We Built the CHEAPEST PC on Amazon!

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Enter The PC
Enter The PC - 2 hours ago
Does Riley actually know anything about PCs... or how to be pro talent on camera?
SVfighter1 - 8 hours ago
The Genius Saga
The Genius Saga - 8 hours ago
Wii U the best
The Genius Saga
The Genius Saga - 8 hours ago
Fuck off
Bill Bollinger
Bill Bollinger - 14 hours ago
There's a whole lot of getting f****** going on in this video
Kaktus 1414
Kaktus 1414 - 17 hours ago
You can have "gameing PC" for 25$ in Poland, it would be Core 2 Duo E4500 and Radeon HD 7470 1GB and 4GB of RAM and 80GB HDD. 2GB DDR2 RAM cost 2$ ! GPU only 11$
Paul Rone-Clarke
Paul Rone-Clarke - 18 hours ago
Don't worry about the wasted $80. The video got almost 2.5 million views. I bet you've covered your costs and more here.
Bogdan Duca
Bogdan Duca - 18 hours ago
Hmmmm.....romanian flag on the rocket car.....who is romanian in there?:)))
MaksimTechShow - 22 hours ago
The integrated graphics of my $300 laptop is better at being a gaming PC than this. :D
zandiskoul - 23 hours ago
Painful but i made it through to the end. The best part was the adds with tempered glass.
Shawn Burton
Shawn Burton - Day ago
My cheapest gaming PC has an AMD Phenom x4 9650 cpu with 4 gb ddr2 ram 1066 and a 180 gb intel SSD and an Nvidia GTX 285 graphics card. Pretty much high end gaming specs for 2008.
Brian Zumwalde
Brian Zumwalde - Day ago
Next time have Riley build a 386
John Milionis
John Milionis - Day ago
Actually bots in DotA 2 are more stressfull than normal games. you should expect a 15% ->25% more fps in a normal game.
Odell Parker
Odell Parker - 2 days ago
I think it’s funny that the video is sponsored by a computer casing company and you chose to do the sponsored part directly after specifically recommending we do not buy name brand cases
Sonnya Munich
Sonnya Munich - 2 days ago
Mine pc for real is better ... i have 320 gb of hdd ...
P51 Mustang
P51 Mustang - 2 days ago
Linus you should really fire that idiot.
Дмитрий Голик
I bought used i3-2100/16gb/64gb for $111 and i3-4130/8gb/radeon5670 for $119. Also i bought xeon x3470 for $20 for my old 1156 system.

On the other hand i bought brand new gt1030 for $79 only to find that it only works in pcie 2.0 4x mode in my system.
Stasio R
Stasio R - 2 days ago
$24 for the gpu, that's cute, in the uk you can get one for £1 at Cex
Stasio R
Stasio R - 2 days ago
A gpu not that particular one
TaskuTV - 2 days ago
I haven't been buying since 2006, thanks to listening to people telling me not to buy yet. I've saved so much money!
TaskuTV - 15 hours ago
@Larry Townsend ok
Larry Townsend
Larry Townsend - 15 hours ago
@TaskuTV what I meant was just to make sure the parts are compatible before buying them. Not just to buy the cheapest parts. For example they bought a server motherboard for a small case, that was a very easily avoidable mistake. RAM, CPU, & MBD specs are available to view on Amazon. I don't recommend buying used parts though that is an option. They can be bought separately or you can buy a pre-built systems
TaskuTV - 15 hours ago
@Larry Townsend where i live pc parts are expensive in estonia
Larry Townsend
Larry Townsend - 16 hours ago
Buying computer parts is a lot easier when you know what you are buying and know what you are doing.
Rom3 - 3 days ago
oh Gosh the Fake Laugh 0:04 , ur not funny Linus
Kyle Witter
Kyle Witter - 3 days ago
Lol I have an Acer Veriton M670G desktop. Don’t see the word “Veriton” being thrown around very much anymore
Roberto Rodriguez
Roberto Rodriguez - 4 days ago
Did a list on amazon with cheapest as of now and came out to $311 USD tax included, all NEW parts with cpu, case, mobo, gpu, psu, memory, hdd:

Raidmax Galaxy ATX Mid Tower PC Gaming Computer Case with Front Panel ARGB LED Mirror Effect

MSI AMD FM2+ A68H DDR3 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 HDMI Micro ATX Motherboard (A68HM-E33 V2)

AMD AMD A6-7400K Dual-Core 3.5 GHz Socket FM2+ Desktop Processor Radeon R5 Series (AD740KYBJABOX)

Crucial 4GB Single DDR3L 1600 MT/s (PC3L-12800) Unbuffered UDIMM Memory CT51264BD160B

MSI AMD Radeon R72402364P 2GB DDR3 VGA/DVI/HDMI Low Profile PCI-Express Video Card

Seagate BarraCuda 1TB Internal Hard Drive HDD – 3.5 Inch SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 RPM 64MB Cache for Computer Desktop PC – Frustration Free Packaging (ST1000DM010)
David Bauer
David Bauer - 4 days ago
Lol great vid
TBFY_ CLAN - 5 days ago
Guys I have a problem with my PC and I hope the comment section can help
I have an Intel core I7 7700
Gtx 1060 Asus strix oc
8gb ddr4 ram single stick 2400mhz
128 GB SSD the tiny/fast one
2tb hd
450 watt powersupply
It runs alot worse than the PC is supposed to
What could be wrong?
I usually get around 40 ° temperature wise
I have everything updated aswell
7TM-Lively - 4 days ago
TBFY_ CLAN then I don’t know
TBFY_ CLAN - 4 days ago
@7TM-Lively I checked and all my driver's are installed and my 1060 is being used
7TM-Lively - 4 days ago
Psu is ok for gpu cpu looks fine is it a fps issue the maybe you integrated is bieng used instead of your dedicated gpu
baldur91x - 4 days ago
Check temperatures. Bad or old paste could make thermal throttling. 450 W psu doesnt look powerful
KEVIN 1986
KEVIN 1986 - 4 days ago
Maybe the cpu is outdated or you havent updated windows
Ice_Wallow_Come - 5 days ago
Addi Korn
Addi Korn - 5 days ago
but does it run crysis
LOHX Jeff - 5 days ago
Yee at least do smth that is up to date that is cheap too
Frooble Rippers
Frooble Rippers - 5 days ago
Chances are that the Dell motherboard wouldn't work with a normal ATX PSU anyway. I bought a Dell motherboard back in the day and had to re-wire a "normal" ATX PSU so that it would work. Dell were charging around $60 for one of theirs... The ATX PSU I bought was $10...
Kerathen On hunt
Kerathen On hunt - 5 days ago
that i snot great indicator.....

kira - 5 days ago
What a lovely janky pc :D
Joseph Manis
Joseph Manis - 6 days ago
"Hoping it works"
I've literally never built a pc that didn't work out the gate aside from rma's lol
Liam Johnson
Liam Johnson - 6 days ago
does this pc run fortnite?
SkorpyoTFC - 6 days ago
A valuable lesson, this video. Never cheap out.
Mohammad Fuad
Mohammad Fuad - 6 days ago
i have to deal with 1 fps on the loading screen of pubg
Linux Jedi AKA Big Evil
Toxodos - 7 days ago
"speaking of horrible mistakes" *might* not be the best sponsor-segway
PC Core
PC Core - 7 days ago
don't laugh even i have a 2gb RAM laptop which is my one and only daily driver.I run after effect, Maya,premier pro...It probably takes 1 or 2 hours to render 720p 10 second long video in after effect.so i wait with patience
155907 - 7 days ago
both em are high on something exotic in this ep n i like it.. :)
Direction and Magnitude
13:47 Me booting up any (modern) game.
VGM offical
VGM offical - 7 days ago
i know its not the cheapest but an amd a8 and a r7770 or a 750ti would be a nice cheap build
wowwowweebs - 8 days ago
XSPL0DED YT - 8 days ago
Can u do oculus rift s on it?!?!?!
. - 8 days ago
whats with the funky filter on this video
Vibhor Kumar
Vibhor Kumar - 8 days ago
Even that Fucking motherboard has 4 ram slots how can it be the cheapest
Ayan Javed
Ayan Javed - 8 days ago
Why aren't you recommending these things Linus?
Sami Boss
Sami Boss - 10 days ago
Anyway it’s better than my pc
Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor - 10 days ago
Shouldn't have gone with the server mb
Rocket - 10 days ago
1 FPS IS PRETTY DAMN FAST 95percent processor usage means it's working.
Rocket - 10 days ago
Snapon ratcheting screwer. Love that driver what the price 69.99?
Rocket - 10 days ago
Why is the white balance so bad? Is this the new Reds first recording? Where's the editers
Нур Ахунов
Нур Ахунов - 10 days ago
Cheap vodka pc
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