I Just Wanted Food

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Jalen Janz-McKnight
Jalen Janz-McKnight - 4 hours ago
It was BD’s Mongolian Grill... it was great... it’s closed now.
random bozo
random bozo - 5 hours ago
I was tired when I watched this so when he said "I'm gonna shove my fist,.in your face, in your butt, your butt face." I heard " I'm gonna shove my fist in your butt."
Asim Chinoy
Asim Chinoy - 6 hours ago
Once I was trying to get food 🥘 but everyone was crowding around the food 🥘 and I had to wait until everyone including the people who were late so when I went to get my well earned food 🥘 they ate it all so I told my parents that I had food 🥘
Andrea Woslager
Andrea Woslager - 7 hours ago
I was ther
Maille O’Donnell
Maille O’Donnell - 11 hours ago
One time a boy callled me a b*tch then insulted my artwork. So I slapped him.
Anime Fan
Anime Fan - 13 hours ago
Was this on the news
Pixie Plays
Pixie Plays - 15 hours ago
Pixie Plays
Pixie Plays - 15 hours ago
I'm not sure if I can takle
Yuki Chi
Yuki Chi - 17 hours ago
That means you’re going to tackle more
Max Rozum
Max Rozum - 21 hour ago
adam wont pin this
Jaxon May
Jaxon May - 22 hours ago
Mongolian grill its awesome
Moonlight Gaming
Moonlight Gaming - Day ago
1 like= 1 food for the hungry people 🥓🥞🍗🍖🍔🍕🍤🍗🍜🥗🍜🍕🍟🍕🍯🍩🎂🍨🍰🍡🍰🍦
Cocobean Chan
Cocobean Chan - Day ago
Was that place called Mongolian barbeque
Rosa Franco
Rosa Franco - Day ago
*give me FOOD*
Rosa Franco
Rosa Franco - Day ago
Make me a food
Nate Briggs
Nate Briggs - Day ago
And then everybody clapped lol
Trevi Chan
Trevi Chan - Day ago
U did a good job Adam

a good job 👏
Lauren Flores
Lauren Flores - Day ago
*L E G E N D.*
Chase Trechak
Chase Trechak - Day ago
Wo. This vid is SOOOO old. He’s not even wearing his common sense sweater
MushroomPi - Day ago
Cough huhut
Boda Cious
Boda Cious - Day ago
Adam is like a God because I know I couldn't do that because I'm so Freaking mOdEST
Corona01 DarkRiver
Corona01 DarkRiver - Day ago
That sounds similar to a Mongolian Barbecue
Diane Bowman
Diane Bowman - Day ago
Why does the craziest stuff happen to you??
Carter ChagOOS363
Carter ChagOOS363 - Day ago
I know that place! We have a bongos were i live thats like that
Xavier Plays
Xavier Plays - Day ago
Adam: If separate me from my didily darn food then I will have didily darn snap your neck
-can anybody do this-
-dislike- like if you can do this
Adam: I'm gonna shift my fist in your face. Your butt face
Me: .we all don't have butt faces we only have regular faces.
No seriously it's true we have normal faces
America Garcia
America Garcia - Day ago
Sorry to ask this but...

*2019* ?
Couldn't be anything
MONGOLIAN IS MY COUNTRY B#TCH хөөё өдөөд байгаарай
Nick Thin
Nick Thin - Day ago
Was it bannanas *turns into minion* I like bannanas
Quack The Duck
Quack The Duck - Day ago
What's funny is that I am pulling an all nighter right now, but u told us not to. 🙃
Cool video btw 👍
Spot23 Rolly
Spot23 Rolly - 2 days ago
It’s huhot!!!!
Yensen Chamorro
Yensen Chamorro - 2 days ago
Kenny Maas
Kenny Maas - 2 days ago
U sour
Sky - YT
Sky - YT - 2 days ago
Omg 2:24 I'm laughing well I uh I uhh I TACKLED THE BITCH
Why Minecraft 16
Why Minecraft 16 - 2 days ago
I wish they were longer.
Jimmycraft2008 - 2 days ago
1:48 so you spit on his neck?
Galaxycupcakegaming - 2 days ago
Punch my face or else !!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡
Parks Griffiths
Parks Griffiths - 2 days ago
i like fries
Cow Moo
Cow Moo - 2 days ago
Mazer1010 - 2 days ago
I think you went to huhot
Liam League
Liam League - 2 days ago
I think you're talking about Big Bang
Blunter Snow
Blunter Snow - 2 days ago
It’s Mongolian stir fry
Mewiewee Paws
Mewiewee Paws - 2 days ago
0:30 i know how it’s called! It’s called a buffet!
KingNoah - 3 days ago
I hope the food was the goodest it could be
Cecilia Torres
Cecilia Torres - 3 days ago
Honestly I would do the same lol😆😆😆😆
KONA Tískuverslun
KONA Tískuverslun - 3 days ago
Dude, relax!
I got i to an fight, but, i said
Me: WAIT! Ant we Friends?
My friend: yes???
Me: i’m sorry
My friend: me two-
*attack’s my friend and the kid’s are like*
Kids: bruh!
LIL S1CK - 3 days ago
I thought you were gonna be Mohammed Ali and punch the heck Outta that guy
The gaming Master
The gaming Master - 3 days ago
How was the food
Dew Drop
Dew Drop - 4 days ago
My brother and I fist fought over the last turkey leg at thanksgiving and let me tell you the fact that im a girl did not make him go easy...
But in the end I won and showed him who the fuck is boss bc *YOU DONT TOUCH A FUCKING BITCHES FOOD*
Luis Soberal
Luis Soberal - 4 days ago
Wow I like your videos there the best but not better then the odds 1s out and he isn’t better then jaiden animations
Leonardo Barraza
Leonardo Barraza - 4 days ago
2:29 and I I tackled the bitch 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣
Cute Mochi 2.0
Cute Mochi 2.0 - 4 days ago
Jacob Maldonado
Jacob Maldonado - 4 days ago
Eeeeeee it’s the odd1sout I’m not gurly in alll but.........I wove you vids both vids.......and those little assholes are a pain in my ass and just for fucking foood
kyricwild123 - 4 days ago
99% sure this was HuHot
Cece Hunter
Cece Hunter - 4 days ago
but how was the food?!?!?!
Glen Lumapas
Glen Lumapas - 4 days ago
Too late I did an all nighter
Carrie Mercer
Carrie Mercer - 4 days ago
I thought he was going to say "I don't know CAN I "
Rebecca Robert
Rebecca Robert - 4 days ago
The Mongolian place is called the Mongolian grill
Emma Zowy
Emma Zowy - 4 days ago
:police: so what happened here?
:random kid: n-
:Adam: I tackled him..FOR A GUUD REASON
- my sister sister wrote this
Rosa Gonzalez
Rosa Gonzalez - 4 days ago
The place is called HUHUT I've been there before it's cool
Davy Murray
Davy Murray - 4 days ago
Davy Murray
Davy Murray - 4 days ago
Who else is watching in 201
Ravenpaw For life
Ravenpaw For life - 4 days ago
Guy: *tries to murder Adam*
Police: should we arrest him?!
Adam: meh, it sounds hard
Wallace Lieu
Wallace Lieu - 4 days ago
That's called hibatchi
xXWolfeaXx LoveAnime
xXWolfeaXx LoveAnime - 4 days ago
BiSh I jUsT wANt mY FoOD
Crystal Kai
Crystal Kai - 4 days ago
he protec
he atacc
but most importantly, he put guy arm behind he back
Gillian - 4 days ago
Heheh. It's called Mongolian stir fry
Crystal Kai
Crystal Kai - 4 days ago
it called hu hot its good food
gacha studio lover
gacha studio lover - 4 days ago
He got in the way of you and food so he deserved it
Lightning Boy456
Lightning Boy456 - 4 days ago
Me: these people suck I need to give Adam aka my pokiemon food!
Me: gets through
Weard man: bla bla bla use punch
Me: ouch...
Me: Adam I choose you!
Adam: kills Pokémon and feeds on him and takes food!
Tj Howlett
Tj Howlett - 4 days ago
jenni donaldson
jenni donaldson - 4 days ago
Isis Brown
Isis Brown - 4 days ago
The odds one out is your dad???????????!??????!?????!????
Boy In The Hood
Boy In The Hood - 4 days ago
f I s t m e d a d d y
Slap Stick Comedy
Slap Stick Comedy - 4 days ago
Eric Caballero
Eric Caballero - 4 days ago
The place you went to is called Mongo's
Kenneth Vo
Kenneth Vo - 4 days ago
Actually this resturaunt is called Mongolian BBQ. I would know this because I have one of these near where I live. there is sauces and they let you watch them cook on this circle, amazing taste and It is my favorite place to eat! they also have 2 bowl types. Meat and veggie bowls. the veggie bowls was for noodles and stuff like that, and meat bowl speaks for itself.
Shay Skinner
Shay Skinner - 5 days ago
I tackled the b*** lol
Saikken - 5 days ago
You shouldn't have tackled him.

You should've sucker punched him in the face.
Catsarevonderful - 5 days ago
사랑이PeachyTae - 5 days ago
ReyRey :P
ReyRey :P - 5 days ago
Was the food good tho?
Jaydyn Kreinz
Jaydyn Kreinz - 5 days ago
He went to huhot because i go there very often 😂
Ayana Muhammadh
Ayana Muhammadh - 5 days ago
Were you eating at bd's Mongolian grill?
Fox Mations
Fox Mations - 5 days ago
The first time I went to FireHouse which is like sooabway a cook cussed out the customer and she said “ Stop it there’s children here ! “ and I just looked at her for a second like- “ boi I ain’t as innocent as I seem 😂 “
Mimikyu The Walker
Mimikyu The Walker - 5 days ago
Bleeps out the f and s word

Doesn’t bleep the b word out
The Frith kids Frith
The Frith kids Frith - 5 days ago
um that is a wired food place
Harold Hall
Harold Hall - 5 days ago
Btw its called Mongolian grill
JustMadders 1123
JustMadders 1123 - 5 days ago
I think I know what eating place that was cuz I've been there plenty of times and It was delicious
Cletus from Cletus games
They saw a dude on top of another dude and didn’t like that
Alex Ratter
Alex Ratter - 5 days ago
I would KILL someone if they where imbtween me an ma food
Elite - 5 days ago
*Did u enjoy the food?*
Hot_Dog7 - 5 days ago
I would like help
Hot_Dog7 - 5 days ago
Dude, I really need to learn how to draw
PictArt Photography
PictArt Photography - 5 days ago
you won you got :5735784564569768457693 pieces of food
CrazyEnder 3000
CrazyEnder 3000 - 5 days ago
The restaurant is called crazy fire I went to it before
Fabulous Fifi
Fabulous Fifi - 5 days ago
Was the food good?
Oscar Avila
Oscar Avila - 5 days ago
This is a Chinese restaurant
Androo S.
Androo S. - 5 days ago
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