Markiplier Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit

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Abelhawk - Day ago
Is this the same as shakshuka?
mikel short
mikel short - Day ago
I swear markiplier and Jacksepticeye are taking professional YouTube to another level. These videos are getting insane.
1zin1 - Day ago
Imagine if he got stuck with Gordon. xD
Jessie Rainbow
Jessie Rainbow - Day ago
I hope he cooks this for Amy one day.
WitheringWolf - Day ago
Mark: Do i need to squeeze it as hard as i squeezed the lemon
Carla: yes

*markiplier noises* 10:30
Bunny - Day ago
The ungodly amount of salt she uses is... repugnant. disgusting. who salts a salad???
Shen G.
Shen G. - 2 days ago
5:18, I see what you did there, Mark 👀
Brex 10
Brex 10 - 2 days ago
Carla “Now, the best part, I get to eat your eggs”
Marks mind: *don’t make a pervy joke dont make a pervy joke*
landcruiser - 2 days ago
11:44 omg lol
landcruiser - 2 days ago
Omg his voice is what narrates my dreams
Эмма Паньова
YouTube: Markiplier or cooking?
Me: yes
Dedwards 74
Dedwards 74 - 2 days ago
"I'm a tosser" - Markiplier 2020
Tabata Lopez Ulloa
Tabata Lopez Ulloa - 2 days ago
Mark can litterally squash my kneecaps in fish sauce and proceed to eat my boogers and ide be honored
Cheesey Kake
Cheesey Kake - 2 days ago
Are they gonna do professional chef tries to keep up with Markiplier in a game?
QuantumStriker 003
QuantumStriker 003 - 2 days ago
Whoa Markie can cook?
nguyenntd. - 2 days ago
Daniel Koo
Daniel Koo - 2 days ago
dude stop staring into the camera so intensely
Charlotte Ward
Charlotte Ward - 2 days ago
Mark makes a face when he breaks something
HauntedShadowsLegacy - 2 days ago
'Give me your juices!' Yup, that's Mark.
General Topics_
General Topics_ - 2 days ago
Dont worry tasty you're only 2 months late to heist with markiplier
lil moop
lil moop - 2 days ago
*there's two ends to everything cARLa*
Charles Suiza
Charles Suiza - 2 days ago
Mark with 5 ovens, tried cooking pasta, tries competing with a chef...
Timetti - 2 days ago
"I know how to smash things"

Oh ok
Thorn'Tooth - 2 days ago
"Markiplier in a heist with Markiplier."

Me: oh that guy
Acid Bunny
Acid Bunny - 2 days ago
Best collab ever!
MysticMother - 2 days ago
Let's hope Carla doesn't see Mark's Dream Daddy playthrough-
Annie Dulalia
Annie Dulalia - 2 days ago
Rins McLovin
Rins McLovin - 2 days ago
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy to much salt. Absolutely disgusting
TuppyTek - 2 days ago
Rins McLovin yeah that is pretty gross
proda- zzin
proda- zzin - 2 days ago
She forgot to tell Mark to add pepper to the salad
proda- zzin
proda- zzin - 2 days ago
WTF is with this comment section. All I see r a bunch of :::::::::::::::::::
White hat Gamer
White hat Gamer - 2 days ago
2:57 this is the part when mark know oof
carsen _
carsen _ - 2 days ago
Mark: "who can't figure out which numbers go to which
Carla: "uhh I'm legally not allowed to say"
Ninja: 😳
Ghost of Creativity
Ghost of Creativity - 2 days ago
Mark- "How many twists"
Carla - "10-.."
Mark- "To late"
Minecraft IGN Chromulus
I made this lol. Italian poached eggs
reality check
reality check - 2 days ago
This will get zero likes
CelestialDahlia - 2 days ago
Beats ninja by a million miles
Owen Jack
Owen Jack - 2 days ago
Mark has 5 ovens he knows how to cook
Matt Telepenko
Matt Telepenko - 2 days ago
At first I’m like “this guy isn’t really my kinda humour” and by the 5 minute mark I couldn’t stop laughing 😂
GavinChase - 2 days ago
Mark really does have such a hilarious and fun personality. That was a really fun video.
desi9ns1 - 2 days ago
I can't wait to be famous enough to be on Back-to-Back with Carla..
Breadful! - 2 days ago
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - 2 days ago
Thank you for this blessing you have bestowed upon my vocabulary, the "destroy the universe approach" i'll have to use this often
Ashia Morgan
Ashia Morgan - 2 days ago
Markimoo is so adorable and dorkable cooking with the chef
Yeet Skeet
Yeet Skeet - 2 days ago
I found all 31 endings 😀
Yeet Skeet
Yeet Skeet - 2 days ago
Cole - 3 days ago
Planet Avery
Planet Avery - 3 days ago
Please have Julien Solamita on omg
The gameboy 101
The gameboy 101 - 3 days ago
2:59 Marks fear
SnaKeS Music
SnaKeS Music - 3 days ago
lanie - 3 days ago
i can tell that they got more comfortable as the video went on :)
it seemed kinda awkward at the beginning but at the end it's super fun and jokey :)
Citlaly Estrada
Citlaly Estrada - 3 days ago
I need him in my life.
McKenna - 3 days ago
Might be pretty goofy to see Brad and Mark do a bit!
kodili101 - 3 days ago
Mark is Dilf
Checkmate mark they have more than 5 ovens
Jeffery McKinney
Jeffery McKinney - 3 days ago
Seems Carla was thoroughly entertained
Kaigalinski - 3 days ago
But can he cut bread?!
Zitroone - 3 days ago
Hey Carla, is there any alternative that I can use for swiss chard, (or is it even necessary to use in the sauce?) I don't think I can find that anywhere near me :/
Noah Chase
Noah Chase - 3 days ago
When Markiplier is being sassy haha
Logan Entertainment
Logan Entertainment - 3 days ago
Mark should be in a GEICO commercial, anyone agree???
Logan Entertainment
Logan Entertainment - 3 days ago
Mark is the Master at being in different places. :D :D
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