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Deestroying - 7 months ago
I’m sorry i had to re-upload this y’all. YouTube was playing with me yesterday 😪 but RUN UP MY LIKES!
StaticRuthless 08
StaticRuthless 08 - 2 months ago
Bro dat sick I live in Austin
TheSavage ___
TheSavage ___ - 3 months ago
Man needa let me get out there and get to work! Let's get a game going lmao
D3cypher - 3 months ago
LEVI ENGEL - 4 months ago
you good D yo my youtube idol
Charles Mosley
Charles Mosley - 4 months ago
I subscribe to you and him well I already subscribe to you you fire blood
Jboii Ssss
Jboii Ssss - 7 days ago
Deetroying Lamar in this game
Jboii Ssss
Jboii Ssss - 7 days ago
Offense player of the year Deetroying
Jboii Ssss
Jboii Ssss - 7 days ago
Defense player of the year
gaming xxx
gaming xxx - 14 days ago
Who is watching in 2039
Nick Golden
Nick Golden - 16 days ago
Painful to watch .. I need athleticism lol not subscriber count !
Exotic Clix
Exotic Clix - 17 days ago
I should be one of yours WR Deestroy
Jala Douglas
Jala Douglas - 22 days ago
I need a 1v1
white ninja squad
white ninja squad - 25 days ago
I'm actually good at football I never miss a catch and I'm fast
Qaups - 26 days ago
Destroying like ain’t going to do em like that no comp dee seem bored out there
Gabriel Valencia
Gabriel Valencia - 27 days ago
These bois trash
Merod McKnight
Merod McKnight - 27 days ago
8:32 oueee them ankles is in the ER
Kome Peko
Kome Peko - 29 days ago
@8:15 how Lamar Jackson be like
Jack Gillen
Jack Gillen - Month ago
I followed both of y’all
b a t
b a t - Month ago
he never got mossed
Quinton Logan
Quinton Logan - Month ago
Why y’all calling this wack ? They aren’t real football players they even said that they out there having fun with Dee they aren’t trying to get clout from playing football or scholarships be fans and support the video enough of all this hate
Stephen Alexander
Stephen Alexander - Month ago
What happen to the Essential’s Linq?
Ben SKILLZ - Month ago
Ben SKILLZ - Month ago
james garza
james garza - Month ago
8:30 I thought that was out of bounce
Johnny Johnson
Johnny Johnson - Month ago
i followed you on insta❤️
Nasir Asalati
Nasir Asalati - Month ago
please play against people who know how to actually play football please and thank you.
Mitchell Jones Jr.
Mitchell Jones Jr. - Month ago
I want to be like you
Mitchell Jones Jr.
Mitchell Jones Jr. - Month ago
You is so cool
Hatehaters494 - Month ago
Those throws
Chris Balseiro
Chris Balseiro - Month ago
Yo that dude is the worst backyard quarterback I ever seen
Fi le
Fi le - Month ago
16:10 man steezy open af give him a chance fosho tho-
Kway Allday
Kway Allday - Month ago
ViciouSoldiers vS-LEGENDx12
I love how the game progresses it turns more into a 2v3 lol
Aaron Walker
Aaron Walker - Month ago
"gosh dang it" 💀
dayton murray
dayton murray - Month ago
dayton murray
dayton murray - Month ago
Kj Dixon
Kj Dixon - Month ago
I did it
dylan Hernandez
dylan Hernandez - Month ago
Done 😭
TwisT Dante
TwisT Dante - Month ago
12:04 that was the most awful throw I've ever seen😂😂
Daniel Fuller
Daniel Fuller - Month ago
done, I'm finna get those Yeezy's.
Cheesebugga0714 - Month ago
I followed you and resell for the giveaway
Christian James
Christian James - Month ago
i only know dees team
Molina - Month ago
Did it
Josh Christian
Josh Christian - Month ago
What’s the fucking password
Charles Ransom
Charles Ransom - 2 months ago
Best belive I'm copping dat ten toes down red camo hoodies
adelewa Anifowoshe
adelewa Anifowoshe - 2 months ago
adelewa Anifowoshe
adelewa Anifowoshe - 2 months ago
I followed y'all
GraphicBTW - 2 months ago
Steezy was wide open
Sherry Morgan
Sherry Morgan - 2 months ago
i folloedyou gise
Michael Tollett
Michael Tollett - 2 months ago
I think you said you were in Austin through all that mumbling, But if so and you obviously need a QB next time, hit me up.. D1 recruit will come throw 4 you
Kalynn Coston
Kalynn Coston - 2 months ago
i watch steezy kane
sencai YT
sencai YT - 2 months ago
20:10 frat boy just casually practicing his stroke
BroskyWhoDatedHoski - 2 months ago
Played against a baseball team as a kid who couldn't beat us fair.so they tried all the tricks.pitcher on there team had the weirdest wind up.yet the umps let it go. If video cams were around back then, they woulda been shamed
yoli &sons
yoli &sons - 2 months ago
desstroy like this please
Fortnite God
Fortnite God - 2 months ago
Everybody unsubscribe if that y’all guy every get deestroying channel
Gaming_ Kid1016
Gaming_ Kid1016 - 2 months ago
I followed both of you guys
G_.bandzzz _
G_.bandzzz _ - 2 months ago
Do yall think 8:×5 scramble should've been down by contact
Christian Alexis
Christian Alexis - 2 months ago
i followed both of yall
Mihlo - 3 months ago
Deestroying is going so ez
FlorisGames - 3 months ago
i cant get the HOODIE and i want it the website is not working
Lil Drezz16
Lil Drezz16 - 3 months ago
Bro this nigga clickbait always get me it's always someone getting bombed and that shit catch my attention real quick 💯😂
Anthony Puma
Anthony Puma - 3 months ago
Yo 1 v 1 with me I play DB and Reciver 💯💪🙏 and also a Youtuber @deestroying
Christian Lee
Christian Lee - 3 months ago
Christopher Tyler
Christopher Tyler - 3 months ago
I wnt to 1v1 u
Tommy Salazar
Tommy Salazar - 3 months ago
I followed both of y'all
1999worldjacob - 3 months ago
11:57 he rushed him way too early
Theodis Clayborne
Theodis Clayborne - 3 months ago
Destroying....how TF do you be getting these thumbnails🤨
Geordan Scott
Geordan Scott - 3 months ago
I did it
Shane Cromwell
Shane Cromwell - 3 months ago
I followed you both, please look at my comment for the yeezy’s. I’ve been a day one fan! 😄
Nicholas Ogden
Nicholas Ogden - 3 months ago
i followed both
Craig Raisanen
Craig Raisanen - 3 months ago
Bruh deeestroying be a ball hog
Caleb C.
Caleb C. - 3 months ago
Steezy and d r both my favourites as well as Dylan polley
Caleb C.
Caleb C. - 3 months ago
I feel like every you tuber knows each other
Samantha Laughery
Samantha Laughery - 3 months ago
U guys never passed to steezy
Floodz Speeed
Floodz Speeed - 3 months ago
ihan213 - 3 months ago
3 and a half stars fuck nah
Parion Bray
Parion Bray - 3 months ago
I didn’t
L30 W
L30 W - 4 months ago
I was just watching steezy kanes video erpqauke.
Kane Cieslak
Kane Cieslak - 4 months ago
I followed both of you my insta is @kanec24 so you know
PircerCheetah74 #1
PircerCheetah74 #1 - 4 months ago
The juke was nasty and i watched it 1000 times
Leslie Lutui
Leslie Lutui - 4 months ago
Steezy!!! And deee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Corbin Mangum
Corbin Mangum - 4 months ago
Steezy is da best
Aria Camila
Aria Camila - 4 months ago
Confident Games
I Gots The Caution
I Gots The Caution - 4 months ago
Road to becoming white 🤣🤣
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