Teens React To Try Not To Sing Along Challenge (Nickelodeon Edition)

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TheCelestialsHauntMe - 2 minutes ago
Also it's not Realize it's Realign
TheCelestialsHauntMe - 10 minutes ago
Ha joke's on you cuz Drake and Josh never aired in my country. And every other Nickelodeon series had a dub over the song so ha. Tho big time rush was lit.
POPMANIA - 15 minutes ago
2:43 PREACH!
Arjun M
Arjun M - 40 minutes ago
I lost to Drake and Josh. You can't beat that song
사랑은 아프다Frokie1
사랑은 아프다Frokie1 - 57 minutes ago
Sam And Cat😂
enrique rivas
enrique rivas - Hour ago
I wish they still make these show
Kiara Wilson
Kiara Wilson - Hour ago
Lost from the beginning lool
Kimberly Diaz
Kimberly Diaz - Hour ago
If they played All That or Kenan and Kel...I would have lost so fast.
Abby Bray
Abby Bray - Hour ago
Why does Mikaela look like Torie from Victorious?
Jenny Perez
Jenny Perez - 50 minutes ago
Peach wise
Peach wise - Hour ago
I just cant get out of my head how troy looks so much like tfue!
Ivan rodríguez
Ivan rodríguez - 2 hours ago
I lost with big time rush.
I love that show and I need a reunion tour
NoodleDawn - 2 hours ago
who else couldn't stop themselves when drake and josh came on
soullomo - 2 hours ago
I hate my life why were these ever cancelled
nayi 8
nayi 8 - 2 hours ago
I watched every single one of these shows!! Such a throwback! These shows were great!
Miley Montemayor
Miley Montemayor - 3 hours ago
Wtf you dont know zoey 101 it was the best show ever well it still is for me❤❤
Lauren Montera
Lauren Montera - 2 hours ago
The cleanest show on the network for the 2000's.
RemmiIIX - 3 hours ago
No naked brothers band
Chiara Faraday
Chiara Faraday - 3 hours ago
OMG these young childrens who don't know Zoey101 wtf
Olivia Spettel
Olivia Spettel - 3 hours ago
Mikaela kind of looks like victora
RunrigFan - 3 hours ago
Rugrats, Hey Arnold
Natasha Sawyers
Natasha Sawyers - 4 hours ago
It was just a few days ago my teacher put on spongebob and we all burst out singing
Cortney Smith
Cortney Smith - 5 hours ago
FBE should do this with college kids or young adults. Amanda show, All That, Kenan & Kel, Braceface, Hey Arnold, Ed, Edd n Eddy etc. That would be epic!
Natasha Sawyers
Natasha Sawyers - 4 hours ago
Yes hey Arnold and kenan and kel and I’m only born in 2000s yet I know all these shows cause of my fam
wowersdh1 - 5 hours ago
Drake and Josh!!!!!
Eva Annaliz
Eva Annaliz - 5 hours ago
baby boy said “its gonna take some time to realize” NO ITS “REALIGN” lmao😂
Jessica Wallace
Jessica Wallace - 6 hours ago
This is my mom's account and I was not allowed to watch sponge bob my mom would not let us if we put it on she would turn it off. I have only watch one episode and I'm 12.
Skai King
Skai King - 6 hours ago
These shows honestly kept me happy. I’m so depressed now. N I want die so much. N I cry every time I wake up n realize I have to live another day. Uuuuggghhh why😩😩
K. J
K. J - 6 hours ago
Madison Cole
Madison Cole - 6 hours ago
I watched every last one of those and know all the words for all of those shows. I would have lost big time. (Oh oh ohh)
Skai King
Skai King - 6 hours ago
You don’t know zoey101?? GET OUT. BE GONE. Ugh 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️😔
KOOLY - 7 hours ago
Do disney channel next
Safa Alawee
Safa Alawee - 7 hours ago
I know Troy and say him in a song called It’s greener on the other side
Senyahgirl - 8 hours ago
I haven't even started the video yet and I already lost
valerie garcia
valerie garcia - 8 hours ago
Mikaela looks like victoria
Thinesight - 4 hours ago
Came here for this comment.
No Body
No Body - 8 hours ago
I watched all of these shows. Not regretting it
Christina Rathbun
Christina Rathbun - 8 hours ago
7:12 the line is actually "realign"
butterfly jams
butterfly jams - 8 hours ago
deus que saudade de zoey 101
Charlotte LaSalle
Charlotte LaSalle - 8 hours ago
All the shows created by Dan Schneider were the best and in my option the only good nick shows
Jaccobb _
Jaccobb _ - 9 hours ago
Mikaela reminds me of victorious
B Perry
B Perry - 10 hours ago
Does drake bell remind anyone else of tom
the solo kid
the solo kid - 9 hours ago
+Crazy Kyky sameee😂😂
Crazy Kyky
Crazy Kyky - 9 hours ago
B Perry I have thought that ever since he’s been on the show 😂
lol ok
lol ok - 10 hours ago
When BTR came i lost it-
Faith Perkins
Faith Perkins - 10 hours ago
I watched all of these shows growing up, except sponge Bob sqaurepants...
Legend Destroye
Legend Destroye - 10 hours ago
Might have screamed when Big Time Rush came on, I wasn't expecting & it made me so happy :D
Kalyn Ulbrich
Kalyn Ulbrich - 10 hours ago
Zoey one oh one and Drake and Josh were prob the only only shows I didn't watch
Wolf Master
Wolf Master - 11 hours ago
Farley odd parents
Bea Laine Dollesin
Bea Laine Dollesin - 11 hours ago
3:28 she really looks like Tori😍💕
Ayeeka .williams
Ayeeka .williams - 11 hours ago
I lost to EVERY song and am damn proudd !!!!
Ryuko Matoi
Ryuko Matoi - 11 hours ago
Am I the only one thinking that Drake Bell kinda looks like Tom from FBE?
Ayeeka .williams
Ayeeka .williams - 11 hours ago
Omgg yessss !!!!crap indeed 2:44
Ayeeka .williams
Ayeeka .williams - 11 hours ago
Omgg u speak myyy mine troyyyy 2:48
Oh Sadie
Oh Sadie - 11 hours ago
Do a try not to sing along (Disney theme song edition like that’s so raven, Lizzie McGuire)
femke edelbroek
femke edelbroek - 7 hours ago
kim possible!!
Fire and Rain plays!
Fire and Rain plays! - 11 hours ago
Is nobody talking about how Troy looks like t-fue??
lol ok
lol ok - 10 hours ago
Long lost twin
Jay M
Jay M - 12 hours ago
Did Marly dye her hair?
Lorenzo van Willingh
Lorenzo van Willingh - 12 hours ago
As 23yo man I can say that I loved and sang the intro of every one of these shows. Drake and Josh being the only one I always tried to sing on key
Megan Kingsbury
Megan Kingsbury - 12 hours ago
I lost to all of these songs
Zeyad Attia
Zeyad Attia - 13 hours ago
Morgan A: my childhood ❤️
Ellie Rabi
Ellie Rabi - 13 hours ago
Mikaela look like Victoria Justice.💆🏼‍♀️
Kittty_Angel kawaii
Kittty_Angel kawaii - 13 hours ago
Where is Sam & cat
bro jack unicornemily
bro jack unicornemily - 9 hours ago
Aubrey Harris
Aubrey Harris - 13 hours ago
Honestly the victorious one made me cry
Aubrey Harris
Aubrey Harris - 13 hours ago
I still watch I Carly to this day
Ayeeka .williams
Ayeeka .williams - 11 hours ago
On teen nick right ??
yo it's me lovely
yo it's me lovely - 13 hours ago
is is just me? or does mikaela looks like victoria justice?
Thinesight - 4 hours ago
I have always thought so!
Ayeeka .williams
Ayeeka .williams - 11 hours ago
MultiTYSON007 - 13 hours ago
I'm sure you guys are planning this already but please do cartoon network shows next
Eloisa Blackaby
Eloisa Blackaby - 13 hours ago
08:53 Spongebob Squarepants AHH F*CK MY LIFE
Taylar Mazon
Taylar Mazon - 14 hours ago
Wheres danny phantom
Caleb Bost
Caleb Bost - 12 hours ago
Taylar Mazon I agree where the fuck is Danny phantom
DEAD CLAW - 14 hours ago
julia karvonen
julia karvonen - 14 hours ago
when he said “realize” instead of realign 😂
DEAD CLAW - 14 hours ago
I kinda miss it
livingbaum xx
livingbaum xx - 14 hours ago
Hey Cosmo, Cosmo und Wanda
Cwazy Chicken
Cwazy Chicken - 14 hours ago
Who else was singing along to all of these
Morelia Valdez
Morelia Valdez - 14 hours ago
Mikeala looks like Victoria 😭💜 or is it just me? Lol
Hunar Mehndiratta
Hunar Mehndiratta - 14 hours ago
Can we just agree that Drake and Josh was the best ever sitcom
meekahzbae - 15 hours ago
dang. now i really miss every single one of those aaaaaAAAAAaaaaaaaAaaaA
Rollies Ruby
Rollies Ruby - 15 hours ago
hmm i wonder where is Sam and Cat
Mari Villarreal
Mari Villarreal - 14 hours ago
Like no
DMT ARCHER - 15 hours ago
Oooo can you guys do this but in anime edition???????
Rhino Gaming - ROBLOX
Rhino Gaming - ROBLOX - 15 hours ago
Omg how did no one know Zoe 101! That was the jam!
cookieman - 15 hours ago
Shit was never on Nickelodeon
Moonlit - 15 hours ago
the amount of people thinking that it's 'realize'' instead of 'realign' upsets me
PathlessLeek53 !
PathlessLeek53 ! - 15 hours ago
Moonlit I know
Yessy Dlt
Yessy Dlt - 15 hours ago
9:57 when she gets in another upgraded generation shes going to react to this and say that laugh what was that :)
Clover _xy
Clover _xy - 15 hours ago
Mikaela looks like Tori
Maja Gade
Maja Gade - 15 hours ago
I love to see “Try NOT to sing” videos because I am singing as loud as can when the people who react to it can’t😏Don’t judge🙈
König Gloria
König Gloria - 15 hours ago
Jaxon is have a good voice
BS Gohan
BS Gohan - 15 hours ago
Wtf is zoey 101
Like if you dont know it too
Sabre snowleopard aj
Sabre snowleopard aj - 15 hours ago
+Áutumn MSP yep exactly
Áutumn MSP
Áutumn MSP - 15 hours ago
BS Gohan one of the best shows ever
Cassie C
Cassie C - 16 hours ago
It’s realign not realize
Lauren Harkin
Lauren Harkin - 16 hours ago
I lost. To every single one. And I'm not even ashamed.
Kamilah Townsend
Kamilah Townsend - 16 hours ago
OMG i haven’t watched big time rush in sooooooooo long
Haley Fry
Haley Fry - 16 hours ago
how did they not know zoey 101??
jenas crafts
jenas crafts - 16 hours ago
I love zoey 101
Gabrielle Alexis
Gabrielle Alexis - 16 hours ago
The fact that some of them didn’t know Zoey 101, I’m offended.

And I still watch all of these shows ALL THE TIME!
Brianna XO
Brianna XO - 16 hours ago
The lack of excitement and knowledge of zoey 101 hurt me.
shasiela z.
shasiela z. - 16 hours ago
Is it bad that i still watch some of these when I’m bored??
shasiela z.
shasiela z. - 17 hours ago
I’m about to watch all these fire shows
Sabre snowleopard aj
Sabre snowleopard aj - 17 hours ago
Man I miss these GOOD SHOWS....
The lama family
The lama family - 17 hours ago
I only lost on spongebob
KD - 17 hours ago
i lost at Zoey 101 not sorry
Never trust a man in a hat
Has anyone realized that Troy was in season one of master chef jr
shasiela z.
shasiela z. - 17 hours ago
Never trust a man in a hat no wayyy is that actually him?!?!? 😱😱😂😂 I’m freaking out rn!
Doctor Dubstep
Doctor Dubstep - 17 hours ago
wow that eary 2000s rock
Rohit Parida
Rohit Parida - 17 hours ago
What do they get when they win?
Doctor Dubstep
Doctor Dubstep - 17 hours ago
never seen most of these shoes but the beats in the songs man it's hard not to bop
that1_boii_terrence - 17 hours ago
Ofc the first person on screen is my wife Aiko
Trisha Shegryn
Trisha Shegryn - 17 hours ago
My favorite nikolodeon show is zoey101 and Sam and cat
SaikuronTempest - 17 hours ago
Olympia Maria Hurricane
Olympia Maria Hurricane - 18 hours ago
When drake and josh came on I was like THANK LORD FOR THIS SONG
Adam Zekiros
Adam Zekiros - 18 hours ago
Troy looks like Tfue
Jan Jan
Jan Jan - 18 hours ago
Gloria Cruz
Gloria Cruz - 18 hours ago
This should have been adults react. I’m telling you, the 19-24 demographic would’ve lost every single one
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