10 Things Kyle Kuzma Can’t Live Without | GQ

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AvanceSK - 2 days ago
He used to use Let’s JAM classic! 😂😂😂 I f*** with him for even saying that!
Jaylon Young
Jaylon Young - 2 days ago
Y'all heard how he said hudu
Joe Seida
Joe Seida - 3 days ago
Robbie Sloan
Robbie Sloan - 6 days ago
Paradox Bot
Paradox Bot - 7 days ago
2019 anyone?

O wait
Noah Gjer
Noah Gjer - 7 days ago
Who heard this with AirPods?

Like if u did
Soso Sanchez
Soso Sanchez - 8 days ago
Yass Osark...
Brandon Tong
Brandon Tong - 14 days ago
Enjoy that LOOONG summer break Kuz and watch the Magic in the playoffs
Noah Silliman
Noah Silliman - 15 days ago
places on the west coast.. Milwaukee...🤣🤣🤣
Kevin Kwok
Kevin Kwok - 15 days ago
You hook up your firestick to your MacBook pro???? What?
Jannik Fey
Jannik Fey - 18 days ago
Chronic Blast
Chronic Blast - 18 days ago
I probably never ever disliked a video
Pot ruck Star
Pot ruck Star - 19 days ago
Eww AirPods 🤢🤮
east bay925
east bay925 - 19 days ago
Ozark best show ever lol
koffiged - 19 days ago
Update: Kuzma definitely can’t live without Katya 😊
cj - 19 days ago
Wait why he need car keys if this man on the road for games
Jones Misheel
Jones Misheel - 22 days ago
omg my crush
DestroZ - 22 days ago
*LeBron buys iPhone for Lakers player*
I'm sorry for the trade rumors. Here's a iPhone.
Marissa Cheah
Marissa Cheah - 24 days ago
Dora the explorer bag.
Majestic Snow Chimp
Majestic Snow Chimp - 25 days ago
Kuzma 🙌🙌
JR Smith
JR Smith - 26 days ago
Bill Blass
Bill Blass - 26 days ago
Kuzma got himself a GQ video? This kid has potential, im rooting for him
gerard asuncion
gerard asuncion - 27 days ago
10 things ryan reynolds can't live without
Jacory Guy
Jacory Guy - Month ago
Kyle such a cool dood Much Respect💯
yes I am a ball hog
yes I am a ball hog - Month ago
Are we all going to ignore that Kuz said *"I can hook it on my Dora bag."*

Ok you do you
Slamblume40 - 18 days ago
yes I am a ball hog no he said “Dora the Explora bag”. So I wonder if the bag has like some designs to make it for grownups
IcyRaptorKing Fortnite
1 like = a point for Kyle Kuzma in the nba season
Dai's the name
Dai's the name - Month ago
Kuzma got good taste in music
It's 25. You can't count!
He is such a fun guy
Ridhwaan A. Salaam
Ridhwaan A. Salaam - Month ago
Is kuz even 21 yet?
Jon Snow
Jon Snow - Month ago
Am I the only one who sees that his teeth resembles ariana grande's? 😂
Paul Rios
Paul Rios - Month ago
Shhhhhhomething i cant live without ishhhhhhh... curlshhhhhh, shhhhhhoeshhhh, my shhhhhhowshhh all that kind of shhhhhtuff
Durga Reed
Durga Reed - Month ago
what brand is his shirt
Donovan Villa
Donovan Villa - Month ago
LeBron gives gifts to his teammates coollll
Genuine Servant of God
Fire stick
Car keys
That's actually 9 things
Louie P
Louie P - Month ago
One of the essentials is his jersey
VantheMan96 - Month ago
Does anyone know what watch he is wearing?
Milos23 - Month ago
So we're just not gonna say anything about his teammates forcing him to underage drinking!?
Damien Plancarte
Damien Plancarte - Month ago
Do James harden
Gonzalez Moralez
Gonzalez Moralez - Month ago
Brayden Welch
Brayden Welch - Month ago
Brayden Welch
Brayden Welch - Month ago
Have the same exact hair jell in my room
soulonfirexx - Month ago
Good taste in watches!
Mark Aguilar
Mark Aguilar - Month ago
Kyle kuzma is amazing
incognito 82
incognito 82 - Month ago
This guy a millennial
Parker Playz
Parker Playz - Month ago
did he say dora the explorer bag?!
Jon Lock
Jon Lock - Month ago
Porsche and a Patek. This man has great taste
Soufiane Bahij
Soufiane Bahij - 18 days ago
Jon Lock yup
king greco
king greco - Month ago
2:37 oh so who is 6ix9ine then😂
Malik Giovanni
Malik Giovanni - Month ago
Kuzma is a better than Lonzo, Don’t @ me
Ben Schapiro
Ben Schapiro - Month ago
"new music sounds the same"
so right
Conner Boatwright
Conner Boatwright - Month ago
2:37 he gonna get arrested 😭
Mykolas Vilkelis
Mykolas Vilkelis - Month ago
Do One with DeMar DeRozan
sweg - Month ago
lonzos passing apparently
CaaPo0NeJeR - Month ago
who can tell me what kind of shirt he's wearing?
logan WM
logan WM - Month ago
Kuzma sounds like a dope dude after watching that and I don’t say that often about stars
Kylie Kristen
Kylie Kristen - Month ago
Baby ♥️
Pore P
Pore P - Month ago
well, he can live without a ring it looks like
Horizon897 Horizon
Horizon897 Horizon - Month ago
It smells like broke in here!
Lance Sicat
Lance Sicat - Month ago
Number 1: *LeBron*
Ariana Rojas
Ariana Rojas - Month ago
rev up those fryers
rev up those fryers - Month ago
2:37 interesting....
Javier Machuca
Javier Machuca - Month ago
Who else thought he would have a lighter voice?
Jon Hardin
Jon Hardin - Month ago
This boy said 2Pac. Salute to Kuz
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson - Month ago
He was finna say new music sucks 🤣😂
Jaren Dagoat
Jaren Dagoat - Month ago
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball - Month ago
Yeah narcos got boring after season 2
Morgan Bishop
Morgan Bishop - Month ago
Focus on playing better
Random Person
Random Person - Month ago
isn’t lebron signed to samsung😂😂😂
Adrian Altezza
Adrian Altezza - Month ago
Number 11: defense
ABraham Vang
ABraham Vang - Month ago
he said he is 69 and i thought he meant the rapper
Alan nolove
Alan nolove - Month ago
Best Lakers player
Janayn Melis
Janayn Melis - Month ago
We use the same hair product! Lol
Charlies chocolatefactory
overrated n cocky
ALLinMgmt - Month ago
POOP MEISTER - Month ago
Bianca M
Bianca M - Month ago
Jay Casteline
Jay Casteline - Month ago
Wow nobody cares. Stupid video stupid topic
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll - Month ago
John Livingston
John Livingston - Month ago
Anyone know where to get that hoodie ? 🙏
Santiago Trujillo
Santiago Trujillo - Month ago
Too bad the Lakers suck right now
dipsetkory - Month ago
Can't live without possibly getting traded LMAO
seancoyote - Month ago
Steady supply of and access to food, air, water, shelter, warmth, medicine, social interactions, relations, entertainment, and information. That is my list.
Deadshot - Month ago
buddy where is the phone as an essential
Stratos M.Kampourakis Staras
Gq....Where is Antentonkoumpo thought???🙄🏀🇬🇷💙
Bobby Gloss
Bobby Gloss - Month ago
Abigail Almassy
Abigail Almassy - Month ago
This is my cousin
josh - Month ago
*I can't live without PornHub*
Giveaway at 100 subs
Giveaway at 100 subs - Month ago
Guess Kuz don’t speak broke
YFG RE - Month ago
What kinda firestick is that
Daglaseq_15 - Month ago
BallerBenny YT
BallerBenny YT - Month ago
If my phone is dead I need a watch
Hans Deleon
Hans Deleon - Month ago
How about Paul George, Russell Westbrook, KD and Jayson Tatum
Leeioh - Month ago
Hans Deleon adventuring on my channel
Zulu - Month ago
Number 11: Katya Elise Henry
D Chingi
D Chingi - Month ago
My friend
D Chingi
D Chingi - Month ago
Jasper CY
Jasper CY - Month ago
Such a chill dude
RayRay_ Gaming
RayRay_ Gaming - Month ago
Do paul george
arnout vanquaethem
arnout vanquaethem - Month ago
Arent this 9 things
Swae Lee
Swae Lee - Month ago
Number 11: Lebron
Jacob Martinez
Jacob Martinez - Month ago
Devin booker
A D - 2 months ago
*Pount* 🤭💨
legendcoolb - 2 months ago
Go delete your YouTube
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