Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food

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REACT - Year ago
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Coco the FoxX
Coco the FoxX - 2 months ago
I’m not part of the super fan but I want you to grab my idea try not to eat Stranger Things edition
Tom Griffin
Tom Griffin - 3 months ago
Surely you have to go old school and get try not to eat the jetsons food 😂😂
PESKY BIRDS - 4 months ago
REACT please do Steven universe foooddsss please!
bay baystar1018
bay baystar1018 - 6 months ago
@Dawson Ting i love in2it so much i'm not gonna lie because their songs are awsome
Alex Gobran
Alex Gobran - 6 months ago
Rhiannon Small ji
Louise Kay
Louise Kay - 2 days ago
Who else is scrolling through the comments whilst watching the video 😅😂
Sylvia Aloysius Mobijin
why Jonathan reminded me of Severus Snape?
Janelle Long
Janelle Long - 8 days ago
I want them to do a total drama try not to eat
Kristen Lum
Kristen Lum - Day ago
Janelle Long OMG yes
Cameron 96
Cameron 96 - 9 days ago
4:42, real maple syrup!!! Seriously is that a thing???
Téo Cahoreau
Téo Cahoreau - 18 days ago
0:37 You couldn't found a better reason ?
Ulysses Ramirez
Ulysses Ramirez - 13 days ago
Téo Cahoreau No why?
Brooklyn Ryman
Brooklyn Ryman - 14 days ago
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki - 17 days ago
Téo Cahoreau e
?BB? ?ABLO? - 20 days ago
Yeah the thimpsons are so good don’t mind my lithp
Poppy Chohan
Poppy Chohan - 15 days ago
@TheThomasTheTankEngine WoodenRailwayFan926472 r/whoooosh
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki - 17 days ago
Lachlan Ross
Lachlan Ross - 18 days ago
@TheThomasTheTankEngine WoodenRailwayFan926472 he hath a lithp give him a break thatth tho mean you thimp
ηιη•đια - 18 days ago
@TheThomasTheTankEngine WoodenRailwayFan926472 r/ rooosh
TheThomasTheTankEngine WoodenRailwayFan926472
The Uk Ting *simpsons*
shadow king13
shadow king13 - 23 days ago
Honestly the doughnut was about the only one I would dive into (not counting the “ribwich”) though the “spaghetti bar” would have me curious
Arwen B.
Arwen B. - 23 days ago
I Wish That The Hot Cocoa Flander Made For Bart In The Simpson Movie Was Here :(
NightHawk - 28 days ago
How is this an actual challenge? Like it would be harder to eat it all then judge.
Camillo Cantelli
Camillo Cantelli - 28 days ago
Stop Fanny from BFB , James.
Ichi Eat World
Ichi Eat World - 10 days ago
@Christina Maglulio Big Flying Boat
Christina Maglulio
Christina Maglulio - 26 days ago
What is bfb
Pink Wasabi
Pink Wasabi - 29 days ago
the simpsons’s meal looks so disgusting that literally the half of them didn’t eat anything
Miguel Alejandro Gonzalez
HijinX_72 - 28 days ago
Brady Rhodes
Brady Rhodes - 29 days ago
Sonic Son
Sonic Son - 29 days ago
I love Homer simpsons because he had SuperEating ability
Blynq _
Blynq _ - Month ago
Hey it’s Emily, the lady from overwatch league
Ichi Eat World
Ichi Eat World - 10 days ago
Hey boy
YURIA 유리아 - Month ago
Hey girl
JulianTrainKid 2020 Productions
Am I the only one thinks Jim looks like Tom Kenny?
Alter & Ego
Alter & Ego - 23 days ago
Zachary Staller
Zachary Staller - Month ago
Actually he kinda looks like the guy who plays as Gary in Dc's Legends of Tomorrow
Connor Longhito
Connor Longhito - Month ago
Louise Kay
Louise Kay - 2 days ago
Connor Longhito yes what
Alter & Ego
Alter & Ego - 23 days ago
Connor Longhito *what*
Sophia Quiroz
Sophia Quiroz - Month ago
Can you do a try not to eat disny plus foods
Fnaflover 123
Fnaflover 123 - Month ago
I’m ashamed I never watched the simpsons
mindyletsplay roblox
mindyletsplay roblox - 23 days ago
Illuminus -Vlogs, gaming and more
Fnaflover 123 lol
•Derpy Gamer•
•Derpy Gamer• - Month ago
I love Jonathan’s Shirt 😂😂😂
Emanuel Flores
Emanuel Flores - Month ago
I just like how Alberto like you peer pressure me, when he clearly licked the donut
Ozkar Gonzalez
Ozkar Gonzalez - Month ago
If homer was in the show and ate everything what will be the punishment?
Because he eats anything.
DS's ninjanuity
DS's ninjanuity - Month ago
Adventure time food like the perfect sandwich
echosobble - Month ago
Y'all didn't use the drink that literally makes people say "oh my god?"
Pink Llama
Pink Llama - Month ago
I think the winning dish should have been Ned Flanders hot chcolate.
Karbinated Animation
Karbinated Animation - Month ago
9:16 bro sardines are delicious but ya better have some mouthwash
Dima Rafik
Dima Rafik - 26 days ago
MC CREEPSTER well some ppl like it so everyone has an opinion I hate it but some ppl love it
MC CREEPSTER - Month ago
Karbinated Animation sardines plus a burger Patty Not Good 🤮
Sabbir S.A.
Sabbir S.A. - Month ago
The punishment looked like something that will be a great dish as Halloween themed menù in a restaurant.
Laurence DeYeeter
Laurence DeYeeter - Month ago
James he ate one so you already lost just eat when you fail
Alwyn Chua
Alwyn Chua - Month ago
First time that the winners actually won
SamCamBro TV
SamCamBro TV - Month ago
At Sydney airport there have got Simpson donut
dreamerscavenge - Month ago
do hunger games foooood
Jorge Sigala bunnie team!!
Mary McKellar
Mary McKellar - Month ago
I'd still like to see a taste test with Old Dutch brand chips.
Waylon Potter
Waylon Potter - Month ago
Nacho hat food and fashion
chewnotcew ciw
chewnotcew ciw - Month ago
How about try not to eat with 'worth it' food. like a chicken sandwich worth it look so delicious
TJ Miller
TJ Miller - Month ago
My guy looks like Post Malone
hafiz aliff
hafiz aliff - Month ago
Leslie Pinedo
Leslie Pinedo - Month ago
Try no to eat spongebob challenge !?
Habiba Ali
Habiba Ali - Month ago
They have already done this. Go check out!
Ivan Filipovic
Ivan Filipovic - Month ago
Binging with babish:I'm a an joke to you
Shady - 2 months ago
when a girl on twitch stretches 6:46
Martin Pinon
Martin Pinon - 2 months ago
The moon waffles with the smoke 😑😑🤢🤢🤢
Ivan Filipovic
Ivan Filipovic - Month ago
Binging with babish
Jenna Balki
Jenna Balki - 2 months ago
Martin Pinon you 🤢🤢🤢🤢👩🏿
Ashlyn Hagerman
Ashlyn Hagerman - 2 months ago
OMG hi
HighBy ❷
HighBy ❷ - 2 months ago
I want try that krusty rib sandwich
Stephanie Doulgeris
Stephanie Doulgeris - Month ago
I wanna try the nacho hat😅
Ivan Filipovic
Ivan Filipovic - Month ago
@A Studios ! im sorry for the muppets
Bald Martin
Bald Martin - 2 months ago
A Studio s who hurt you bud
Crunchy Raisin
Crunchy Raisin - 2 months ago
A Studio s not really
A Studios !
A Studios ! - 2 months ago
SuperArena@ Wow Now You Reached A Big Level Of Dumbness
Maria - 2 months ago
Try not to eat We bear bears edition
Poppy Chohan
Poppy Chohan - Month ago
What the hell is we bear bears 🤷♀️🤷♀️
Maria - Month ago
PixelGamers360 - Month ago
Habiba Ali
Habiba Ali - Month ago
YESSS!! It would be so much fun!
PixelGamers360 - 2 months ago
Darth Raider
Darth Raider - 2 months ago
The ribwich looks bomb
Julius Marten
Julius Marten - 2 months ago
You can find the Simpson universal studios
m!170n p4r3d35
m!170n p4r3d35 - 27 days ago
Love that place btw thanks for the website
Radaru - 2 months ago
Yes is so big I was there
jamskatingva ͔
jamskatingva ͔ - 2 months ago
What about the good morning burger?
Ivan Filipovic
Ivan Filipovic - Month ago
Binging with babish
Harry The Coolest
Harry The Coolest - 2 months ago
I’ve Watch Simpson’s but Iam a kid
Poppy Chohan
Poppy Chohan - Month ago
So what? 🤷
Yul Henderson
Yul Henderson - 2 months ago
Sackboy The Sackperson and what’s the problem?
Supersonicmcroy - 2 months ago
Chili dog
Ivan Filipovic
Ivan Filipovic - Month ago
Binging with babish
Moth Boi
Moth Boi - 2 months ago
Harry The Coolest
Harry The Coolest - 2 months ago
Mr. Mango
Mr. Mango - 2 months ago
Wait! The Challenge is Not to Eat the Food? I failed
Technical Team
Technical Team - 2 months ago
Wait why james bald i saw photo it has hair
Technical Team
Technical Team - 2 months ago
CJ & Avery's Random Reviews
They forgot the sloppy jimbo! 🙃
UnknownPreach2001 - 2 months ago
If only they did the hot coco from the Simpsons movie...
cole003f - 2 months ago
what about an all syrup squishee ?
Domas Domas
Domas Domas - 2 months ago
I really want to be in this video ;F
Dr. Fish
Dr. Fish - 2 months ago
Are you sure about tbat?
Yolo_YouOnlyLoveOreos - 2 months ago
Jim is like that demon that sits on your shoulder and convinces you to make bad choices 😂😂😂😂
Nah just dont care
Nah just dont care - 2 months ago
Everybody happy til they say it's a challenge
Phantom5s - 2 months ago
Is it just me or does ARY like everything and also she’s one of my fav people
Dog Mom
Dog Mom - 2 months ago
Oh Jim... Just eat the Donut. 🙄
Princess Redd
Princess Redd - 2 months ago
Pls make more videos like this 💯❣️
Cookie plays
Cookie plays - 2 months ago
IKR I can’t stop watching try not to eat
Teagan Eschborn
Teagan Eschborn - 2 months ago
Jim played dirty! 😡
Nightmare Cake426
Nightmare Cake426 - 3 months ago
~I have some ideas:

Try Not To Eat...

Coraline foods
Gravity Falls food (if they haven't already)
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory/Wonka foods
(IDK about this one) Silent Hill foods
Sanders Sides foods
Musical foods~
Nightmare Cake426
Nightmare Cake426 - 2 months ago
@ass flakes ~Yeah. I know that. Last time I saw Try Not To Eat, they had drinks. Also, it doesn't matter. A famous chef recreates a food no matter what the effect. So, foods food~
ass flakes
ass flakes - 2 months ago
@Nightmare Cake426 Ummm... But it's supposed to be a challenge of trying not to eat
Nightmare Cake426
Nightmare Cake426 - 2 months ago
@ass flakes ~... Still food. It was in the FOOD category~
ass flakes
ass flakes - 2 months ago
@Nightmare Cake426 1. Smile dip seems to effect you like drugs 2. Mabel Juice seems to be gross as hell 3. Pitt Soda is just a drink
Nightmare Cake426
Nightmare Cake426 - 2 months ago
@ass flakes ~Well, to name a few- Smile Dip Mabel Juice Cookie Chips Pitt Soda~
June Bug
June Bug - 3 months ago
Okay am I the only one who thinks this is a rare episode where the winner dish is actually the best one 😂
Cassidy McQuinn
Cassidy McQuinn - 3 months ago
The donut was literally one from Dunkin’ Donuts 😂😂😂😂
Lycan - 3 months ago
Ary is my spirit animal.
uh oh stinky
uh oh stinky - 3 months ago
do kids try minecraft foods
Leah ;p
Leah ;p - 3 months ago
Wait his name is Jim and he is a police officer..

Jim hopper?

He’s back from THE DEAD
only stranger things fans would understand
Like if you love stranger things
Bald Martin
Bald Martin - 2 months ago
He’s not dead
Koopa Coop
Koopa Coop - 2 months ago
leah Bostock he’s not dead though.
R.A.D. RunnerTribute
R.A.D. RunnerTribute - 2 months ago
Beep Beep
Beep Beep - 3 months ago
Leestheories 117
Leestheories 117 - 3 months ago
What about the new pork sandwich, the clogger, if you can find a greasier sandwich you’re in Mexico!
unknown device
unknown device - 2 months ago
Lol Simpsons movie
Fiona Martin
Fiona Martin - 3 months ago
kind of sad they didn't do the hot cocoa :(
Eric - 2 months ago
@Alt Dimas no it isn't.
Alt Dimas
Alt Dimas - 2 months ago
So hot chocolate is gross
P B - 3 months ago
Ned Flanders hot coco should have been the winner dish!
Ivan Filipovic
Ivan Filipovic - Month ago
Binging with babish
Corri Hensle
Corri Hensle - 3 months ago
Wait he’s a police officer
Official purplewolf
Official purplewolf - 3 months ago
They should do family guy at some point
kendra williams
kendra williams - 3 months ago
The punishment food looked like a weird krabby patty .
Javier Vejar
Javier Vejar - 3 months ago
kendra williams you mean the Nasty Patty XD
kendra williams
kendra williams - 3 months ago
Waffles are delicious
kendra williams
kendra williams - 3 months ago
That donut looks so delicious.
Peytoon Esterp
Peytoon Esterp - 3 months ago
Ok but....who the fuck asked?
Shae Bannon
Shae Bannon - 3 months ago
@Peytoon Esterp It's a show about challenges and reactions. What did you expect?
Peytoon Esterp
Peytoon Esterp - 3 months ago
@Shae Bannon bc no one asked abt his opinion on police stereotypes
Shae Bannon
Shae Bannon - 3 months ago
Why you gotta be rude though?
Chris Grey
Chris Grey - 3 months ago
I would definitely win this challenge even though I love donuts & nachos. Plus after seeing that terrible sandwich that smells like fish I'll be glad that I would win especially since I am extreme allergic to fish & seafood.
Chris Grey
Chris Grey - 3 months ago
Tori & ary 😍
CastJam HV
CastJam HV - 3 months ago
Chris Grey tf
PandaShake - 3 months ago
It would be more fun as try to eat challenge. All these creative foods and we just see them go "okay, what's next" to continue the game. If they don't eat it, they should lose.
Dylan Yilmaz
Dylan Yilmaz - 3 months ago
Dylan Yilmaz
Dylan Yilmaz - 3 months ago
Baconz Rulez
Baconz Rulez - 3 months ago
3:17 her: Everything strawberry flavor so good me: ummm did you forgot about medicine of strawberry?
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Strawberry medicine is good; cherry is the bad one.
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