trying to deep fry ice cream

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Hamilton Anderson
Hamilton Anderson - Hour ago
Darren Joseph
Darren Joseph - 3 hours ago
Do jennas favorite garbage plate thing!!!
Funkymonkeyman50 - 3 hours ago
Man I cannot tell you guys how many times I had to make fried ice cream at the Mexican restaurant I worked at😂 always a mess
Farr Off
Farr Off - 5 hours ago
I put granola in my icecream all the time!! same effect but it's all cold. Delicious
Lindsey - 5 hours ago
I learned to make fried chicken in corn flakes
Charis Lawrence
Charis Lawrence - 11 hours ago
New Years resolution: buy an ice cream scoop
Shrek Swamp
Shrek Swamp - 13 hours ago
‘Murcia moment
Isabelle Zwiep
Isabelle Zwiep - 16 hours ago
You should deepfry a glutenfree mars bar!! I am celiac myself and i had it once in a rastaurant in London. It was amazing. Try it.
Merlin - 18 hours ago
Julien: I will make something I am good at! In another Vid
Me: So I guess we are not having another Video..
Merlin - 18 hours ago
OMG I was like totally talking with my dad if you could deep fry ice cream!? What a world! 🤯
Jerry Cavanagh
Jerry Cavanagh - 18 hours ago
I want to see vegan gyros
LeWarriorStar - 19 hours ago
Came here to see if i was the only one confused by his methods in this video.
Lizzy H
Lizzy H - 21 hour ago
auquafauba whips up like meringue if you beat it with a cake mixer
Yukki Katsuki
Yukki Katsuki - 22 hours ago
Cornflakes are also good for breading savoury foods
KenzieHurlock - Day ago
Why didn't you use the deepfryer? It's so much safer! I only use a deepfryer, a pot of hot oil is too dangerous!
Anaïs Le Pluart
Anaïs Le Pluart - Day ago
Another reason they weren’t covering properly is that the aquafaba probably was supposed to be whisked to stiff peaks!
Aquafaba is usually a substitute for meringue which is what other hot ice-cream recipes like baked Alaska call for
LexiJayC - Day ago
The small audience thats watches julien’s video, but doesn’t watch Jenna’s videos must be so confused by Jenna’s appearance.
Emily Davie
Emily Davie - Day ago
Every single new year my friends and I get together and do an oil fondue and fry things with flour, egg and cornflakes. It's the best
Charlotte Love
Charlotte Love - Day ago
what if you fry it and everything once, then freeze it then re coat and then fry 👀👀
S8706 - Day ago
cornflakes gotta be finer..
Hey I'm Dragon
Hey I'm Dragon - Day ago
Chelsea Belcher
Chelsea Belcher - Day ago
Lol I've been eating fried ice cream my entire life 😂 it's funny how mind blown they are to me
Zhane Alliyah
Zhane Alliyah - Day ago
Julien, you should have used a little xanthan gum to your aquafaba.
Shana Preston
Shana Preston - Day ago
Wonder how he’s gonna pull of the whole ice cream bit being a vegan and all
Michelle Young
Michelle Young - Day ago
Omg, use plastic wrap to shape your ice cream balls. Much less mess!
Eve Aldin
Eve Aldin - 2 days ago
I didn't notice how high your apron was until I did and it stresses me out
lucid f1nnz
lucid f1nnz - 2 days ago
Dipping dots but deep fried .
Zainab Q.
Zainab Q. - 2 days ago
did you ever get your stove back?
Canab Maxamuud
Canab Maxamuud - 2 days ago
Sacadiyo siman
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 2 days ago
PLEASE make a cook book! i have celiac disease and having a ton of cool recipes in one place would be great!
Angel Vaz
Angel Vaz - 2 days ago
I think you should make fried chips out of flakes to add to the ice cream or make a bowl out of the flakes
maddi - 2 days ago
Have you ever heard of gloves
Shabby Cat
Shabby Cat - 2 days ago
I love fried ice cream in a bowl of oil. Yum.
You can’t Postmates ice cream but it has been done. I do Uber Eats as a delivery person. I have delivered ice cream in the Texas heat. It isn’t ice cream when it arrives but people try. 😂
Natalie June
Natalie June - 2 days ago
i’ve fried chicken with cornflakes! it’s GOOD. there’s a chrissy teigan recipe
Sierra B
Sierra B - 2 days ago
If the egg whites were whipped a bit more and the ice cream was frozen for atleast an hour this could turn out amazing! Also try adding dried coconut to the corn flakes its sooo bomb!
Elibur Zenos
Elibur Zenos - 2 days ago
crush the corn flakes more finely and freeze the ice cream again after battering and breading it. You'll get better results.
Sarah Romero
Sarah Romero - 2 days ago
The ice cream needs to be super frozen so it doesn’t melt as quick. My friends mother made it once and it is DELICIOUS
Miss Kneesocks
Miss Kneesocks - 2 days ago
An aries makes the hardest cookie. Julien making macarons aries style
Emily Peters
Emily Peters - 2 days ago
When you see the 365 on the ice cream and know he bought it at whole foods because you work there. Where are my fellow whole fooders?
Natalie Aguilera
Natalie Aguilera - 2 days ago
Your my favorite human being😭
Wen Baz
Wen Baz - 2 days ago
Jenna is my eboy king I love her sm
Hannah Bloom
Hannah Bloom - 2 days ago
Faba, flake, faba, flake, fry (for fifteen), finish!
BanDANA 69
BanDANA 69 - 2 days ago
make مهياوه
Bos. town
Bos. town - 2 days ago
Or you can just fry the cereal and put it over ice cream..
Rana Ninneman
Rana Ninneman - 2 days ago
This is the most Julien recipe ever & I'm here for it.
giraffe912 - 2 days ago
‘Deep frying things is such an american thing’
Me: You should go to Scotland lmao.
Eva122702 - 2 days ago
julien: *says deep fried ice cream is such an american thing*
me: *has only had fried ice cream at mexican restaurants*
Audra Lewis
Audra Lewis - 2 days ago
What happened to the chef’s jacket?!
Milana Stewart
Milana Stewart - 2 days ago
These videos are my favorite because they’re so chaotically calm
Dante Mosqueda
Dante Mosqueda - 2 days ago
"this is nasty"*did I just hear Julein be disgusted by something?*
Dante Mosqueda
Dante Mosqueda - 2 days ago
"this is nasty"
*did I just hear Julein be disgusted by something?*
Flower D
Flower D - 2 days ago
Understand your point of view of the holidays in the hell can enjoy the holidays for that matter enjoy Christmas
Georgije Papadopulou
Georgije Papadopulou - 3 days ago
you should not cook ever in your life... brain usage 0%
Aubree Grant
Aubree Grant - 3 days ago
Jullian - It wasn't even that messy!
Jenna - it's literally so messy in here...
Elsie DeForest
Elsie DeForest - 3 days ago
There is no more important thing than deep fried ice cream honestly. And I’ve never had it with chocolate. Only honey 🍯
a bathtub
a bathtub - 3 days ago
julien: dropping whole cornflakes on a ball of ice cream
also Julien: ah it must be the bean juice
dank candice
dank candice - 3 days ago
has anyone ever told u that u look AND sound like joaquin phoenix?
Jordyn R
Jordyn R - 3 days ago
If you do this another time try crushing up the cornflakes more and after you coat the ice cream put it back in the freezer to solidify and then fry it
MissHeatherettee - 3 days ago
So crush the cornflakes even less the third time? Smh.
Sky Huntley
Sky Huntley - 3 days ago
deep fried mac and cheese balls with garlic chipotle aioli
America Chavez
America Chavez - 3 days ago
*grabs a ball of ice cream with his bare hands and runs with it from the freezer to the kitchen* oh no! It’s melting! :o
ok I think in theory you could like take the plate out and use like tongs or something...
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