92nd Oscar Nominations

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Canal do Má
Canal do Má - 50 minutes ago
Seus filha de uma p*** devolve o vídeo do Castanhari
Straight Wack
Straight Wack - 4 hours ago
When endgame isn’t anywhere on it
Johnny Razor Coke Hat Sanchez
The Academy is run by pedophiles
Claudio Rabsten
Claudio Rabsten - 12 hours ago
does joker have the potential to pick up a special achievement oscar?
Ram Das
Ram Das - 17 hours ago
and the oscar goes to J O K E R
4lugan - 18 hours ago
Tarantino makes great scenes but useless, ridiculous movies with No real Story.
Phoenix will win for actor
Laura Keeble
Laura Keeble - Day ago
"Congratulations to those men" is a mood. Poor Greta Gerwig and Lulu Wang.
Johnny Razor Coke Hat Sanchez
What's up
El simple Simplón
El simple Simplón - Day ago
Fuck!!!!! You missed to put Taron Egerton for best actor 🙄....Rocketman Is so underrated ☹️
Johnny Razor Coke Hat Sanchez
Rocketman sucked
I'm lay sheep in China
I hope #LeonardoDicaprio win this time
Morten Aanstad
Morten Aanstad - 11 hours ago
He's already won for "The Revenant", and it's more of a horse race between Joaquin Phoenix and Adam Driver (though the former has won every major award at this point)
Chris Frost
Chris Frost - Day ago
why did they ask a black woman and an asian man to announce that the "nominated" are all white folks? #OscarRacism
Yash Kumar
Yash Kumar - Day ago
why did not they nominate frozen 2 for animated feature.??
Johnny Razor Coke Hat Sanchez
because it sucked
Thiyagarajan Rajasudhakar
The Oscar goes to "JOKER" :) ""Joaquin Phoenix "" Best Acting
juneaug Lok
juneaug Lok - Day ago
Fuck u all. U snubbed De Niro
Aman M S
Aman M S - Day ago
My personal favourites (Not predictions):
Best picture - Parasite/ 1917
Best director- Sam Mendes
Best original screenplay- Parasite
Best adapted screenplay- The Irishman
Best foreign film- Parasite
Best animated film- HTTYD 3
Best actor- Joaquin Phoenix
Best actress- Scarlett Johansson
Best supporting actor- Joe Pesci
Best supporting actress- Laura Dern
Best cinematography- 1917
Best editing- Ford v Ferrari
Best original score- 1917
Best production design- OUATIH
Sound editing- 1917
Sound mixing- 1917
VFX- The lion king(The movie wasn't very good but the VFX was incredible)
Costume design- Little women
Diego Pisfil
Diego Pisfil - Day ago
Niamh - Day ago
1917 deserves some kind of award, it was stunning and heartbreaking at the same time
Johnny Razor Coke Hat Sanchez
Most boring movie of the year trophy.
A Human Named Charles
I'm glad Joker is getting what it deserves but honestly we all knew it would. The Lighthouse on the other hand is one of the biggest snubs I've ever seen in my entire life.
assmane999 - Day ago
I bet you Adam Sandler started to cheer when ‘Adam’ came up for best actor, then quickly had a classic Sandler Rage-fit when ‘Driver’ came right after.
assmane999 - Day ago
Scarlett nominated for best supporting actress AND best actress. Nice! But, she won’t win either one.
Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard - Day ago
Johnny Razor Coke Hat Sanchez
His lobster sucked
Pravardhan Rao Allam
13:33 This is all Y'all been lookin for ! 🖤
mikah ong
mikah ong - Day ago
Wins I wish would happen:
Supporting Actress: Laura Dern
Animated Short: Hair Love
Animated Feature: I Lost My Body
Supporting Actor: Anthony Hopkins
International Feature: Parasite
Cinematogtaphy: The Lighthouse
Visual Effects: Avengers: Endgame
Original Song: (I'm Gonna)Love Me Again, Rocketman
Adapted Screenplay: Joker
Original Screenplay: Knives Out
Lead Actor: Joaquin Phoenix
Lead Actress: Cynthia Erivo
Director: Martin Scorsese
Best Picture: 1917
Rishabh Govind Rao
Rishabh Govind Rao - Day ago
Phoenix for leading actor
Yokky - Day ago
Personally for me it's such a weird feeling!
The feeling like the world has strangely acquired the same taste in cinema as me. 0_0
In 2010-2015's there were no nominees I liked.
In 2010-2015 my favourite actors were: Olivia Coleman and Laura Dern.
My favourite director was: Bong Joon-Ho.
Yaaay for 2019 and 2020!
They finally start swooping all the awards!
It's like the world is finally waking up to a good taste in cinema!
Kyle Oxenham
Kyle Oxenham - Day ago
Here are some facts about the Best Supporting Actor catgeory:
1. All the nominees are previous winners. This marks the second time that I know of where all the nominees in that category are previous winners. The first was in 2013, when Alan Arkin, Robert De Niro, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Tommy Lee Jones and Christoph Waltz (the winner) were nominated.
2. Although they're all previous winners, Brad Pitt's the only one whose Oscar wasn't for acting, it was for producing 12 Years a Slave. If Brad wins, he'll become the 3rd actor I know of to win 1 Oscar each for acting and producing. The other two were Michael Douglas (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Wall Street) and George Clooney (Syriana and Argo).
3. Four of the nominees in the category won Oscars in 5 consecutive years. First was Joe Pesci, then Anthony Hopkins, then Al Pacino, then Tom Hanks, then Tom Hanks again.
Mathias Dohr
Mathias Dohr - 2 days ago
I hope Thomas Newman gets his Oscar, he totally deserves it.
Cm Dndr
Cm Dndr - 2 days ago
No De Niro? No Dafoe?
Johnny Razor Coke Hat Sanchez
Just a lot of dirty hoes
Sabrina Lee
Sabrina Lee - 2 days ago
Was this a live on amercian TV? Hosts announced the nominations for the first time? Just curious
Anonyme User
Anonyme User - 2 days ago
Idc if they air it at 3 am. I'm still gonna watch this event live. F*ck school
Erika - 2 days ago
not nominating willem dafoe and adam sandler???? cringe bruh
Deniz - 2 days ago
Why the fuck they are clapping everything? It is so annoying...
Fleur Lovelace
Fleur Lovelace - 2 days ago
Where's Lighthouse? Farewell? Skin? A beautiful day in the neighborhood?
Hunter Wilder
Hunter Wilder - 2 days ago
Everyone's talking about Dafoe and Pattinson, but I'm more upset about Taron Egerton
lie diana
lie diana - 2 days ago
Why all this awards show don't have Avengers as nominee? Please explain to me
KARISAL - 2 days ago
Single slipper os7
Yaswanth A S
Yaswanth A S - 2 days ago
One day or other day I will get oscar award for my acting performance
Muzahid Azmi
Muzahid Azmi - 2 days ago
Wow parasite
Klara Kevric
Klara Kevric - 2 days ago
cogratulation to all men
Cihan - 2 days ago
Poor clappers :(
MAD MAMAD - 2 days ago
How To
How To - 2 days ago
Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Oscars 2020 From the nominees to the host, we presents the definitive guide to the Oscars 2020.
Tutas - 2 days ago
What about "Us"?
Hyder Cheema
Hyder Cheema - 2 days ago
I have found a blog on nominations https://www.primefreemovies.com/articles/oscar-nomination-2020-full-list-of-nominees/
kike 00000
kike 00000 - 3 days ago
And Steven universe 😡🥺
Tijjeroo Woopdidoo
Tijjeroo Woopdidoo - 3 days ago
I'm thoroughly disappointed that Knives Out was snubbed for Best Picture and Best Director, in particular. Especially when considering that Joker was there in its place. As much as I found Joker sufficiently entertaining and Phoenix's performance to be memorable, the movie as a whole was simply not Academy-worthy. It was a very average film overall, in my opinion. Knives Out, in comparison, was a masterclass in film-making and deserved those Picture and Director spots instead. I fully believe that the Academy fell victim to the hype machine, and tried to appease fans of the year's big money maker. They followed the money instead of the quality. I just hope Knives Out, in the very least, takes home the one Award it DID get a nod for, with Best Original Screenplay.
Anna Morones
Anna Morones - 3 days ago
Like if toy story 4 is gonna win
Reina Jancorda
Reina Jancorda - 3 days ago
I wonder why Parasite is always the last title to be announced on each category
L Villarreal
L Villarreal - 3 days ago
Parasite for Best Picture!!!!!
I mean Joker was good because of Joaquin BUT Parasite goes beyond amazing because of the montage, the cinematography, the story, the aftermath....
Mia Muller
Mia Muller - 3 days ago
"Honeyland" 💪❤🥰
재형 / ジェイムズ
no enough love for parasite or the farewell? shame. despicable. laughable. asinine. the oscars are fatuous
Mikey Drake
Mikey Drake - 3 days ago
how did parasite not get nominated for everything? especially cinematography and score.
Maha Salsabeel
Maha Salsabeel - 3 days ago
Best picture =Irishman
Best actor = Joaquin
Best supporting actor = Brad pitt
Directing = Parasite
Brandon Scott
Brandon Scott - 3 days ago
The Oscars are always a joke. The only people that watch them are addicted to watching television. They have never picked the right movies or people. They are so out of touch with reality.
Master King
Master King - Day ago
Then you watched this video, yeah ironic.
etme1000 - 3 days ago
The Academy has decided that the Oscars will have no host this year (again). Also, no viewers.
theZoDgaMeR - 3 days ago
Bro I'm a really happy man today because joker got nominated for 11 catagory!!
schermitoreZINTHER - 3 days ago
Where is Lupita for best actress and Uncut Gems for best Picture. FUK THE OSCAR MEMBERS, LIL BCHES
Kit Kat
Kit Kat - 3 days ago
I am seeing Little Women tomorrow I cannot wait😀
Wan011_biss - 3 days ago
Parasite need to win oscar!
Jen Shaw
Jen Shaw - 3 days ago
I wonder if one of this year's Oscars Winners going to say with honesty "Thanks for this heavy, ugly, and poorly engineered award! What an honor! "
Henrique Davi Ribeiro dos Santos
Eu ainda irei aparecer na lista do Oscar, por que se Deus quiser eu irei ser a primeira criança a ganhar o Oscar e o primeiro ator do brasil a ganhar o Oscar
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