"The Room Where It Happens" Clip | Hamilton | Disney+

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Curtis Schultz
Curtis Schultz - 6 hours ago
Wasn't Hamilton a WHITE GUY? lol...jesus is black too according to Blacks. Ok was George Washington black too? Just wondering. Oh and FYI aren't they asking for the boycott or no-showing of this by liberal leftist wackos?
Nightfall is Coming 33
Nightfall is Coming 33 - 7 hours ago
Very gay!
love lola
love lola - Day ago
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Gregory Aull
Gregory Aull - Day ago
My Dogs Can Bark Better Than This... It Sux... I Rather Spend Money On Fishing...
Lowkey_ Finch
Lowkey_ Finch - 15 hours ago
Then spend the money on fishing. No one is forcing you watch this or take an interest in it.
Karla T
Karla T - Day ago
When you teach history the fun way 😄
Lucky Larry
Lucky Larry - Day ago
eiraRinmaya - Day ago
leslie odom jr. ATEEEE. CHRIST the talent in his pinky finger alone could fuel a small continent
Jahvon Dopwell Hall
Jahvon Dopwell Hall - 2 days ago
No one else was in The room where it happens the room where it happens the room where it happens the room where it happens the room where it happens the room where it happens the room where it happens the room where it happens the room where it happens the room where it happens the room where it happens the room where it happens the room where it happens the room where it happens the room where it happens the room where it happens
Barry Iaconelli
Barry Iaconelli - 2 days ago
What is this crap?
Do they sing the song about the Jewish Man who came from Jamaica and hijacked Christian America
Zontell Hawthorne
Zontell Hawthorne - 2 days ago
Just got done watching it for the 5th time
Quency Vidal
Quency Vidal - 2 days ago
Literally ALMOST shed my first tear last night from a show/movie/play
Shadow Leviathan
Shadow Leviathan - 2 days ago
I thought Hamilton was white? No wonder why I failed history.
Shy Green
Shy Green - 2 days ago
SuperDuck64 - 2 days ago
Ok, why is he black?
kj - 2 days ago
eliza sounds the most like the recordings while Burr sounds the least, while he still sings flawlessly for some reason his voice just sounds like a different person
George Phillips
George Phillips - 2 days ago
Why is the damn bullcrap on my recommends. It’s such retarded musical.
susan brilliant
susan brilliant - 2 days ago
this scene was incredible. leslie odom jr is a genius, as is lin manuel.
Rain Raisins
Rain Raisins - 2 days ago
the nation’s napitol
ડꫝꪮtᧁꪊꪀ kittꪗ
i’m sure we can agree we sang this song and every other song because we have been waiting for this 😌😂
John Wilfrido R Guevara
so white people cant play black or coloured characters but black and coloured people can play white characters? this is bull shit
Toby Love
Toby Love - 2 days ago
Wtf am I watching
Christina Moreno
Christina Moreno - 2 days ago
Disney what's the matter with you, your a family friendly channel and you add alexander Hamilton the cusing musical even though your a family friendly channel
Lowkey_ Finch
Lowkey_ Finch - 2 days ago
It’s rated PG 13 for a reason
Blcsscmx - 2 days ago
Now one else was in the room where it happened the room where it happened
I went to see the play and I watched it again on Disney+
My fav character is Eliza (Elizabeth): Phillipa Soo
Rising From the Ashes
Rising From the Ashes - 2 days ago
imagine if lin manuel miranda voice cracked during one of his shows
IEatStrayCats - 2 days ago
Lowkey_ Finch
Lowkey_ Finch - 2 days ago
People are still trying to use that as an insult huh
Aubble - 2 days ago
I guess I gotta come out of the closet now... "Mom... Dad... ...I like Hamilton." "No son of mine is gonna be a theatre kid!" "Please John, we have to support him!"
Angel Thompkins
Angel Thompkins - 2 days ago
MemerMeme - 2 days ago
Finished the movie yesterday and it was JUST AS AMAZING AS I THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO BE.
Karma - 3 days ago
This is the best thing I’ve watched..since I haven’t seen it live..;-(
Meishiate -
Meishiate - - 3 days ago
Quick question, why the heck is this on Disney+?
DJ Rose
DJ Rose - 2 days ago
Good question
ConnyNordlicht - 3 days ago
I love this! Can't say it's my only fav., but one of them! The songs are created and intrpreted so geogeous, it's wonderful! Finding, buying, singing these songs my 19 - year - young boy finally first got an interest for politics! Thank you! We are Germans.
Charming nowhere to hide
People who don't have disney+ in their country: Yeah, we are not in the room where it happens :(
Kreitin O mais sagaz
Kreitin O mais sagaz - 3 days ago
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Veronica Zanchi
Veronica Zanchi - 3 days ago
I am screaming
zbudda - 3 days ago
If BLM can burn down a statue of an elk for racial injustices, then cancelling Hamilton should be a no brainer...
Aubble - 2 days ago
The statue was burned down due to incessant rioting. It's only being removed because it is irreparable. In regards to your marvelous race-baiting comment, I'd recommend actually watching the show before you accuse it of racial injustice.
basel snan
basel snan - 3 days ago
Raina Trujillo
Raina Trujillo - 3 days ago
i wish i was in the room where this performance happened...
DaLeft - 3 days ago
Stayed up to watch it as soon as it came out! BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!
Amazing Bro
Amazing Bro - 3 days ago
Artemis fowl had me fooled once
Not going fall for the same thing again
Amazing Bro
Amazing Bro - 2 days ago
Nice😀 Just what I want it to be
Coleman Paul
Coleman Paul - 2 days ago
@Amazing Bro well its out and has a 99% on rotten tomatoes with over 100 critic reviews and like a 95% audience score
Amazing Bro
Amazing Bro - 2 days ago
I will believe it when I see it
Lowkey_ Finch
Lowkey_ Finch - 2 days ago
Coleman Paul
Coleman Paul - 3 days ago
?? it's literally just a recording of the original Broadway cast you can't go wrong it isn't a movie
christian cardone
christian cardone - 3 days ago
I lasted about ten minutes, before I was bored and annoyed by the constant rapping.
Tabitha Burnett
Tabitha Burnett - 3 days ago
I desperately need this clip to continue through the song
Frida - 3 days ago
Emo Gacha Gorl
Emo Gacha Gorl - 4 days ago
My family will have their first reactions to this musical tonight and I’m gonna be in the room where it happens
oh hi there
oh hi there - 4 days ago
i wish this musical was on netflix :(((
Opinunate ted
Opinunate ted - 4 days ago
So THAT is where that phrase came from.
Bob Bob
Bob Bob - 4 days ago
If you guys want I can stream it on the BIGO app for free my name on there is yagizatime24
Elijah Fowler
Elijah Fowler - 4 days ago
All y'all talking about your relapsing Hamilton phases aint shit. Ive had the whole show, workshop, and mixtape memorized since they came out and I never stopped listening to hamilton
Aubble - 2 days ago
Ah yes, the good old "you're not a fan because I'm more diehard than you" argument. Careful not to over-inflate your ego, it might burst.
Alexa Mata
Alexa Mata - 4 days ago
More reasons for needing Disney+
Adanedhel - 4 days ago
Jay SMS - 4 days ago
But why are they black tho?
Aubble - 2 days ago
But why do you care tho?
Coleman Paul
Coleman Paul - 3 days ago
They hired actors who best fit the roles that's why
Joanna - 4 days ago
Jefferson: “I arranged the menu, the venue, the seating.” The Menu: MAC & CHEESE!!!!!!!
Cheng qin
Cheng qin - 4 days ago
I kid you not when I belted out this song
pilgrim57 - 4 days ago
Sorry - this has the feel of "The Emperor's New Clothes"....
Coleman Paul
Coleman Paul - 3 days ago
huh? what does that even mean it's a recording of a Broadway musical
Daniel Diaz
Daniel Diaz - 4 days ago
This show is soooo overrated
Aubble - 2 days ago
You're the one who took the time to comment on it; so... you're simply contributing to its popularity.
Colby D
Colby D - 4 days ago
Daniel Diaz no❤️
kilyua - 4 days ago
Joanna - 4 days ago
Cool...super loved it?
this song is my favorite, and nobody can change my opinion
megan biddle
megan biddle - 4 days ago
Aubble - 2 days ago
nand nere's na niece ne nesistance
ma garcia
ma garcia - 4 days ago
I wish I was in the room where it happenedl .
Marcelo Ricarte
Marcelo Ricarte - 4 days ago
matteo gottie
matteo gottie - 4 days ago
The cancel mobs better sharpen their pitchforks.

A new film treats our Founding Fathers as flawed but ultimately good, even great, men and celebrates America as a place where anyone, “even orphan immigrants,” can make it. Oh, and actors play characters of races other than their own.

I’m referring, of course, to Broadway genius Lin-Manuel Miranda’s megahit, “Hamilton,” which premieres as a film on Disney+ on Friday.

Ever since its first performance in 2015, the show has been a sold-out success. Audiences loved it. President Barack and Michelle Obama saw it several times and raved about it. But could the original show expect to receive such universal acclaim if it were made today? Unlikely.

In our hyper-woke moment, leftists would find much to criticize in it. It isn’t hard to imagine their criticisms leading to the show’s cancelation. Miranda had previously described actors of color portraying the white Founders as a way of “pulling you into the story and allowing you to leave whatever cultural baggage you have about the Founding Fathers at the door.”

As that “cultural baggage” is running rampant across the country and tearing down statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, the sympathetic portrayal of both men in the show has, so far, gotten a pass.

Miranda is a good liberal. He made a valiant attempt to turn the pro-American Revolution Frenchman Marquis de Lafayette into an “immigrant” in the show (he was an immigrant technically, but not in the sense that the contemporary left frames that figure). Miranda’s Twitter feed is filled with calls to defund the police and support Black Lives Matter.

Yet he is suspiciously quiet on the movement to erase any positive remembrances of the Founding. Does Miranda support tearing down Washington or Jefferson statues? It would be awkward for him to approve yet continue to celebrate the men in his show.

In “Hamilton,” Washington isn’t just portrayed as a good man — he’s portrayed as a great one: a strategic genius, a thoughtful leader, a self-sacrificing hero. The scene of his decision to exit the presidency after two terms leaves not a dry eye in the house. “I wasn’t aware that was something a person could do,” sings the character of King George on Washington stepping away. It wasn’t — until President George Washington did it.

“Hamilton” is a love letter to America and a profound appreciation of its Founding. Is that even allowed anymore?

Americans love patriotism, and “Hamilton” is a very patriotic show. When polls in 2016 found that Americans largely opposed kneeling during the national anthem, it wasn’t because our people didn’t believe that black lives matter. Black lives do matter to us. We opposed kneeling during the anthem because we love our flag and our country, and the song is a moment to reflect on that.

“Hamilton” feeds into that same love. Our country was born in struggle. We have “made every mistake,” as the show’s Hamilton says, but emerged free and strong, just like our Founders wanted us to. They created a free country, and they laid a “strong enough foundation” and passed it on to us. We are left to improve on their vision.

“Hamilton” brought together left and right in love of American history and exceptionalism. But that was before the national mania to rewrite history in the image of our contemporary ideologies.

Can the show pull it off again? Or will actors from the show end up apologizing in tearful Instagram videos about the “normalization” of slave owners in which they participated?

Will Miranda eventually give in to the left and pretend America isn’t a “great unfinished symphony,” but a terrible place of oppression and white supremacy?

If “Hamilton” manages to dodge the woke police, maybe the show can remind us about nuance and how very few people are all good or all bad. And, of course, that it matters a lot “who lives, who dies, who tells your story.” It turns out the “when” matters too. Alexander Hamilton is lucky Lin-Manuel Miranda told his story when he did.
Aubble - 2 days ago
^ That's bait ^
Sophie Denmark
Sophie Denmark - 4 days ago
“The Virginians emerge with the nations napital🤣”
Savannah Williams
Savannah Williams - 4 days ago
eliam the theater kid
eliam the theater kid - 4 days ago
I was addicted to Hamilton and I took a break but now I'm a be in my living room every day watching Hamilton
Aria-Rose Browne
Aria-Rose Browne - 4 days ago
Mayne anyone else been on vocal rest this week to prepare the one person shoe they finna have tmr or just me?
Savannah Williams
Savannah Williams - 4 days ago
dipper780 - 5 days ago
all the diskilike are people who don't have Disney plus
Ella Sweatt
Ella Sweatt - 5 days ago
Sofia Shoe
Sofia Shoe - 5 days ago
okay anyone else going to be obsessing over the choreography and lighting? cause damn when the dancers moved into their new positions and the lighting in box shapes faded out it almost looked like they were gone but they were still there just chillin
Mimi Chan
Mimi Chan - 5 days ago
this is one of my favourite songs from hamilton :D
MermaidGamer OfTheSea
MermaidGamer OfTheSea - 5 days ago
Brobi wan Kenobi
Brobi wan Kenobi - 5 days ago
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 5 days ago
Jefferson: “I arranged the menu, the venue, the seating.” The Menu: MAC & CHEESE!!!!!!!
Dannie Lee
Dannie Lee - 5 days ago
"Nation's napital"
Phebe Mun
Phebe Mun - 5 days ago
JessyJ318 - 5 days ago
Sooooo excited to be saving $900!!!! 💚
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 5 days ago
please take the film out for latin america and on a platform accessible to us q~q
Abby Jacobs
Abby Jacobs - 5 days ago
i dont even remember the lyrics to hamilton, but if you play the songs ill sing along. its basically muscle memory at this point
• Gacha Angel •
• Gacha Angel • - 5 days ago
What that’s $1000 worth of Hamilton tickets down the drain
Rainfeather - 5 days ago
i know for a fact that most of us screamed THOMAS CLAIMS only for the video to be over
ollie - 5 days ago
me aggressively replaying 0:12 to watch our favourite immigrant and Virginians do a little spin
Mafer - 5 days ago
It will be translated ?:c
gdfsgdfg fdg
gdfsgdfg fdg - 5 days ago
look alive
Teresa Cueto
Teresa Cueto - 5 days ago
Meanwhile Hamilton Fans in Latin America will have to wait maybe 5 or 6 months til Disney Plus premieres 😭😭😭
Maegan Dromgoole
Maegan Dromgoole - 5 days ago
My sister asked if she could watch this with her friends and mom said yes.
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