What's on my Tech: 2019!

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Chris Doering
Chris Doering - 15 minutes ago
Dont fuckin say holiday tree jesus what r u a libtard? Its ok to say Christmas
Soma Saha
Soma Saha - 43 minutes ago
Hey marques Spotify isn't available in my country...so I can't access your playlist..pls help!!😪😥
yang wang
yang wang - Hour ago
Your Dog!!!
Matteo - 9 hours ago
GCAM on the OnePlus 6t, it will change your experience, trust me
Rupesh Tashildar
Rupesh Tashildar - 9 hours ago
The quality of your videos is so high, even 1080p looks like 4k
Pablo Guerrero
Pablo Guerrero - 10 hours ago
Hi! Can you do also with your Apple Watch? Thanks
Ethan BalanceCatcher
Ethan BalanceCatcher - 10 hours ago
Mark Ass Brownlee
Raveen Bikha
Raveen Bikha - 13 hours ago
Idk the junk folder on the iPhone u can just remove it since 11 or iOS 10 I think
Seskoi - 14 hours ago
Too bad Dark Sky is only available in the US, UK, and Ireland...
Green Tea
Green Tea - 18 hours ago
I love Reply All - best internet podcast out there!
Henriko Magnifico
Henriko Magnifico - 22 hours ago
You should main the OP6T since with the Google Camera mod installed it's way superior to Pixel 3 XL in most ways
Sandeep Bhandarkar
Sandeep Bhandarkar - 23 hours ago
Loved the intro✌️
Grant Cavill
Grant Cavill - Day ago
Love Your Content, You Inspired me to start my own Channel Grant Cavill.
Thank you for motivation.
Drakek - Day ago
you can split on ipad its just in the settings where you swap keyboards
Omoyele R
Omoyele R - Day ago
Do you carry a mobile modem like a Verizon Mifi, At&t nighthawk. Or cradlepoint? Why you never done a video on them?
youreanonshareer - Day ago
“Cruising real estate”

can’t relate
MrNofun4all - Day ago
I think MKBHD mentioned the accuweather app... So everyone, please read( or audio book) michael lewis book - the coming storm, before downloading and using this app. or just google the story behind. they are a nasty bunch. please STOP USING the accuweather app!
Ajay Gupta
Ajay Gupta - Day ago
Who else saw Off the Pill when he showed podcasts?
Sherif Boghdady
Sherif Boghdady - Day ago
Hey man, quick Q about Tick Tick, does it offer a snooze option from the notification drawer on iPhone when a task is due?
Gbayin Ojo
Gbayin Ojo - Day ago
🙊 you don't have a dictionary App!
Aswin A
Aswin A - Day ago
Marques have u tried the Gcam on the Oneplus 6T?? You'd have your perfect phone since you seem to only use the Pixel for the camera.
michael vinluan
michael vinluan - Day ago
what’s instagram?
ojas gupta
ojas gupta - Day ago
I just searched for that jellyfish server and its freaking 40.000 USD !!!!!!!!!
Joonatan Kuula
Joonatan Kuula - Day ago
Mark Assphalt 9
Brooklyn C
Brooklyn C - Day ago
myke asante
myke asante - Day ago
That intro track tho
Ale Chero
Ale Chero - Day ago
Use other app that MyFitnessPal
It got hacked
Engineers World
Engineers World - Day ago
get a reusable water bottle, Marques
3D VERSION - Day ago
What is the name of intro track?
Heath Farrell
Heath Farrell - 2 days ago
I love PocketCast!
Funny YouTube Comments
Funny YouTube Comments - 2 days ago
Good work
Vijay Rao
Vijay Rao - 2 days ago
What shows do you watch on Netflix :-)
neo wang
neo wang - 2 days ago
Lord_CoatRack - 2 days ago
David Marin
David Marin - 2 days ago
You should include your Apple Watch
Heck yeah reppin Reply All podcast! Not surprised, that show is genius!
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson - 2 days ago
MKBHD can you do a Huawei comment about the recent controversy? Thinking about getting a huawei laptop
Haadi Liker And Vloger
Haadi Liker And Vloger - 2 days ago
Who like my comment I will subscribe them and share their videos promisly
Utsav Raj
Utsav Raj - 2 days ago
Have u tried “FOCOS” app for iPhone
Sajahan Vincerio
Sajahan Vincerio - 2 days ago
A good Android boy and Apple boy at the same time. Biasless reviews. This is the reason I keep watching his videos.
Maarten Felix
Maarten Felix - 2 days ago
I switched from Pocketcast to Google Podcasts and I kinda like it
sanity1123 - 2 days ago
What happened to Backdrops? That was your wallpaper app of choice on Android a while back and I still love that one. Was there any reason you switched or just found new exciting ones elsewhere?
Basil Fabian
Basil Fabian - 3 days ago
4:08 , even I use Waze just for cops 😂
Neolize ashik
Neolize ashik - 3 days ago
Send me one marques
jetdogz950 - 3 days ago
Nice dog
Nihal Gosala
Nihal Gosala - 3 days ago
Dude has an ipad and plays dumb games which can't even use 1 % of its power...
Omayd - 3 days ago
Does he have cases or is he living on the edge?
ojas gupta
ojas gupta - 18 hours ago
logan the pro
logan the pro - 3 days ago
mark ass brownie
EsteBandido4444 - 3 days ago
I though your daily driver was the OnePlus 6 :(
Luke Medwyn-Jones
Luke Medwyn-Jones - 3 days ago
Yasss links to download all the apps 🙌🏻
Joshua Schanen
Joshua Schanen - 3 days ago
Thanks for the organization inspo
Dylan Behrent
Dylan Behrent - 3 days ago
Mail App?
Hosen Ebrahem
Hosen Ebrahem - 3 days ago
I love this man
Panayiotis Toumazou
Panayiotis Toumazou - 3 days ago
Dark Sky weather app is the best and most accurate
ぶき buki
ぶき buki - 3 days ago
rudrarpan chatterjee
rudrarpan chatterjee - 3 days ago
Can we please get a surface pro 6 review?
jackeetho michell
jackeetho michell - 3 days ago
Hi I have a question for you it might sound dumb but I need to understand it
TheMooskyFox - 3 days ago
*completely ignores doggo*
Fred G
Fred G - 3 days ago
Do u prefer apple or android
patrikortrit - 3 days ago
Hey! Regarding that keyboard thing on the ipad pro, you could go to settings> display & brightness> display zoom and change it to zoomed. It basically turns your pro to an oversized ipad though
priyanshu jv
priyanshu jv - 3 days ago
I'm high rigt now
ram mane
ram mane - 3 days ago
Why do you make vids..?!!!
lastdrunkentoast - 4 days ago
@MKBHD just a hint for your issues with the keyboard on the iPad Pro:
Use Switftkey ;-)
Justin Han
Justin Han - 4 days ago
i saw Dynamic Duo! K-pop lol
Galactic Guardian
Galactic Guardian - 4 days ago
I didn’t know that you could split the key board on iPads!
Marcel Z.
Marcel Z. - 4 days ago
Off the Pill Podcast!
kingmotan - 4 days ago
@marq why is the watch on your right hand ??
Kaneki Ken
Kaneki Ken - 4 days ago
0:50 thats a bathtub notch
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim - 4 days ago
11:38 Woof!
M4 MEDIA Malayalam
M4 MEDIA Malayalam - 4 days ago
Which is your favourite smartphone?
monique plet
monique plet - 4 days ago
mark ass brownie
Galaxy Gamers
Galaxy Gamers - 4 days ago
Set your iPad on a table to type or your lap
James McManus
James McManus - 4 days ago
nO PoKeMoN gO iS tHe BeSt AR aPp
Galaxy Gamers
Galaxy Gamers - 4 days ago
I use fitness app
Joseph Brinkley
Joseph Brinkley - 4 days ago
Awesome video! Very well done! I've been watching you the past 8-9 years and it's amazing how much progress you've made!
msj56 - 4 days ago
Intuit Mint ftw
Charlie Stout
Charlie Stout - 4 days ago
Why do you always record in 360p? It’s really annoying.
Riley Starr
Riley Starr - 4 days ago
Love Pocket Casts. Also - Gimlet's gettin' that BIG money. Damn.
Sara Goodwin
Sara Goodwin - 4 days ago
Don't use plastic water bottles :(
Davin Jacobs
Davin Jacobs - 4 days ago
remember bitcoin
Stijn ten Holder
Stijn ten Holder - 4 days ago
i'm still just amazed by this great video quality. Maybe its a cool idea to do a video on red's color coding and the way you edit your video's?
Catherine Futhena
Catherine Futhena - 4 days ago
120TB storage 😑 I hardly have space for windows update.
Felix Merz
Felix Merz - 4 days ago
There are multiple apps for twitter? I have just twitter twitter...
Can u recommend some?
Cazwhin Uniqukes
Cazwhin Uniqukes - 4 days ago
deadmau5 folder? @MKBHD
nON bORING - 4 days ago
"Couples Therapy" is the first podcast... Interesting.
How-To Household
How-To Household - 4 days ago
remember bitcoin...
Chris D. Redd
Chris D. Redd - 4 days ago
Check out the Mail Haven app for you packages
Mimi Oh
Mimi Oh - 4 days ago
👀 @2:21 you listen to dynamic duo ???? Hahaha I guess no one can escape the kpop/khiphop wave in America 😂
Omer Nagi
Omer Nagi - 4 days ago
just for cops hahahaha
elwingy - 4 days ago
wait, i was told that apple releases crap products for idiots and sheep...
OceanmoonSecrets - 4 days ago
Chloe Mcholoe
Chloe Mcholoe - 4 days ago
This reminded me of the asdfmovie. The guy looks at his watch and says I have no idea how to breath
Jay Sonar
Jay Sonar - 4 days ago
Ipad pro doesn't have a good onscreen keyboard cause they want you to by the keyboard cover thing.
Tom Hahnl
Tom Hahnl - 4 days ago
I have some Apps for you: 'ToxFox' or 'ReplacePlastic'
Mitchell Giese
Mitchell Giese - 5 days ago
Hey Marques. I have been trying out a few different todo list apps lately and am giving TickTick a try after seeing how dependent you are on it. I use Google Calendar for a lot of my organization and often use all-day tasks as reminders. I am wondering if you also use a calendar app or just put everything into TickTick. Also, do you ever use reminders or list on the google assistant. I would love to see a similar video on how you ACTUALLY use smart home devices in your day to day life 2019. I try to use them a fair amount myself but find they are more hassle than they are worth a lot lately.
MOVIE MaNiA - 5 days ago
Please make a video on Galaxy book 2
Flo - 5 days ago
Review of the Brydge iPad Pro keyboard ?
jade - 5 days ago
What keyboard do you use with your imac?
Tech News
Tech News - 5 days ago
MKBHD try downloading the google keyboard that might be helpful
Kaustubh Joshi
Kaustubh Joshi - 5 days ago
This is how video goes like..
Blah blah... tick-tick.. blah blah.. tick-tick..blah blah tick-tick.. :-P
Just kidding.. I use tick tick too..
Nice video! :-)
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