7075, 7076... Whatever It Takes

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IceFalken Ace
IceFalken Ace - 3 days ago
So the Scorpa brand name is for a mechanical proctologist? Hoping the bike removal was not as painful as the pedal breaking insertion process was.
IceFalken Ace
IceFalken Ace - 3 days ago
I'll bet you can JB Weld them! See what I did there??
Dennis5150 - 7 days ago
Are you a trials rider Old Tony?
Gustav Gnöttgen
Gustav Gnöttgen - 8 days ago
Your glass has a crack
Brendan Fraser
Brendan Fraser - 10 days ago
Gurry l.
Gurry l. - 10 days ago
И сквозняки
OmnieStar - 11 days ago
Any chance you could have just welded onto the frame? Or did i miss that bit in the video? Not trying to be rude just wanna know if that wasn't an option at all.
This Old Tony
This Old Tony - 11 days ago
I could have but that would have been a permanent modification to the bike.
Mark Bottcher
Mark Bottcher - 11 days ago
Lmao great setup. Lol
Andres Aparicio
Andres Aparicio - 12 days ago
I’m no egg spert but couldn’t you weld the part that the peg hits?
Andy Lane
Andy Lane - 13 days ago
Great videos 😎 Thank you Tony 👍
Timothy Ball
Timothy Ball - 15 days ago
Now I'm wondering what a penguin actually sounds like.
Mark Holub
Mark Holub - 15 days ago
Why didn’t you put the weld bead on the pedal mount? I’m assuming the mint was steel.
CyberGolem - 17 days ago
That part on the bike @10:21 is a riving knife. It keeps your leg from being kicked back while it's being cut off.
Эвертон - 18 days ago
3:38 T.T i died
Marty Mart
Marty Mart - 18 days ago
Àbsolutely love your humor man! Keep on do in t the way you do. Just like The Duke, the big Lebowski s always right you know!
Noscil - 18 days ago
3:31 thank you. That#s what I came for.
jasonsgroovemachine - 19 days ago
That little bit at the intro reminded me of the time I almost lost a finger.
That's not a joke.
Gags - 20 days ago
Buy a Chinese Motorcycle (street) and we will have videos for 5 years. I can only imagine the repairs from a Ninja Knockoff LOL
Nupsy Dark
Nupsy Dark - 20 days ago
:D i was just waiting when he puls the wife on low mileage
TanK Stavin
TanK Stavin - 24 days ago
I'm seeing new videos, but the "all uploads" playlist ain't getting any bigger. You'd be embarrassed (and I'd be ashamed) if you knew how much of your content I watched. Still though, I love that playlist, keep it updated please 😊
Promiscuous Crab
Promiscuous Crab - 24 days ago
Allen Millyard made a famous down hill racing bike completely out of 7075-T6. Structural welds all over the place, the bike raced for years over punishing terrain.
Curious how he managed to reliably weld a frame out of a “non weldable” alloy?
In the video link he says so at 2:54
G H - 25 days ago
Previous owner was heavy?
G H - 25 days ago
G H - 25 days ago
Jb weld!
Lupe Steve
Lupe Steve - 25 days ago
This Old Tony
Lol! Thank you This Old Tony.
Wayne Simpson
Wayne Simpson - 26 days ago
Maybe bush line the bolt holes?
Pqrst Zxerty
Pqrst Zxerty - 26 days ago
How about doing a video about not welding wood ?
reilly8191 - 27 days ago
Can you braise 7075? With slightly lower heat would that be ‘Semi-Extreme Danger’?
Chlorate - 27 days ago
Nice expensive machined aluminium alloy foot pegs...that use a cap screw as a hinge pin. Ffs.
WaynesWorkVlog - 29 days ago
220 221 whatever it takes
"Mr Mom"
Ewen Wilby
Ewen Wilby - 29 days ago
Great Video Tony. Very Funny and Informative
Opin-Eon - Month ago
Gave me a heart attack with that intro. 😬
Rudá Bittencourt
Rudá Bittencourt - Month ago
How can aluminium 7075 t5 or t6 is not weldable? I know various bike frames from big manufacturers or home made from 7075 t5 and t6 all welded.
Ken MacDonald
Ken MacDonald - Month ago
Thumbs up without watching the video, based solely on the title of the video.👍
jason guiol
jason guiol - Month ago
Can you do a router safety vid next?
Briddy Hll
Briddy Hll - Month ago
hang on I just have to fetch clean pants.
Paul McDermott
Paul McDermott - Month ago
Purple shock adds at least +5 to handling.
Vertical Pedal Garage
Vertical Pedal Garage - Month ago
So did they hold up or did you take a glorious smash to the jewels?
cristian821987 - Month ago
i love you'r weard sense of humor
Isak Wahlsten
Isak Wahlsten - Month ago
I do believe that the chain guard is to protect your leg from the flying chainsaw that is your cjain after it has decided to commit suicide
Atleast that is what my chain guards are advertised for...
Cameron Macdonald
Cameron Macdonald - Month ago
Great title.
Matjaž Čeh
Matjaž Čeh - Month ago
You are funny cause you do everything noone would do
Ronnie Shand
Ronnie Shand - Month ago
The good news for you is that definitely you are not a narcissist. They can never admit a mistake.
Bebo May
Bebo May - Month ago
I think the welds will be just fine, but a captive shim could have been used , maybe a strip of metal, with a hole in one end (held on with the bolt) comes out of the groove in the pedal, twists 90* and then bends down to fit between the pedal and the frame!
If it's metallic or even just slightly metallic....it can be welded 😔
domestic racoon
domestic racoon - Month ago
This channel is edgy and informative, the perfect balance.
Patrick Mason
Patrick Mason - Month ago
"Ultrasonic foot peg cleaner" the joke effort never stops here, cant get enough
Jimmy The Powerful ! FU
One of these things might cost as much as 9 dollars: the energy bill to machine one by myself ( also including the equipment wear and time spent etc. ) maybe around 15 dollars. Fuck yeah I’m smart ;)
tornagawn - Month ago
Great video, options discussed were same as mine. I don’t weld but I have learned a while ago why I couldn’t solder Aluminium as a kid!
You also have better toys...CNC machining!
It's a scientifically proven fact that purple is more springy and durable than any other colour. Hence why it's the perfect colour for springs, coz it's not like you'd choose it because it looks good as it's also a scientifically proven fact that purple is the least cool colour for springs 😁
What are a pair of talking hands doing with a drink? They haven't even got a mouth!
Stonehawk - Month ago
dude you and AvE should do a collab.
Lorne Malvo
Lorne Malvo - Month ago
Two can play that game!!!!
Lorne Malvo
Lorne Malvo - Month ago
I think the best part of your videos is when you
Peter Fitzpatrick
Peter Fitzpatrick - Month ago
"Most things fail in tension"
Tell that to a balloon..
And for goddsake STOP climb-cutting on the router, whats worse is you know it ain't right !! 🙄😂😂
MrPADDYOT - Month ago
Very funny, subtle funny not wacka wacka wacka funny, subtle is better. Liked and subbed!
misium - Month ago
12:00 A neat useful hole in the meat grinder safety device. Just for the little bit of added excitement.
Michele Nell
Michele Nell - Month ago
Bike frame looks like steel, why not weld that?
Marcus Cometti
Marcus Cometti - Month ago
Can you fit bushings to the holes in the pegs?
GLEN Dooer
GLEN Dooer - Month ago
Mechanic you blew a seal ??? Penguin.. No its Ice Cream
Marco Grubert
Marco Grubert - Month ago
Just watching the freehand routing of that PVC piece with the bearing so low had me involuntarily retract my fingers. Glad it worked out and all fingers were still there.
Kevin Cassidy
Kevin Cassidy - Month ago
Thanks man, your videos make me happy. hopefully someday soon ill buy a welder!!!!
Geo M.
Geo M. - Month ago
@3:35 haha me too. I drive a "new" car being a 1996 model year, followed by an '88, '73'72 and yeah they are old but love them. lovely channel
chipper442 - Month ago
Add a bead to the peg mount, where the peg stop hits.
Jakob - Month ago
Your welcome, it was my pleasure 12:17
someday, you can perhaps do me a favor.
It ain't sure that day will come when I ask for that favor.
Frank Barone
Frank Barone - Month ago
I could care less about your foot peg problems. The only reason I watched the whole video is because I'm totally enamored at how you present your subject. Its always some new ploy or diversion to draw ones focus that your really talented at. Your a very talented orator and producer. I'm curious where your going with YouTube, and I suspect its going to be a blast watching you go there.
You could do John Oliver's job, ( https://youtu.be/AJm8PeWkiEU) and be so much better at it than he is.
Adrian Mayfield
Adrian Mayfield - Month ago
I can't say I haven't had my dust with danger on routers 😂
budsbus TBI
budsbus TBI - Month ago
as you know that tig weld also puts less heat through the rest of the part!!
MX streetsoldier
MX streetsoldier - Month ago
Why not weld on to the frame to compensate the worn material?...
twisted1 - Month ago
Is that a tials bike?
Robeon Mew
Robeon Mew - Month ago
stahp with the recorded audience
Lachlan Crawford
Lachlan Crawford - Month ago
Why not add weld material to the steel easy to weld frame?
Hendawg - Month ago
God, that penguin joke cracks me up every time. Thanks Tony for keepin' it classy
Jay Koerner
Jay Koerner - Month ago
I always thought the calipers were misaligned, and one side was pressing WAY harder then the other
Mark James
Mark James - 2 months ago
How are the pegs holding up? I preface, you are much more connected to your brain than I am to mine. Anywho....if the pegs are hanging in there, you may add a thin brass or Teflon™ sleeve to extend the life of them where the slop now resides. Just an idea.
Brian Park
Brian Park - 2 months ago
What you fail to worry about is the heat affected zone at the site of the weld. First, the heat treat is trashed at the pivot point, the point of the highest stress, and some of it is in tension. Second (and this is the dominant one in welding) the stress built up in the part resulting heating one point to melting, and the rest at room temperature.
(In steel, heating by only 140F causes it to expand 0.1%, and if that is resisted, results in 25,00lb/sq in stress. That's how I hold the tires on my steam engine. Machine 0.1% undersize, heat ~300F, drop on, and allow to cool. Aluminum expands at double the rate of steel!)
To do this right, you need to heat the part to ~700F, hold (to anneal out the stress), then cool to the 350F treatment temperature, hold for 24 hours, then air cool. In a week the part will be hard.
Arc torches are so easy! Until you discover that to do it right, you need gas torch to do the anneal afterword.
KoolBreeze420 - 2 months ago
JB weld should allow that.
GroovyVideo2 - 2 months ago
glue a penny to peg
Tony Calcagni
Tony Calcagni - 2 months ago
That was brilliantly done.
Jonjoe M-Walton
Jonjoe M-Walton - 2 months ago
Well.... I laughed atleast 3 times and sound advice, subscribed
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