where are the loose french fries? lol
Thanks for the video
tyreek - 22 hours ago
What the hell Chris... do you use your car as a food tray??? what is that?
dahoom salih
dahoom salih - 22 hours ago
Chris .. what about the trunk ..?
District 76
District 76 - 22 hours ago
Where is Honda Del Sol turbo kit? I am waiting for it
Cornflakes Yognaut
Cornflakes Yognaut - 23 hours ago
Zeke Menstor
Zeke Menstor - 23 hours ago
Ayo can you do the video of how to put in a racing harness in a car without the roll cage. You said you would do this but you haven't yet.🏎️🏎️🏎️🏁 Please @ChrisFix
Delton Kahle
Delton Kahle - 23 hours ago
You should do a video on how to replace vinyl roofs! I have a 67 Buick Riviera and it has a vinyl roof, but I have no idea where to even begin with repairs.
laskin riubn
laskin riubn - 23 hours ago
@18:10 “ Youre really not cleaning and conditioning your leather... Youre cleaning and conditioning your life. 😏
Eric E. Vera
Eric E. Vera - 23 hours ago
Aye vato, Chris, was gonna email you or whatever on the drum brake to disc brake conversion you said you were gonna do 4 years ago ish. Just wanna know whats up on that hahah i got a 1993 F250 that i want yo do that but wanna see a vid from you doibg it cause i trust your knowledge more than anybodys lol anyway on the other hand, these cleaning vids make me wanna detail every vehicle in my family lol
Maja Milesic
Maja Milesic - 23 hours ago
Thank you🙌🏻🙌🏻 soo in depth
laskin riubn
laskin riubn - 23 hours ago
This is very satisfying
Robin Siciliano
Robin Siciliano - Day ago
I love this video! Thank you!
Martijn Westerink
Martijn Westerink - Day ago
Hey Mr. Fix. My leather seats are perforated for heating and ventilation. I'd be very uncomfortable soaking it in a conditioner. Do you have any tips?
Neo Jansson
Neo Jansson - Day ago
miiiikku - Day ago
Do I really need upholstery vaccuum? I could get wet/dry vacuum, which I could use for lot of other stuff, but I don't want to get new appliance just to do one thing. I already have steam cleaner.
j8lech - Day ago
The thread locker caught me off guard lol
DD___DC - Day ago
Chrisfix new word chaaawpow 🤔🤔😂😂
Ms Beautiful
Ms Beautiful - Day ago
I can watch your videos all day. I learn so much from you!
mike kerr
mike kerr - Day ago
As always : Great vid Chris !!! I just bought a 2007 Ridgeline with perforated heated leather seats. Will this method work, can steam be a problem of these seats ? Also, I have some cracking and a couple small tears in the leather. I Would love to see a vid on repair and care for that as well. Please keep it the great content.
Marcelo Martínez
Marcelo Martínez - Day ago
That Jaguar Is a Ford??
YouTube Destroyer
YouTube Destroyer - Day ago
We need for of the drift mustang
TONY - Day ago
Leather cleaner and conditioner kit is not available.
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