NBA 2K20 Review

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M P - Day ago
Did y’all miss 2K15,16 or 17. Those mycareer storylines were wayyy better. Please don’t let this dude review a game ever again.
Edgars Ļebedevs
Edgars Ļebedevs - Day ago
Graphics an physics look like on a 10 year old game
titancheat - 2 days ago
Stringer bell from the wire.
Splenmikelol Games
Splenmikelol Games - 3 days ago
This is a sponsorship for 2k20 BTW
Flor Ruiz
Flor Ruiz - 3 days ago
Tje best b ball game i ever played
mohammad farooq
mohammad farooq - 6 days ago
Kobe Bryant
Sloan Jackson
Sloan Jackson - 10 days ago
only improvement they made to this game is graphics
Main's Main
Main's Main - 11 days ago
Y2020K bug
Halo Kosovo
Halo Kosovo - 12 days ago
OCCASIONAL LIFELESS GAZE? OCCASIONAL? REALLY? 2K player has never had something called "Emotion"! EVER! arghhh it's IGN reviewers, they're all blind and born with no thumbs so why do I care
Kyle Logan
Kyle Logan - 16 days ago
Is it really any different than 2k19? I mean its same generation, any actual diferemce
fonk u
fonk u - 19 days ago
2k14 n 2k11 on the xbox was the best
Top Gozer
Top Gozer - 22 days ago
the need to make it so u can buy badges i really dont have time to do drills i just want to enjoy carrer and not worry it been a min for that plz address this
Jeppe 23
Jeppe 23 - 24 days ago
I think he likes my league
borntoshine shine
borntoshine shine - 24 days ago
Trash game
YTH Spyro
YTH Spyro - 25 days ago
So is nba 2k20 worth it?
Hxctalife - 26 days ago
Tell me that this review score is a joke please.
Adam Carter
Adam Carter - 29 days ago
This is the worst 2k ever the quick release badge alone ruined playnow online......
Manager Matt
Manager Matt - Month ago
you are nitpicking and biased i win bye bye
Mrismart2471 - Month ago
IGN forgot to mention what life is like playing MyCareer without an internet connection....
Triple L Nation
Triple L Nation - Month ago
PARK IS THE MOST POPULAR. They need to stop putting mycareer and park together
Zyaire Holloway
Zyaire Holloway - Month ago
The dudes points were solid,just the 7.8 is wrong,calm down.
Scar Face
Scar Face - Month ago
Oh brother, this review stinks!
IcyVeins - Month ago
Who’s here from agent
iso Madic
iso Madic - Month ago
2k11 and 2k14 are the best 2ks, I bought 2k20 and the shot is nearly impossible to master
Asad Khan
Asad Khan - Month ago
I'm not lying
I'm 3 years removed from playing ball
And I'm still better than my
My player
xF4YT4LG4M3Rx - Month ago
I refunded this piece of trash the week it was released, thanks Mike and Ronnie for making me hate your franchise
Please don't mind my really long name, thank you.
7.8? I think they meant 0.78*
The Baller Kids
The Baller Kids - Month ago
Fifth God
Fifth God - Month ago
Not to mention the defense is stronger than McDonald's Sprite and I played it on pro smh🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🚮
•_• - Month ago
People complain about the game like microtransactions or the modes while me my friends only plays 1 mode and doesnt give a care about other modes hahaha
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson - Month ago
Literally everything said and done, is it something I should get if it’s my first 2k, I’m not looking for the “greatest nba 2k that could ever be made” just tryna play this game simply
Sabe The Slayer
Sabe The Slayer - Month ago
dserve - Month ago
WNBA mode lol.
Honest Tyourself
Honest Tyourself - Month ago
Well I never trusted IGN anyway
Mad Mike0082
Mad Mike0082 - Month ago
Ok I’m done. This is the last ign review I can stomach. The WNBA mode is the best addition ????????? Wow I feel for anyone that has to work in that office. Poor cucks
James Torno
James Torno - Month ago
This vid has more unlikes tho... Is it the vid or the game?
James Torno
James Torno - Month ago
@Promo Global makes sense lol
Promo Global
Promo Global - Month ago
James Torno the game is trash and the review is trash 🗑
Like a Boss
Like a Boss - Month ago
The game is ok
Aundre Morgan
Aundre Morgan - Month ago
Used to buy 2k every year since 2k12 but I've skipped 18 19 and only got 20 because it was 20 bucks and I had a 20 gift card lol until they fix the vc overload I will not spend my money on this game ign should have gave this game a 5 or maybe even 4
Kristofor Kamami
Kristofor Kamami - Month ago
Bro they dont even have the european league why dont you talk about that
Michael James Jr
Michael James Jr - Month ago
Nba 2k18 got 8.4 but this game got 7.8 smh🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
ryan fafaa
ryan fafaa - Month ago
Wait a second you're telling me that a AAA title is trying to squeeze every penny out of our pockets?
hawki - Sh0ck Clan
hawki - Sh0ck Clan - Month ago
I get mad when people complain about 2k. We buy it to have fun . If you are mad about microtransactions don't buy them.
BRUCE BANNER - Month ago
So should I buy this game for $30? I'm playing 2k19 rn
FACK YOUTUBE - Month ago
I mean, if you like 19... then this should be right up your alley.
issaKorean - Month ago
its better to just buy or go back to 2k19. i stg everybody agrees that this game is straight dog
Zami Sarker
Zami Sarker - Month ago
I have always hated that rebounds magically going to the player with the best stats instead of a natural line. Also the locked animations you cant break out of.
TSC_ Melo
TSC_ Melo - 2 months ago
So just asking did anyone here buy THE PC PORT
Get You Got
Get You Got - 2 months ago
not buying it! get your game up 2k!
Amish Seth
Amish Seth - 2 months ago
I downloaded the game...but after reading reviews DIDN'T BOTHER TO INSTALL IT.
blackflag 321
blackflag 321 - 2 months ago
This same is the same as 2k19 there LITTERLY just ripping u off . It should be like the old games were theres no vc . 2k are LITTERLY out for ur money 4 REAL.
Football Lovers
Football Lovers - 2 months ago
Cant wait to play Messi or Ronaldo on NBA2K!
BTW im getting it this January
Simon Mic Theft Moniedafe
Simon Mic Theft Moniedafe - 2 months ago
Promo Global
Promo Global - Month ago
Naw it’s trash bro 😬 this game is wack af , u can not make a shot
djxgam1ng - 2 months ago
Can you mute the music in this game at all times? I want to stream online but don't want to worry about copyright. Please let me know.
Sakata Gintoki
Sakata Gintoki - 2 months ago
Dont buy the switch version of this game, its trash and also feels like 2k19 and takes alot of storage space.
Orion Dezine
Orion Dezine - 2 months ago
Do not buy this game. It is the worst and most unrealistic 2k I’ve ever played in my life and gets incredibly redundant and boring online fast due to the easiest cheese ever created by a volume of unrealistic easy to use badges. It’s absolute garbage. They didn’t even update the neighborhood outside of putting in themes with graphics your console can’t handle resulting in unplayable lag.
Jailin Matthews-Brown
Jailin Matthews-Brown - 2 months ago
This game is so bad I found it on the street in a case and gave it to a family member for their bday
D A - 2 months ago
Don't buy this game! I just bought it and the shooting is absolutely horrible! 2k17 is a way better game. I can't believe I wasted my money!
Promo Global
Promo Global - Month ago
D A Yes the shooting is straight garbage u can’t even make lay ups , the mechanics of this game is terrible
savage rudi21
savage rudi21 - 2 months ago
3 words

COco Yo yo
COco Yo yo - 2 months ago
Can you play WNBA vs an NBA team?
Promo Global
Promo Global - Month ago
COco Yo yo No u can’t 😑 and the shooting and movement on this game is weak
Alpha KING2REAL - 2 months ago
So I N G review this game on a PlayStation 4 instead of the most powerful console out rightnow which is the Xbox One X ...
I can't take yall serious anymore
jayblocks1 - 2 months ago
Is it worth going from 2k19 to 20 just based on the gameplay. I never play online and only play myleague mode and the games I play are against the cpu. Is there much difference in the two?
Promo Global
Promo Global - Month ago
jayblocks1 no 2k20 is garbage
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