Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande - Rain On Me (Official Music Video)

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Robert Pachino
Robert Pachino - 4 hours ago
Strong, deep lyrics.......for four-year-olds.
Jethro Sarreal
Jethro Sarreal - 4 hours ago
naptime - 4 hours ago
the moment at 2:02 is something that can be so personal,,,
A cup of taekook And a Bite of MOONSUN
Imagine lady gaga dancing and suddenly hitting the mothet fcking knife and it will be thrown on the floor- i hissed though the knife is fake hahah
Sergio Cohalla
Sergio Cohalla - 4 hours ago
almost 50M 😎🔥🔥
Needyaart '
Needyaart ' - 4 hours ago
i stan ari, but i hate this song wait-
naptime - 4 hours ago
Jethro Sarreal
Jethro Sarreal - 4 hours ago
ohh yyeewaAAHHH
SUGA tungue tecnology .A
SUGA tungue tecnology .A - 4 hours ago
Two queens in one video ??? I Fancy this 💜🍭
Edward Bolton
Edward Bolton - 4 hours ago
I imagine this everytime it rains now. Its awesome when the thunder hits
Habibie Farhan
Habibie Farhan - 4 hours ago
this is the best singer in the world ... I like it
Arnel Santillan
Arnel Santillan - 4 hours ago
Number 1 trending in Ph. ☺
tsengelmaa 612
tsengelmaa 612 - 4 hours ago
Soooo boring eww 👎👎👎👎👎👎
Jatin De Niro
Jatin De Niro - 4 hours ago
When 2010s best and 2020s best female artist collab..!!
We get this💓🙏🏾
BLACK BOY - 4 hours ago
MsRomantic Punch
MsRomantic Punch - 4 hours ago
Oh my gosh! I didn’t expect this collab 🤭😲
Jehosephat126126 - 4 hours ago
I must be missing something. What in the world is this song even talking about?
September - 4 hours ago
Imagine all the 13 year old closet-gays doing choregraphy behind closed doors ❤🤣
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker - 4 hours ago
iGotHotSauce InMyBagSwag
iGotHotSauce InMyBagSwag - 4 hours ago
Lack of subscribers
Lack of subscribers - 4 hours ago
Disclaimer: Don't try this at bathroom while bathing.
Miko Paalan
Miko Paalan - 4 hours ago
R Alajmi
R Alajmi - 4 hours ago
Me: disliking every song until rain on me get to #1
Susy Palmieri
Susy Palmieri - 4 hours ago
When i will in my shower, i will dance with a knife on my thigh LOL
Joselito Tejada
Joselito Tejada - 4 hours ago
When you post a music video about rain when it's about to be summer...
Sarthak Agrawal
Sarthak Agrawal - 4 hours ago
Who think they are looking like barbies
Phillip Peters
Phillip Peters - 4 hours ago
The most iconic duo I never knew I needed😳
R Alajmi
R Alajmi - 4 hours ago
Keep on streaming monsters
oreldarmusic - 4 hours ago
Only 47mil views?!
Come on gurls - SHARE AND STREAM!!!!
Karla Garcia
Karla Garcia - 4 hours ago
I love this video and how they both sing\Dances 😭
Megan Windmill
Megan Windmill - 4 hours ago
Who else realised the 1st scene of lady gaga dancing she had the knife in her leg while dancing
Ricky Rhyn Maquiso
Ricky Rhyn Maquiso - 4 hours ago
#1 trending in the Philippines naaaaaa 🌧🥰
Laleh M
Laleh M - 4 hours ago
Italy loves you Gaga
Daniel ZZ
Daniel ZZ - 4 hours ago
No hate, but I don't know why everyone loves this music so much. From my opinion besides "7 rings" this music is the worst from Ariana Grande and THE WORST from Lady Gaga. At least is better than "GOOBA".
777 One
777 One - 4 hours ago
Same Gaga's song get worse with every next album. Poker Face or Bad Romance were legendary pop songs. Lady Gaga at the beggining was do unique. Now its Just decent pop star with good voice. She post "IT"
Taylor Squadd
Taylor Squadd - 4 hours ago
This is how I Ben in the shower dancing 💃;-; and singing 🎤;-;
LouieJay Verano
LouieJay Verano - 4 hours ago
Heal the QueenGAGA this it #1Trending all over the world🌎⛈💦👑
Ella Kim
Ella Kim - 4 hours ago
#1 trending in the Philippines
Sasha Swami
Sasha Swami - 4 hours ago
Love how their outfits are styled
Angege :D
Angege :D - 4 hours ago
This was the collab I didn't know I needed.
우주문 - 4 hours ago
Ants in my backyard when I pour an entire water bottle on their hive
Ema Krajačić
Ema Krajačić - 4 hours ago
queens of high heels (boots)
Razel Marinda
Razel Marinda - 4 hours ago
Trending #1 now💖
Beata Parzniewska
Beata Parzniewska - 4 hours ago
poke diger1
poke diger1 - 4 hours ago
Omg gaga
thatsnotcorrect - 4 hours ago
this is a summer swimming pool wit family type of song i love itt
Jaksinro - 4 hours ago
Faut vraiment que les artistes arrêtent de dancer dans leurs clips, c'est vraiment moche
꧁Vibing Weeb愛꧂
꧁Vibing Weeb愛꧂ - 4 hours ago
Im listening while its raining 💫💖
m o o d
No Li
No Li - 4 hours ago
Trending Number 1 in the Philippines Yes yes yes
Karl Sandrino
Karl Sandrino - 4 hours ago
Rain on Me is now #1 Trending on Philippines ❤️🇵🇭
How about in your country?
Iqra’s Lifestyle
Iqra’s Lifestyle - 4 hours ago
This is me having a concert in the shower while my family is outside listening to me sound like car horn.
Magoz Vlogs
Magoz Vlogs - 4 hours ago
Katy M
Katy M - 4 hours ago
This collab is what dreams are made of.
R Alajmi
R Alajmi - 4 hours ago
I hope that LG and AG are happy and proud of this song because we ARE !!!!!!
#1 on trending! Monsters and Arianators! Legendary!!!! Epic!!! Savage!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Hernan Morales
Hernan Morales - 4 hours ago
Jessie Ragandang
Jessie Ragandang - 4 hours ago
Listening to this while its raining here in my country Philippines
Belle Mochi
Belle Mochi - 4 hours ago
This should be on just dance 2020
thatsnotcorrect - 4 hours ago
to all of us in 10 years looking back at this "like wow i wish i could go back that was a vibe". Heyyyy future us
joshua remoroza
joshua remoroza - 4 hours ago
R Alajmi
R Alajmi - 4 hours ago
Heidi Supple
Heidi Supple - 4 hours ago
I genuinely watched this about 20 times yesterday, and I just read that over 5 views per day won't usually/always count, like it caps out at 5 views per day. I hope that's not the case, cuz that would be bullshit. I genuinely watched the entire thing through all 20 times, not only to appreciate every moment, but to support these women.
R Alajmi
R Alajmi - 4 hours ago
Me 2
Chris Gratto
Chris Gratto - 4 hours ago
Literally my shower performances
R Alajmi
R Alajmi - 4 hours ago
Galuh Anindita
Galuh Anindita - 4 hours ago
im so sorry but can you guys watch my first video on my channel, i need 500views for my assignment, thank you🥺👉🏼👈🏼
Maria Str
Maria Str - 4 hours ago
2015: Focus on me
2020: Rain on me
Lone Wolfy
Lone Wolfy - 4 hours ago
The 2 America haters. Look ariannas legs are kinda getting chunky.
Mariyam Rabbani
Mariyam Rabbani - 4 hours ago
So we're just not gonna talk about 2:17 huh
Raisa Boboc
Raisa Boboc - 4 hours ago
Ari is the best!!
Yetda Versal
Yetda Versal - 4 hours ago
three brains franco
three brains franco - 4 hours ago
Britney Spears ft madonna me against the music > Lady gaga, ariana grande -rain on me
Earl Benedict Hare
Earl Benedict Hare - 4 hours ago
Me on the shower:
Minna Yves
Minna Yves - 4 hours ago
I wish I was this gorgeous when I'm soaking wet
Avenger - 4 hours ago
I am literally seeing how beautiful Ariana was 😍
Treeseason - 4 hours ago
I don’t know how to explain this and do this song justice but this is the pop we have been missing. It’s the pop that was lost and that we have been craving since the end of the glorious 2000’s era
Anita Berger
Anita Berger - 4 hours ago
Negativ auffallen is wichtig wenns positv nicht geht. So blöd wie der Name -- die is Gaga
Anita Berger
Anita Berger - 4 hours ago
Gaga heisst Scheiße bei uns
Vlad Ardeleanu
Vlad Ardeleanu - 4 hours ago
the amount of times that I've listened to this song in the last three days is unhealthy but will I stop? no
Lia gurvich
Lia gurvich - 4 hours ago
Gaga is the singer with the most talent I have ever seen
Sergei Vakhrushev
Sergei Vakhrushev - 4 hours ago
How do you feel about Stupid Love after ROM?
Sevan Poladyan
Sevan Poladyan - 4 hours ago
Melvin Carrau
Melvin Carrau - 4 hours ago
María Sofía Madrid
María Sofía Madrid - 4 hours ago
La música pop norteamericana esta muerta. Mucha estética , desnudo y bailes para rellenar una canción malísima .
Hernan Morales
Hernan Morales - 4 hours ago
Que tenía que ver eso😂, además si REALMENTE te gusta el pop esta canción te gusta si o si #tasteless
Melvin Carrau
Melvin Carrau - 4 hours ago
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