SPIDERMAN FAR FROM HOME Trailer Breakdown! Endgame Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

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Lavanya Sridharan
Lavanya Sridharan - 7 days ago
I think it is near hardly leaner house th picture
kristine magtalas
kristine magtalas - Month ago
Nick Fury from far from home is a skrull
It's in the 2nd end credit scene
TTTube Gaming
TTTube Gaming - 2 months ago
if destroying the stones hurt another universe,maybe the thanos that died in the start of endgame is not from their timeline.........
Pierson Everett
Pierson Everett - 2 months ago
Do you wanna know what I want a movie of captain America, black widow
and falcon when they’re on the run
Josh Manaois
Josh Manaois - 5 months ago
Damns he is 90% correct
Libby Halo
Libby Halo - 8 months ago
When you're from the future and know *everything* :>
Cristian Herrera
Cristian Herrera - 8 months ago
He lian Mysterio's lian 100%
Bigskriamp1 1
Bigskriamp1 1 - 9 months ago
James Bacon
James Bacon - 9 months ago
Your accent is great
Keith epic Gaming
Keith epic Gaming - 9 months ago
The Hulk it was his his his might have been too strong
]-[Dx - 10 months ago
You nailed a couple of plot points for the movie. Pretty cool to watch after the movie
Eye boy I'm head out
Eye boy I'm head out - 10 months ago
I always wondered how people find these Easter-eggs. Like how do you see that tiny stuff in the background
xd polak
xd polak - 10 months ago
did you see the movie before it came out ??
Tim Drake
Tim Drake - 10 months ago
These videos become so much better after the movie is released.
Alex Herkins
Alex Herkins - 11 months ago
Am I the only one who watches these after I’ve seen the films to see if they’re right😂😂
Hi Marric
Hi Marric - 11 months ago
Your a bick for taking about ironman
Blah Bloob
Blah Bloob - 11 months ago
Why was the scene from 3:29 not in the movie?
Flavian Lopez
Flavian Lopez - 11 months ago
3:22 not seen in the movie
rpgfan007 - 11 months ago
the multiverse is real but mysterio is lying he creates illusions to trick ppl after like my dad explained
rpgfan007 - 11 months ago
i think the snap that brought everyone back made things worse
Derrick C
Derrick C - 11 months ago
I am from the future. why do you always get these guesses right on the nose
davedadeaddino .
davedadeaddino . - 11 months ago
Does anyone hope the suits in the ps4 game endup in the movie
Marvel Fanatic
Marvel Fanatic - 11 months ago
I'm kind of interested to how Nick Fury and Maria Hill meet Mysterio fighting the sand creature in Mexico if you don't know what I'm talkin about it's an extra scene in endgame
tes nicolas
tes nicolas - 11 months ago
AcidXx Opt
AcidXx Opt - 11 months ago
But that fighting scene with the thugs never happened
Nick Nye The Sax Guy
Nick Nye The Sax Guy - 11 months ago
Fun watching this after far from home
faded clan sweet  memes
faded clan sweet memes - 11 months ago
Spiderman far from home just came out
Scott Howie
Scott Howie - 11 months ago
The snap is the reason I am holiday from work and why I'm smoking weed at 1pm thanks Tony stark 😂😂
Tall Beast
Tall Beast - 11 months ago
You can see iron man's helmet in the glasses Peter is wearing when he says oh my god
Kingofyeets _
Kingofyeets _ - 11 months ago
I think the use of stones from different timelines caused it
jack perry
jack perry - 11 months ago
No Multiverse 😔
alanmooreis rasputinreincarnated
12:30 It could also be electro looks like it's made of storm clouds and there's lots of lightening surrounding it in one shot I remember lighting actually hitting it and not in a blink and you'll miss it way in a way that was shot explicitly for you to be able to see that lightening strike
Rangstarunt 77
Rangstarunt 77 - 11 months ago
I think hes lieing but i hope hes not
S D - 11 months ago
So Miles revealed everything?
Vijai Menon
Vijai Menon - 11 months ago
i think i saw a nick fury doll in the corner at 5:42
k8v_ jinx
k8v_ jinx - 11 months ago
Hulk snap
FastEddieLayne - 11 months ago
At 14:25: The Public Shrine described here kinda looks like a wall seen in IM3 around the 49 minute mark. I know it was shown in more than just that one scene.. but.. that is the one where that really just jumped into my brain.
Traxstaromega - 11 months ago
1:27 the snap seemed to attack people in groups, hence why we see all ofthe antman team die at once (cept for scott cause quantom realm) and Hawkeyes entire family disappeared at once while they were all clustered up in one place (cept for clint, who survived and was away from them all)
CSlack - 11 months ago
Why is it exactly you think the ppl who weren’t snapped *were* held back academically 5 years? We saw the world kept spinning after the snap.
CSlack - 11 months ago
Why is it exactly you think the ppl who weren’t snapped *were* held back academically 5 years? We saw the world kept spinning after the snap.
Block Gaming
Block Gaming - 11 months ago
I think my snap brought mysterio to kill me since I can't snap.
_vortex XV
_vortex XV - 11 months ago
Yes he i
Zoe Edwards
Zoe Edwards - 11 months ago
This is starting to remind me of the flash... the snap tore a hole in their dimension, pulling barry out of the speed force tore a hole in their dimension, multiverses... D.C and marvel are doing similar things. Coincidence?
Yobro demo
Yobro demo - 11 months ago
Mr. Mysterio is lying about the multiverse
Block 3000
Block 3000 - 11 months ago
I think Beck placed a bomb on the plane. As well as mj becomes spiderwoman. Lol. Maybe......
Caleb Sylvester
Caleb Sylvester - 11 months ago
Accent is not that good. MisteRio is lying .
GaRrUTt - 11 months ago
15:26 , your welcome
MR BØTT - 11 months ago
Actually the iron spider suit was given to peter in homecoming....he just chose not to take it but it was still given to him
Hiram Martinez
Hiram Martinez - 11 months ago
Tobey, Andrew and Tom boom there you have your multiverse
animekid dead
animekid dead - 11 months ago
Best accent
joe karadizian
joe karadizian - 11 months ago
Fish bowl blew up the jet.
melanie gosen
melanie gosen - 11 months ago
Biki Boru
Biki Boru - 11 months ago
15:49 😂😂😂
Sam Stember
Sam Stember - 11 months ago
anyone else not impressed??
Pixel Bomb
Pixel Bomb - 11 months ago
Thanos' second snap "stone's to destroy the stone"
JackOut TheBox
JackOut TheBox - 11 months ago
Anyone else thinks that Flash is the one who should get bullied? I really don't get this casting choice...
Feglog - 11 months ago
Thor? off world.
Captain marvel? unavailable.
Hotel? Trivago.
Dyl ‘s Channel
Dyl ‘s Channel - 11 months ago
Maybe there’s another rip where iron man’s alive! I want em back😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
C - 11 months ago
All three
Riley Matthews
Riley Matthews - 11 months ago
Mysterio is from a different dimension.
Shxver - 11 months ago
*Tony snaps*

Universe: aw shit here we go again
popcorn lawson
popcorn lawson - 11 months ago
peter parker is 16 in the movie
משפחת קפלי
משפחת קפלי - 11 months ago
how I met your mother (yol'l get it by yourself)
mildly gamey
mildly gamey - 11 months ago
No it was 2014 when Thanos whipped out half the universe because gardians 2 was in 2014
Maxwell Milling
Maxwell Milling - 11 months ago
all of the snaps
haha internet comedy man
haha internet comedy man - 11 months ago
Oh btw I think the part where Peter says oh my God is a Jurassic park reference.
Paul Andrew Apolinario
Paul Andrew Apolinario - 11 months ago
WHAT if Robert Downey will pickup the torch Of stan lee doing cameos in every marvel film that would be awesome since he has nano tech maybe he perfected time travel within his suit and i remember captain america holding 4 pym particle thingis maybe tony reversed engineered the thing and he went to the future and visited all of the "major catastrophic events" that will happen and will be poping up if it cant be handled?
Michael soave
Michael soave - 11 months ago
Mysteryos hypnotized them to make it look like the plane blew up
Greg Pittner
Greg Pittner - 11 months ago
In the water elemental scene there is something flying in the top left
Heroric - 11 months ago
8:46 fortnite skin :o FortnitexSpiderman
Detective Dragon001
Detective Dragon001 - 11 months ago
I'd say the second Thanos snap opened up the multiverse
Detective Dragon001
Detective Dragon001 - 11 months ago
Wait so did Happy not get snapped. Looks older
Andika W
Andika W - 11 months ago
Thor? Off world
Captain Marvel? Unavailable
Captain America? Old
Hotel? Trivago
A.S MARVELOUS - 11 months ago
How did you not point out that alien thing at 11:19? You're more observant than that.
Timothy her
Timothy her - 11 months ago
In 14:06 ,I think it’s fireworks
Rattle snake Ripka
Rattle snake Ripka - 11 months ago
The snap that thanos used to destroy the stones
Nikgamer The game is on
Nikgamer The game is on - 11 months ago
I think it is all because the gomo radiashon witch did the snap
Big Mo Logan
Big Mo Logan - 11 months ago
gamma radiation which*
A Cow
A Cow - 11 months ago
12:09 When he said that I said to myself “Did a person of peter die” then u can see that Peter is looking said by losing another loved one like MJ
Jayvee Bernal
Jayvee Bernal - 11 months ago
if you would look closely when peter wear the sunglasses you could see ironman maybe that’s why he said ohmygod
Axeman 201
Axeman 201 - 11 months ago
I think every snap messed with all of space and time causing space or time rifts that could have brought Mysterio here
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