I Just Wanted Food

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jayanimations - 2 hours ago
then before i kill him i backflip and knock him out
jayanimations - 2 hours ago
i would kill them and then take the food
Jonah Johnson
Jonah Johnson - 9 hours ago
meow :3
SuSheep V
SuSheep V - 12 hours ago
Lol it’s called hibachi
SansxKenzie skeleton
He said he turned around breathed then tackled the bitch 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Sounds like me
Preston Playz
Preston Playz - Day ago
Soo you basically nearly killed the dude?
James & Ale Askew & Carbone
I got inspired to make comic's from this guy
fnafan19872379 - Day ago
Comment if you eat food
Ninja Star 01
Ninja Star 01 - Day ago
handturn x3
boiledhamdinner - 2 days ago
All that and you don't tell us how the food was?
lindsey - 3 days ago
wait it was late night??
and you just decided to go to the mall??
wait what??
did i miss something??
The Killer Hotdog
The Killer Hotdog - 3 days ago
dont get between adam and his food when hes hangry.
Leo Marshell
Leo Marshell - 3 days ago
Buffey that’s how you say it i cand spell it
random rush
random rush - 4 days ago
when you said you tackled the dude the other guys cap gliched
Wan Kim
Wan Kim - 5 days ago
This happened to me once
Someone was being a godamn bitch by shoving me from behind because I was in their way
BTW this happened when I was 17
Chloe Howland
Chloe Howland - 5 days ago
Never get between a man (or woman) and their foods.
GunnyRubio272 - 5 days ago
I’ve been to that restaurant before and it’s really good and it’s called Mongolian Grill
Ashley_ Gacha life
Ashley_ Gacha life - 5 days ago
*i tackled the bitch* OMG I DEAD😂😂😂😂
Obliv Patt
Obliv Patt - 6 days ago
hey that’s really cool of you :).
Lupe Trevino
Lupe Trevino - 6 days ago
Fireballbonie :3
Fireballbonie :3 - 6 days ago
Azlan Zook
Azlan Zook - 7 days ago
Susanne Montes
Susanne Montes - 7 days ago
When the security got there they saw a dude on top of another dude..... wait what
Fiqa Nor
Fiqa Nor - 7 days ago
good one...(i really think i should say that for some reason -_-)
Peyton Victor
Peyton Victor - 8 days ago
It's huhot
Cooper Hall
Cooper Hall - 8 days ago
i woud do da same ting
Henry Bird
Henry Bird - 8 days ago
Was the place HuHot???
No name Jr.
No name Jr. - 8 days ago
Was the food GOOD
No name Jr.
No name Jr. - 8 days ago
No name Jr.
No name Jr. - 8 days ago
Fuck I just read your comment
Max Darger
Max Darger - 8 days ago
*I just wanted my food*
AnythingRL - 9 days ago
Dude: *takes too long to order food*
Adam: You won’t like it when I’m HANGRY
WeirdWayne 74140
WeirdWayne 74140 - 9 days ago
U wouldn't get in trouble cuz of self defense
Sombrefob0055 - 9 days ago
I bet you lived in phinx cuz thats the only place theres malls in az
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller - 9 days ago
i know what that style is called, but i can't for the life of me remember it.

oh yea it's habatchi
tristanplier super
tristanplier super - 10 days ago
tristanplier super
tristanplier super - 10 days ago
And he said
Christopher Stephens
Christopher Stephens - 10 days ago
LizPlayz Hacker
LizPlayz Hacker - 10 days ago
I went to that kind of Mongolian restaurant place. It's really good. xD
Grace Swanson
Grace Swanson - 11 days ago
I should be doing homework rn but here I am
David Morrish
David Morrish - 11 days ago
The place you are at for this episode sounds like great wall in Washington state
Ruby Fox
Ruby Fox - 11 days ago
Don't get between me and my food.
(Proceeds to chunk them out the window)
Fox Mations
Fox Mations - 12 days ago
*maybe it’s called a r a w buffet*
Evan Taddy
Evan Taddy - 12 days ago
Was it HuHot?
Buttery Pancakes
Buttery Pancakes - 12 days ago
0:37 so a buffet
Levi Uribe
Levi Uribe - 12 days ago
Nolan Holladay
Nolan Holladay - 13 days ago
pretty sure the place is called HuHot
its a bully
its a bully - 13 days ago
I went to burger King at 3 am right.
So I go in a there are 4 people standing at the door and 5 people behind me trying to get in.
I pushed the 4 guys and got hut by a bat ._.
So I put them all to the ground and put charges. They got banned from every burger King in Staten Island
Kylee - Shema
Kylee - Shema - 13 days ago
It's hibachi
Agustina Segura
Agustina Segura - 13 days ago
Hey dregs has trr a tijjgf
Agustina Segura
Agustina Segura - 13 days ago
Weaboo Panda
Weaboo Panda - 14 days ago
It's called Mongolian BBQ btw just in case you were wondering
Pat The fish
Pat The fish - 14 days ago
Was the food good though?
LPSNewsFlash - 14 days ago
Thank you.. kind.. sir, I.. I am gonna eat this now
DUDE BIRD - 14 days ago
Yea once this kid just slap me on the school bus so I super man punched him in the nose and he got a nose bleed then he started being raise so I pulled out my wolveren class (my nails that where long for some reason ) and scratched him until he started bleeding he got report to school and I was just free to roam like wolveren.
Talia’s World
Talia’s World - 15 days ago
Wait, the real question is... was the food good tho.?!
The Hidden Gamer
The Hidden Gamer - 15 days ago
Was the restaurant hu hot
resses puffs
resses puffs - 15 days ago
dude your naked put on your sweter
Angi Animates
Angi Animates - 15 days ago
I AM Mongolian!
Gavin Fairbrother
Gavin Fairbrother - 15 days ago
Okay, as soon as the vid started, adam looked at an ad as soon as it popped up. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT! (Well at least he gets paid :P)
Shadowwolf 930
Shadowwolf 930 - 15 days ago
aw thank you kind sir I'm going to eat this now somethingelseYT-that one video
Hennes Pennes
Hennes Pennes - 16 days ago
Games And Stuff
Games And Stuff - 16 days ago
HuHot 😏
The Dark owl
The Dark owl - 16 days ago
Ho hot
Incredible Gamer
Incredible Gamer - 16 days ago
I watched this in 2x speed
Rean L Lay
Rean L Lay - 16 days ago
No bro you left like a frickin' boss
Holy rhino
Holy rhino - 16 days ago
Genghis grill?
Jon Ng
Jon Ng - 17 days ago
random guy on the internet tells story about how he tackled a kid because he suckerpunched him.GETS 3 MILLION VIEWS.what the fuck is this guy.
LexiLollyPop - 17 days ago
Why does he sound like he’s drunk/ high? Either way I love you and enjoyed the video
awesomepickle 239
awesomepickle 239 - 17 days ago
Kind of like sooubway?
Hilda Guerra
Hilda Guerra - 17 days ago
Pls make me happy
Hilda Guerra
Hilda Guerra - 17 days ago
Im also angry cause my fat friend left me. She knocked the door then Valeria said can u play outside? Yeah sure. I get ready then by the time I got ouside Valeria was with a girl I hate named Fernanda then Valeria got her electric scooter and scooted away then left me by myself then im like nah im not gonna play with this bitch im gonna go inside. So I went inside then next thing u know fernanda goes inside. So right now im pissed. #Notthefatwhalesbffnomore
J. Dykes
J. Dykes - 17 days ago
*I D O N T C A R E I J U S T W A N T M Y F O O D*

That is my motto in life
Mariana Bjeletich
Mariana Bjeletich - 17 days ago
olny SUCKERs SUKER punch
get it sukers sucker punch thats just the punch line
Mr Mega
Mr Mega - 18 days ago
It says you have 1 subscriber
Tarsana Shelta
Tarsana Shelta - 18 days ago
“I basically apprehended him; I twisted his arms and put them behind his back“
*It’s getting Yandere Chan up in here*
Terrell Smith
Terrell Smith - 18 days ago
Ninjapanda2025 2025
Ninjapanda2025 2025 - 18 days ago
It’s called Mongolian bbq
the real Blue
the real Blue - 18 days ago
I'm a angry lion if I didn't eat in a while😐
Emma Scherer
Emma Scherer - 18 days ago
that was an intresting story !! it was soo much fun to watch ! thank you somethingelseyt !! please keep it up !
Mega Toast
Mega Toast - 18 days ago
I need to know what a sucker punch is
Pcssfc - 19 days ago
I was born when someone died
Iconic Doof
Iconic Doof - 19 days ago
Genghis Grill?
Edwin Kubi
Edwin Kubi - 19 days ago
But was the food good ?
Gaming Gangstas Plus more
1:50 Did anyone else notice the face on the plate? 😂
Emmanuel Urbina
Emmanuel Urbina - 19 days ago
A buffet
tiberius staicu
tiberius staicu - 19 days ago
omg a drawing made by a romanian was the first of the featured drawings waw
tiberius staicu
tiberius staicu - 19 days ago
Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith - 19 days ago
once I was so hungry I felt like I could eat a person so I was in the car for 1 hour for MCDONALDS..
RecruitGamer 395
RecruitGamer 395 - 20 days ago
I've been to a Mongolian place too, was so good!
Nick - 20 days ago
The Mongolian Village
Nora Taylor
Nora Taylor - 20 days ago
buuuuuuutt faaaaaaaaccccceeeeee!
Nikolai Cross
Nikolai Cross - 20 days ago
Right when you said one kid just looked at you and said:...... (Silence) I got a notification
ManiacMiner//MMM - 20 days ago
You seem like a good security gaurd. Also you seem like you would get recognized alot but because they would think youre markiplier
MarbleFoxPlayz - 20 days ago
Okai so this wasn't fOoD related but I still got pissed.
So, this was during school and we were at recess, and I was just sitting in the shade (It was like 90 degrees or somethin) talking with my friends, and then this teacher comes up to me, points a shaky finger at me and my friends, and she yelled "GET UP, OUT OF THE FRICKIN TREE AND GO DO SOMETHIN, RUN AROUND, JUMP ROPE!" And I just stare at her, pure hatred on my face. I have NEVER been yelled at before, but this damn teacher told US to GET UP out of the *SHADE* and *RUN AROUND* while it was *90 DEGREES!* Like wth! But we just sat there, staring at her, and she screeched again "GET UP FROM THE DAMN SHADE AND GO DO SOMETHING OR DETENTION!", and although I was still mad at her, I was surprised she said 'damn' at 9-10 year olds, so we got up, and once we were out of ear-shot, we were just grumbling about her. And suddenly, a sassy kid that I HATE, comes up to me and yells "OH DID YOU GET IN TROUBLE?! AWW, TOO BAD!" And she did a curtsy, swerved around, and walked away with her friends, by this point I was mad as heck, so I snapped "Yeah, well at least I don't have your face!". That got her started, she looked at me in the eyes, and didn't say anything, she just started laughing and started muttering something to her friends. I could hear some of it, and it was insults, so being the mad ten year old I was, I leaped on her and pinned her to the ground. Yeah, I didn't get in trouble because she knew not to tell on me and the teachers weren't watching and suddenly I became the popular kid. Then, fast forward a few months and it's snowing. We go outside and I'm shivering, I go with my friends and we huddle in this small secret spot, and *THAT SAME TEACHER THAT YELLED AT US FOR BEING IN THE SHADE COMES UP TO US* and she said "Oh my god, are you guys *IDIOTS* or what? This is *RECESS* not... not talk with you friends and sit down doing *NOTHING!"* , and so I am just boiling with hatred right now, but we didn't get up, OH NO we did NOT, we sat there, just staring at the teacher. She got mad, and so she went up to me, grabbed me by the arm/shoulder, pulled me up OFF THE GROUND (Wow strong old lady), and I was in pain, but I did not want to show it, but she whispered in my ear "I saw what you did to that kid, and don't act like your suddenly the kid that can do whatever he wants just because other kids praise you", then she dropped me to the ground, and stomped off. Now I was in pain AND I was mad as HELL, so I went up to another teacher, with my friends, and they told her exactly what happened, and, um, I never saw that mean ol' teacher again. yay
King of the cards
King of the cards - 20 days ago
Huhot? Mongolian grill?
Aiden Lowe
Aiden Lowe - 20 days ago
I watch somethingelseyt oddonesout and jadian animations
DIGIT4L_ - 20 days ago
I know the place you're talking about and I absolutely LOVE THAT PLACE.
Murdoch The Spooky
Murdoch The Spooky - 20 days ago
was the restaurant hoja?...
Taylor Blue
Taylor Blue - 20 days ago
Was the food GOOD?
Dylan Brenden
Dylan Brenden - 20 days ago
This guy was at the good food and it took a hour I was HANGERY IT FLIPING SUCKED
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