YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Dirty lyanna (Official Video)

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RollinStoneStunna 5
RollinStoneStunna 5 - 32 minutes ago
Hard as a mf 💯💯💯💯💯
Young Squezze
Young Squezze - 32 minutes ago
yall tripping bout not liking dis song, shit fye fym 😂💚
GokuHitEm - 33 minutes ago
Ohh shit🔥
Draaake Soulja says
Draaake Soulja says - 33 minutes ago
*MJ X NBA YB* 🕺🏽
Sosa Francis
Sosa Francis - 33 minutes ago
YB she should’ve had a smoke bomb at the end😁
JeremyCrescendo - 34 minutes ago
This ain't it
Lul Nasty
Lul Nasty - 34 minutes ago
I wanna hear what his vocals sounded like without auto tune😂
BlakJak TheyShouldKnow
BlakJak TheyShouldKnow - 34 minutes ago
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Don Corleone
Don Corleone - 34 minutes ago
Trash just pure TRASH wtf was he thinking he must’ve have been stupid dumb high
Flxrida Bxy
Flxrida Bxy - 35 minutes ago
3:05 tf is she standing like that?
B Lux
B Lux - 35 minutes ago
I ain’t gone lie this kinda hit
Brian Aranda
Brian Aranda - 35 minutes ago
Click the link to watch Michael Jackson’s reaction :
Art Dilla
Art Dilla - 36 minutes ago
ADHD should be trending higher than this🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
James Tunney
James Tunney - 36 minutes ago
I smell herpes
Unknown PrO
Unknown PrO - 36 minutes ago
This song slapps fym
iyana garrett
iyana garrett - 36 minutes ago
That’s why his stupid guards couldn’t see me 😭💀at least if he gon trash me like that he could spell my name right 🤦🏽‍♀️
Rio - 36 minutes ago
Who came from Michael jacksons remix dirty diana
S.D. H
S.D. H - 36 minutes ago
Shelly’s Taste
Shelly’s Taste - 36 minutes ago
Oh god i can only imagine how ashamed and disgust michael jackson is rn
Fadeaway Music
Fadeaway Music - 36 minutes ago
Fadeaway Music Baby
Cookie McIk gaming :::••
Cookie McIk gaming :::•• - 37 minutes ago
Aye man you slashed your tires in your car like you got more cars dang dirty lyanna
DEAD OPS GAMING - 37 minutes ago
He gon be legendary 💯
Brandon Powell
Brandon Powell - 38 minutes ago
Kayelyne Mason
Kayelyne Mason - 38 minutes ago
Ion think this one was for him..😭😭😭
Imagine Life With Tay
Imagine Life With Tay - 38 minutes ago
Chuck Smith
Chuck Smith - 38 minutes ago
Man y'all tripping this young man killed this remix you would only understand if you actually grew up in this era of music.
Secret youtube[spam]
Secret youtube[spam] - 38 minutes ago
Add RY-YOW on Snapchat, wait actually don’t 😂 I don’t want to get spammed
Rhiyan’s Corner
Rhiyan’s Corner - 39 minutes ago
I like it but it ain’t like the others 🤣
Nadira Ezell
Nadira Ezell - 39 minutes ago
This sucks 🥴
Gaming with Sab
Gaming with Sab - 39 minutes ago
Dirty diana oh wrong song
Fred Funkledunk
Fred Funkledunk - 40 minutes ago
Insert meme
This music needs to stop
Louis Morel l'Horset
Louis Morel l'Horset - 40 minutes ago
You people are so fucking stupid i don’t even know what to say. If everyone here killed them selves, the world might actually be kind of a better place
ℒσgic♫ アキラ
ℒσgic♫ アキラ - 40 minutes ago
His head looks like my cars dented door
Tristan Dodson
Tristan Dodson - 41 minute ago
Lol honestly u can tell he was bored asf when he made this. You can tell he didn’t intend to make this a REAL SONG
Ryan Nicolaus
Ryan Nicolaus - 41 minute ago
this is straight GARBAGE!!!!!!
COMPLEXCRN3 - 41 minute ago
Mike Lesesne
Mike Lesesne - 41 minute ago
MJ is turning over in his grave.🖕
Chris Bellanger
Chris Bellanger - 41 minute ago
Idk about this one man
336Glock4L *
336Glock4L * - 41 minute ago
Darnell Stewart
Darnell Stewart - 43 minutes ago
Yoooooooooooo ..... This is bad .... Ifw his other stuff, but I can't rock with this y'all
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