Maelyn Jarmon Performs Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" - The Voice Live Finale 2019

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Kendra Smith
Kendra Smith - 2 days ago
That was a concert...made me cry.
Ezeani Kamsi
Ezeani Kamsi - 9 days ago
Most people that sing hallelujah in final eventually win
Shane Arcy Donguines
Shane Arcy Donguines - 11 days ago
Wow ❤Angelic voice
T A - Month ago
She is so pitch perfect with so much emotion. What happened to her????
Mizuka Young
Mizuka Young - Month ago
Damn this is still beautiful. She has such a beautiful and special voice.
Salatiel Flores
Salatiel Flores - Month ago
I just dont understand there's nothing special with her voice lol
Helena Born
Helena Born - Month ago
Where is she now ?
Mizuka Young
Mizuka Young - Month ago
She's posting music.
rick l
rick l - 2 months ago
winner winner chicken dinner
Fritz Borces
Fritz Borces - 2 months ago
All time Favorite
JAYWLEE - 2 months ago
this is almost as good as the one by diana
Alicia Pena
Alicia Pena - 3 months ago
Still listening love and you'll see my support so much more I promise 😘😘💋💋
Stephanie Babwah
Stephanie Babwah - 3 months ago
I swear that she is the next celine Dion.
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith - 3 months ago
Me my mom and my grandma were watching the voice on Hulu but then it shut the voice down so we weren't able to watch it but I told them that I thought she was going to win and I was right
Brendan Chwascinski
Brendan Chwascinski - 3 months ago
Every breath she drew was hallelujah 🙂🙂🙂
Brendan Chwascinski
Brendan Chwascinski - 3 months ago
I was singing too hallelujah you should have heard and yes I sing in the shower who doesn’t
Brendan Chwascinski
Brendan Chwascinski - 3 months ago
Hallelujah how great art thou I mean I love those
Nami Ndikho
Nami Ndikho - 3 months ago
I will never listen to the original song again
Brendan Chwascinski
Brendan Chwascinski - 4 months ago
So beautiful I love this song I have 3 favorite ones
Angry Santa
Angry Santa - 4 months ago
1:53 Ethereal. Completely otherworldly. I've never heard this song song like this before. Transcends the lyrics.
just sayin
just sayin - 4 months ago
house_of_love - 4 months ago
YAASSS ! on the dress and hair 🤟🏻
Haley *
Haley * - 4 months ago
I want this song played at my funeral.
David Simmons son of God
David Simmons son of God - 4 months ago
i did to it was this song about me killing judist priest iluminati it was awesome song it was so awesome i forgot Yeshua Bethlehem born February 24 when shepherds keep night watch look on history channel wolfs stay along the coast in December its to cold i am your messiah David named Joseph Achilles Ishmael Moses Gidian Yaway my Aramaic Jews called me Yeshua Jesus
Brendan Chwascinski
Brendan Chwascinski - 5 months ago
I don’t like John so much and his wife but I do like maelyn after her song rendition
Muji Bunong
Muji Bunong - 5 months ago
Beautiful you good
theresa bollman
theresa bollman - 5 months ago
Does she have an accent? Beautiful voice.
Sarah Ariel
Sarah Ariel - 5 months ago
Chilling and beautiful. I agree this is my favorite cover of this song too
Victoria Heart
Victoria Heart - 5 months ago
Omg How fabulous. I didn’t see this season. How did she end up doing in the end???
Peggy Davis
Peggy Davis - 6 months ago
One of best covers
Alicia Pena
Alicia Pena - 6 months ago
I just hope you know I've been playing this on repeat!! Even if you don't see my post know so many more people are waiting for your first album to drop!! Pure talent at it's best right here 💕💕💕💕
melissa f.
melissa f. - 6 months ago
Ogoro Faith
Ogoro Faith - 6 months ago
Her voice gives my chills... Wow. I come back here almost everyday. Her tone is everything. I love you girl!!!
Brenda Maharaj
Brenda Maharaj - 6 months ago
I knew she would be the winner my spirit signaled that to me love from Trinidad
Tristan - 7 months ago
leonard cohen sang it better
tkkcali - 7 months ago
So tired of this song!!!!
Denver Suttie
Denver Suttie - 7 months ago
Shows why she deserved the win very strongly. I was surprised Presley didn't make it farther in the season, her voice was amazing as well.
Lance Lelis
Lance Lelis - 8 months ago
SHE LOOKS LIKE WHITNEY FROM STUDIO C (NOW JK Studios), i can't keep it to myself
hk - 8 months ago
lowkey thought she was becky lynch in the thumbnail lmao
Landon Emory
Landon Emory - 8 months ago
For all the people who don't believe me it's fine

Maelyn is my cousin
Mizuka Young
Mizuka Young - 7 months ago
That's awesome! She has such a beautiful voice and I'm excited for her to make an album.
Sanika Abedin
Sanika Abedin - 8 months ago
That's so cool. Tell her she's heart from me
mar'itza gtz
mar'itza gtz - 8 months ago
Omg but this whole set up. Like her dress, the colors, lights , and background . So beautiful.
Prince Aryee
Prince Aryee - 8 months ago
Am going crazy for her
Do As Infinity
Do As Infinity - 8 months ago
Jesus bless u
Donna Couch
Donna Couch - 9 months ago
I love her voice !!!!!
Donna Couch
Donna Couch - 9 months ago
and I love this song !!!
Oz Lee
Oz Lee - 9 months ago
I really don't like the vocal affectation, but still beautiful because she's can amazing singer.
Nazariness Nongtdu
Nazariness Nongtdu - 9 months ago
She deserve to win
Wahid Ishrar
Wahid Ishrar - 9 months ago
Such good instincts. We stan.
dollhouse of antheia
dollhouse of antheia - 9 months ago
i felt goosebumps 🥺❤️
KALA - 9 months ago
No words...only likes
Lana Wong
Lana Wong - 10 months ago
Awwww!! John looks so proud! So glad you won Maelyn you are an amazing singer. Don't ever stop singing!!❤️
Bo Kristensen
Bo Kristensen - 10 months ago
Holy crap - that's one of the best versions of an otherwise overplayed song...
TupacLebt ElvisNich
TupacLebt ElvisNich - 10 months ago
There is no better version of this song than by pentatonix. Sorry guys...
Kham Hom
Kham Hom - 10 months ago
She really has a magical voice. Wow
suci adyatma
suci adyatma - 10 months ago
she was wearing the same dress when perform Scientist ._.
Chad Bring
Chad Bring - 9 months ago
Just watched both, it isn't the same.
Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson - 10 months ago
I dont know that anyone will ever top that performance on The Voice
ilias ilias
ilias ilias - 10 months ago
Oh my god, oh my god I could not resist her, she was totally perfect, she deserves to be Jordan 's competitor
Beatrice Wasonga
Beatrice Wasonga - 10 months ago
wow...this was a nice rendition....but i cant seem to get rid of "Alendra Burke's version
Sam Haine
Sam Haine - 10 months ago
Not one of the best. Just, THE BEST this show has ever had
PuFFiN - 10 months ago
started to cry cause i remembered our lord shrek
W204 C63
W204 C63 - 11 months ago
Im sorry but Australia's 2019 The Voice winner did a much better version of this song. Diana Rouvas. Check it out here on YouTube.
Robert Hoffmann II
Robert Hoffmann II - 10 months ago
Brah, read what you wrote. MUCH BETTER? You are out of your mind. Maelyn is a league above Diana. Just feel the way Maelyn built the power and tension until the last chorus, the beautiful control and that raw emotion that is subtly place within the song and not excitably forced by Diana. We all have our own tastes but Maelyn is clearly better.
John Ullmann
John Ullmann - 11 months ago
Flawless. With range & sublime attenuation in a tone that we want to go on forever! Would she please sing "Until You Come Back To Me?"
زينب احمد سالم
زينب احمد سالم - 11 months ago
she's a diamond
Karson Walters
Karson Walters - 11 months ago
List of songs no one will ever be able to sing ever again;
- Fields of Gold
- Mad World
- Fallingwater
- The Scientist
- Stay
- Hallelujah
Eddy6159 - 11 months ago
I would add Yesterday even though it was a duet. She sounded FANTASTIC.
Sydturated - 11 months ago
Wow it’s John’s first season on the voice and he had a winner, that’s amazing !!
Bruce Barash
Bruce Barash - 11 months ago
Wow, I always loved Jeff Gutt's version on X-Factor several years ago but this is completely different and amazing! She is amazing and if she doesn't make it after the show I will be very disappointed. Two opposite ends of the spectrum, Jeff did an amazing rock version and hers was angelic. Go Maelyn:)
Briana Guerrier
Briana Guerrier - 11 months ago
Whoa her voice is amazingly beautiful I love it ❤️❤️
Oppai Master
Oppai Master - 11 months ago
1:54 To 2:25 Here is You Winner of The Voice Team Legen maelyn Jarmon
Kenny Kenny
Kenny Kenny - 11 months ago
If Katy Perry and Lauren Diagle had a baby and that baby had a baby with Hayley Williams
Patrick Tilsley
Patrick Tilsley - 11 months ago
you should listen to the australian contestent who sang this on the voice
Danielle Kelly
Danielle Kelly - 11 months ago
Still gives me goosebumps...every time I listen to it. Her eyes are luminescent.
chodak01 - 11 months ago
Alexandra Burke was much much better !
RCDubya - 11 months ago
A Star is born...
Wissem Moumeni
Wissem Moumeni - 11 months ago
Her voice made chills in my body bravo .u and mélani amaro are the best
Cailyn Ellis
Cailyn Ellis - 11 months ago
3 to Blake 1 to John and John still manage to bet Blake’s whole team! To Maelyn and John
Ana Jjkdkrl
Ana Jjkdkrl - 11 months ago
All I can say is ....Alexandra burke and every other artiste whoever sang this song have been defeated
Irene Dela China
Irene Dela China - 11 months ago
I see Sarah Simmons
Jacqueline Priester
Jacqueline Priester - 11 months ago
I keep seeing comments on how she gives people chills and I believe it because I felt them. I loved Dexter's audition but she was clearly the best on the show.
The Rod
The Rod - 11 months ago
Ahh that was good but there’s been way better than this. Congrats on the win. Check out Jotta A and Michely. You will flip your lid!!
MrBog15 - 11 months ago
*Jordan had the better iteration of this song, that's not to say hers wasn't good!*
Liliana Amin
Liliana Amin - 11 months ago
Wow. Wow. Wow. An amazing voice.
Christina endsley
Christina endsley - 11 months ago
Good song video on YouTube and my name Christina endsley 🙂 ❤️
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