A Comic I Made In The Third Grade

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Lucha Gonzales
Lucha Gonzales - 5 months ago
Adam you are one fine piece of ass
Elizabeth Juarez
Elizabeth Juarez - 8 hours ago
+sSelloutSs dude u can't just make a big deal over u becoming a drug addicted rapist just because he doesn't respond to u.
Elizabeth Juarez
Elizabeth Juarez - 8 hours ago
+proguy dude it was a joke, stop making a big deal out of it.
Elizabeth Juarez
Elizabeth Juarez - 8 hours ago
+Roxy Jojo Playz Jojo he didn't mean it in a negative way. It was suppose to be funny..
2TailedOrbFoxWolf10 ANIMATIONS
Lucha Gonzales HORIBBLE LANGUAGE 🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏
Katinka - 19 hours ago
+SomeThingElseYT nice respond bruh
Rainbow Foxeon
Rainbow Foxeon - 43 minutes ago
I am sick too got no sleep.. oof
weird head lemons
weird head lemons - Hour ago
im sick too
my circle thing on my neck is growing my nose is plugged my head hurts and my neck hurts
Derpy & Jay
Derpy & Jay - 9 hours ago
My first comic was about

Donald Trump.

;-; i hate it
Clem 2.0
Clem 2.0 - 9 hours ago
ItzShotzz_ - 9 hours ago
I made fire boy in 1st grade
We have the same ideas...
Julian Maha
Julian Maha - 10 hours ago
Meet the new Stan lee
Michelle Jones
Michelle Jones - 11 hours ago
Adam your a bi***
Mr. Aim Bot
Mr. Aim Bot - 12 hours ago
Can I make a version of your comic and send it to you 🤩
Stawp It Please
Stawp It Please - 12 hours ago
Pewdiepie office
Fnafjammer01 Animations
Fnafjammer01 Animations - 13 hours ago
and the monster ran away 👌👌👌
o yes 👌
amazing comic Adam 👌
Spark Gabe
Spark Gabe - 13 hours ago
I made a comic book named:
Cat Man [Edit:] ( I know it sounds like it’s gonna be like dog man.)
DespacitoGamer420 - 13 hours ago
*Y'know those books you make in elementary school?*
Fox - 13 hours ago
I just read I just sold another video and it was an older one than this one the girl on the front head red hair in the story book what is this type of logic!!!😬
Sienna Movies
Sienna Movies - 13 hours ago
Adam I’m sick too 🤔 I made a comic as well and it was fire girl wowie
Cloudy' Heart
Cloudy' Heart - 15 hours ago
Crap, I think thats blood

aDaM hAs tHe pLaUgE
The Void
The Void - 15 hours ago
We all know that you are sick because you didn't go to australia you went to a simulation but got sick because of the radiation
Because australia doesn't exist *clearly.*
Emojie Fun
Emojie Fun - 16 hours ago
Sweden 🇸🇪
AfterL!fe - 19 hours ago
How come his parents didn't die?
Gabi TGB
Gabi TGB - 20 hours ago
Waiting for a sequel or something
Gabi TGB
Gabi TGB - 20 hours ago
Thought that was a GameBoy
I'm dumber than you think
MJ Neo Neon
MJ Neo Neon - 20 hours ago
Can I have one of your fire boy books?
Kirby Fan
Kirby Fan - 20 hours ago
Marco Antonio Amillar
haha voice of markiplier (according to some people), Jacksepticeye's hair and Pewdiepie's headphones...

Heated Robloxian
Heated Robloxian - Day ago
wait u read cap'n undies
Milo Shy
Milo Shy - Day ago
I'm going to Sweden now
when your pizza rolls are done
the only thing I remember from first grade was me kicking dirt into people's faces and mouths
Tina Shaloma
Tina Shaloma - Day ago
im in third grade now
I am not joking, but in second grade I made a comic called fire PUP.
Eriel Hernandez
Eriel Hernandez - Day ago
Wow I bot it
LizPlayz Hacker
LizPlayz Hacker - Day ago
Don't worry, I'm sick now :/
Melissa Roman
Melissa Roman - Day ago
Where’s your 399 dollar chair
AX Molina
AX Molina - Day ago
Minater 247
Minater 247 - Day ago
Jack septic tank
Dog Fabulous
Dog Fabulous - Day ago
Where’s WaterGirl?
You Looked
You Looked - Day ago
Did flame boy copy the human torch
GawCaned Gamer
GawCaned Gamer - Day ago
Imagine the person who bought that book in Sweden was like "så det här är vad amerikansk litteratur ser ut som"
Did you see him bounce in the tv? XD
Swaggity swag xD
xd RyanRTG
xd RyanRTG - Day ago
Ryan Soer
Ryan Soer - Day ago
Just rewatching the vid and at the start of the vid I saw to logo from your song and I was like no way!
captain creeper and shargent skeleton
I hate coffing more
Jessica Bright
Jessica Bright - Day ago
swiggity swag
Pinkcakes AJ
Pinkcakes AJ - Day ago
DuskiiRose - Day ago
Adam u r a very sick boi
Aaron Kuossari
Aaron Kuossari - Day ago
Tilly Reed
Tilly Reed - Day ago
Ohhhhhhhhh the cringe
XD Top of a morning to ya *COUGH* *COUGH* *COUGH* is that blood I think that's blood
Adam - Day ago
I will add a 🦙llama 🦙
Hazel Danvers
Hazel Danvers - 2 days ago
Fire boy part 2
Weird pizza boi
Weird pizza boi - 2 days ago
This is the worst thing I’ve ever heard XD
Brandon Ortiz
Brandon Ortiz - 2 days ago
We share the same last name my name is Ortiz
Cheyenne Arnett
Cheyenne Arnett - 2 days ago
In 3rd grade I actually made a short story. There was Bacon boy, Meatball man, Timmy taco (good guys) Then the Banana twins (bad guys). So the bananas kidnapped Timmy. They called Meatball and Bacon and said they would lower him in lava if they didn't find him. They found him and defeted the bananas. I was obsessed with food (and I still am, suckas).
ariel juarez
ariel juarez - 2 days ago
Oh yeah yeah
kk kubistek
kk kubistek - 2 days ago
Somethig eles diss track bro this is how it should go it is every day bro in the Disney man flow
beauty queen
beauty queen - 2 days ago
okay so my name is Melissa but you spelled it differently 2 TIMES soooo Marissa or melissa someone tells me :)
xX Crockpot Xx
xX Crockpot Xx - 2 days ago
My frist comic was called the..
And I thought it spelled “baby doctor” XD
weird head lemons
weird head lemons - Hour ago
baby door
Akibee Gacha •-•
Akibee Gacha •-• - 2 days ago
Scrap to the morning to ya dudes- *cough* *cough*
Is that blood?
Michael Keehan
Michael Keehan - 2 days ago
Hey Adam! I have this Swedish friend who told me your comic book was found by a Swedish publication and they adapted it into a real comic book and Fire Boy is Sweden's most iconic fictional character.
Swetha .S
Swetha .S - 2 days ago
Wtf is that actually true?!
Jonathan Nix
Jonathan Nix - 2 days ago
Skrattar du, Förlorar du!
Robotic Hearted
Robotic Hearted - 2 days ago
Alis Africano
Alis Africano - 2 days ago
Something Else YT best animation best storyline 9999/9999 i rlly love this channel
JOSE NAPOLEZ - 2 days ago
Ohh yay! Your super famous!i love you please subscribe to me and I’ll make videos about you! :D
The custard Doggos
The custard Doggos - 2 days ago
BustyB.Stories_ YT
BustyB.Stories_ YT - 2 days ago
2:34 me too do Flip o rama
Pablo the Commando
Pablo the Commando - 2 days ago
You really need to animate this normally without commentary and narrate it. Maybe change it IDK your vid.
Lavona Lewis
Lavona Lewis - 2 days ago
I'm in third grade too
Wolfie Paws
Wolfie Paws - 2 days ago
RayNdom - 2 days ago
My first comic was a book about flying pants :\
Naomi Ledesma
Naomi Ledesma - 2 days ago
lasagna lasanga
lasagna lasanga - 2 days ago
Eh better writer than me

For some reason i liked that comic
Is it still on ebay 🤣🤣🤣
kaard castle 915
kaard castle 915 - 2 days ago
Where's watergirl
Larry Frye
Larry Frye - 2 days ago
I'm something else
(Thx for 1mil likes!)
confusion - 2 days ago
Is this the story of how endeavor was made?🤠 (referencing bnha)
Microbabe Brown
Microbabe Brown - 2 days ago
Koffing didnt do anything wrong :(
Felisa Norman
Felisa Norman - 2 days ago
3:46 - 3:53 r/thatHappend
Oskar Lindh BOLe
Oskar Lindh BOLe - 2 days ago
Omg i have that fire boy comic but one thing i threw it away so ho no
Biro MS
Biro MS - 3 days ago
copying PewDiePie ??!
I guess so
Pikaplays YT
Pikaplays YT - 3 days ago
Ooooo dam it sounds like when you kill inferno in mad city in Roblox and get his powerrrrr
Javix_ Gaming
Javix_ Gaming - 3 days ago
Neonfrom YT
Neonfrom YT - 3 days ago
u made fire i made ice
Orangie Cat
Orangie Cat - 3 days ago
Sweet Playz Yt
Sweet Playz Yt - 3 days ago
Every like I add a face
 ̄へ ̄
Cozy Crimson
Cozy Crimson - 3 days ago
*top notch animation*
Michelle Monroy
Michelle Monroy - 3 days ago
Oh my god i have the same last name as his UwU
Shiny Umbreon
Shiny Umbreon - 3 days ago
I applaud! XD you should totally make more comics!
Gelatina_Royal - 3 days ago
My favorite avenger
That Guy With Robux
That Guy With Robux - 3 days ago
Swiggity Swooty

I’m comin for dat comic

I mean comic booty
Jamie RodneyBlaine Whaley
proGamingGirl - 3 days ago
While watching this video all i could think about is
If the one guy who bought your book liked it
Asuna Griffin
Asuna Griffin - 3 days ago
Leaked sequel to dark Phoenix
Tacowaffle 351
Tacowaffle 351 - 3 days ago
Im pretty sure the book has gotten bidded for alot of money by now
BOB is dead OK
BOB is dead OK - 3 days ago
Fire boy 2 his new sidekick flap ago
Nom nom Cookies
Nom nom Cookies - 4 days ago
Show me more comics!!!
Daniel Diaz
Daniel Diaz - 4 days ago
Ahmad Gaming
Ahmad Gaming - 4 days ago
I want you to go to that shop in Sweden and find the comic
Xx_Ladyssa_x X
Xx_Ladyssa_x X - 4 days ago
My friend made a story named Fire Girl and im in 3rd grade.😐
Addison Nowicki
Addison Nowicki - 4 days ago
Great. As I was watching this, i realized something. I DID THE FREAKING EXACT SAME THING IN 2ND GRADE JUST AS A GIRL. mAkEs YoU wOnDeR aBoUt HuMaNiTy HuH? :/
Cat dab 21
Cat dab 21 - 4 days ago
Adam can you go back to your old animation
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