The ULTIMATE Swimming Pool Gaming Setup!! (HOMEMADE DIY)

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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug - 5 months ago
Like the video if you miss the old school faze rug vibe videos like this ;)
Ze Wei Zhou
Ze Wei Zhou - 2 months ago
FaZe Rug hi i am an xbox person
Elias Gutierrez
Elias Gutierrez - 2 months ago
robbie ram
robbie ram - 4 months ago
Better like this, your cameraman suck! just kick him.
Ilham Ahmed
Ilham Ahmed - 15 hours ago
Mom:come down to eat lunch


6 hours later...

Mom:why aren't you coming to eat

Rug: *sleeping*
Makayla Jennings
Makayla Jennings - 18 hours ago
You should make a box fort school then whoever survive the longest wins something
master john
master john - Day ago
I love ps4
king fusion mooi
king fusion mooi - Day ago
X box
Jose Contreras
Jose Contreras - 2 days ago
Micael Cavalcante
Micael Cavalcante - 2 days ago
Xbox one S
Addison Seneca
Addison Seneca - 2 days ago
Hi um I have a little projector in my room they are supercool
Zabdiel Molina
Zabdiel Molina - 2 days ago
Ps4 is better ps4 gang
Kalikia Lackmanh
Kalikia Lackmanh - 3 days ago
I'm am nintiondo switch
Alexis Chavez Martinez
Alexis Chavez Martinez - 3 days ago
Saul Favela
Saul Favela - 3 days ago
I like PS4 but no more console wars there dumb
Archie Harris
Archie Harris - 3 days ago
Dominique Hyppolite
Dominique Hyppolite - 4 days ago
sonia Rani
sonia Rani - 5 days ago
Your dog 🐕 was so close to getting hit
Rayyan Gamer
Rayyan Gamer - 5 days ago
Playstation for life baby
JACK-A-BEAST - 5 days ago
Hay rug! What is your fortnite account. I want to add you
T series hits
T series hits - 5 days ago
Rifty ,
Rifty , - 5 days ago
Crush: how’s your gaming setup. Me: it’s complicated
farhan king
farhan king - 6 days ago
Can you send me your account on fortnite
Aleck ,
Aleck , - 6 days ago
farhan king fortnites trash
Thanos - 7 days ago
Me: watches at night

Faze Rug: Flexes chips
Ronan Maloney
Ronan Maloney - 7 days ago
Arjun Shah
Arjun Shah - 8 days ago
Faze Rug becomes Faze Kay at 9:22
Harry FN
Harry FN - 8 days ago
Code Fazeies
Code Fazeies - 10 days ago
8:55 watching pornhub XD
Fitt mrkrabz
Fitt mrkrabz - 10 days ago
TazZe 10
TazZe 10 - 10 days ago
Both of them
Sean Vigil
Sean Vigil - 10 days ago
Blin Ticko
Blin Ticko - 10 days ago
RUG this day was 1 day before my Bday
Aryan Navaie
Aryan Navaie - 12 days ago
JJS - 12 days ago
1:09 Who else noticed the roof of the house to the right?
giselle Mora
giselle Mora - 14 days ago
zach goodman
zach goodman - 15 days ago
im an xbox and PC type of person
zyzyfrmhollywood hollywood
Xbox 360
Aguurre Beatriz
Aguurre Beatriz - 15 days ago
Dave Capone
Dave Capone - 15 days ago
That dog getting hit by the box wouldn’t do anything lmao
Jakdap - 16 days ago
J B - 18 days ago
Rug u should do this more
Harry Arcamo
Harry Arcamo - 19 days ago
Henry gaming Me
Henry gaming Me - 19 days ago
i play xbox one with a keyboard and mouse attached
Henry gaming Me
Henry gaming Me - 19 days ago
you say this is family friendly and you say what the h**l
Timcrazy holly
Timcrazy holly - 19 days ago
Chayston Vetick
Chayston Vetick - 19 days ago
you should open your own movie thetare for 24 hours and donate the money to charity
Namanbir basant
Namanbir basant - 20 days ago
Always ps
Aubrey Waipouri
Aubrey Waipouri - 22 days ago
TitanSniper14 - 22 days ago
PS4 🐐🐐🐐🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sally Marogi
Sally Marogi - 23 days ago
X box
CRATZY GAMER - 24 days ago
YrnYG - 24 days ago
8:54 😂 p*rn?
Gabriel the Gamer guy
Gabriel the Gamer guy - 24 days ago
Teresa Flores
Teresa Flores - 24 days ago
I play on ps4
Jocelyn Aguirre
Jocelyn Aguirre - 26 days ago
Im on xbox
Gamer Noop !
Gamer Noop ! - 26 days ago
Angela Campbell
Angela Campbell - 26 days ago
Who’s watching this in 2020
Josue Bustamante
Josue Bustamante - 26 days ago
Len Savage
Len Savage - 26 days ago
Why are you faze you suck
Stipe Filipovic
Stipe Filipovic - 28 days ago
Fravtion Revolution
Fravtion Revolution - 29 days ago
Addison Peebles
Addison Peebles - 29 days ago
PS4 all the way
khalid hameed
khalid hameed - 29 days ago
ps4 love you
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