I Just Wanted Food

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Rene Figueroa
Rene Figueroa - 5 hours ago
I tackled the bitch! Lol
I love your stories and your voice is mesmerizing! Omg!!! 😍😍😍😍
Cedrick Lewis jr
Cedrick Lewis jr - 12 hours ago
Probably??? Just maybe?????? It was gengus (or however you spell it)grill
creepy woods
creepy woods - Day ago
I......am gonna eat this now
creepy woods
creepy woods - Day ago
I......am gonna eat this now
Cute Creepypasta chick
This kid punched me I was pissed I turned around and I kept my composure and I took a breath and I tackled the bitch cause I was pissed off
Me:yes I would have tackled them to no one gets In my way when it comes to food!
Maximumpowergamer3567 mahguydude
I kinda think I know that place. HuHot.
ByteMe - Day ago
u here odd1sout one of fav youts0
Nya Kitty
Nya Kitty - Day ago
2:32,when someone steals my nutella.
KshotTV - Day ago
I got freaking food poisoning from that place screw that place
👌🏽 - 2 days ago
Ross Harper
Ross Harper - 2 days ago
Domics MOVE!!!!
Christian Pedroza
Christian Pedroza - 2 days ago
Acid Pop
Acid Pop - 2 days ago
3:03 sexist security
Axolotls Animated
Axolotls Animated - 3 days ago
Sometimes, some weird crap enters my body. It goes into almost all of my vital organs, even my bloodstream. Then it exits my body once again, but totally different. This happens multiple times a day, and it's really weird.

Edit: Okay, I just Googled it, and it's apparently called "breathing." It's a relatively common thing to happen, and basically every living thing does it? Idk, but it *creeps me out.*
Deathlord Icelord
Deathlord Icelord - 3 days ago
your rage went up then it was going down when you were breathing and you tackled him................................
Cookie Arrow
Cookie Arrow - 3 days ago
Who else finds it satisfying that this vid is 4 minutes and 44 seconds long
Atul Raj
Atul Raj - 4 days ago
🖕this sucker puncher dude
Atul Raj
Atul Raj - 4 days ago
When Hungry Just Go To McDonalds
Tucker Gamer TV
Tucker Gamer TV - 4 days ago
Adam: pulls out gun,GIVE ME MY FOOD NOW!!!
Securetey: NOPE NOT TODAY!!!
Teddy French
Teddy French - 4 days ago
ha why would he just punch you ,nice tackle
dragonfury daily
dragonfury daily - 4 days ago
some food
Melodusia Team
Melodusia Team - 5 days ago
I live in Mongolia
Omnic 1134
Omnic 1134 - 5 days ago
It’s called hu-hot
Galaxy Productions
Galaxy Productions - 5 days ago
"Uh.. thank you..uh...kind..kind sir, I'm..i'm gonna..eat this now" - Adam
Binoos Animations
Binoos Animations - 6 days ago
This is bill. 0-|< His name is john. if you feed him, he turns into a birb.
Fire Gamer6767
Fire Gamer6767 - 6 days ago
1:51 He don't feel so good
Jesse Goodnight
Jesse Goodnight - 7 days ago
That place is calle HuHot
Shae McGovern
Shae McGovern - 7 days ago
Ive been there its called bd’s bar and grill
waldo miles wide
waldo miles wide - 8 days ago
OH I know this place or restaurant the food there is amazing
Dark Wolf 1093
Dark Wolf 1093 - 8 days ago
Who doesn’t only want food
Leah Ekeren
Leah Ekeren - 8 days ago
It is called hu hot
Psalms Banks
Psalms Banks - 8 days ago
Do u go too church
DR. alchemist
DR. alchemist - 8 days ago
China teaches kids that mongolia is a chinese state
DR. alchemist
DR. alchemist - 8 days ago
Imma from mongolia
DR. alchemist
DR. alchemist - 8 days ago
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah - 9 days ago
I had a story
These 3 dudes were talking in school in luch and i come up to then and say hey hey you ys you just go the smallest dude says oh were just waiting for your mom to come and i was pissed i said well i at least have 1 and everyone was going like OOOOOOOOOOOOO he said to me lets fight and i said oh really ur too weak and thats it they went into theyre way i was pround of myself (this was in lunch)
Bobington Mcc
Bobington Mcc - 9 days ago
Apparently this is the first video I ever liked on this YT account
Tamir Zolboo
Tamir Zolboo - 9 days ago
Omg im mongolian!!!!!!!!!
S Witte
S Witte - 9 days ago
Ghengas grill?
JOSE NAPOLEZ - 9 days ago
Dude I love you when I want to laugh and when I’m bored xd
Eclipse Gaming
Eclipse Gaming - 10 days ago
Jude_ Playz
Jude_ Playz - 10 days ago
I would do the same

becouse i love food
PhewAlmost Die
PhewAlmost Die - 11 days ago
One time in target it was just me and my mom and these like idk 13 year old kids (I was like 12) they were looking at me and my mom and laughing and stuff so I got near them to see why and heard “This kid is probably a wus and if I hit him he wouldn’t do anything” and I turned and said “hit me” and he did aaannnnnnnd he went to the floor and I was wailing his face into orange juice and my mom didn’t realize until the kids friends screamed “STOP HE DIDNT MEAN IT!” The I was tackled and everything went black and I woke up to find the one kid who I tackled just like asleep and the other one starring into my soul and I smiled then I went home and went to sleep because my head hurt like sh*t moral of the story don’t be an assh*le
Linda Baby2
Linda Baby2 - 11 days ago
It was short ha it is 4 minutes
Samki 68
Samki 68 - 11 days ago
How was your food taste ?!
Brook loewen
Brook loewen - 11 days ago
Wow a random person punched u in the head
Shaniece Meade
Shaniece Meade - 12 days ago
To what the f**k (sorry I cruse cuz I'm 7 years old)
Shaniece Meade
Shaniece Meade - 8 days ago
+BoneBreaker D yay
Shaniece Meade
Shaniece Meade - 8 days ago
Thanks 😊 &♥️ ya
BoneBreaker D
BoneBreaker D - 10 days ago
so curse in your head, it will save you a lot of trouble
Elaine Adams
Elaine Adams - 12 days ago
The title is me every day😑
JR MCGRIFSTER - 12 days ago
Those guys were jerks
Skippi Skip Production LLC
Was this HuHot Mongolian Grill?
Wyatt Zeko
Wyatt Zeko - 13 days ago
Lori Alhassan
Lori Alhassan - 13 days ago
Samuel Raimundi
Samuel Raimundi - 13 days ago
He was hangry
Benjamin A
Benjamin A - 13 days ago
I think it's called hibachi. They have it at a buffet near my house.
Emanuel Colon
Emanuel Colon - 13 days ago
Ive been to those resturants, theyre amazing
PotaTomato Man
PotaTomato Man - 13 days ago
You should've stabbed em with your horns
Mr. Davion
Mr. Davion - 14 days ago
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This is probably the faces the people made during that....😅😅😅
Llinara - 14 days ago
How was the food, you ass!?! What a cliffhanger :/
D Guerrero
D Guerrero - 15 days ago
Oh ok
JustALil Somethin’
JustALil Somethin’ - 15 days ago
What I would have done is say this and do “HEY! YEAH,YOU I WANT MY FOOD AND UR STANDING IN THE WAY OF THAT” then kick him in the ballz,punch him in the face and make sure he’s like “OMG STOP!!! (Cry’s) I’LL MOVE!!!”
Shreya Nidhi
Shreya Nidhi - 15 days ago
You stammered a little bit
black erty drinks pepsi
black erty drinks pepsi - 15 days ago
if some one sucker punched me I would..........................................

cowerdly ignore him

or kick them as hard as I can!
Darci Molzen
Darci Molzen - 16 days ago
Ya no you're a good man
ninja doodle jump bro 135
I had a similar encounter but this one has is different I had to shove someone out of the way because they wouldn't move and I needed to go through the doorway that they were blocking so I had to shove them out of my way physically move them I jumped and I pushed my elbow no no not my elbow my shoulder and it pushed him out of the way so that I could get through it was pretty annoying and I was annoyed with him and I didn't care well there you have it there's my story
Kim Hoang Cao
Kim Hoang Cao - 16 days ago
I dont know what im going to say. But You said to comment so i did it
Livia Love
Livia Love - 17 days ago
Megan Ingram
Megan Ingram - 17 days ago
Hey, maybe try HuHot, it's all like that place
Mckenzie lewis 21 pilots fan 21
I like toco bell
the fat chip
the fat chip - 18 days ago
Fnaf Vs bendy
Fnaf Vs bendy - 19 days ago
Thank you sir!.......um....ima eat this now!
wolf wolf fox 1019
wolf wolf fox 1019 - 20 days ago
Monica Andriote
Monica Andriote - 20 days ago
“They saw a dude on top of another dude and they.. they didn’t like that”
Me: that’s sounds.................. homo....more like... anti homo...........................
If that kid sucker punched me
i wuld throw a chair at him
Dixie Weber
Dixie Weber - 21 day ago
One time when I was at a festival there were these two guys throwing punches at each other. There was a little girl standing about two feet away from the guys, and they were getting really physical. My dad saw the girl and jumped in. He got one guy in a choke hold, ready to knock him out if he had too. Eventually the police came, and everyone was fine. It was really scary tho cause me and my friend were standing there being helpless 11 year olds
Mahdy Khadir
Mahdy Khadir - 21 day ago
Look at the food at the left at 1:55
Natalia Sholts
Natalia Sholts - 22 days ago
I know where you went but I sadly don't know the name but I think their logo is some Mongolian guys face he says a long grey mustache.
Lucky RBLX
Lucky RBLX - 22 days ago
GG YOU STUPID BI..nvm screw those guys frm making adam wait for his food he can .... Never mind
Sophia Willingham
Sophia Willingham - 23 days ago
Questionnsss. Was ze food gude?
Memes n Shet
Memes n Shet - 23 days ago
Now i know what to do if someone punches me out of nowhere in a public place
Jakoby Palma
Jakoby Palma - 23 days ago
It a Mongolian bbq
RUTHY SANDOVAL - 23 days ago
Why do you say "yeah" so much😂😂😂😂☺☺lmbo
Furry - 24 days ago
“They saw a dude on top of another dude and didn’t like that”

don’t take this seriously if you see this
RebuiltAmoeba43 - 24 days ago
at 2:32 if u put it at 25 percent speed u can see the guys face that was funny
Kyle Vandagriff
Kyle Vandagriff - Day ago
RebuiltAmoeba43 hes like OH GOSH IM GOING TO DIE
Thegammer97 _
Thegammer97 _ - 11 days ago
MCDBplushieadventure Andreactions
Haw the odds 1s out
WestieB - 26 days ago
Pin this if you like ya fans.
2kings OfIsrael
2kings OfIsrael - 26 days ago
You are good
Peggy Ray
Peggy Ray - 26 days ago
was it good?
Wong Pei Xiang
Wong Pei Xiang - 26 days ago
is it called 'steamboat'
ThatGurl 14
ThatGurl 14 - 27 days ago
Omg Mongolian barbeque
kaylynn 003
kaylynn 003 - 28 days ago
( =.=)
Galina Ritchey
Galina Ritchey - 28 days ago
It's good food
Galina Ritchey
Galina Ritchey - 28 days ago
It's called Mongolian grill
Floyd Walker
Floyd Walker - 28 days ago
2:33 Adam was a boss 😎
Little Ashey
Little Ashey - 28 days ago
Notice me sempi ❤️❤️
Moosenix - 29 days ago
eclips95 95
eclips95 95 - 29 days ago
Kinan - 29 days ago
NinjaThe BraYT
NinjaThe BraYT - 29 days ago
Umbreon YX
Umbreon YX - 29 days ago
PhantomK 5023
PhantomK 5023 - 29 days ago
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