10 Things Kyle Kuzma Can’t Live Without | GQ

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Gian Prayoga
Gian Prayoga - 7 days ago
Rich LeBron
Arvin Galeno
Arvin Galeno - 8 days ago
What is the brand of the watch that kyle kuzma is wearing? Thanks??
SEM HS - 8 days ago
Could’ve met this guy at my local CVS!!!
xd 205 -
xd 205 - - 9 days ago
2:37 Nice
Facts no Hacks
Facts no Hacks - 18 days ago
2:55 He predicted the future of Area 51 memes.
Sanskriti Karki
Sanskriti Karki - 4 days ago
Yeah like literally . I even posted it on gram
Potato Turtle
Potato Turtle - 19 days ago

Balencya - 20 days ago
He predicted the area 51 meme
iLucasPlays - 20 days ago
Were are all the comments on essentials
LittleAsianBoi 0
LittleAsianBoi 0 - 20 days ago
Abad Kpebane
Abad Kpebane - 20 days ago
Where are the freaking comments
Lazed Ok
Lazed Ok - 21 day ago
What the hell happend to the comments
King Connor
King Connor - 21 day ago
Wtf happened to the comments
dylan ward
dylan ward - 20 days ago
I think they buy views and likes all their videos are like this
Dylan Galvin
Dylan Galvin - 21 day ago
Csabi Klnda
Csabi Klnda - 21 day ago
Whats happend at commnets?
Rj Ramirez
Rj Ramirez - 21 day ago
Why aren’t there any comments
pETRA - 20 days ago
On all videos tho
Rj Ramirez
Rj Ramirez - 20 days ago
I’m like tf
GloBoi-Savage - 21 day ago
Rj Ramirez damn you right
Harpreet Bains
Harpreet Bains - 22 days ago
He is so fine 😍😍😍😍
Ella Deignan22
Ella Deignan22 - 26 days ago
lmao "cars, watches and wine man...elegant"
Suc_Me_Sideways ?
Suc_Me_Sideways ? - 27 days ago
He predicted area 51 raid
Daron Chau
Daron Chau - Month ago
Bron got him drinkin wine
Tennessee Caudill
Tennessee Caudill - Month ago
I know he is storming area 51
Darkrocko - Month ago
Kuzma gonna raid area 51 2:55
Pepsi Dog
Pepsi Dog - Month ago
Where is the monster energy?
The Legend
The Legend - Month ago
Kuzma going to Area 51 raid
ME_SHOOT _GREENS - Month ago
Why tf do kuz got the summer league mvp trophy
Meliodas - Sama
Meliodas - Sama - Month ago
11: to be one of Kendall's draft pick
Chris Sanca
Chris Sanca - Month ago
Forgot Kendell Jenner now too.. 😂
LÆ ZNM - Month ago
His MacBook looks hella small in dem hands😂
David Im
David Im - Month ago
lebron sponsored by samsung doe ain't he?
DJones21 - Month ago
Boring. And i fw dude
andini cesar
andini cesar - Month ago
Doesn’t Lebron have an samsung sponsorship? Why he giving out iphones?
Señor Beast
Señor Beast - Month ago
Honestly his things were pretty down to earth and basic 😂
alexis bouyer
alexis bouyer - Month ago
One thing kyle kuzma can't live without: ig thots
Landen Seymoure
Landen Seymoure - Month ago
“I’m 69” no your not your Kyle Kuzma you silly goose😂
Lani Tochhawng
Lani Tochhawng - Month ago
Make more videos of him, want slto see more😊
Sharky - Month ago
Area 51😂2:54
MXL - Month ago
Yeaaah that's gonna be our official uniform
Rinhlui Chenkual
Rinhlui Chenkual - Month ago
My fav. Person 😪❤💙💚💛💜
Sky Hawk
Sky Hawk - Month ago
can’t live without kendall jenner too..
Joel Flake
Joel Flake - Month ago
My dude said Sally's, lmao the spot for your brushes, they sleeping on the wave cream though
hillmut berger
hillmut berger - Month ago
Just hit Kendall and run. 🤣
Yo Ro
Yo Ro - Month ago
kuz all about off white
Bharath varmagc
Bharath varmagc - Month ago
Make it 11 and add Kendall Jenner too
Sang Pham
Sang Pham - Month ago
1. Kendall Jenner
ZachFoll - Month ago
Lightning Singh
Lightning Singh - Month ago
Lmao Lebron has a deal with Samsung and still gave out iPhones
s3kushi - Month ago
kuzma just said "wine is healthy for you"
Ruffruff 38
Ruffruff 38 - Month ago
Some is
Alden Dimick
Alden Dimick - Month ago
Me and kuz have the same AirPods case
Jai Knight
Jai Knight - Month ago
Wait wouldn’t his first jersey as a laker been Nike not adidas?
corbin hamilton
corbin hamilton - Month ago
Clearly not.
Kobe._. - Month ago
*NBA PLAYER*——“I don’t leave the house”
Ruffruff 38
Ruffruff 38 - Month ago
He means for other things
zenatrall zerkin
zenatrall zerkin - Month ago
He said he is 6 9
Sawyer Bix
Sawyer Bix - Month ago
Andy Butsakone
Andy Butsakone - Month ago
I think Kyle is under aged for wine🤔
Brett Roach
Brett Roach - Month ago
Andy Butsakone nah he’s 23 or something, he played 4 years in college
Juris SanJuan
Juris SanJuan - Month ago
Kyle like 1 glass of wine
But my dad finish a whole bottle of wine lol
Kai Long
Kai Long - Month ago
He really using a Mac, sad
Luis Zozaya
Luis Zozaya - Month ago
Devin booker
PROGGAMINGDYT - 2 months ago
Kuzma : I don’t leave the house but leaves the house for all his games that he is playing in
Sayid Jurado
Sayid Jurado - 2 months ago
I need his hair product⚡️
Jack R
Jack R - 2 months ago
Number 11
IG models
go fuck your self dumbass
go fuck your self dumbass - 2 months ago
Wow i didn't know diss god played basketball
lebron james
lebron james - 2 months ago
Netflix and hudu
Ya Boy Venom
Ya Boy Venom - 2 months ago
Ig models
Izzy R7
Izzy R7 - 2 months ago
Cars ,watches,wine and shoes.LOL
Jimi Feng
Jimi Feng - 2 months ago
Kuzma should be named Whosema? Bug eyes staring at LED lights. Moon.
Sanskriti Karki
Sanskriti Karki - 2 months ago
Cause I'm 6'9 so 😂
Kyle's excuse
G Wolf
G Wolf - 2 months ago
jmorrow18 - 2 months ago
2:46 Milwaukee isnt on the east coast
Kyle Kuzma
Kyle Kuzma - 2 months ago
Good times!
Navi Blue
Navi Blue - Month ago
Hey kuz
GayJew - 3 months ago
Lonzo...that's it. 😍
ALLinMgmt - 3 months ago
Subscribe to Kuz Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiTsWZaXcon2OANYXhQRn-g
TimmyTurner Withtheburner
TimmyTurner Withtheburner - 3 months ago
Where’s da grey Nike tech he always in ‼️?
Samuel Kazandjian
Samuel Kazandjian - 3 months ago
looks like making the playoffs wasn't an essential
Fluid 4k
Fluid 4k - 3 months ago
Hulu has live sports
Banca Quisqueya Cafe II
Banca Quisqueya Cafe II - 3 months ago
Traduce los videos Al español
Dimas Hernandez
Dimas Hernandez - 3 months ago
1:40 same
901 ic33
901 ic33 - 3 months ago
1:22 did he just say dora the explorer bag lol
Rabi Ali
Rabi Ali - 3 months ago
I like him.... he uses Cantu!
Hmuntea Tochhawng
Hmuntea Tochhawng - 3 months ago
I felt when he said "Part of One means Party Of One"😂😂
jared the tellatubi
jared the tellatubi - 3 months ago
Y'all bbq chicken
Samantha Chhuon
Samantha Chhuon - 3 months ago
Named my fish Kuz after him
Lights - 4 months ago
"East coast.... Milwaukee"
oh yeah yeah gang
oh yeah yeah gang - 4 months ago
My best things are
UnicornKeo - 4 months ago
He used to use Let’s JAM classic! 😂😂😂 I f*** with him for even saying that!
CatchTheEditz __
CatchTheEditz __ - 4 months ago
Y'all heard how he said hudu
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