I Just Wanted Food

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Baby Gingey
Baby Gingey - Hour ago
It's called H# H#t I censored it out because u probably don't want me to say it. I've been there before. It is DELICIOUSE
Brook Byers
Brook Byers - Hour ago
Sounds like Hu-Hot
DJ Playz
DJ Playz - 3 hours ago
2:30 | My 3 year old sister and I can't stop rewinding this part and laughing we love it :3
Saul Lally
Saul Lally - 5 hours ago
When you just wanted food and then end up stabbing 16 people in the head
The Geek Channel
The Geek Channel - 6 hours ago
2:48 those dudes in the corner though....
The Geek Channel
The Geek Channel - 6 hours ago
0:41 soooooo smooth, Adam. You can tell it's unscripted 😏
Zachari Aguirre
Zachari Aguirre - 7 hours ago
It's like that with me too
tony w
tony w - 11 hours ago
Sounds like a restaurant called Mongolian Barbecue. I go there all the time and nothing really happens in some random town in Kansas so....
Trevyn Osborne
Trevyn Osborne - 16 hours ago
My reaction to the title

Can I have a waffle vine
shad0w h3ll
shad0w h3ll - 19 hours ago
CAT WORLD - 21 hour ago
im hungry now
Totally A Potato
Totally A Potato - Day ago
So...I...tackled to b&$#@
Zombiejackson99 - Day ago
It was called Ghengis Grill
Maddie is a fan-girl
Is the place called HuHot?
Diego Gonzalez Monjar
Bitch meaning
Female dog
Quinten Fulton
Quinten Fulton - Day ago
Luna wolf Guppy
Luna wolf Guppy - Day ago
Caleb gaming Channel
I have no story
One like = 1 story
Cee ke
Cee ke - Day ago
(i commented this in 17/04/19 so we celebrate!)
KidzGameTV - Day ago
im pretty sure the thing u said the place was and its a buffe
Gacha_ Madalyn
Gacha_ Madalyn - Day ago
"I breath in"
Expressions Gatcha
Expressions Gatcha - 2 days ago
I'm Mongolian :)
Flapps - 2 days ago
Did u go to wu hot?
Kawaii San65
Kawaii San65 - 2 days ago
Oh how funny I’m having Mongolian food tonight
Sandy Benavides
Sandy Benavides - 2 days ago
He said I i tackled the bitch
Ozbrogaming - 2 days ago
Is the place geihges grill?
Cody Jones
Cody Jones - 2 days ago
that is so me you don't get between me and my food
James Heuple
James Heuple - 2 days ago
0:30 “i dont remember what its called and i dont think i should say the name of it” ?? WAT
The101 King
The101 King - 3 days ago
A sucker punch is a blow without warning
If for some reason, you don't know what that is
Flat Pancake!
Flat Pancake! - 3 days ago
He THERES a fly on your back *FALCON PUNCHES*
Atomic B
Atomic B - 3 days ago
LiBERᝨγ _ꌃꋪꂦꂦꀘꍟꌗ
Is the restaurant called HuHot?
Little Moo
Little Moo - 3 days ago
Hey Adam why are you naked? (You said no one told you, sooooooooo, proof)
Macaroni Cantaloupe
Macaroni Cantaloupe - 4 days ago
I do have something similar, I guess
When I was in 7th grade, I didn't have many friends. Actually, in all my grades I never had many friends... Huh...
Probably cause of two things, I had horrible anxiety and is extremely awkward, and when I'm not, I break people's noses
People thought I was mute. Even after a month of being there people would still have gasped, claiming it was the first they heard me speak. I had anxiety too, which caused me to want to get out of interactions fast. My thought was, agree to what they say, nod, and say that's wild. Usually people just complained to me. I became like therapist. However a lot of people mistook that as weakness, and tried to bully me. Woo that did not go so well. I spent most of that month at home in suspension. One time I went to court. (Mind you I was like 12, but they kid did go to the hospital so pbbt). After the month of Terror things died down and kids didn't really bother me. Every so often someone wanted to pick with me but it became less and less when they realized that black eyes weren't fun.
I did find some friends though. And boy, where they they best. They actually tried helping me control my anger. So, seeing light in my otherwise dark world made me kinda obsess over them. Not like, 'You're breathing by my bestest friend so now you must PERISH' sort of way. But I would've died to give them some quality school food. The more we spent time together, the more things we obsessed over (am a huge fangirl) the more protective and clingy I was to them. I stopped fighting, simply to avoid suspension. Cause how am I supposed to help them with math if I was at home. (Also was one of those kids who was a prodigy at the time but to due the pressure of keeping my genius, eventually cracked and became a huge disappointment). BFF, my bestest friend's name throughout the story, was the first and most positive influence on me, so, ya know, Protect or DIE
So one day my closest friend and I were waiting in line to get breakfast, she, bless her soul, waits for me to get to school and we get food together. It's one of my favorite parts of the day. So we finish eating roughly around the same time. So it was just us, chilling at the garbage can, geeking out over Grant Gustin. We spent a little time there before finally deciding to go back to our seats when this dumb b**** decides we were taking too long. She shoved through BFF and me, calling us dumb or some sort of word degrading ourselves as a whole. BFF crashed into the garbage can and ketchup on her.
"Ha, now you really look like a pig now." (BFF is a chubby little angel)
I. Was. Livid.
I started laughing. Like one of those crazy villains who laughs before murdering their victims (Come at me Joker). For once I ignored my BFF and decided to go bats*** crazy. My short little self hopped on the closest table and sorta launched myself at her, screaming at her mostly. Eventually I was pulled away. Once that adult wrapped their arms around me I went limp. My mind was sorta not there, like when you daydream, actually daydream and you are in a completely different place. The smallest movement in reality and you snap out of it. You try to go back but it seems nearly impossible. It was something you just *do*. In blinked and I was in the office. The girl I fought was just coming in and saw me. She started to cry, eyes already swelling, bruises already forming. I smiled. Not only did I crush any thoughts of her ever trying me again, I set an example to anyone with bight ideas. I was not the one to be playing with.
I will
Any and everyone who dares to stand against me. I will show no mercy on the battle grounds of life. There is no point in hiding, no point in running, no point in fighting. As an enemy you will be removed from the face of this Earth, screams echoing into the void. You will stand with me or lay with the dead.
Or, ya know, just chill, or whatever I'm only like, 15 I'm not going to *do* much
Max FX
Max FX - Day ago
uhhhhhhhhhhhh ;-; interesting
Dab Derp Banana
Dab Derp Banana - 4 days ago
did you ever see him again
AFK _killer
AFK _killer - 4 days ago
Was is Mongolian grill??!!!
Elemento 1000
Elemento 1000 - 4 days ago
I ate food
Sam Butts
Sam Butts - 4 days ago
It's called Mongolian bbq
Legendary Games
Legendary Games - 4 days ago
Hibachi grill
Crash bandicoot plush adventure
Odd 1s out do you play undertale and Delta rune
alex ciceu
alex ciceu - 4 days ago
he rel
Tiffany Brummitt
Tiffany Brummitt - 4 days ago
The one that was going through my mind is 🐛
Vince Dreemurr
Vince Dreemurr - 4 days ago
There's this person in my school who was the same age of mine but shorter than me. One day I went to the canteen to get my food, and waited for a goddamn long line. The canteen staff isn't much help at all as they served food so fucking slow. When it was finally my turn, a short mf just cuts the line and stands in front of me and I was like "hey bitch you're in my way" and "he was like you got a problem?" Then I said "I got no problem you just cut the line" then he fucking punched me in the chest for no reason. Oh boy he made me angry I shoved him to the other side of the canteen counter, falling straight on the staff. What a good day.
Uugan Erdene
Uugan Erdene - 4 days ago
I m mongoliAN Bri
Abidin Zaenal
Abidin Zaenal - 5 days ago
wow 69 thousand likes
Varn - 5 days ago
Was the food free?? Damn it if I take one for the team trying to get some food in a place I better get a free dinner!
WolfiePlays - 5 days ago
Am i only one hearing messenger sounds in the backround at the start?
ROK2006 - 5 days ago
I think you were at youngs Mongolian grill
Tristan Temo
Tristan Temo - 5 days ago
Amanda Austin
Amanda Austin - 6 days ago
Hahahahahah "I TACKELED THE BITCH" omg hahahhahahahahahh I'm gonna use that hahahahahhaha
logic - 6 days ago
So this place is kinda like soubway
thebeastly gamer
thebeastly gamer - 6 days ago
Ok something like this did happen and if you like it plz notice me now here we go: when I was in fourth grade some fifth graders were guarding the big playset so my friend (I was new soooo) was scared but I walked up and asked them if we could play they said sure but once I got on some kid punched me in the gut so i was not happy two other people start hitting me when i was on the ground i got up and just my mi d went blank . Last i remember was one holding his croch and one with a bloody nose. I got let off and the fifth grader were nice and eventually they became my friend.
Amy Ross
Amy Ross - 6 days ago
I like the way you can get love ❤️ >:3
Fern Baker
Fern Baker - 6 days ago
Its habatchi
Crash bandicoot plush adventure
Saw frisk in the line like if you seen it
KeKe The cutie
KeKe The cutie - 6 days ago
A buffet?
Al Furry
Al Furry - 6 days ago
0:45 Why do i relate so muvh to that?😂😂
Fiza Saiyed
Fiza Saiyed - 6 days ago
U deserve more subscribers
Arianna Lytle
Arianna Lytle - 7 days ago
Hu Hut?
Alexander Ortiz
Alexander Ortiz - 7 days ago
Lucky Lee
Lucky Lee - 7 days ago
I hope the food was good though.
nando 1121
nando 1121 - 7 days ago
I am try to find a nickname for something else ty
0n1yG00dContent ༼ʘ̚ل͜ʘ̚༽
Come to think of it if I was in a Mongolian watching Adam tackle a person.......that would be a sight to see
Shadow girl
Shadow girl - 7 days ago
There is a restaurant that you pay once and get your food beucuase they cook it for free pick your food then you get your fork get what you need to eat and start eating and if you need more you can get up and pick your food but it is free and if your done with your drink they will refill it and you do not have to pay
I’m a crazy uni-cat Lady Yay
I guess you could call it a *sucker punch* eh? EH??
TamiWolf _YT
TamiWolf _YT - 8 days ago
I didn't wanna fight I kept my composer I breathed....AND I TAKLED THAT BITCH
Anna Knochel
Anna Knochel - 9 days ago
Gloria me
Gloria me - 9 days ago
*so I grabbed my food and uhhh I leave*
Norah Toons
Norah Toons - 10 days ago
if you wouldn't do that if I got in between them and that guy puhunde me I would of grab his shirt and put him against the wall saying I dare you to do it again if the did I bet they wouldn't do it a 3de time
Norah Toons
Norah Toons - 10 days ago
when that guy looked at you all nasty and turned away I would of whatde until he turned around to grab the back of his shirt drag him and his little friend out of the store
Toughercave YT
Toughercave YT - 11 days ago
Sciqoh Gaming
Sciqoh Gaming - 11 days ago
Sounds a lot like Blue Pacific
Adventures of Lily and Timothy
I think you live by me... There is a Mongolian place called HuHot that matches your description.
Romans FreshMovies
Romans FreshMovies - 11 days ago
I love you James
The Squad
The Squad - 12 days ago
The Mongolian place is called Mongolian barbecue
Gaming with Natalie
Gaming with Natalie - 12 days ago
theodd1sout:I'm not going to fight back by imma tackle and twist his arm THATS FIGHTING
Drawtube - 12 days ago
Drawtube - 12 days ago
Sacrifice Gaming
Sacrifice Gaming - 12 days ago
im half American and Half Mongolian. Now I live in Mongolian
Killers Official
Killers Official - 13 days ago
Hey Adam I'm Mongolian and I'm yo big est fan in Mongolia no one knows about you I'm your only fan
Îsh Ômar
Îsh Ômar - 13 days ago
Its Mongolian bbq
DFC/ Double fudge cookiees
0:42 the place is called Ghengis Grill FYI, I noticed it when you described it
cat_birb - 15 days ago
There is a place that is in a mall near me and it is exactly like what you described the restaurant to be, it's called Hu Hot.
Justice 09
Justice 09 - 15 days ago
That is tons
:triggered: - 15 days ago
im still in highschool and i have things a lot worse

you see i have a reputation in my schools (my old highschool and my one for year nine and fowards) and that is

being loud...

and over-reactive to everything, which means

i get bullied... a lot, please comfort me plz
Nickolas Rosser
Nickolas Rosser - 16 days ago
I dropped a kid when he took my pizza
that ws tosay
Fox-0-madic - 16 days ago
Um... your naked
VexzPlayz - 16 days ago
Why did u say the b word
Bob Jeff
Bob Jeff - 17 days ago
I need food
RedstoneGenius11 YT
RedstoneGenius11 YT - 17 days ago
Omg I’ve been there
Lewis Scott
Lewis Scott - 17 days ago
Sucker punching someone is a bitch move.
Stacey Littleton
Stacey Littleton - 18 days ago
You cussed
Yay good for you
THE WYLDE ONES - 18 days ago
Its called Mongolian barbecue
AnimalWild223 - 18 days ago
IT'S bd's MONGOOLIAN GRILL (copyright free name for it lol)
little edt
little edt - 18 days ago
You can do a lot of stuff, your eyes and people's mouths, wow, your world must be really weird, I love, I love to go there.
stupid scribles
stupid scribles - 18 days ago
2:32 ME: *hears* NANI??!??!?!?!
LogicYT - 18 days ago
Sub to pewdiepie unsubscribe from t series
Spread the news everybody
Noah Garcia-Salazar
Noah Garcia-Salazar - 18 days ago
This story is kinda what happened to me but mine was at school
SaLoNi - 18 days ago
ahah u gave him what he deserved ahaha
SaLoNi - 18 days ago
0:45 its called a buffet adam😂
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