Joe Rogan Experience #1315 - Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell

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Mark Wuahlbuargg
Mark Wuahlbuargg - 18 minutes ago
Is it me or does Bob Lazar kinda looks like Stephen King?
Matt Allerton
Matt Allerton - 23 minutes ago
Do people think he is telling the truth or making this up?
Ben VDP - 43 minutes ago
This is probably the best place to put this but I saw something one night around midnight pitch black and I saw lights in the sky flying like many a couple hundred feet in the air and we could see stars where the lights were. And I was freaking out because I didn’t understand, so I did some research and I found this site that charted m people’s recorded sightings and so someone say it about 8 hours away from me the day day and then I checked again and nothing else was reported
Jojo Mojo
Jojo Mojo - Hour ago
Is joe part of the 1%?
Dennis The Menace
Dennis The Menace - 28 minutes ago
Definitely, he's 99% chimp.
playinragz - Hour ago
Bullshit alert! Bob is FOS!!! Been proven to be a hoaxer long ago. He says he knows how it runs ! Lol sure Bobby and Rohan isn’t a sell out cunt. Suree
Name, Rank & Serial Number
How about we raid Corbell's house first, tie him to a tree and make him squeal like a peeg?
Holly Hudson
Holly Hudson - Hour ago
The key was always in advanced magnetics new elements were always needed idk about 115 but thats what it sounds like to me
Ooficer Ooficer
Ooficer Ooficer - Hour ago
1:48:20 stfu jeremey, how in the fuck did you think he meant that you stupid ape
Spencer Hayes
Spencer Hayes - Hour ago
49:50 Bob Lazar and co stormed area 51 before it was cool
Wyatt Strauss
Wyatt Strauss - 2 hours ago
Joe and Bob finally team up to call Jeremy out on his bullshit.
PS4LIFE GAMER - 2 hours ago
They don't know how the craft works and there is no buttons or gauges on the consoles.So how did they get a perfectly good working alien spaceship and how the fuck is someone flying it.Not only do they have one craft they have a shit load of alien spaceships.
Aliens suck at flying and stealth because we got all their shit.They have all this tech yet space travel takes forever.Guess NASA is out of the loop.Not only that Trump would tweet about alien crafts if there was any.No former president said shit about this stuff.
Also they wasn't to worried about security because they let this guy shoot his big mouth off.A soldier drops his night goggles and they roll over to them.What a crock of shit!
Jesus Barrios
Jesus Barrios - 2 hours ago
Bob: aliens are not in Area 51 there in S4
Every one: RAID AREA 51 !!!!
Bianca Coiro
Bianca Coiro - 2 hours ago
What fucking document mate
jakedizzle - 2 hours ago
25:30 He just said element 115. Black ops zombies!
Ninten Nol
Ninten Nol - 2 hours ago
Unfortunate you didn't get to interview Riley Martin
PS4LIFE GAMER - 2 hours ago
What a bunch of bullshit.
Alien Musk
Alien Musk - 2 hours ago
Anybody wanna tunnel dug in their garden?
Dennis The Menace
Dennis The Menace - 3 hours ago
It was the neighbour's wife doing a striptease I caught it all. lol
Dennis The Menace
Dennis The Menace - 3 hours ago
The sun is up and the skies are free of UfO's... hold on, wait WTF is that I'll be back in a minute got to get this on video,
James Vanderpoel
James Vanderpoel - 3 hours ago
Isn't Zeta Reticuli used in a bunch of sci fi media such as Alien, Space: Above and Beyond, Prometheus...etc.?
Name, Rank & Serial Number
@Dennis The Menace More like an NAACP publicity stunt dude.
Dennis The Menace
Dennis The Menace - 2 hours ago
Some think it was a confabulation but this really happened:
Dennis The Menace
Dennis The Menace - 2 hours ago
@Code Tech Wow!
Code Tech
Code Tech - 2 hours ago
Zeta Reticuli became part of popular culture because of the Betty & Barney Hill case of 1961.
Hersh Shorsh
Hersh Shorsh - 3 hours ago
Bob : I'm a Scientist who worked on Alien technology!
Joe : 1:39:24
lil_izzzy - 3 hours ago
Does lazar have kids
AHNDRX - 3 hours ago
Reading all of this stuff thinking what in the fuck is this 😂😂😂😂😂
AHNDRX - 3 hours ago
We are the aliens
Liam McDonnell
Liam McDonnell - 3 hours ago
I want to see him try to lie about this to degrasse
Cody Davis
Cody Davis - 3 hours ago
Joe Rogan is awesome here. He asks all the right questions. However I feel that Bob is full of shit. Half truths at best. Simply my opinion
Playboii Jerry
Playboii Jerry - 4 hours ago
I’m going to bed guys, will finish tmm hold my spot
Name, Rank & Serial Number
@Code Tech That means leaving the computer on dude.
Code Tech
Code Tech - 2 hours ago
Your web browser will hold the spot without you having to mark it.
Liam McDonnell
Liam McDonnell - 4 hours ago
Non of this is convincing whatsoever ... And joe rogan ask some serious questions dont just let him rattle off .... Im positive hes full of bs now
pjsmokke - 4 hours ago
Also if anything is in area 51 its nots Now
Danny Onopa
Danny Onopa - 4 hours ago
I call BS why didnt they answer or ask the 1 question we all have? WHY DIDNT THEY FLY IT TO THE PLANET IT CAME FROM
Sphere Being Alliance
Sphere Being Alliance - 2 hours ago
@Code Tech At that time you did not know where it came from and you were not biologically adapted to travel interstellar.
Code Tech
Code Tech - 2 hours ago
Maybe that is not a good idea?
Jeffrey Snyder
Jeffrey Snyder - 4 hours ago
Where it actually may come from: interdimensional demons,
Farmers Meatballs_420 What?
The only complaint i have with this one is the guy with the beard makes me uncomfortable.
pjsmokke - 4 hours ago
How is he able to tell this story and not be arrested??
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez - 4 hours ago
good stuff but I heard podcast when it first came out and now it's the new crase. that crazy. please be careful when crazy media shit goes down the government is keeping the attention away from real issues
brent ruble
brent ruble - 4 hours ago
this is the infamous clip of jeremy? Joe annoyed me more than jeremy did. and you all sucking joe's cock is even more cringy.
Rusty Colley
Rusty Colley - 4 hours ago
I have many questions but the main question I have has the government not got Bob Lazar whacked for doing this?
Hugh Neutron
Hugh Neutron - 4 hours ago
You gotta respect Jeremy for his enthusiasm and passion for bringing Bob's story to light
Buckeye4life 440
Buckeye4life 440 - 5 hours ago
I sure hope this Jeremy guy is reading the comments for this video so he knows how stupid and annoying he sounds. He can’t even finish a sentence without starting a new one. Nobody knows what the hell hes even talking about. This is a great video except for when Jeremy talks
_introe_ vurt_
_introe_ vurt_ - 5 hours ago
Maybe migraine is code for I'll get killed for answering that
Axel Rose
Axel Rose - 5 hours ago
Bob lazar the only men with balls to spell the beans on area 51
Buckeye4life 440
Buckeye4life 440 - 5 hours ago
That Jeremy guy is so annoying. He doesn’t even know what the hell he is talking about
Rowan Richards
Rowan Richards - 2 hours ago
Your mother is annoying!
isaac callison
isaac callison - 5 hours ago
So perfectly working alien technology, yet they crash landed??? Joe why didn't you ask that?
Sphere Being Alliance
@Code Tech Can you see now how carefully formulated all the questions are that have been asked? All the real probing questions have been avoided because the interviewer and the interviewee are acting. We in the Alliance are quite sickened by the subterfuge of your government controlled media. This is why we have decided to do our own controlled study to see if your species is ready for full disclosure.
Code Tech
Code Tech - 2 hours ago
No one said they crashed.
starchaser28 - 5 hours ago
Joe Rogan please interview Steven Greer
cmen klaver
cmen klaver - 6 hours ago
What do other countries with UFO's? Why is there only information on UFO's in America? I can't imagine my country holding UFO's
Arroobadooba Durkhahakh
Arroobadooba Durkhahakh - 6 hours ago
A lot of these comments are reminding me why I grew to hate the UFO community in the first place. They all talk about wanting to know “truth” but then they shit on the guy who tries to tell them the more important truth about THIS world
K R - 6 hours ago
Joe's head is sooooo shiny.
Sam Green
Sam Green - 6 hours ago
My uncle worked at sandia labs with element 115 in the late 80's...
Sphere Being Alliance
@Code Tech Are you interested in the development of anti-gravity technology human?
Code Tech
Code Tech - 2 hours ago
Dylan Acton
Dylan Acton - 6 hours ago
Lazar is great but his documentarian is the Blue Raja.
Jeremy Yanke
Jeremy Yanke - 6 hours ago
some of the comments on just unknowingly using tech are not true. many people take the time to understand how something they use chooch's. smartphones being the exception, its pure fucking magic.
Shod Baker
Shod Baker - 6 hours ago
This guy is so full of shit about many things he said.
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