4 Parasites Too Creepy to Exist

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SciShow - 9 months ago
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Riena Larasati
Riena Larasati - Day ago
Lawrence Abbott
Lawrence Abbott - Month ago
So do any fish eat the baby barnacles that attach to the crab ?
are humans parasites of earth?
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John Boogmans Thanks I’m gonna now evolve to not piss now.
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Władca Wymiaru Cancsr is a disease a parasite can come in multiple forms but mostly living moving things. Cancer does feed off of the host but that does not classify it as a parasite itself
Silent Sahara
Silent Sahara - 2 days ago
came for tobi, stayed for the parasites
Julia Carlton
Julia Carlton - 2 days ago
I'm not sqemish because I've seen my cat eat VOMIT!!! 😫
mattcrowing - 2 days ago
That parasitic barnacle on a crab is the inspiration for Paras and Parasect in Pokémon.
Certifiedac Player
Certifiedac Player - 3 days ago

Seifo Meifo
Seifo Meifo - 3 days ago
Real number 1 coronavirus
•Brave786 •
•Brave786 • - 5 days ago
parasites: *exist*
everyone: thanos shouldve killed all of us.
Rajkumar Bhoi
Rajkumar Bhoi - 5 days ago
Really last one was awesome think to know!。◕‿◕。。◕‿◕。
2 ideots with a phone
2 ideots with a phone - 5 days ago
Shah number 9ne is a mood lmao
Amiyah Feldhausen
Amiyah Feldhausen - 12 days ago
i know the tonge one
Nightwatching -
Nightwatching - - 14 days ago
At least the crab is happy?
DinoTheMcBoy - 14 days ago
I mean ... we are parasites to the Earth
WiK - 15 days ago
hah I'm not a squirmy perso- * squirmy *
lil sel Ex
lil sel Ex - 17 days ago
Deathbydickey Anti-Sweat
Deathbydickey Anti-Sweat - 18 days ago
This is what corona has brought me
Spider-boi Miles morales
Spider-boi Miles morales - 18 days ago
Are you feeling it now Mr. krabs?
Rigel Sinco
Rigel Sinco - 20 days ago
You forgot a potential 5th one... Us.
Laura Zachary
Laura Zachary - 21 day ago
Wait so SCIshow stands for snapper choking isopod show? Is mr green a fish parasite? Is this whole channel just a cover so he can secretly pass his parasitic agenda onto us?
Nesta125 - 26 days ago
trip out!!! just last month I bought a fish here in Japan. we cooked it and ate it, only the head was left. The fish's mouth was closed, but under the jaw I saw a huge isopod. So creeped out! I thought the fish ate it before it was caught, but now I know what happened!!!
a random person on the internet
Crab: No one can take control of me!
Parasitic Barnacles: Allow us to introduce ourselves.
JR 1986
JR 1986 - 29 days ago
What did I learn from this? That if there is any benefit from ecosystem destruction it is that A lot of these parasites will fail. Need three different creatures to complete your cycle of life? One goes and bye! So do you.
RandomMan - Month ago
6:04 this how zombies comes in
Ruben Rodriguez
Ruben Rodriguez - Month ago
The parasitic barnacle on the crab is also the inspiration of a Pokemon
Sebastien Pelissie
Sebastien Pelissie - Month ago
you should look at the flood from halo
Penguin Hunter
Penguin Hunter - Month ago
What about Cordycepts?
Penguin Hunter
Penguin Hunter - Month ago
Very creepy but really exists
Ronald Justin
Ronald Justin - Month ago
I just realized that some of my friends are that 1/3 - 1/2
Aurelia Destiny
Aurelia Destiny - Month ago
Who the hell is calling that corpse flower *beautiful*? It’s quite ugly and a little freaky.
Vegas Tan
Vegas Tan - Month ago
Jonathan Breakfest
Jonathan Breakfest - Month ago
My ex is a parasite
Adrijana Radosevic
Adrijana Radosevic - Month ago
OK, if the female attaches to the "tongue" and feeds from the fish.. and males live in the gills... what do the males feed on?
Mateo - Month ago
'1/2 of all life on earth is parasitic.' Including humans, as any guy paying alimony will no doubt agree.
ethan miller
ethan miller - Month ago
Parasites are really scary to me
Natty SuperSoldier
Natty SuperSoldier - Month ago
The only parasite I wudnt mind living on me with be the carnage symbiote
Navneet - Month ago
"Study shows that fishes that are infected tend to be unhealthy"
Damn who would have known
Brett Law
Brett Law - Month ago
I know some people and cultural groups that are complete parasites. Not necessarily the ones you would expect.
Stevie Cabral
Stevie Cabral - Month ago
What about Earth's parasites? Humans!
TTstone616 - Month ago
Sounds like several crack whores I've known...
Arindam Roy
Arindam Roy - Month ago
I'm hungry.
Aj - Month ago
You forgot to cover Gold Diggers
Anecita Malaqui
Anecita Malaqui - Month ago
5. Gold Diggers (Women)
David Roberts
David Roberts - Month ago
Trump is a parasite.
Dixie Ten Broeck
Dixie Ten Broeck - Month ago
Speaking of parasites, when Hank got to "... a third to half of all life..."
*_IMMEDIATELY_** a certain oddly-*
*coloured US politico sprang to mind!*
rick vaughan
rick vaughan - Month ago
I read a fantasy book that meantioned corpse flowers kn iT i think, but i didnt realize they where real
Eldahalas - Month ago
fish: "You will never kill me!"
Tongue biting isopods: "Now here is a little something we gamers call Camping."
Vishal Sharma
Vishal Sharma - Month ago
This guy has literally grown up doing you tube videos.
Sandeep Athwal
Sandeep Athwal - Month ago
Yeh I know 7.1 billion of em!
Leon Lønsethagen
Leon Lønsethagen - Month ago
Rafflesia is not the corpse flower, its the corpse lily. and the actual corpse flower is the titan arum
Yashaswi Kulshreshtha
Yashaswi Kulshreshtha - Month ago
I literally want to slap mosquitoes HaRd! on their cheeks. How do i insult them?
moahmed hashim
moahmed hashim - Month ago

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Hariram Narayanan
Hariram Narayanan - Month ago
I'm not going to swim in rivers or the ocean anymore
ganerdene uurtsaih
ganerdene uurtsaih - Month ago
That gene stealing could be very useful very...
Kirby Productions
Kirby Productions - Month ago
Those aren’t worms they look like sperm
Fiona Bogunovic
Fiona Bogunovic - Month ago
7:05 so... blistering barnacles?
Tetei Chawngthu
Tetei Chawngthu - Month ago
7:59 wait hermit crab kinda sounds like hermitcraf...
Luka Markač
Luka Markač - Month ago
You forgot to mention my girlfriend
DaijDjan - Month ago
*sits down with something to eat*
*listens to the introduction and warning*
Eh, what could go wrong? ;)
TicenikYT - Month ago
If they're
"Too Creepy to Exist,"

TILTEDLAMA35 - Month ago
I should have been taking his warning more seriously because I thought I was having a seizure because of how scared I was
GPReeds - Month ago
Associates are parasites?
Ultra Y
Ultra Y - Month ago
Wind Flower
Wind Flower - Month ago
zombie crab parasites you say?
Wind Flower
Wind Flower - Month ago
so the baby Tongue-Biting-Sauropods are boys, and the adults are girls?
but the parasites themselves look cute!
Driftingtilldawn22 - Month ago
Why did the frog mutating worms look like sperm
Ammiel_123 - Month ago
hold up so that means we are eating parasites when we eat fish head and crab 🤮
Sally Griffin
Sally Griffin - Month ago
These animals serve no purpose. A lot like humanity! Keep them coming Hank!
FapMonster - Month ago
The crab one reminded me of the wasp one with the caterpillar, which I wanna say is almost worse but when you chalk it all up it's pretty much just as bad lol
Vergin4Life - Month ago
The crab shown in the animation is a male. Females under side is more of a round shape whilst the males is more of a triangle shape (just like the crab shown in the animation).
Blake Armstrong
Blake Armstrong - Month ago
Seems like those crabs got crabs accept it hijacked their Mind. And I thaught an an STD was bad
Lawrence Abbott
Lawrence Abbott - Month ago
Parasites r trash , are they really needed in the circle of life ?! Like what if all parasites just didn’t exist ? What would happen ?
Qayyum Chariff
Qayyum Chariff - Month ago
Crabs are the most maternal sea creature, in one case, there is even one crab adopt a baby whale like its own.. *true story*
Temptations Oof
Temptations Oof - Month ago
Since the flower can’t live on its own and a virus can’t live on its own which makes it non living therefor the flowers isn’t alive?
Gunnison 36
Gunnison 36 - Month ago
When you talked about the parasitic barnacles roots, my daughter felt the need to tickle the back of my neck. She is now grounded for the next 7 years.
László Szerémi
László Szerémi - Month ago
5) Billionaires.
Bang Antonio
Bang Antonio - 2 months ago
I'm proud my country is in this video. Even if it's about parasites.
SynKronos - 2 months ago
You forgot the British Royal Family
Cheech Whit
Cheech Whit - 2 months ago
hey now... Those crabs just believe in cross species adoption.. Dont call em parasites! there no different than any other kids...
Cheech Whit
Cheech Whit - 2 months ago
Wow neat... A whole list of politicians favorite idols... Man they sure got aspirations..
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