A Comic I Made In The Third Grade

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Lucha Gonzales
Lucha Gonzales - 3 months ago
Adam you are one fine piece of ass
Landon Gaming
Landon Gaming - 4 days ago
Are you my clone?
Poke Dokei
Poke Dokei - 6 days ago
Lumine - 6 days ago
Braydon Robertson
Braydon Robertson - 12 days ago
O crap I just realized that this is a joke like your life lolol nevermind that did not make sense
Braydon Robertson
Braydon Robertson - 12 days ago
Wow just wow to be honest I'll probaly record you dying (while I'm laughing at you)and btw your an ASSHOLE
HayHay Animates
HayHay Animates - 7 hours ago
If only I could like this a billion times...
Melvin Ortiz
Melvin Ortiz - 14 hours ago
Hunter Joehnk
Hunter Joehnk - 20 hours ago
I used to make comics in third grade too
DeRpOsaUrsDer - Day ago
When a comment gets more view s than the video 🙏👌👌
One Little Memer
One Little Memer - Day ago
"I think that's blood-" *YouTube stares at Adam* "fluff--"
Paige Gillen
Paige Gillen - Day ago
LOL IM SICK XD! If your watching in 2019 LIKE
C family
C family - Day ago
We need a fire boy movie
Winter Wolf
Winter Wolf - 2 days ago
Im in the third grade....and me and my bro (he's nineteen) we makeing a comic....I mite sell it on eBay off of my dad's accout
Jonathan Nix
Jonathan Nix - 2 days ago
Oh yeah? But can you do this?
Flying gaming Times
Flying gaming Times - 2 days ago
You look like a Demon and a angel ok
Cousin Adventures
Cousin Adventures - 2 days ago
That's a bad sickness TB
Matthew Newell
Matthew Newell - 2 days ago
When in doubt touch the glowy crystal
FOOD FOR LIFE and memes
Yay sickness thank you body you have failed me am sick too 😢
HyperSkitts Maybe
HyperSkitts Maybe - 3 days ago
Make your character like you use to animate it
Chloe Basile
Chloe Basile - 4 days ago
0:00 Jacksepticeye got a darker voice wow
Sirad Aden
Sirad Aden - 5 days ago
I also made those
Kai Kai Smith
Kai Kai Smith - 5 days ago
Did he pass the pssa
Banana Waffles
Banana Waffles - 6 days ago
0:15 ya ya suuuuuuuuure Adam your'e "sick" we all know you're high Adam
ShadowBonnieGaming - 6 days ago
Feel better!
Dulce Maria Heredia
Dulce Maria Heredia - 6 days ago
what's your Instagram
Chasan Sultamatov
Chasan Sultamatov - 6 days ago
when i was in 3rd grade i made one comic where a girl found a monster like the grinch but he was very friendly and she kept him in the closet and gave him secretly food and one day she revealed the monster and everything went ok. *_e N d_*
Just Burst
Just Burst - 6 days ago
John Blanka
John Blanka - 6 days ago
I did a comic in third grade to🙂
Crystal Galaxy
Crystal Galaxy - 7 days ago
Uh I'm here
Crystal Galaxy
Crystal Galaxy - 7 days ago
I want to buy it
Cat Girl AK
Cat Girl AK - 7 days ago
I love your comic, can I get a copy of it?
Cat Girl AK
Cat Girl AK - 7 days ago
Get well soon. :
Cat Girl AK
Cat Girl AK - 7 days ago
I made a play script when I was in 6th Grade.
David Mitri
David Mitri - 7 days ago
Ceaser and Jv
Ceaser and Jv - 7 days ago
Ortiz i my last name
Ronia Törnkvist
Ronia Törnkvist - 8 days ago
Yay sweden
Micah Borg
Micah Borg - 8 days ago
such quality content
Jordan Cole
Jordan Cole - 8 days ago
Alpacagirlsuper Kawwaii
Alpacagirlsuper Kawwaii - 10 days ago
Lol me to
Alan Rodriguez
Alan Rodriguez - 10 days ago
Little Cube boi
Little Cube boi - 10 days ago
No breaking the 4th wall
Jeff Debiler
Jeff Debiler - 10 days ago
Family Brine
Family Brine - 10 days ago
Is it only me that read captain under pants when I was younger?
Dashel Pekurny
Dashel Pekurny - 10 days ago
You should remake it
NoobIceCream - 10 days ago
Adam the sick fire
Vux Vux lol
Vux Vux lol - 11 days ago
Theodd1sout poster in background
Vux Vux lol
Vux Vux lol - 11 days ago
James + adam= life is fun
25Trey S
25Trey S - 11 days ago
I made a book in 2nd grade that had flip-o-ramas!
Todd the Manatee
Todd the Manatee - 11 days ago
Nano.ZE - 11 days ago
Matt Ghost VS Gaming
Matt Ghost VS Gaming - 11 days ago
Cool math games : can we copyright strike this guy
Mr Potato
Mr Potato - 11 days ago
Here in sweden thats one of our most sold books thank you
James Esterline
James Esterline - 11 days ago
I would pay for you to make more Fire Boy books.
Erica Muniz
Erica Muniz - 11 days ago
Can you sell those comics I love it
RealEvDev 2006
RealEvDev 2006 - 11 days ago
I made a comic book called the story of the basketball. It was a basket and a ball they were good friends and one day the got fused to get her and made the baker ball.
Caesar Lyons
Caesar Lyons - 11 days ago
Jerry and Melissa we theodd1sout and Jaden animation
Mike Ock
Mike Ock - 11 days ago
I swear we have the same art style, third grade you at least
EMMA ! - 12 days ago
Fire boi
The Flip Book Boy
The Flip Book Boy - 12 days ago
That's nice
Exploding TV
Exploding TV - 12 days ago
I read Captain Underpants
Russs - 12 days ago
the pals fan
the pals fan - 12 days ago
Black Knight
Black Knight - 12 days ago
Hey you should make a redo on it then sell it on your merch store
Alexalexm Nowatzki
Alexalexm Nowatzki - 12 days ago
Omg I had a similar idea when I was a kid 😨except it was fire girl
Cookie Dragon Art
Cookie Dragon Art - 12 days ago
i love the new animating style
Liam’s Lair
Liam’s Lair - 12 days ago
At the beginning of the video there was a Logan pawl poster with a two frown faces and a broken heart at the bottom right
Black Death
Black Death - 12 days ago
You can actually make this into a cool comic
Powerful Kangaroo
Powerful Kangaroo - 12 days ago
A crystal went into his body so a bad guy came and he turned into fire boy WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! HOW!? I love this
Destroyerr123 - 12 days ago
I’ll pay ya 10$ for it
Samoan Mud Crab/Somerandomcrab
Avocado Awesomeness
Avocado Awesomeness - 13 days ago
That Swedish comic book owner is now living lavishly because they got a paton on Adam's book and sold it and made millions XD 💸💲💵💰
Panda Girl
Panda Girl - 13 days ago
I’m a panda
Brydan Nguyen
Brydan Nguyen - 13 days ago
A bad guy can a he tur in too FIRE BOY
megersa belda
megersa belda - 13 days ago
7:52 (dog man)
Wolffang10210 The Wolf Pack
Who even likes coughing? Wait!?! Fire boy and Water girl the game?
Su Howell
Su Howell - 13 days ago
Now I want to see if it's on ebay
Rube TV
Rube TV - 13 days ago
Did his freinds tell his parents that he had a fire element
Mudkip the unstoppable
Mudkip the unstoppable - 13 days ago
I also made comics
Sweet And Sour
Sweet And Sour - 13 days ago
I want to rewrite that
Sweet And Sour
Sweet And Sour - 13 days ago
He didn't want to tell his parents that he had powers so he hid his secret identity
Dorito Boy360
Dorito Boy360 - 13 days ago
Thats supposed to be "Fire Boi"
OuterSpace Productions
OuterSpace Productions - 13 days ago
PewDiePie reference btw
Szalai Kornél
Szalai Kornél - 13 days ago
That is a deep story
Taylor HansonYT
Taylor HansonYT - 14 days ago
Pheonix :3
Pheonix :3 - 14 days ago
Moth lamp
Moth lamp - 14 days ago
Top of the morning everyone and welcome back to five nights at freddy's
CyberLitaBot - 14 days ago
XD hahahahahahaaaaaahah!!!!
ZooeyAshlynn - 14 days ago
Did ou see any lorikeets there birds
The Extroverted Introvert
is this merch? Ill spend my Christmas money on it... Or your hoodie XD
pogers boys and girls
pogers boys and girls - 14 days ago
My name is Jerry 😆😆😆☺🤗
Game recorder Life
Game recorder Life - 14 days ago
Don’t fall for it.....

Read more
Skywolf Wynd
Skywolf Wynd - 5 days ago
Game recorder Life OMG IM SO DUMB LOL
Heckadoodle - 6 days ago
PSI Master
PSI Master - 10 days ago
lol nope
LonelySoul - 12 days ago
No... not really...
Game recorder Life
Game recorder Life - 14 days ago
You fell for it
Gabriel Soriano
Gabriel Soriano - 14 days ago
i have a question was fireboy and watergirl a game when you were in the third grade?
Penny Komro
Penny Komro - 14 days ago
Your sooooooo Handsome 😅☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😅😅😅😅😅😽
Sammy Quinonez
Sammy Quinonez - 14 days ago
fire bbboooooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Kringle Doughnut
Kringle Doughnut - 15 days ago
Luv how he had to put the zaku in the back
Roblox Noob
Roblox Noob - 15 days ago
I made stories when i was in 1st grade
Raiongu - 15 days ago
*and then everyone clapped*
Amanda Parker
Amanda Parker - 15 days ago
My first comic was about a cat stealing it's friend cake...
Kristen Baker
Kristen Baker - 15 days ago
Brayan Escobar
Brayan Escobar - 15 days ago
Good job not being a ripoff
janphen thaiphithak
janphen thaiphithak - 15 days ago
Sometimes The same amount of subscribers are the same amount of views...how nice.
Lil’_Narrations_ - 15 days ago
One day in Adamville a boy named Boi had a very troubling life. He was picked on, and every one laughed at him. He had only two friends, Jerry and Malisa, who would stand up for him when he’s picked on. One day while Boi was walking home, he found a red shiny crystal. It glimmered in the sun as Boi picked it up. It seemed to have chocolate on it so he ate it. “Oh crap!” He cried. His fists starting glowing, and his hair waved like a campfire. He turned into... FIRE BOI!!!! Whilst he checked himself out a strange man attacked him. They fought and fought. After a while the man then took off his mask, and HE LOOKED LIKE TONY STARK!!!??? They trained for many days, but one day Boi was on the couch watching the new when it said “ A RARE SCIENTIFIC CRYSTAL HAS GONE MISSING!!” Boi was panicked, “UH OH!!” He cried. He then went out for a fly to calm himself down. A Dino looking monster was destroying the other side of town! He kicked the teeth out of the Dino-monster before it ran away. The citizens cheered and everyone was happy. Fire Boi told his friends and family about the truth. And they accepted him unconditionally! THE END!!!
Boven SSF
Boven SSF - 15 days ago
Wtf with pewdiepie
ShadowCatCoar - 15 days ago
Good thing you can actually look back at your comics and get compliments back in the third grade,
I however got insulted by my own stepmother and all of my past comics got thrown in the trash! But I'm working on some new ones currently that I hope will get popular in future
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