18 213
Kenyatta Frazier
Kenyatta Frazier - 11 hours ago
Bruh get me out there, I stg I would get off
Hood Smash
Hood Smash - 13 hours ago
It is so good to see young fellows motivating and inspiring each other to do great to be great it is very very appreciative by me I don't know about anybody else that these kids they are parenting each other and it's working I like it stick to the script kids and this golf tyrika got you I love you boy
Dirty Ahh
Dirty Ahh - 13 hours ago
12:24 they did him wrong
Sean A
Sean A - 20 hours ago
Flat out, this is better than watching the first 3 and half quarters of an NFL game...
Peace Peace
Peace Peace - Day ago
12:25 poor Guy😂😂😂
Mjayy Up
Mjayy Up - Day ago
what’s the song saying lets drop the top on the cars ?
Mjayy Up
Mjayy Up - Day ago
what’s this song called ?
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 13 hours ago
Bakery Music
Bakery Music - Day ago
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 13 hours ago
When deestroying was 5 minuets from your house
bsstyle123 - Day ago
bro when are you going to buy 14 flags and make this a legit flag game, shit will be way more legit and guys can actually juke
Arthur King
Arthur King - 2 days ago
Y’all boys be balling I need to get out there and do some Quarterbacking
Scotty Papa
Scotty Papa - 2 days ago
I went to college with Tyreek Hill in garden city when he was at the community college there. He sure was fast as fuck lol
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - Day ago
"And they vote holding kicks" 😂 he meant that shit tho whole time 😂
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - 2 days ago
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - Day ago
these quarterbacks are something special
Dominic Hannawa
Dominic Hannawa - 2 days ago
The white kid at the end tried to shoulder bump lmao
Reek - 2 days ago
This wasn't as good as I thought it was gonna be
Shane Davis
Shane Davis - 2 days ago
Ahhhh🤣🤣🤣I'm hella weak rn. That lil white boy got left hanging by bruh when he gathered his steps for a jump bump with dude in the red shirts white tank top after he lobbed the tuddy and was super juiced just to be denied by bruh as he just sprinted pasted him. He was prolly thinking, "well fuck you den. It's cause I'm white, huh?"😅😅😅 lol comedy!!! I will say that lil bruh was out there puttin in that work on they ass's for a few plays. Had everybody like "wtf just happened". They didn't know weather to be Juiced for the youngster or mad asf that he was making mafuckas look silly. He can definitely throw but I noticed he wasn't out there running routes with this lil ass. He would have gotten shmacccckkkked!!! I would felt kinda bad for lil buddy. Anyways this game was lit. Prolly the one ofthe best 7v7 on this channel, if not the #1 game so far💯 I'd have to go back n rewatch the others to make that call...
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - 2 days ago
it ain’t 7v7 in da hood if niggas not arguing bout da score 😂💯
Sam Thomas
Sam Thomas - 2 days ago
kawa5 - 2 days ago
Martin Garrix as qb? 🤣🤣🤣
joo - 2 days ago
10:20 ksi what u doin out there
怒りFlockahashi - 2 days ago
QB insane
I’m Zori
I’m Zori - 2 days ago
If you see this come back to Lees summit MO I need to meet you
I’m Zori
I’m Zori - 2 days ago
When deestroying was 5 minuets from your house
I’m Zori
I’m Zori - 2 days ago
No one:
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - 2 days ago
These Justin Bieber quarterbacks be nasty tho
Khalil Carter
Khalil Carter - 2 days ago
the kid is a beast. hers gotta be at least 13 14 years old
JusHecTic - 2 days ago
this 7v7 hard!!!!!!
Khalil Carter
Khalil Carter - 2 days ago
these quarterbacks are something special
Tristan Payton
Tristan Payton - 3 days ago
"And they vote holding kicks" 😂 he meant that shit tho whole time 😂
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - 2 days ago
Can somebody tell what song was playing at 5:30 ?
Jellyfish0728 - 3 days ago
Bruh tell me that is not juice in the back at 10:17
Nathan Love-appling
Nathan Love-appling - 3 days ago
He’s a juco player I respect that but he’s burnt chicken 😂😂😂😂 that had me dyin
Dexter Lawrence #sackmaster #futurenumber1pick
it ain’t 7v7 in da hood if niggas not arguing bout da score 😂💯
Flyingsandwiches1999 - 3 days ago
Bruh I miss playing street football 😢. Bruh in middle school it use to go down in the P.E area lmao. Niggas get flipped, Trucked over, juked out they socks, Mossed etc. Shit use to be fun as hell. It's cool to see an NFL star hanging out just having fun that's dope as hell props to ya Boi reek keep shining bruh💯💪.
Daniel Elias
Daniel Elias - 3 days ago
12:23 when you try your best but you don’t succeed🎼
Apollo Ghost
Apollo Ghost - 3 days ago
Lol they all think they good until they play tackle football
Scat_Gladiator392 BIGGLADIATOR TV
Lol, good stuff fellas and everybody was balling even the kicker holder finally getting the shot to play QB. Be safe and stay injury free. Check me out at BigGladiator TV 📺
Slayy - 3 days ago
You got hit by that ball??
Don Muldrew
Don Muldrew - 3 days ago
NFL PLAYERS giving back and playing with high school and college players much love and respect to those trying to get where they are..
XxNiTrOxNuKeSxX _YT - 3 days ago
Look at 12:26 the kid jumped but he wouldn't do it back 😂😂
XxNiTrOxNuKeSxX _YT - 3 days ago
u wanna know what funny he on the bench for his school but they playin 2 hang tag and they have no one at the line and he talking mad stuff I'm dead
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 3 days ago
The black QB on destroyings team was throwing DOTS. They all was throwin dots tho frfr
carlos piquet
carlos piquet - 3 days ago
Albanischer Süchtler
Albanischer Süchtler - 3 days ago
Can somebody tell what song was playing at 5:30 ?
Guy Bond
Guy Bond - 3 days ago
This was a really good 7 on 7 i have seen
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 3 days ago
B LOU!!!
Buchanan - 3 days ago
Bro there goin to get you to the league be humble
Reckless - 3 days ago
12:24 anyone else see him get denied a chest bump
Big W
Big W - 4 days ago
Blonde kid qb is one of the coolest white dudes on the internet.
Melissa Wissler
Melissa Wissler - 4 days ago
Hey there, Christian Carter! Good to see you back at LSN!
Paul Sutton
Paul Sutton - 4 days ago
Melissa Wissler
Melissa Wissler - 4 days ago
I love watching these awesome pro athletes giving back to the community by working out with the kids at Lee’s Summit North!
Marshall Roy
Marshall Roy - 4 days ago
Mighty Mo bro. XFL dog we need you.
Jailin Foster
Jailin Foster - 4 days ago
Anyone know the name of the song around 4:11
SweetZ S.P.
SweetZ S.P. - 4 days ago
12:24 boy got left out of a jump lmao
Randy Lee
Randy Lee - 4 days ago
It’s amazing for nfl players to be so humble playing with high schoolers. And thanks for coming out with such a upbeat and chill video and not bringing up politics like everything else.🙏🏼
Cordell Stone
Cordell Stone - 4 days ago
White kid jumped for a shoulder bump and the kid in the battle shorts run past him😂😂😂
Bolt - 4 days ago
The boy that’s holding kicks is a demon Ong
Peyton Fuqua
Peyton Fuqua - 4 days ago
10:18 bro that is juice swear in the back round
hen ko
hen ko - 4 days ago
9:45 “we don’t want him on our team we don’t even know him”😭😭😭😭 Ik jit hurt
seyhu fn
seyhu fn - 4 days ago
whoever was tyreek QB was dat boy can throw no lie
Jay Ng
Jay Ng - 4 days ago
B LOU!!!
Billy Le
Billy Le - 4 days ago
Corona be averaging 5 infection per min
Luckey Pierce
Luckey Pierce - 4 days ago
12:23 I feel bad for white dude 😂😂
hen ko
hen ko - 4 days ago
Yo deestroying you still in missouri? You trynna get that work bruh?!
Fern the plant
Fern the plant - 4 days ago
Why is this recommended
Anthony Ponce
Anthony Ponce - 4 days ago
B Lou in the 🏡
CurlyShawn 21
CurlyShawn 21 - 4 days ago
This is the best juke threw the hold video 12:22
isaiah harvey
isaiah harvey - 4 days ago
Is that b Lou at 1:18
Truth Be Told
Truth Be Told - 4 days ago
That's the problem with America's youth... can't speak normal proper English.
Go educate yourselves first instead of focusing on making stupid videos.
Chris C
Chris C - 4 days ago
why cant i find the drop the top song anywhere
Desmond Davis
Desmond Davis - 4 days ago
I appreciate what you doing man much love
No Violent
No Violent - 4 days ago
As someone from Kansas city...WHAT DISRESPECT! Man this is Missouri don't ever say were like Kansas...nah I'm playing its all love
Jethro Furballs
Jethro Furballs - 4 days ago
With everything going on in the outside world this is the best channel on YouTube. We get to experience all this fun with these guys and feel like kids again, and be reminded of what is most important, which is to be human and share in camaraderie and togetherness. There are all these different skill levels, but everyone was putting themselves out there to make the most of it. Tyreek and his crew took the hits and trash talk in stride, looked like they were having just as much fun just being a part of the game and the moment. They don't realize how important it is to everyone there and everyone watching. Those kids will tell their grandkids about this someday and always have this to take with them when they think back on this period of history, that they were there and were a part of it. I feel like I got to watch the best day ever. Maybe there's not a lot going on in Kansas but these kids will figure it out if they approach life with this kind of enthusiasm and effort to accomplish something together. This was pretty selfless by the NFL guys, they were putting themselves out there, and they turned the game into something epic for everyone. Tyreek got up and kept playing, no whining about any bumps or bruises, just lined back up and kept his team motivated. You can be a billionaire in the White House but that doesn't mean you have class and real character. A man like Tyreek Hill doesn't have anything selfish to gain by participating, in fact, he has a lot to lose if he gets injured, but that wasn't as important to him as just being there to participate and give his time and energy and body on all those plays, same as everyone else. He might rock a crazy diamond grill, be covered in tats, but that guy has more class in his little toe than Trump has ever shown in his entire life. Dee, I am serious when I say this, you have the best channel on YouTube my guy. You're doing life right. I hope you take this channel all the way and turn it into your own league. As someone who studied Organizational Psychology and Org Behavior, I think you have something here capable of becoming it's own sports entity because these individual teams don't require coaches, stadiums, agents, lobbyists, and team owners who will cannibalize and exploit the players. These teams can compete as groups and make decisions as groups and their incentives to win are entirely team-based and are earned through group effort, so that removes the problem of individual players squeezing salary caps. The teams have equality, independence, and opportunity to win something if they all participate equally. That is essentially unheard of in organized sports. And what makes these videos great is that most of us watching don't really care who wins, we just enjoy watching because of how much they enjoy competing and having fun. That's supposed to be the essence of sports, it's supposed to be organic and enjoyable and with team sports you have a system where we get to see the members and hear them and experience the game as they go from play to play. This needs to become organized and have formal rules and anyone in any city can put together a team and set-up competitions as you travel around and bring friends of yours to jump in it with them. You are like the glue that makes each afternoon fun for everyone, regardless of who you bring with you, so if you keep doing that and just make brackets, eventually you can have teams from each state who are #1 get together for a national playoff and championship. It's great how you have these scrimmages where you can film in the action and you have random people running on the field after TD's and all these crazy celebrations. Don't change any of that. Eventually you'll have huge crowds, you can get sponsors, rent stadiums, broadcast on YouTube then on sports channels, then go worldwide and do stories on the teams and players and their cities, even if the teams are high school kids you can find creative ways for teams to get bonuses or get paid something if they don't win a local championship. You could create pots for placing 2,3, and 4 in tournaments, it's endless. Your channel is awesome, I hope you take it all the way and grow it as big as it can get. There is a lot of potential, and what is dope is all levels can be on a team like how you've had it. No need for contracts, competing doesn't violate any professional contract obligations, so it's entirely up to the players to just show up and play. You could easily build and industry out of this because you have kids like these in every state, and lots of former college and pro players who would enjoy jumping in like Tyreek. It would be so interesting to see the teams people come up with and how these games unfold. No need for hits and violence and CTE, no way for refs to interfere with the games and pull shady hometown calls out of their asses, no worry about lawsuits and liability since it's a volunteer league system. Your format already solves so many major issues with pro sports that you could create something that has never existed, which is a game that is open but free from contamination and corruption and unfairness. Bro, this could be huge.
Human - 4 days ago
9:46 ayooooo u spit on the screen
K Bishops
K Bishops - 4 days ago
Don’t care about none of these men! Lol Where’s lil Mikey da future!! Put him on the 7s
ricky cury
ricky cury - 4 days ago
12:23 the saddest moment of that qbs life
kd burner
kd burner - 5 days ago
Do more of these pls
Ethan Russell
Ethan Russell - 5 days ago
Yo deestroying you still in missouri? You trynna get that work bruh?!
Simone Johnson
Simone Johnson - 5 days ago
If The EVER bring back NFL Street , Deestroying should be like ESPN of the Career Mode , Be an Unlockable Character , and Be the One Of The Main "Bosses" to beat , plus 10 toes Down Gear 😱😱😱😱 BRUH DEESTROYING SEE IF THATS A POSSIBILITY
Untouchable Emmanuel
Untouchable Emmanuel - 5 days ago
What was the song about the kevin Durant in the post what the song called
Untouchable Emmanuel
Untouchable Emmanuel - 3 days ago
@Sports Guide to Win it not call that it not the song I looking for
Sports Guide to Win
Sports Guide to Win - 3 days ago
Cupid by destroying
William Hernandez22
William Hernandez22 - 5 days ago
Nuno Of Africa
Nuno Of Africa - 5 days ago
Man what happened to Humility and meekness. These sports deestrying our children's character and personality man. Its sad.
Nuno Of Africa
Nuno Of Africa - 3 days ago
SavedByOrLord&SaviorYeshua I did as well. Amen.
Preach that's what competitiveness do to ya that's y I stop taking sports serious and accepted the Gospel.
Alexander Mitchell
Alexander Mitchell - 5 days ago
Wat is the song name
Diamoni Davis
Diamoni Davis - 5 days ago
This video was in my recommendations Way too many times.
charlie moua
charlie moua - 5 days ago
12:24 LMFAO white boy tried to chest bump that guy and got swerved. 😂😂😂
Lil DeLonghi
Lil DeLonghi - 5 days ago
5:03 how marshawn lynch be after bulldozing an entire defense
Aim - 5 days ago
when ur at DB look at his hips Tells every move he gonna make
TreJure Leverett
TreJure Leverett - 5 days ago
Aye Deestroying Eric said you ducking him go head and film that vid...epic!
The WMDR - 5 days ago
I swear D looks straight up like Michael Thomas in the face
FloridaBoiiSmoove - 5 days ago
12:22 QB thought he was finna get props for the TD😂😂😂 Dying 💀💀
Brentt Tanis
Brentt Tanis - 5 days ago
9:45 “we don’t want him on our team we don’t even know him”😭😭😭😭 Ik jit hurt
Kypsos is black
Kypsos is black - 5 days ago
guys can yall name another football youtuber for me i want to watch more
dead zambie
dead zambie - 5 days ago
Whats the song at 5:27 its so fire please 🔥
NL_ LockDown
NL_ LockDown - 5 days ago
Come to Charlotte
Moe Love
Moe Love - 5 days ago
That was a great game but Tyreek Hill team had 7tds according to video they alrdy won..but the kids played and showed out most definitely!!!
Alexthegreatest 00
Alexthegreatest 00 - 5 days ago
Come to VA bro fort lee we humble and got players bro
Schoolboynell - 5 days ago
Wish we did these more when I was in high school. Like an open gym environment
Robbie smith
Robbie smith - 5 days ago
who sing that song in the 3:00 mark?
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez - 5 days ago
Tedddy time🤣
Kieran G
Kieran G - 5 days ago
You a godly football player
Micah Hooks
Micah Hooks - 5 days ago
Come out to oklahoma
Mica Guzzle
Mica Guzzle - 5 days ago
Who’s here from Ross and said this guy I amazing
Official YT of Carter G.
Deestroying needs to come to St. Louis now
LaFlame Rager's
LaFlame Rager's - 5 days ago
drop more vids gee you entertain me all the time i watch your vids 🐐
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