You're So Immature! *VALENTINE'S DAY*

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Allison Leiva
Allison Leiva - Hour ago
OMG yassssssss
GoldfishXGoldfish - Hour ago
Who misses laurex?
Derpy Acts
Derpy Acts - 3 hours ago
Is This Your Girlfriend!?!? Is It True Molly!?!?
(I ship)
(I ship)
(I ship)
It’s So Cute!
Capricow the Unicorn
Capricow the Unicorn - 4 hours ago
This is adorable!
Michelle Leigh
Michelle Leigh - 4 hours ago
Aw OMG this was absolutely adorable! love the voiceovers and the whole storyline!
Zion L
Zion L - 4 hours ago
new girl
Thegirlyou Knowww
Thegirlyou Knowww - 4 hours ago
Omg this one was my favorite one of all time the end tho ❤️‼️when he said I just did 😫😫😫I just want that 😪😪
Verina Medina
Verina Medina - 5 hours ago
wait so now 1 dollar =100 dollars
Ronald Acnam
Ronald Acnam - 5 hours ago
Can you tell me how u did those voices
Kitty Brat
Kitty Brat - 5 hours ago
omg he gave his brother a 100
100 problems
Briana Hall
Briana Hall - 5 hours ago
We love a good throwback 😂💕
hana workneh
hana workneh - 6 hours ago
That vid should be a cartoon! Alex is Mallie (hope I spelled it right) ur girlfriend?! :O
ceanni santiago
ceanni santiago - 6 hours ago
Hannah bananas Gucci channel
I wish Lauren and Alex we're still together..
Mauricio Martinez
Mauricio Martinez - 6 hours ago
The ones with roi were better
Angelia Deska
Angelia Deska - 6 hours ago
3:17 😂
Alexis M.
Alexis M. - 6 hours ago
Why was the ending so cuteee♥️
Toya White
Toya White - 6 hours ago
Hi boy👔👔👞
D.A.S.H_ Kinetic3045
D.A.S.H_ Kinetic3045 - 6 hours ago
Is this Alex new gf
Alexis M.
Alexis M. - 6 hours ago
The voice they gave Aaron 😂😂😂
elisolis69 - 7 hours ago
The end was so so cute ❤❤❤❤
Elizabeth Lara
Elizabeth Lara - 7 hours ago
I ship them
maroli almanza
maroli almanza - 7 hours ago
And I know you miss her and her stuffies
maroli almanza
maroli almanza - 7 hours ago
I hate the new girl luardiy is better
Al Y
Al Y - 7 hours ago
Omg so funny
Mei Li
Mei Li - 7 hours ago
Awww this video is so cute!🤗
Janina Rychel
Janina Rychel - 7 hours ago
Soooo cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😻😻😻😻😻😻
Itz Unicorn Reacts
Itz Unicorn Reacts - 7 hours ago
3:57 😂 I was dying
editsbyrebecca - 8 hours ago
“tell her how you feel”
“im hungry”
David Bishop
David Bishop - 8 hours ago
Did anyone know that the one dollar Bill's are 100 dollars
sis vs sis fam Snyder
sis vs sis fam Snyder - 8 hours ago
That is so funny
Emily Barrios.24
Emily Barrios.24 - 8 hours ago
Alex: gives 100 dollars
Shy Fawn
Shy Fawn - 8 hours ago
Snatched - 8 hours ago
"I want my 3 dollars back!"
*puts up 4 fingers*
Angela Wu
Angela Wu - 9 hours ago
I hate your new girlfriend and I hate you 🖕👎😡I HATE ...U........!!!!!!!!

lil disney
lil disney - 9 hours ago
So cute the end girl :ya but don’t ask me ask your valentine
Alex:I just did
Butterz - 9 hours ago
*Shes so bootiful*
Butterz - 9 hours ago
She looks so much older than you....I bet she’s not tho
Presley Silvers
Presley Silvers - 9 hours ago
Aww this was so cute
I LOVE PINEAPPLES - 9 hours ago
*b o o t i f u l*
Lizzy nothing
Lizzy nothing - 9 hours ago
Oh so your dating her now 😢 what about laurax
Indra Erka
Indra Erka - 9 hours ago
Aron: I got another idea
Alex: I’m listening
Alex: another dollar??
*Gives Aron another 100 dollar*
HeyIts Festina
HeyIts Festina - 10 hours ago
Awwww 🥰 this was so cute 😍😍🥰
Diva's World
Diva's World - 10 hours ago
Lol sooooo cute!!!
Leslie Cedeno
Leslie Cedeno - 11 hours ago
Lucy Hirst
Lucy Hirst - 11 hours ago
I love you alex but i wish the girl was luaren, sorry.
Brooke Nguyen
Brooke Nguyen - 11 hours ago
The next time when you do these videos, can you do one with the Merrell twins?!
Rose Playz
Rose Playz - 11 hours ago
The voices are so cute 😊😊😊😊😊
Christa Zavaglia
Christa Zavaglia - 11 hours ago
3:42 did anyone else notice that he is holding up 4 fingers? Like if you agree.
Christa Zavaglia
Christa Zavaglia - 11 hours ago
Who does the kid voices?
Verenice Camargo
Verenice Camargo - 11 hours ago
Verenice Camargo
Verenice Camargo - 11 hours ago
I hate you and your girlfriend too
Chloe Kim
Chloe Kim - 11 hours ago
Everyone stop shipping those two
Charlie kelly
Charlie kelly - 12 hours ago
Edwin Wong
Edwin Wong - 12 hours ago
Did anybody notice at the end when Alex said I want my 3 dollars back he held 4 fingers up at 3:43
Jada TV
Jada TV - 12 hours ago
He gave him a 100 dollar bill...
Jada TV
Jada TV - 12 hours ago
Baby Dino the Stuffie
Baby Dino the Stuffie - 12 hours ago
Expectation of someone to ask to be ur val
Expectation: The ending of ursoimmature
Reality: ...
DeadAnimations9 - 13 hours ago
Wait you and Rachel broke up!
Jun-mei Christensen
Jun-mei Christensen - 14 hours ago
*Realizes she has a wedding ring on*
Brahim El ghiouane
Brahim El ghiouane - 14 hours ago
Hey Alex your videos Are Super good can you please do more videos
Rubi Duran
Rubi Duran - 14 hours ago
that was so cute
Niki Rose
Niki Rose - 14 hours ago
"Didn't work booger brain"
-Alex Wassabie 2019
Niki Rose
Niki Rose - 14 hours ago
"Didn't work booger brain"
-Alex Wassabie 2019
The Grim show
The Grim show - 14 hours ago
He gave three dollars but puts up four fingers
Potato Funky
Potato Funky - 14 hours ago
“Didn’t work bugger brain” 😂😹🤣🤪
Levi Shadow
Levi Shadow - 15 hours ago
When will you and Lauren get back to get her
Sebastian bails Fan FOREVER
Nooo they Kissed 😭
Sebastian bails Fan FOREVER
Courtney Pollock
Courtney Pollock - 16 hours ago
This was the most adorable thing ever!!
kaseys Videos
kaseys Videos - 17 hours ago
I hate her I want laurdiyyyy to come back
Xx Gacha_Radish xX
Xx Gacha_Radish xX - 18 hours ago
Mika Nur Aleeya
Mika Nur Aleeya - 18 hours ago
OMG sooooo cute
Will Mahorney
Will Mahorney - 19 hours ago
Dude that was probably the best you’re so immature ever!!! And with the new cast and the new voices and everything!!!!!!!!!
Pan Pan
Pan Pan - 20 hours ago
My name Jeff
My name Jeff - 21 hour ago
I love this so much it’s funny and so cute. ❤️❤️
Darcy Nguyen
Darcy Nguyen - 21 hour ago
Lol! I Love all of it!😂😍
I love this so much
"This better work or i want my three dollars back!" **puts out 4 fingers**
Kayla Lewis
Kayla Lewis - 21 hour ago
Nafisa Guna
Nafisa Guna - 22 hours ago
Make againn
BILLIE IS MY AVACADO - 22 hours ago
Where’s roi 😢😂
Tahiyah Ahmed
Tahiyah Ahmed - 22 hours ago
I love this vid
Marcelo Noble 2
Marcelo Noble 2 - Day ago
Where’s Roi
Karina Kallie
Karina Kallie - Day ago
LAUREN!!!!!!! I'm unsubscribing him I don't like Alex anymore 😡😡😡😡😡 4:25
_ɢѧċһѧ ıṅғıṅıṭʏ_
Allafear Mendoza Alforque
Cute 😂
Jayda Cassanova
Jayda Cassanova - Day ago
Allafear Mendoza Alforque
Who ever did the voiceover u are so cute 😂
FNAFW Freddy
FNAFW Freddy - Day ago
Kaydee The Slimer
Kaydee The Slimer - Day ago
Did Alex and Lauren break up? Or did they just take a break?
Gaming With Nicee
Gaming With Nicee - Day ago
No more roi now theres no more lauren
Its Samantha YT
Its Samantha YT - Day ago
"she's so bootieful!!"
Milani Coching
Milani Coching - Day ago
Hey alex i havent watch your video in a year..
Annika Roesemann
Annika Roesemann - Day ago
Get back with Lauren pls
J D and N
J D and N - Day ago
When that girl kissed your cheek my heart broke. I MISS LAUREX 😢😢😢😢😢😢
Flo Huffman
Flo Huffman - Day ago
Your ugly ass
miriam Contreras
miriam Contreras - Day ago
Aww so cute
Rebecca Majano
Rebecca Majano - Day ago
See. I LIKE this. But I don't like it at the same time 😔
Emileny Torez
Emileny Torez - Day ago
Awwwe u should make more videos like this it was so adorable and also the voices
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