Conan O'Brien Flipped Interview

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harrison bridges
harrison bridges - 5 hours ago
Conan is simply the funniest late night host of all time
Niamh O'Connor
Niamh O'Connor - 7 hours ago
Feel sorry for Stephen. Conan comes to his show and shows everyone how it's done. It's like being pretty good at basketball, and then LeBron James shows up.
Irene Tanya
Irene Tanya - 14 hours ago
2:45 They were ready for Covid19 lol
Climbers Of Ice
Climbers Of Ice - Day ago
Conan basically said: alright, be quiet. Don't get too rowdy now.
Ishtiaqe Hanif
Ishtiaqe Hanif - 3 days ago
Colbert used Purell before it was Corona Cool.
divine - 5 days ago
Conan is a wingman
Sunrit Roy Karmakar
Sunrit Roy Karmakar - 5 days ago
This is so difficult to watch
Mikey Estrada
Mikey Estrada - 6 days ago
Eric Andre is the best y’all show host ever
Davealpr - 7 days ago
2:33 Stephen’s been preparing for the coronavirus a long time now.
kato - 7 days ago
2:34 Nobody would laugh at the purell today, 2nd April 2020 😂
The Aviator
The Aviator - 7 days ago
nah Endocrine isnt the one. Its the Immune system and lymphatic system.
Arin Gokdemir
Arin Gokdemir - 7 days ago
Conan's legs are extensive.
O'Malley Caboose 5
O'Malley Caboose 5 - 7 days ago
Wait they are different people?
Doveranalyst - 7 days ago
Is it just me or Stephen made all this happen.
My children haven't seen me since 2005.
Never spend time with family.
Never home.
Andddd, now......
Amol Deodhar
Amol Deodhar - 9 days ago
watching this in the coronavirus pandemic and the purell part had me in splits!
LivB - 9 days ago
Interesting discussion in the light of the present situation
Zak Plaskow
Zak Plaskow - 10 days ago
Was worth having the hand gel now!
Bri Brizia
Bri Brizia - 11 days ago
No one but Conan makes me vigorously laugh out loud. He holds the key to my impenetrable and otherwise joyless heart 😁
Luna - 13 days ago

he knew all along...
Laurence Long
Laurence Long - 13 days ago
0:49 how do you screw up your own theme tune
Fayrouz Atef
Fayrouz Atef - 13 days ago
This is the best thing ever.
Imanuel Gilbert
Imanuel Gilbert - 14 days ago
i smell drama between them...
Devin Cavazos
Devin Cavazos - 15 days ago
You know what I noticed? I’m coming from watching 90’s SNL with Conan and Chris Farley and back then, Conan was a normal talk show host and kinda timid like Jimmy Fallon. But now it’s almost like he has the energy of Chris Farley.
Dennis D Deem
Dennis D Deem - 15 days ago
Colbert is always thinking about what he's going to say next...I don't like that about him. This is why he's just an average interviewer. He interrupts his guests too.
Chaitnya Singh
Chaitnya Singh - 16 days ago
Its immune system
Wespuchchi Nasarawo
Wespuchchi Nasarawo - 17 days ago
Conan is the GOAT of talk shows😊
Richard Angelus
Richard Angelus - 18 days ago
Conan is the best late night talk show
zthang - 19 days ago
What is wrong with this man's right ear? Looks like someone played Mr Potato head with him and didn't put it back on all the way.
Joseph_T - 19 days ago
Wow he sounds like Howey. Are all comedians starving for a laugh inside and depressed when they don't get one.
BINARYGOD - 19 days ago
Network's easy!
Lucy Ricardo
Lucy Ricardo - 20 days ago
This is so so so relevant now that we're all quarentined. Everyone would be thrilled he has hand sanitizer at hand all the time
magnetospin - 20 days ago
This must be hard for him now that he can't perform in front of an audience.
eman297 361
eman297 361 - 20 days ago
The purell makes more sense now lol
Muzafar Md Yusof
Muzafar Md Yusof - 20 days ago
Wooow this is an eerie prophecy about COVID 19!,,
Vegas Brit
Vegas Brit - 20 days ago
Conan’s arm waving and hair swaying makes him look like a live muppet! Jim Henson would be proud 😁
Geekimus Prime
Geekimus Prime - 14 days ago
Vegas Brit total muppet
kim9938 - 21 day ago
how relevant this is nowadays
Core i9-9900K
Core i9-9900K - 22 days ago
Colbert is one of the *_least funny_* hosts in history of television
taexclusive - 22 days ago
Conan as a host upstage Stephen in Stephen's own show
Silent Assasin Gaming
Silent Assasin Gaming - 22 days ago
Conan creates his monster and much better than him running a late night show
Bill Galarza
Bill Galarza - 22 days ago
oh no. steven must be depressed because of this virus
Cheeky Monkey
Cheeky Monkey - 22 days ago
So funny!
Srinivas Nahak
Srinivas Nahak - 22 days ago
Funniest interview I've ever seen 😂🤣
honey butter falcon
honey butter falcon - 23 days ago
How is Conan's hair still in its place after all that?
Jesse Law
Jesse Law - 24 days ago
He;s not lying about not having an audience.
Munjee Syed
Munjee Syed - 24 days ago
All the disease talk got a lot more real
A S - 24 days ago
Conan completely dominated the interview
BMWDRE10 - 25 days ago
This "Conan O'Brien" guy should have his own talk show. He's pretty good.
Deevonee - 25 days ago
they need to stop caking make up on colberts face. its ok to be old.
Ruan de Castro Ribeiro
Ruan de Castro Ribeiro - 26 days ago
To anyone thinking it was just a joke, just watch today's video without an audience
Jihed Khlifi
Jihed Khlifi - 27 days ago
Has anyone noticed that Stephen's ears aren't identical.... Cuz I'm amazed by God's perfectly symmetric creation
vkatryna taylor
vkatryna taylor - 27 days ago
Conan has a gift. Funny guy. BTW, my Dad's DNA test also came back 100% Irish. Mine came back 51% Irish.
havΘc - 27 days ago
This is only funny because of Conan, lol.
sal gom
sal gom - 27 days ago
4:07 Colbert is infected
sal gom
sal gom - 27 days ago
2:34 deja vu anyone
sal gom
sal gom - 27 days ago
so, they knew this coronavirus was coming
This Face Believes You
This Face Believes You - 28 days ago
Conan O’Brien is Slenderman.
SevenDeMagnus - 28 days ago
刘俊麟Low Chuin Ren
刘俊麟Low Chuin Ren - 28 days ago
Damn,I want to laugh.
Kara - 29 days ago
Guys I've literally watched this guy for like 8 years and have just never seen the right side of his face to notice his ear. That's so crazy...
Braying Mule with No Free Will
The Late Show with Conan O'Brien would be goddamn insanity. It'd make his current show at TBS seem like Sunday mass in comparison.
OpenYourMind - Month ago
That’s a real thing....getting depressed and anxious when the limelight isn’t on you.
Pritpal Singh
Pritpal Singh - Month ago
The amount of understanding of sense of humour is off the charts here. These are like experts of sense of humour and we mere humans won't probably understand fully what's going on here.
karl arceo
karl arceo - Month ago
Look how conan steps down at 0:42
Steven Rojas
Steven Rojas - Month ago
1:15 Mr. Meeseks be like
Gautham Menon
Gautham Menon - Month ago
I'm here for Conan...
TAE TAE - Month ago
Conan and Norton are d best hosts
Raabs - Month ago
2:40 this didn't age well
Sí Mon
Sí Mon - Month ago
Conan dominating the situation for 8 minutes.
jason f
jason f - Month ago
i had a wet dream that was just like this
shillen - Month ago
Love the fact Conan quickly stood up when he was just about to sit down after he noticed that Stephen didn't sit down still. Respect.
Treb Kielc
Treb Kielc - Month ago
Colbert was better on CC.
Insert Redletter Media Meme Here
Its such a shame what Colbert has become, he used to be the best. At least Conan is still fucking amazing.
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson - Month ago
4:42 "what do you do? how do you.. you have a lovely fammy."
Justin Faria
Justin Faria - Month ago
Two of the best guys on late night.
K MB - Month ago
3:56 "Thyphoid Mary over there." Hahaha!!! He is Irish. I love these two. Stephen Colbert was so fantastic on Conan's podcast.
JammastaJ23 - Month ago
This has a tinge of tragedy... Conan should be doing this opposite Colbert at NBC right now. It doesn't mean anything though, the fact that Fallon's kept his job this long with his vapid wasteland of a show probably means Conan's better off at TBS. The NBC late night slot is and always was targeted at the lowest common denominator, Conan would be wasted doing that.
Hrmn Myr
Hrmn Myr - Month ago
I know im 3 months late, but anybody knows the band was playing?
JEWTUBE - Month ago
Top 3 tv show hosts
3- conan
Hoopman 05
Hoopman 05 - Month ago
These two probably are the funniest talk show hosts today. They are my favorite
柳岑焉 - Month ago
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