Brad Leone Celebrates Thanksgiving With Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast
First We Feast - 10 days ago
Best and worst Thanksgiving sides? Go!
Victoria Kim
Victoria Kim - Day ago
Best is mom's homemade mac and cheese. Worst Pecan Pie
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott - 2 days ago
First We Feast Tom kenny
Rene Lopez
Rene Lopez - 3 days ago
Green bean casserole is best stuffing or yams worst
fun and interesting
fun and interesting - 3 days ago
Maddy Layer
Maddy Layer - 3 hours ago
Joseph Bowden
Joseph Bowden - 5 hours ago
disappointed it wasn't turkey wings for thanksgiving special
danny davideos
danny davideos - 6 hours ago
Start at 8:19
Shows the loop water slide and definitely ...looks super unsafe. But was called the cannon loop and wasn’t only around for one month one summer.
Girtis Holland
Girtis Holland - 7 hours ago
What? Claire better be on this
Bradley Bruvva
Bradley Bruvva - 7 hours ago
I’m a little curious how Jenna Marbles would do on here.
Issy Nunn
Issy Nunn - 10 hours ago
I didn’t know how much i needed this video. Brad is a legend
Archronin - 11 hours ago
Please consider Mike Tyson, Gorge Foreman, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, Michael Cain or any greats that are still with us on the hot ones. I would've loved to see Bob Ross (RIP) on the hot ones, i know it might be too much (hot) for their health due to the intensity of the sauce so maybe a different scenario where a much lesser intense sauces are used? but that's just my opinion

Oh also Keanu Reeves!!!
anthonydisney - 13 hours ago
Love Brad thank you for having him as a guest!!
Branmuffin - 14 hours ago
Omfg I love brad so much
elspethnp - 14 hours ago
I am thinking the beanie is an attempt to cover some thinning hair, finally noticed due to the amount of sweat present. No shade
The Lindy Pack
The Lindy Pack - 17 hours ago
this was probably your worst guest. that guy was lame. oh well on to the next one!!!
Ryan Linskey
Ryan Linskey - 11 hours ago
sounds to me like you've never watched bon appetit's youtube channel. brad he has one of the most popular shows on the internet on BA's channel and is absolutely awesome.
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy - 13 hours ago
"Who the hell has mac and cheese on Thanksgiving." Apparently, Brad has no black friends.
Jack Fisher
Jack Fisher - 18 hours ago
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy - 13 hours ago
Wow fellow youtube guy and clearly has never watched Hot Ones. He didn't know what the last dub was. Tisk tisk
CornishPasty - 19 hours ago
Love how he worked his way up - awesome dude
Crisperz - 20 hours ago
god i'd give my left nut to put chris morocco on this show
Tanner M.
Tanner M. - 20 hours ago
Brad is such a precious person. His personality is so wild, fun, goofy, and pure. It’s such a treat to see him living life to the fullest. ❤️
Hannah Freeman
Hannah Freeman - 21 hour ago
Its so weird not seeing all his words he says wrong on the screen 😂
13lueprincess - 21 hour ago
I would love to see like Keira Knightley or Saoirse Ronan or other very like... dignified people on to see how they handle the wings. I love seeing how gracefully someone can handle that much pain lol
Alex PL
Alex PL - 22 hours ago
Charlie - 23 hours ago
"a bag of cawfee and an onion?"
Shannon Carroll
Shannon Carroll - Day ago
2 of my faves intersecting!?!?! My face may split...
Brianna Ewers
Brianna Ewers - Day ago
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas - Day ago
It hurts me to hear Brad say fuck uncensored.
Galan Voorhis
Galan Voorhis - Day ago
Best episode of hot ones yet
Stephanie Tardif-Bennett
Yesss montreal reppppppp
R T - Day ago
Bon Appetit editing kept me oblivious of how swear words pour out of New Yorkers' mouths
Logan T.
Logan T. - Day ago
Wow fellow youtube guy and clearly has never watched Hot Ones. He didn't know what the last dub was. Tisk tisk
Ryan Linskey
Ryan Linskey - 11 hours ago
his main job is working for bon appetit though. he's not a solo influencer who actually creates all his own content. he just gets filmed intermittently around all the other work he does for BA.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty - Day ago
"Who the hell has mac and cheese on Thanksgiving." Apparently, Brad has no black friends.
TheRj725 - Day ago
Jtoospicy 15
Jtoospicy 15 - Day ago
I love brad !!!!
ceerw buty
ceerw buty - Day ago
Who doesn’t love brad! He the best !
Hannah Terkes
Hannah Terkes - Day ago
Room temperature milk was a bad choice, Sean
Hannah Terkes
Hannah Terkes - Day ago
Oh my god, when Brad took his hat off he became Stabler. Has anyone seen Leone and Meloni in the same room?!
Van Williams
Van Williams - Day ago
this seam guy is so incredibly awkward
Hans Ryan Tanubrata
Please do an interview with Chris Martin from Coldplay 🙏🏻
Floatzel1 - Day ago
The boom at 21:50 scared the SHIT out of me
Jonathan Lungo
Jonathan Lungo - Day ago
The comment section shows many of you have never heard a jersey accent and it shows haha...
Chloe Petro
Chloe Petro - Day ago
brad is hot
NMI76 - Day ago
monpekokero - Day ago
Is this Mac Miller? Thought his punk ass died lol
True Fernie
True Fernie - Day ago
Mac and cheese is not part of everyone’s thanksgiving dinner?!?! Blasphemy.
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