Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food

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REACT - 6 months ago
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Armida Fuentes
Armida Fuentes - 19 hours ago
paige snook
paige snook - 8 days ago
REACT i want to be a part of the react team! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘Ž
Anna’s World
Anna’s World - Month ago
I thought there was gonna be a flaming moe :/ i was like 100% sure it was
Elise Tam
Elise Tam - 2 months ago
Hanna Bashir pppp
Melina Paz
Melina Paz - 2 months ago
Hey tori next time you’re on a try not to eat challenge and you eat only one food, try to keep it that way so that you don’t get much of a punishment. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not intentionally tell you what to do, i’m just giving you a recommendation.πŸ™Œ
Sutter Walk Panaigua
Sutter Walk Panaigua - 2 hours ago
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Dietitian Sa Pagkawala Ng Timbang
Hello Early people! Like if you're early. Like if you're here in 1 day ago. Are you here everyday?
smol._. lemon
smol._. lemon - 6 hours ago
In the shop of my dad you get the Simpson donut so I can eat every day
iPoshlas - 9 hours ago
Alberto looks like Junnior from Under the Dome πŸ˜…
majestic phoenix
majestic phoenix - 10 hours ago
3:30 he should’ve never said anything πŸ˜‚
4:49 I wouldn’t eat that
Homer made it look so grossπŸŒπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ
iPoshlas - 9 hours ago
I wouldnt eat it just cuz it looks so disguisting because it's sooo sweet
Katelyn - Day ago
dear beautiful soul reading this, God loves you!
Tate Garrett
Tate Garrett - Day ago
thank you for your service
Kylie Sims
Kylie Sims - 2 days ago
How do you enter this show
I want to enterπŸ˜”πŸ˜”
David Kirkwood
David Kirkwood - 2 days ago
you guys do a scooby doo try not to eat challenge
tricey bear
tricey bear - 2 days ago
Do try to eat
Rodimus Unicronus
Rodimus Unicronus - 2 days ago
I was kind of expecting flanders coco
FantasyChick777 - 2 days ago
That should have been included as the reward
bigboyusa3 - 3 days ago
could matt stonie eat that ?
V J W O L F H A R D - 3 days ago
Bro, the whole time I've watched the Simpsons I've craved it.. THIS CHALLENGE IS MAKING ME HUNGRY!!
Monique Cruickson
Monique Cruickson - 3 days ago
I want to do this challenge so bad why can't y'all just hire me I will not disappoint πŸ˜‚
Grewvy Tesha
Grewvy Tesha - 13 hours ago
Monique Cruickson right!!
Ratel Abdul
Ratel Abdul - 3 days ago
When Jim said he was a police officer who else thought of Jim hopper from stranger things?
SoulCristian 15
SoulCristian 15 - 2 days ago
Ratel Abdul no cause don’t watch that show
V J W O L F H A R D - 3 days ago
Emmy/Emily im a stranger
if I was there I would be good with the waffle cuz I have braces to I can't eat Carmel so ye
Brooklyn Animates
Brooklyn Animates - 3 days ago
*"And i like food!"*

Me every single day.
JesseDouglas456 - 3 days ago
I know how to win:think of disgusting things the whole time
An Aussie Legend
An Aussie Legend - 3 days ago
JesseDouglas456 The real winners are the ppl who actually ate the food. LOL
Verity Arden
Verity Arden - 4 days ago
please do try not to eat stranger things food
simin salim
simin salim - 2 days ago
Bro yesss I need that after watching the 3rd season.
work hard play hard
work hard play hard - 3 days ago
DANNYDORRITO - 4 days ago
React do a try to eat where you give them disgusting food and if they eat it they get to eat something delicious at the end.
girl gamer Castro
girl gamer Castro - 4 days ago
Tom and jerry food, that big meat tho
dani williams
dani williams - 4 days ago
i was love waffles, burgers, doughnuts and nachos :-)
Chelsearoseox Lapointe
Chelsearoseox Lapointe - 4 days ago
Gim it look dileshes you should take a bite lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜€πŸ˜…
I really like Alberto
hooked storie teller
hooked storie teller - 4 days ago
I have a brother named jr delatorre
joshua anderson
joshua anderson - 5 days ago
poor alberto
Josh Gaming
Josh Gaming - 5 days ago
I am a police officer so i wont eat a donut
FBI:Sir your breaking the law
Pachichu [GD]
Pachichu [GD] - 4 days ago
I'AM the law >:3
K Peddle
K Peddle - 5 days ago
Now I'm craving walffers
Rosemary Rodriguez
Rosemary Rodriguez - 5 days ago
You should put them eating the hot coco from the Simpson movie
Tom Ball
Tom Ball - 5 days ago
I’ve won all of these challenges....but I got no reward😭
Mochi King
Mochi King - 5 days ago
Tom Ball Same 😭😣
Lucifer Walters
Lucifer Walters - 5 days ago
I glad tori lost
Ian Cosenza
Ian Cosenza - 5 days ago
Can you guys try Harry Potter food?
elizabeth mark
elizabeth mark - 5 days ago
They already did do a Harry Potter
tapukokomaster YT
tapukokomaster YT - 5 days ago
Why do you have a Collins key pfp?
Haley R
Haley R - 5 days ago
β€œIt’s cute” one second later β€œIT TASTE LIKE FISH” πŸ˜‚
shion suzuki
shion suzuki - 5 days ago
I WANT TO EAT THAT RIB SANDWITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Itz Ellie
Itz Ellie - 5 days ago
shion suzuki chhoopperrr
naylene sanchez
naylene sanchez - 6 days ago
Who think Alberto looks like jughead
Bill Davis
Bill Davis - 6 days ago
Sneed's feed and seed formerly chucks
Darin Thong24
Darin Thong24 - 6 days ago
Alright I need to say this.
Why does Daniel look like a Walmart Post Malone.
No hate
Nygie Disla
Nygie Disla - 6 days ago
The tv show on netflix
Nygie Disla
Nygie Disla - 6 days ago
The guy in the Rose shirt was on nailed it
Nygie Disla
Nygie Disla - 6 days ago
How old do you have to be to be on the show
Tra'mayne Gaines
Tra'mayne Gaines - 6 days ago
Billy Bahadur
Billy Bahadur - 7 days ago
me:licking the screen screaming GIVE ME!!!!!
christopher elias
christopher elias - 7 days ago
They put fish oil in it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
paige snook
paige snook - 8 days ago
anyone realize that these videos are practically a waste of food?
JojoSiwashairline Yo
JojoSiwashairline Yo - 6 days ago
They could eat it after the video lol
Jasmyn Patel
Jasmyn Patel - 7 days ago
@LetΓ­cia I agree with you
Elijah Coleman
Elijah Coleman - 8 days ago
do a cartoon network / Adventure time try not to eat challenge. please!
shadowbrucelee - 8 days ago
Ary’s favorite would be the tree house of horror lol
Dippi Q
Dippi Q - 8 days ago
I would eat everything
iSpx - 8 days ago
2:59 I had that donut after dinner yummy
iSpx - 8 days ago
It looks like the same
Diego Wright
Diego Wright - 8 days ago
MaNikArt - 8 days ago
No !
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