Mahalia - What You Did (feat. Ella Mai) (Lyric Video)

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Keemo TV
Keemo TV - 7 days ago
Le'Zea B
Le'Zea B - 8 days ago
Ella voice is so pure & beautiful
Lattasha Holley
Lattasha Holley - 10 days ago
Nice song to go ahead and break up with someone - what you did.
Jerri lynn M.K.
Jerri lynn M.K. - 10 days ago
Good song, the truth 😎
Jerri lynn M.K.
Jerri lynn M.K. - 10 days ago
Have to go .......
Mya Worthy
Mya Worthy - 12 days ago
This song is fire🔥🔥
Shria Sharma
Shria Sharma - 21 day ago
Checkout my cover of this song! like and subscribe 💕
E. Nichole Lewis
E. Nichole Lewis - 24 days ago
Whew!!! That Cam’Ron!!!! 🙌
David Amaya
David Amaya - 28 days ago
Slapper rite hereee bay areaaa yaya
lovina robinson
lovina robinson - Month ago
I hear Aaliyah
Kimani Rudolph
Kimani Rudolph - Month ago
Mann if they made a remix with Kehlani, Jhene Aiko, Summer Walker, H.E.R, Kiana Lede, that would be BOMB 💣🤩
Charlotte Hagan
Charlotte Hagan - Month ago
This song I've love for time,makes us woman feel empowered....what cha did?! 😁😅😚😇 boys think we are not clued up🤐🤐
Gwín luv
Gwín luv - Month ago
This song really grew on me now I It love the production so hard
Marcey Vaden
Marcey Vaden - Month ago
Cam’ron is proud of the way she did his hook
Alixandrea Combs
Alixandrea Combs - Month ago
I really love you Ella Mai and Mahalia. This song is one of the best R and B songs of our generation.
Antranique Loggins
Antranique Loggins - Month ago
Shameful ass drought, I'm tired of hearing from you.
Antranique Loggins
Antranique Loggins - Month ago
Bitch get the fuck on with this, I don't give af about you E.. move forward, vice versus, I don't need you. get cleared. -A.
Lena Mil
Lena Mil - Month ago
What u did, yea you know I love but I “cont” forgive it...😩 That accent ❤️
Isabel A
Isabel A - Month ago
I’m going crazy trying to figure it out
Lena Mil
Lena Mil - Month ago
Oh boy..Cam/ Juelez santana
Lena Mil
Lena Mil - Month ago
Not sure but it is Camron and Juelez Santana
Ibrahim Gassama
Ibrahim Gassama - Month ago
Nice song . Remind me of old school .
Kash Nicole
Kash Nicole - Month ago
11oakclifftx - Month ago
💯This song too hard 💯
TJ Is the name
TJ Is the name - 2 months ago
I love this mf song ❤️
Lee Everett
Lee Everett - 2 months ago
This is one of those late night cruise songs.
Madison Trahan
Madison Trahan - 2 months ago
i fucked up once, not gonna happen again. even tho im in the wrong, this dude took me back. im so blessed to fix my mistakes.
Habib Morrison
Habib Morrison - 2 months ago
"Yeah you know I love you but I Cuont forgive ya" ... I Like their accents on that part.
Lazavia Bey
Lazavia Bey - 2 months ago
I Love How the Message Is being Sent out !🔥😎 Y’all Are DOPE🥰💚
Zion Nubis
Zion Nubis - 2 months ago
667th comment.. Enough with devil shit
Ivory Iya
Ivory Iya - 2 months ago
I’ve been listening to her since honey trap
MarQueal Byrd
MarQueal Byrd - 2 months ago
Ima dude that can’t stop listening and thinking yea I really wasn’t shit
Tiffany Shelton
Tiffany Shelton - 2 months ago
i loveeeeeee this song replay x10 idgaf mode all 2020
Sunny Gob
Sunny Gob - 2 months ago
🔂❤❤❤ i would like produce 1 beat for great singers like u if it was possible in this World
Desiree Garza
Desiree Garza - 2 months ago
I love this song hits my heart ❤️😍 baby me n you are done 🎉
Cece’s Mafia
Cece’s Mafia - 2 months ago
This song is fireeeee! I like it ☺️
Mawty Maw
Mawty Maw - 2 months ago
PrincessCoCoBella Smith
PrincessCoCoBella Smith - 2 months ago
Cause it's just what you did. I just cont forgive. lmao nope. Bye boy
Richelle Noble-Taitua
Richelle Noble-Taitua - 2 months ago
Am I the only one who thinks Ella Mai ruined this song?! Is there a version of this song without her?
Charmedimsure Two
Charmedimsure Two - 2 months ago
I had a crazy b moment but now I’m done ✅
Told him I was done before bt he came back n I had to get outta character but never again
Not Here
Not Here - 2 months ago
This song is what the soul needed!!!💯
Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra - 2 months ago
What a tune🔥
Catherine Griffith
Catherine Griffith - 2 months ago
I love the con't forgive. I love their accent
Love Graham
Love Graham - 2 months ago
Yeah she saying I love you but I love myself more or that she just not gonna put up with the bullshit
Denise Padilla
Denise Padilla - 2 months ago
On repeat! ❤
iamcrownedinvictory - 3 months ago
Amen sisters 🙏
Byron Wiggins
Byron Wiggins - 3 months ago
My Shit!
Lorenzo Benzo
Lorenzo Benzo - 3 months ago
Idgaf what my homies say I still pull up with this slapping 🎧🎤
Danni 925
Danni 925 - 3 months ago
Cam'ron ft Juelz Santana - Oh Boy 2002
Mariah Carey ft Cam'ron - Boy I need you. (Oh Boy sample) 2002
Mahalia ft Ella Mai - What you did (Oh Boy sample) 2019
All these songs are a bop ♥️🙌🏾
naedean parker
naedean parker - 3 months ago
This song is for me my guy cheated bruuuuuuuu
Dewan2219847 - 3 months ago
This reminds me how humbling cheating is.
miss kitty white
miss kitty white - 3 months ago
The man who sold the world
this a banger
I’m_gr8ness - 3 months ago
This gives so much strength 👑💗
Brittany Sutton
Brittany Sutton - 3 months ago
Jay Es
Jay Es - 3 months ago
Im a guy and iono why this shit slap i think its cause its a twist on dipsets oh boy
primetime78664 - 3 months ago
Camron & Juelz must've called Mahalia & Ella Mai saying they want their instrumental beat back.
Logan - 3 months ago
“don’t apologize please, after all you’ve had your fun” ‼️ SAY IT LOUDER!!!
msveeip - 3 months ago
Bardrick Walker
Bardrick Walker - 3 months ago
to ❤💘💗💔😍
Dorothea Allen
Dorothea Allen - 3 months ago
Zyiah Alle n
Vilina Ledet
Vilina Ledet - 4 months ago
Love it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Lorenzo German luther Lorenzo German Luther
Princeton love you
Julia Castro
Julia Castro - 4 months ago
I love this song
Dawnyea Williams
Dawnyea Williams - 4 months ago
Repeat type shit !!!😍
Erickashun Ballard
Erickashun Ballard - 4 months ago
Love this song!!! Can't stop listening to it
Lola Rivera
Lola Rivera - 4 months ago
I'm so glad your finally getting recognized been a fan since you were Twigs
Jason Wilson
Jason Wilson - 4 months ago
The Best Rose Royce Sample
thats_neauxorleans jazz
thats_neauxorleans jazz - 4 months ago
Been me PHUCK EM
Orlando Coats
Orlando Coats - 4 months ago
Favorite line of the entire song!
It's too late for me to stay,
I wish all the things you say, was what your behavior displayed!!!
Ericka Parks
Ericka Parks - 4 months ago
2020 love yu K
Ty Caines
Ty Caines - 5 months ago
i need this instrumental omg
Jada Delvalle
Jada Delvalle - 5 months ago
I can’t believe I didn’t like this song at first😭
DababyGang_.x Xx
DababyGang_.x Xx - 24 days ago
s t r a w b x b y angel
s t r a w b x b y angel - 2 months ago
Yeah you know I love you but I can’t forgive🤣🤣🤣
Alienesque Mischief
Alienesque Mischief - 5 months ago
Production-wise, too redundant, do something else besides sample beats from the 90's and early 2000's.
Crystal - 5 months ago
This song is everything
Cold Lysa
Cold Lysa - 5 months ago
I wish all the things you say we're with your butt naked display it was I thought she say
Chong Kai Xin
Chong Kai Xin - 5 months ago
cs love
cs love - 5 months ago
This could be a perfect break up song for replubicans to TRUMP if they come to their senses.
Birb - 5 months ago
On repeat for like the hundred time
Joshua Mundy
Joshua Mundy - 5 months ago
goin into 2020 BOPPIN ✨
robert plumb
robert plumb - 5 months ago
Soooooo proud of my UK girls killing an American joint! Love how my girls. Say "can't " differently! Love how different we all are xx
Kim Woods
Kim Woods - 5 months ago
Kari Carlisle
Kari Carlisle - 5 months ago
Love this song
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