NBA 2K20 Review

Demolishor Rats
Demolishor Rats - 7 days ago
this game is worth to buy?
A Forth
A Forth - 11 days ago
7.8 nba 2k20 way better than 6 nba 2k21
Emer - 13 days ago
How did this get a worst rating than 2k18🙀
Geddy Scott
Geddy Scott - 17 days ago
Im not even a fan of basketball but this game is the best sports game i ever played
hugsaðu jákvætt
hugsaðu jákvætt - 18 days ago
How about a mode that recreates micheal jordans career...i would play that..
Sammy Mwamburi
Sammy Mwamburi - 24 days ago
You're here because it's 92% off on Steam.
Usam - 24 days ago
You are here because it's -92% right now on Steam.
Wii Matt
Wii Matt - 24 days ago
Man, you need to be more honest. being on 2K’s payroll isn’t worth ruining you’re reputation. I don’t care who you are, there’s no way you can like this game.
Jeff Assassin
Jeff Assassin - 25 days ago
This game is a bit slow at times even on the highest setting and no commentary during the games no matter how loud the tv is less of the same I like NBA 2k19 better
A S - 26 days ago
A S - 26 days ago
After reading this review. I know IGN have ZERO CRED anyone who has tried 2k20 knows what i'm saying. IGN are a bunch of liars
Stefan Onofrei
Stefan Onofrei - 26 days ago
you're here because it's 5$ on Steam
Art Station Ideas
Art Station Ideas - 27 days ago
I was going to buy it then saw the intensive microtransactions...
Jerric Delos Santos
Jerric Delos Santos - 28 days ago
You’re here cause it’s sale on Steam.
Mark Jason Aquino
Mark Jason Aquino - 27 days ago
4€ yea
KrillDaily - 29 days ago
Wnba only has 1 season am I right?
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Alec - Month ago
What I wanna know is why they got rid of the trigger shot from 2k14. It had the best controls from any 2k game ever. Also the story mode is unnecessary. Just let me play my career
mrmashedpotato - Month ago
The cover athlete on 2k22 is gonna be a giant Gatorade bottle.
Ed venuto
Ed venuto - Month ago
I been playing 2k games since 2008. My mom bought me 2k 8 Kevin garnet on cover the controls great I like all 2k
Cycler.X - Month ago
your here because of the 92% off on steam
Aniket Gosavi
Aniket Gosavi - Month ago
Ido Eli
Ido Eli - Month ago
92% discount on steam

still not worth buying it
The Profesorter
The Profesorter - Month ago
Im here because its 92% off on steam
Jeremy Lim
Jeremy Lim - Month ago
You're here cuz steam 92% off
Tahater - Month ago
You are here cause it costs 4 euros on Steam-
Gene Capinpuyan
Gene Capinpuyan - Month ago
Steam sale anyone?
zar gent
zar gent - Month ago
here because this game is 92% off in steam
Rashed_ BTW
Rashed_ BTW - Month ago
Well it 93% off in steam
Matthew Timbreza
Matthew Timbreza - Month ago
You're here because it's on sale in steam
systemspm - Month ago
This game worth $4.80? It’s on sale on steam
Ogangelmelons - Month ago
Its $5 on Google stadia
David Christian
David Christian - Month ago
Why 2k keep doing this piece of sh..?
Dylan Campbell
Dylan Campbell - Month ago
It has 84 percent 1 star reviews on Xbox and the rest are people who rated 5 stars but were actually just trolling and hated the game
ShadowTheNeo'son - Month ago
If you guys want trustworthy reviews... AngryJoe
Daniel Achumba
Daniel Achumba - Month ago
Anyone see how the comments are at 2K🤣🤣
Jack-o-lantern - Month ago
I got this game through PS Plus and it's okay but I'm glad I didn't spend any money on it. I kinda like the my team mode I just wish you could unlock a player and play as him like a normal game instead of having to get contracts from loot boxes and having to apply them to players to be able to use them.
Connor Remsen
Connor Remsen - Month ago
This game is unplayable without micro transactions and you give it a 7.8??
Tabbers - Month ago
Do they keep political garb out of this game?
Stuff Summed Up
Stuff Summed Up - Month ago
"I like how the packs make a tearing sound"
IGN 7.8/10
TitaniumKranium - Month ago
This game is a 2/10!
Joseph Seed
Joseph Seed - Month ago
Who still playing in July?
sunny dunny
sunny dunny - Month ago
The game is trash
cant change profile pic
cant change profile pic - 2 months ago
I give it a 11/10 takes scamming to a whole new level
Matthew0606X1999 - 2 months ago
This game shouldn’t be on Ps Plus.
Jamie Fitz
Jamie Fitz - 2 months ago
As long as I can customize my own character I’m happy
I'm Kent
I'm Kent - 2 months ago
2k is a horrible company, at this point its worse than EA.
Divya Vyas
Divya Vyas - 2 months ago
This game looks mind-blowing.

If it had released in 2005.
East6aby_704 - 2 months ago
It’s sad this is the basketball games that our youth has to deal with
Marty Mrt
Marty Mrt - 2 months ago
You know its bad when you got it free on ps plus but still want your money back
Tim Buss
Tim Buss - 6 days ago
It crashed on me first i download it and started playimg it i never turn it back on i got it free from ps store horrible
dorz - 2 months ago
not gonna waste my time on this even tho its free tbh
swisschaletsauce - 2 months ago
for a franchise that is now two decades old this is unacceptable. this game is unbelievably bad. the fact that the original 2k on dreamcast is infinitely more enjoyable than this years iteration says a lot
ExaltedPlayz - 2 months ago
Can someone tell me if this is fun
The HeadHunter24
The HeadHunter24 - 2 months ago
It’s eh
Mike - 2 months ago
Why the players run out of bounds so easily
And miss wide open shots.
This Crafty Dude
This Crafty Dude - 2 months ago
Downloaded it, played it, and deleted it immediately. That's how bad this game is.
John TheCat
John TheCat - 2 months ago
All the dislikes are from the angry people who thought it got too high of a rating and the 11 year olds that thought it got too low of a rating
Camilo Balagué
Camilo Balagué - 2 months ago
so far liking the game. the mycareer story is interesting
PUBG Forever
PUBG Forever - 2 months ago
You are here because of free in psn 😂😃
HulaHeart - Lianna
HulaHeart - Lianna - 2 months ago
The real question is if I can play as Kobe Bryant.
Johnny Nitro
Johnny Nitro - 2 months ago
Sports games is gonna be nonexistent if they keep fuckin around
User 5555
User 5555 - 2 months ago
Your here because it's a free PlayStation plus game
ItsMyte - 2 months ago
Can u play nba 2020 on split screen?
Kurt Russell
Kurt Russell - 2 months ago
i'm planning to buy nba 2k but i dont what is the best.. i play mostly on my career.. so can someone suggest which 2k is the best hehe.. thanks in advance! 😁
Seby Ivan
Seby Ivan - 2 months ago
You are here cuz it's free on psn😂😂
leonyo10 - 2 months ago
Who’s here because it just came out on ps plus?
GupBeVibin -
GupBeVibin - - 2 months ago
did ya hear them say 2k20 best mode my league or im buggin
Dodu Alexandru Nicusor
Dodu Alexandru Nicusor - 2 months ago
I don’t think I will install this game even if it’s free on ps plus I like to grind but not that much I have played Star Wars battlefront 2 and she take me a lot of time to complete all the star card for every troop and hero and to unlock the emotes.
Ali Aljoubory
Ali Aljoubory - 2 months ago
So someone help me here. Never really played 2K since 2K16 and only dabbled in it there but I've played Fifa a lot more. Is the lack of appreciation for this game because of the same gambling mechanics found in fifa20 and how shitty that game is??? Genuinely asking cos Im thinking of downloading it for my PS plus games but now Im not too sure.
Imran Naim
Imran Naim - 2 months ago
I'm here because its on 85% disc on steam lol
Nix - 2 months ago
same lmaoo
Frank - 2 months ago
Is the gameplay as slow as it appears in this video? It looks like the players are moving in slow motion
Toby McEwan
Toby McEwan - 2 months ago
Ryan Faucette
Ryan Faucette - 2 months ago
i wish i could un-own this game. They can keep my 60 dollars...I just dont want anything to do with this game anymore its that bad
Brain Denial
Brain Denial - 2 months ago
Only care because its gonna be free on ps plus
Kooby - 2 months ago
All I want are my Lebron soldier 12’s but in video game form
I Gonna Be Neenja
I Gonna Be Neenja - 2 months ago
Literally never has there been that many people out to watch the females play.
Just saying....
Aries Radke#6
Aries Radke#6 - 2 months ago
i can’t remember if i have this yet or not. 😳
Ling Ling
Ling Ling - 2 months ago
What a piece of shi*
Mangoey Stickyrice
Mangoey Stickyrice - 2 months ago
It looks.. boring..
Henry Vincent
Henry Vincent - 2 months ago
DOOM: 7.1
NBA 2K20: 7.8
HonestlyTho1503 - 2 months ago
Nguyễn Khánh Nam
Nguyễn Khánh Nam - 2 months ago
Admit it! You re here because the game is free on PS PLUS :D
In MY Zone
In MY Zone - 2 months ago
Free on gamepass too.
gaz south
gaz south - 2 months ago
Free for PlayStation plus month of july
Robby Soesanto
Robby Soesanto - 2 months ago
You came here because this game is free in july 2020 for ps plus member
Echo Rockmore
Echo Rockmore - 2 months ago
Stolen comment.
Mattia Bordone
Mattia Bordone - 2 months ago
I'm European, so I don't know nothing about NBA, but I'm curious to play this game just to understand something lmao
blustery-apple - 2 months ago
Do you need help with rules and players
Christian Guadarrama
Christian Guadarrama - 2 months ago
Ps plus free game...
Tecun Uman
Tecun Uman - 2 months ago
I would've preferred FIFA 20 than Nba2k20 for July PS+ ....I guess I'll just be playing Tomb Raider then.
Robert Sweet
Robert Sweet - 2 months ago
You guys are here Cus it’s free on plus!
CrisTheHuman - 2 months ago
Here cuz it’s free on psplus in july
beaty _orange
beaty _orange - 2 months ago
Looks lame but free ain't a bad price so...
Shivam Maheshwari
Shivam Maheshwari - 2 months ago
Anyone here after PS Plus announcement?
Im a Box
Im a Box - 2 months ago
Well this is gonna be free for ps plus buh i hate sports games seeing as its the same thing every year seems like ima just get tomb raider and thats it
Games Online
Games Online - 2 months ago
Anyone from PS Plus?
Nathan Shack
Nathan Shack - 2 months ago
Who’s here because it’s free on PS Plus????
Sean - 2 months ago
Your here because its free on ps plus
Echo Rockmore
Echo Rockmore - 2 months ago
Stolen comment.
Srikanth kadari
Srikanth kadari - 2 months ago
Sony for life 💙. PlayStation for life 💙. PS+ JULY 🔥👏.
Vitesh Shaw
Vitesh Shaw - 2 months ago
PlayStation Plus brought me here
Kev. Mill
Kev. Mill - 2 months ago
So what
Arshad - 2 months ago
Ps plus
Thomas Viana Mosley
Thomas Viana Mosley - 2 months ago
You’re here cause it’s free on PS Plus
Zachary Spencer
Zachary Spencer - 28 days ago
I’m not
Ed venuto
Ed venuto - Month ago
It don't matter people still want to see 2k.
Supreme Commander
Supreme Commander - Month ago
Yup !
TitaniumKranium - Month ago
This game is GARBAGE
eurologic - Month ago
Ronit Singh
Ronit Singh - 2 months ago
Free on PS Plus ❤️
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