I Just Wanted Food

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Josh Allsopp
Josh Allsopp - 3 hours ago
Adam:call the cops mother fu.... frikers
Josh Allsopp
Josh Allsopp - 3 hours ago
I hate being punched in the back of the head
octaa - 11 hours ago
I just want food rn
Arnav Tripathy
Arnav Tripathy - 18 hours ago
I agree with the Odd1sout. The blurry background helps u focus on him. Nice touch
India Lowry
India Lowry - 2 days ago
Bet his ass
Tamatoboi Fortnite
Tamatoboi Fortnite - 3 days ago
the restraunt is a hibachi place
Sandytoast - 3 days ago
eat your cereal
Pastel_Mintii - 3 days ago
Xiomara Rivera
Xiomara Rivera - 4 days ago
A YouTuber has a comment cool😇😇😇😇😻😻😻
Eli da beast
Eli da beast - 4 days ago
Noooooooooo! Not my butt face!!
THE RAGE MAGE - 5 days ago
The place is called Hu Hot for anyone wants to know
Ravenclaw Gacha
Ravenclaw Gacha - 6 days ago
Ok so this is my story:
So, I was going to get some boba tea at the local mall with my friend and her mom, and may I point out that my friends mom gets VERY angry if someone tries to steal her boba...so anyways, we go to the boba place (which just happens to be the best boba in town) and we get in line for the boba, we get the boba, and leave. But then this guy suddenly gets SO DAMN PISSED at my friends mom, saying that she TOOK this guy’s boba, (which she didn’t) and legit PUT HER DOWN ON THE GROUND and STOLE HER BOBA...and boy, did she get HELLA MAD. My friend’s mom (let’s call her...June) PUNCHED THIS GUY’S A$$ like it was nobody’s business and took her boba back. The guy got arrested for assault and baddery. Oof. And so, me and my friend and my friends mom got away with it (and I got to keep my strawberry/kiwi/mango boba. It was delicious 👌🏻) like if you’ve ever had anything like this happen to you before.
tierra hoy
tierra hoy - 5 days ago
@Ravenclaw Gacha lmao
Ravenclaw Gacha
Ravenclaw Gacha - 5 days ago
Ikr? My friends mom was so relieved to have her boba safe where it belonged lol
tierra hoy
tierra hoy - 5 days ago
Artistic Andy
Artistic Andy - 6 days ago
Did anybody else notice the face in the food at 1:38?
Enguun Ganbat
Enguun Ganbat - 6 days ago
i am a mogolianw
Epic King Slayer
Epic King Slayer - 7 days ago
I know the place you went to
James Taylor-Keown
James Taylor-Keown - 7 days ago
The place is called gengys
Christine Fuhrman
Christine Fuhrman - 8 days ago
Mongolian BBQ
Vengeance Fox
Vengeance Fox - 8 days ago
It called Mongolian Barbau
mystery character
mystery character - 8 days ago
i think you should eat the food
the diamond gamer
the diamond gamer - 8 days ago
HEY guess what somethingelseyt :))))))))))))))))))))))))
Adam Maldonado
Adam Maldonado - 8 days ago
My name is Adam
hello darkness
hello darkness - 9 days ago
Zach Laboy
Zach Laboy - 9 days ago
Genghis grill mui bien
Evander Stieler
Evander Stieler - 10 days ago
Dontell Harris
Dontell Harris - 10 days ago
Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ooooooooooo.mmmmmmmmmmmmmgggggggggggggg I love yuuuuuuuu
Dharanesh Kajenthiran
Dharanesh Kajenthiran - 10 days ago
I wonder how Adam would be if he had realised he could've just gotten a MacDonald s
Just a nerd
Just a nerd - 11 days ago
I can relate but not the fighting part I can relate to *I just want my food*
CC- 2224
CC- 2224 - 11 days ago
simly boi
simly boi - 11 days ago
Yeah I thought my old friend hit my friend so a tackled him
Walrus Gamer
Walrus Gamer - 11 days ago
Was the food good at least
Jessica Bratton
Jessica Bratton - 11 days ago
Fuck you somthingelseyt
tierra hoy
tierra hoy - 5 days ago
what did he do to you, Jessica?
Annie Kora
Annie Kora - 9 days ago
Please keep bad language out of the comments. Thanks
Chelsea Mooc
Chelsea Mooc - 11 days ago
Moral of the story: don’t go to a MonGolian Place.
DT Gaming
DT Gaming - 11 days ago
It was uh hot
Bøńñiē Fręńży Fłįmś
Can I have my toothbrush back?
Macrick Mues
Macrick Mues - 12 days ago
I don’t want to resort to violence
Tackles him
*•_Mercury Gacha_•*
*•_Mercury Gacha_•* - 12 days ago
Title: I just wanted food
Me: MoOd
Isaac Krieger
Isaac Krieger - 12 days ago
You are the best youtuber in the world!!!!!!! And when you and games hang out then I love those videos please leave a like #somthingelseyt 😈❤
Vsauce Michael
Vsauce Michael - 13 days ago
Who's watching in 2043
TheFreddy Show
TheFreddy Show - 13 days ago
Thanos: this is why I want to kill all humans...
Qasim Hussain
Qasim Hussain - 13 days ago
Adam said he b word. I know it’s not that bad but I don’t want him to get demonitised
Zaneoo - 13 days ago
I love it, I loved how you beat his butt.
nikespike 51
nikespike 51 - 14 days ago
Axl Rodriguez
Axl Rodriguez - 14 days ago
That fight is literally me and my brother security is my mom and police is my dad except me and my brother go to jail xD
The Original BaconMan!
The Original BaconMan! - 14 days ago
I hade a story like that sorta so i was like 6 when this happend My Dad and i were coming back from the library to our car and this druggy person wouldednt let my dad leave. We both had nevwe seen this person long story sort he forced my dad out of the car. My 6 year old self was cying really hard he kept cusing at me and my dad saying things like Stop faking it (insert bad word here) finally someone relized what was going on and called 911 they caught the idiot The cop asked my dad if he wanted to press charges my dad said He didint want to. The end
Randy Grunwald
Randy Grunwald - 14 days ago
sooooooooooooooooooooooo hu hot?
FoxGamer436 - 14 days ago
Søphie Gãcha
Søphie Gãcha - 14 days ago
I just wanted food:
Adam 2019-2019
Kightsbane - 14 days ago
Hibachi buffet
Cotten Candy Is Awesome
Cotten Candy Is Awesome - 14 days ago
3:44-3:46 Me when my friends are saying anything that isn’t about food
max payne
max payne - 15 days ago
cops: you wanna press charges
me: nope
cops: wanna get them banned
me: no just take them some place quiet and beat them senseless
фасоль весь путь
I think the place is called hu hot
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez - 15 days ago
What is the other guy did?
Jaden_dagoat - 16 days ago
I think he was at the Co-Op or Company Shops which are the sameplace what ever you like to call it.
Diego Farias
Diego Farias - 16 days ago
Say the f* werd
Soggy Croissant
Soggy Croissant - 14 days ago
Rockyslykidjr gaming
Rockyslykidjr gaming - 16 days ago
Diego Farias hi
Zoey Hall
Zoey Hall - 16 days ago
Josue 8
Josue 8 - 17 days ago
I can relate, this one time this kid was being rude to me and I forgot why it happened in 6th grade but he tried punching me and I didn't want to fight back because I knew I would get in trouble to I grabbed him by the neck until the teacher came and I didn't get in trouble.
TheOfficial _PotatoPleb
TheOfficial _PotatoPleb - 18 days ago
*me too*
Julia_The_Child :3
Julia_The_Child :3 - 18 days ago
awww he hurt da widdle buttttt faceeee
Chill my Dudes
Chill my Dudes - 19 days ago
You hit 3 million!
sophia leece
sophia leece - 19 days ago
There was a guy who was at a Wendy's and bugged me so I punched him in the gut 🙂
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