Blog Post - Me and my new BFF Mr Nigel NG!!

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Onaona Hi
Onaona Hi - 53 seconds ago
Love ❤️ auntie hersha
Anthony Scala
Anthony Scala - 2 minutes ago
Perhaps Uncle Roger should do a video on how to social distance...
kristyn Jensen
kristyn Jensen - 5 minutes ago
Jeff Espina
Jeff Espina - 6 minutes ago
Aww you two look cute together 😍
マルコデイブ - Hour ago
Bbc just wants some views
ZeddliYT - 2 hours ago
heres the link that she can cook rice properly:
PINK CHANNEL - 3 hours ago
you're so cuteeeeee...
Handy FX
Handy FX - 4 hours ago
the spongebob fried rice lady...
Thomas Schwiertz
Thomas Schwiertz - 4 hours ago
Next: People throwing rice at them at their wedding...
Nate p
Nate p - 5 hours ago
Hersha you should do a reaction video to uncle Roger's video
Angel's Wings
Angel's Wings - 7 hours ago
BBC Food: got it all wrong.
Mona emèrald B
Mona emèrald B - 7 hours ago
We love you HARSHA❤
JAM plays
JAM plays - 7 hours ago
Uncle Roger is king
meow rio
meow rio - 9 hours ago
You two are adorable
Xn - 10 hours ago
Is that uncle roger or Nigel??
天兵好 - 5 hours ago
Uncle roger is Nigel
Stray Productions
Stray Productions - 11 hours ago
I thought it was BF not BFF
Bing Lim
Bing Lim - 11 hours ago
The Uncle Roger's video on Hersha has made both of you famous. I have watched it multiple times and crack up everytime I watch it.
Nicholas Cauton
Nicholas Cauton - 13 hours ago
Damn. We all owe her an apology. If somebody deserves the full force of anger from all Asians, Polynesians, Africans, Latinos, Caribbeans, and Middle Easterners, it would be the BBC.
Emaniel Jerry
Emaniel Jerry - 13 hours ago
See. I always felt like some recipes ain't the chef's. Like they r doingnwhat they r told
KILLER RBLX - 16 hours ago
Auntie hellen be watching this

Nasim Laktit
Nasim Laktit - 20 hours ago
Bro this is so cursed why is Uncle Roger speaking so...

Hatori Ibuki
Hatori Ibuki - 20 hours ago
bryan limare
bryan limare - 21 hour ago
You look good together lol
Skett Playz
Skett Playz - 21 hour ago
Egg frie rice
Haydogzz - 22 hours ago
Imagin being friends because of a fried rice
Van Lian
Van Lian - 22 hours ago
Aunty Helen will be so jealous 🤣🤣🤣
zogem sitlhou
zogem sitlhou - 23 hours ago
So uncle roger has been faking his chinese accent all along?
T C - 23 hours ago
this is nigel ng. His nephew.
Ritez Lifestyle
Ritez Lifestyle - Day ago
She is Indian . She obviously know how cook authentic rice.
Jessenil Teles
Jessenil Teles - Day ago
I would love to see some drama between them while they cook rice....
Rose - Day ago
Thank god! *Sighs in asian*
Tommy Karate
Tommy Karate - Day ago
I wouldn't turn her down either! Lol
송강Song Kang
송강Song Kang - Day ago
I thought he really has that kind of accent😓
Headphone Pasta
Headphone Pasta - Day ago
_Not gonna lie they both looked so cute together XD_
Manila Martin
Manila Martin - Day ago
New sub. Can't wait
MrMrsboo - Day ago
Why would an Asian person cook rice in this way because the BBC told them to?
I would say, 'that's not the way rice is made?' And educate people how to do it. It literally is more effort to do it the way she did...not easier.
Billions of Asians around the world do not do this...have never done this, will never do this? So why for the BBC would you cook it in an English way to make a Chinese dish. The BBC can't be blamed as plenty of cooking shows on the BBC show the correct way.
People saying it's just rice? Clearly not Asian/part Asian or from a rice eating country which makes up most of the world believe it or not. It would be like someone European telling Asians to cook potatoes in a weird and illogical way because a Chinese TV station told them to.
Ariel Sharon
Ariel Sharon - Day ago
Miss Hersha taking the Uncle Roger incident a positive thing,
Kudos to that...
Cant w8 for the collab..
oh hi
oh hi - Day ago
wait what why does uncle roger have a semi normal accent thats illegal
Kenshi Takashima
Kenshi Takashima - Day ago
Uncle Roger: "This is how i met your mother"

Their Children: Woahh,such a beautiful story!

Aunty Hersha: *shy ^_^
the end.
ps: i think they can make love story movie about RICE..xD
#joke #lovestory
Kylaro Medina
Kylaro Medina - Day ago
U look good together... Idk why i ship u two lmao
Amigo Reyes
Amigo Reyes - Day ago
Hersha we love you~
cruz lim
cruz lim - Day ago
BBC is rude
poulu - Day ago
Rice lady is soo cool even tho she got trolled hahhaaaha
Josh Xue
Josh Xue - Day ago
Marvel: Avenegers endgame will be the most ambitious crossover in history
Uncle Roger: *Hold ma rice*
deen samin
deen samin - Day ago
No accent??? lol
crunchyhashbrown - Day ago
Well done Hersha!! What a way to react!
Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone - Day ago
Looking through your channel your recipes look delicious!!
Stronzo 69
Stronzo 69 - Day ago
Oh just cook HER already
Fofofofofofo Fofofofofofofo
Wait why is uncle roger talking weird like that
Trevor Vallo
Trevor Vallo - Day ago
Uncle Roger will choose Aunite Hersha
opzz xsin
opzz xsin - Day ago
So uncle Roger had this plan out form the start, senpai gotta teach me the way
MadaMada !
MadaMada ! - Day ago
Fuck bbc for making her look bad
T C - 23 hours ago
bbc? big black?
Robert Tran
Robert Tran - Day ago
can you and Hersha go apesh!t on a Karen cooking? My wife’s white. She’s terrible in the kitchen. It would be awesome.
kiorsly - Day ago
Looking forward to both of u! And love it how both of u have come friends!. Please don’t hate her or leave bad comments, she is nice n beautiful. Love u hersha 😊
Clark Louis
Clark Louis - Day ago
honestly big love to hersha for getting past "now the rice stinky like u HAIYAAAAA'
Manang Mambobola
Manang Mambobola - Day ago
You look good together ❤
opzz xsin
opzz xsin - Day ago
And this is how I met your mother .......✨✨
azimun halim
azimun halim - Day ago
No need to go Tinder anymore Uncle Roger!!! Haha
Ivan - Day ago
The amount of grace you have shown while handling this “situation” has been amazing and is something everyone should learn from.
TRYHARD Gamer - Day ago
Dang, she's so nice 'bout the whole thing! Love your smile too!
Mr. StealUrGold
Mr. StealUrGold - Day ago
She reminds me of an overwatch voice actor for some reason...🤔
Matty Lee
Matty Lee - Day ago
denniszenanywhere - Day ago
These two need to be in a romantic comedy. When uncle roger met auntie hersha
denniszenanywhere - Day ago
In our cancel culture, she has no choice. As the saying goes if you can’t beat em join em. Working together with uncle roger will be good for her and her career. Best way to save a career and have fun at the same time.
iSeenUB4 - Day ago
Uncle Roger probably feels bad his video had unintended backlash on Hersha, she's so nice! Hope this clears things up, she actually has a lot of cooking recipes on her channel
Bill Leung
Bill Leung - Day ago
such good vibes. cannot wait!
DjAmaratzi - Day ago
Crossovers nobody expected. Love you both
srahm0122 - Day ago
You are adorable Harsha!
Jarrell Koh
Jarrell Koh - Day ago
I guess Uncle Roger can delete the tinder app now 😏
Tony Wang
Tony Wang - Day ago
You guy actually can make nice couple! Haha
Xayana Zabia
Xayana Zabia - Day ago
And this is how I met your mother .......✨✨
Edward Tsang
Edward Tsang - Day ago
I can't wait! :)
Patty Rose
Patty Rose - Day ago
u two both look good together ayee ❤️❤️✨ hersha is so damn gorgeous!! I love her more 😍😍
ㄖ LuX ㄖ
ㄖ LuX ㄖ - Day ago
Looks like uncle roger found a new auntie😉😏
Ken George
Ken George - Day ago
Jackielyn Fan
Jackielyn Fan - Day ago
I love them both omG
Njessness - Day ago
the fact that they both are cool with it surprises me😶 not used to people handling this so great
E Augusto
E Augusto - 2 days ago
I love how she clarifies that it wasn't her recipe and she actually does know how to make rice😂. I like her
Jamie91J - 2 days ago
Loving the social distance 👍
AdAh - 2 days ago
Awwww... This was so sweet of Nigel. Massive respect
Joshua Tran
Joshua Tran - 2 days ago
Why people don't like Auntie Hersha, I dun no. Auntie Hersha fried rice no good, but auntie Hersha have Beau ti fullll smile and wery gud English. Maybe uncle Roger help auntie Hersha make the fried rice and auntie Hersha teach uncle Roger the English.
Jerald Obando
Jerald Obando - 2 days ago
What a lovely team
Al Dimas Arsa
Al Dimas Arsa - 2 days ago
Wait!? Where is his ACCENT???
Sinnii L.
Sinnii L. - 2 days ago
It wasn't really Hersha's fault. She was following the BBC recipe. As an Asian I did flipped too about the rice cooking part, but when I asked around, some of my white friends cook rice like this too🤪 One didn't even rinse the rice, omg
Cruzzo James
Cruzzo James - 2 days ago
She sounds so cool. At least she made a lemonade out of it
Pratham Sunuwar
Pratham Sunuwar - 2 days ago
Uncle roger going to hersha’s house to cook rice😏
Mrs Din
Mrs Din - 2 days ago
I cook rice like uncle roger, but I used to cook different way : boil up the water, and put in the rice, once look cook (not over cook) strain it.
Different cultures cook different way,
Mark Lee
Mark Lee - 2 days ago
Gordon Ramsay’s been real quiet ever since uncle roger blew up
Soft Gt
Soft Gt - 2 days ago
Bff or Bf😏
B Bleep
B Bleep - 2 days ago
Haiyooo, there's still auntie Jenny.
Sharon Sharn
Sharon Sharn - 2 days ago
Such a beautiful voice and she is so funny i cant stop from
Maya _sightseeing
Maya _sightseeing - 2 days ago
Ahh Fried Rice Lady 🤣😁. Please next time properly cook the rice 🤪🤪. Btw you are pretty👍❤️
Vannara Ung
Vannara Ung - 2 days ago
Uncle Roger + Hersha Patel = 10M+ smiles. Thanks to both of you!!!
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - 2 days ago
Kudos to both of you. Y’all take the troll really maturely like a real adults. Can’t wait to watch the collaborations. And Congratulations to you new friendship.
D Mann
D Mann - 2 days ago
who else is shipping these to beauts? 🙏😍
Kurtoon SxH
Kurtoon SxH - 2 days ago
Victoria Nadia
Victoria Nadia - 2 days ago
she’s so beautiful!
Parbat Shrestha
Parbat Shrestha - 2 days ago
Don’t trust bbc
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - 2 days ago
You suppose to fight them, not join them haiyyaa
Katie Morton
Katie Morton - 2 days ago
But you do use a metal spoon on your pan 😃😱.
You do it on your own channel 😁
LJ3783 - 2 days ago
Uncle Roger vs Egg Fried Rice Lady: Fight of the Millennium, guest starring Gordon Ramsay as celebrity judge
Laura Te Aho-White
Laura Te Aho-White - 2 days ago
Avengers End Game has nothing on this
Sushant Parab
Sushant Parab - 2 days ago
I ship you guys
loloioi - 2 days ago
Hersha can cook! Dammit BBC. Why you gotta do Hersha dirty. :( really liking the cooking videos on Hersha's channel. I'm drolling all over xD
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