Calboy - Clueless (Official Video)

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Marcus Johnson, Sr.
This song a vibe 😎
Brekin L
Brekin L - Day ago
i have not heard a bad song from this guy
Arthur Harris jr
Arthur Harris jr - Day ago
This shit jumping swear
Nda Tgc
Nda Tgc - 5 days ago
G- When
G- When - 5 days ago
SwaggBeezy Montana
SwaggBeezy Montana - 7 days ago
Underrated song/artist
Afri Rich Gang
Afri Rich Gang - 9 days ago
Nice bro 💥💥
Toodifferent DeMark
Toodifferent DeMark - 10 days ago
Definitely one of the most UNDERRATED in the game rn!
dmruncho - 10 days ago
Calboy cold at rapping bro
Lincoln Veasley
Lincoln Veasley - 15 days ago
I mess with this song so much and it honestly put me onto the album. Going through a break up, went through some ms, made some transitions, now time to get back to the basics and get this money!
Harvardseye - 18 days ago
whoever did this video is crazy fire
Jeremiah Gordon
Jeremiah Gordon - 19 days ago
💯 💯
citi360 - 19 days ago
That chick is sexi! What's her insta?
MDV LLL - 23 days ago
WUDON79 - 24 days ago
This my favorite young boy rapper in the new generation rap
Zone15_ph_4life - 25 days ago
Try t try it to be a get y’all to fete the day that really wanted was the day isn’t a good y’all bet bro wyd is a bitch was the last day you to go get ya bro bro ya the phone got ready
Brittany I Davis
Brittany I Davis - 25 days ago
Tevin Craft
Tevin Craft - 27 days ago
Devin Williams
Devin Williams - 28 days ago
No one told me King Von got a hair cut
Priyanka Kumar
Priyanka Kumar - Month ago
Voice ❤️🔥, beat wow, back ground voice beautiful, orther sound 🔥❤️, beat sound wow, ending wording 🔥❤️, boom boom beat nice, SX 🔥❤️ .
Dante Tate
Dante Tate - Month ago
Aye this hard I’m back in tune I just been waiting on lud foe 😂😂‼️
A1 Xclusive
A1 Xclusive - Month ago
Love the song but this the dumbest video
Chijioke Difini
Chijioke Difini - Month ago
I thought I had me a baddie, I never knew she was basic. N it’s the dancer for me.
Elijah Roland
Elijah Roland - Month ago
He's dope as fuckkkk!!!!!
Icy Skub
Icy Skub - Month ago
Calboy looks like a sensitive version of King Von
Carti is better than Uzi
Underrated. Needs much more recognition.
mia howard
mia howard - Month ago
I love me some him 😩😭😍😍😍😍😍
Stash G
Stash G - Month ago
2:00 I hear quavo on this 👀
King Arthur Lee Harris Jr
Babar reincarnated
Eli Guapo
Eli Guapo - Month ago
Here from the Freshman XXL cypher
David big dawg Ramey
David big dawg Ramey - Month ago
Calboy is so damn fire his music hits hard asf 💯🔥
Helen Harrington
Helen Harrington - Month ago

ඔවුන් සිතන්නේ ඔහු මුවර්ස් විය හැකි බවයි
Yung Ty
Yung Ty - Month ago
Donna Carson
Donna Carson - Month ago

භයානක අදහසඇය ඔහුට කීවාය ඔහු ඉතා තරුණයිඅද්දැකීම් අඩුයිඑය බොහෝ දුරයි
Flizzy Swagg
Flizzy Swagg - Month ago
Halsted Black
Halsted Black - Month ago
Heyy heyyy 🎵
Nuttnigga - Month ago
This one of his best for sure
vDyinBreed - Month ago
Most underrated song ever this a hit
Gregory Randolph
Gregory Randolph - Month ago
🔥 ⛽ 🐐
Kid naruto Does gaming
This shit is 🔥fam
FBG L Boogie
FBG L Boogie - Month ago
uhhhh clue lesssss! 🔥🔥
Ed - Month ago
Please get durk on this
joy khalifeh
joy khalifeh - Month ago
ZKP - Month ago
Good song yo
Trion - Month ago
JOJODIDIT - Month ago
Does not miss
ILuv Jayy
ILuv Jayy - Month ago
who else is listening calboy in september
Jaden Brown
Jaden Brown - Month ago
Rashard Pope
Rashard Pope - Month ago
Steven Colaianni
Steven Colaianni - Month ago
damn this shit is fire
Produced by A1
Produced by A1 - Month ago
This shit deserves way more view this shits crazy, the way he flowing 👏👏🔥🔥🔥
Bertcity215 - Month ago
Jawan James
Jawan James - Month ago
Most underrated 🤦🏾‍♂️
Tim Dennis
Tim Dennis - Month ago
Mc litty Videos
Mc litty Videos - Month ago
If they don’t play this at my furneral I ain’t goin
Sexyness Sweetnezz
Sexyness Sweetnezz - Month ago
Right! Lmao
Alphonso Bennett
Alphonso Bennett - Month ago
Calboy Is Super Underrated
Melanie Perkins
Melanie Perkins - Month ago
😑😒🤦🏾‍♀️ 🥶
Easy Zzzz
Easy Zzzz - Month ago
Rip juice them two on a song would of been fire 🔥
P U R P - Month ago
Calboy over polo G
Jaidon Jackson
Jaidon Jackson - Month ago
lowkey look like Von
White Phillip
White Phillip - Month ago
Dude looks like he could be Errol Spence brother
Football137462 - Month ago
he look like giannis younger brother
Charles Frazier
Charles Frazier - Month ago
Who is the lady in the video? Wow 😮
Romey Tube TV
Romey Tube TV - Month ago
so dope so talented @calboy sounds dreamy LIKE HES CYING ON THE BEAT BUT HE AINT. PROPER VIBE.
R A - Month ago
🔥🔥🔥 and shortie Shakin her ass off!!
Dillan Haggins
Dillan Haggins - Month ago
SKAAMA TV - Month ago
Calboy's sound, songs and visuals are super elite. I don't really know another artist matching this shit. It's immaculate!!! 💯🔥😱
Narjy - 2 months ago
Bruh he so underrated I wanna fight now
Peso Vuitton
Peso Vuitton - 2 months ago
Underated af like how is this not 100 million views
SENTIENT - 2 months ago
now who shaved king von?
Clippa Marshall
Clippa Marshall - 2 months ago
Yall Scandeless Sleepin Mane This Should Have Like Atleast 20Million Views
Douglas Beattie
Douglas Beattie - 2 months ago
This song is it
Child of the King
Child of the King - 2 months ago
The Lord is coming back. He loves you dearly and calls for you to come back home to Him. He calls for repentance and belief in the Gospel. It’s time to fully surrender to Christ. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Thank you for your service!
God bless you
Amazing videos Dlamini
Amazing videos Dlamini - 2 months ago
100 subscibers with 0 videos
Bongx Austin
Bongx Austin - 2 months ago
What a dope tune 😭 I thoroughly enjoyed it, it reminded me of this tune it's as smooth as this one from an artist in Cape Town #KeepTheGoodMusicComing
King Arthur Lee Harris Jr
King Arthur Lee Harris Jr - 2 months ago
And big man and doláre as well
King Arthur Lee Harris Jr
King Arthur Lee Harris Jr - 2 months ago
Thank i
King Arthur Lee Harris Jr
King Arthur Lee Harris Jr - 2 months ago
I got his info
King Arthur Lee Harris Jr
King Arthur Lee Harris Jr - 2 months ago
We steady mobbing
King Arthur Lee Harris Jr
King Arthur Lee Harris Jr - 2 months ago
Not anymore
Emmeline Page
Emmeline Page - 2 months ago

ලැචි මුළු වීදුරුවම තම ස්ථාවරය මතට ගෙනඑහි ලී සහ පිත්තල තොටිල්ලෙන් ආකෘතිය ඉහළට ඔසවා තැබීය නඩුවේ මුදුනට පිටුපසට නැමී කෙනත් දුටුවේය ගුවන්විදුලි වයර් වල කළු කෙඳි ගිලිහී ගියේය
ItzDRT - 2 months ago
Calboy you should make a remix of this with rod wave
gamingfirebasket worst
gamingfirebasket worst - 2 months ago
Let's be real people don't wanna listen to him because his song envy me because only listin to that physic song
tunga mob
tunga mob - 2 months ago
Finally at 1M views 💯👌🏾
Joshu Cook
Joshu Cook - 2 months ago
I am late.
mars. - 2 months ago
0:34 What kinky shit going on here?
tysheem Hood
tysheem Hood - 2 months ago
1.25 playback 🔥🔥🤒
Wydog_ 06
Wydog_ 06 - 2 months ago
Name 1 bad Calboy song, its impossible because you can't.
Crooked Smile
Crooked Smile - Month ago
Right 🥱
Travis James
Travis James - 2 months ago
I’m just now founding out about him from xxl
This nigga hard
ShaQueria Bland
ShaQueria Bland - 2 months ago
nomercy - 2 months ago
You need a song with J.i
DFG 1010
DFG 1010 - 2 months ago
Gabriel Rivas
Gabriel Rivas - 2 months ago
This might seem random but Jesus loves you and times aren’t good and we need to rely on Jesus to guide us because we see corruption everywhere and so much sin and corruption everywhere. Relationship over religion. Jesus is a prayer away and just because you haven’t had an experience with Him doesn’t mean He’s not real :) .
Chloe Fountain
Chloe Fountain - 10 hours ago
So jesus was from Jerusalem but he was white with blue eyes come off it
Dewayne King
Dewayne King - 5 days ago
Greg Saunders Jr
Greg Saunders Jr - 2 months ago
amen friend
Nontobeko Mnyamana
Nontobeko Mnyamana - 2 months ago
This man deadass look like King Von👀
Sylviane Lewis
Sylviane Lewis - 2 months ago
Jakao Jones
Jakao Jones - 2 months ago
Michael Escorcia
Michael Escorcia - 2 months ago
Trash 🗑
Star Kid
Star Kid - 2 months ago
Here literally before 1M
9997K is when I saw this
Chris Bell
Chris Bell - 2 months ago
Damien Hughes
Damien Hughes - 2 months ago
1:08 me when my parents catch me watching porn.
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