How Cod Saved the Vikings

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jbe - 4 days ago
@8:03 Slightly misleading... the first British randomised trial on this was not until the 18th century. The citrus-scurvy relationship was well established in the 16th century! Wikipedia actually has lots of detail on this... I guess there was a slightly different fleet dominating the seas back then with lots of lemons on board :)
HAYAO LEONE - 7 days ago
If vikings were very pale and adapted to weak sunlight, why the need to compensate?
gabrielchcosta - 8 days ago
Call of Duty sure was important for the vikings
NatGazer - 10 days ago
Ems - 11 days ago
Course I read God
stan wong
stan wong - 13 days ago
Scott cod liver oil. Most of the kid in my town consume this when we are young.
Torerikk Korneliussen
Torerikk Korneliussen - Month ago
Im sorry but as a norwegian i cringed when you said lofoten. You kind of said it totally wrong. Im sorry
Gabriel B.
Gabriel B. - Month ago
What a cod solution to the problem
solsek7 - Month ago
Thinking cod meant call of duty.
Matty Mathew
Matty Mathew - Month ago
I hear their new currency says 'In Cod we trust'
Reece Shaney
Reece Shaney - Month ago
7.30 take cod oil like it’s a drug
Jeffery Mitchell
Jeffery Mitchell - Month ago
you seem to be conflating 'Norse' with 'vikings' but I forgive you.
John Koemans
John Koemans - Month ago
The Eskimo's also .
Eonwulf - Month ago
So before the scientific method, we just relied on natural selection.
MavTuber - Month ago
"Bob is dead." "Yup." "Seems to have eaten those berries here." "Yup." "Maybe should tell the others not to eat them." "Yup."
instone09 - Month ago
Brilliant presenting style.
Daniel Moore
Daniel Moore - Month ago
Is Vitamania still available on SBS / in Australia for free?
Anthony PC
Anthony PC - Month ago
The lessons taken from this in your conclusion are great. the kind of nuance more people need to hear and comprehend to have a more reasonable perspective on "alt meds" and other tradition-based proscriptions.
Y tho
Y tho - Month ago
Call of duty?
Godzilla - Month ago
But call of duty doesn't exis.......... *OH WAIT*
Josh W.
Josh W. - 2 months ago
cod oil memes created vikings
Czech mate
Czech mate - 2 months ago
Thanks a lot for reminding me to take me vitamin D pills so I don't go outside and can watch this.
Doug Dickerson
Doug Dickerson - 2 months ago
It was a gift from Odin
JustCreAtoR - 2 months ago
Aman Singh
Aman Singh - 2 months ago
Science is awasom..
Totally a white president
Totally a white president - 2 months ago
my mother gave me a lot of cod oil when i was little, loved it, was so tasty (ofc it was artificial flavor)
Miguel Bueno
Miguel Bueno - 2 months ago
anybody here that has read the Brotherband series by John Flanagan?
poke - 2 months ago
Or or or maybe.. maybe they just ate cod because there was a lot of cod around and realized meat is good
Adrian - 2 months ago
Ok, as a Norwegian that don't like fish I will start taking vitamin b3
GamerKLS - 2 months ago
This is the most perfect video i have ever seen. Perfectly summarized :)
Lina Rydland
Lina Rydland - 2 months ago
The way he pronounced “Lofoten” made me smile
It’s funny listening to people trying to pronounce our Norwegian places!
Especially Stavanger, Trondheim or Tromsø😂❤️ (for me at least🤣🤣)
Felipe Bertolini
Felipe Bertolini - 2 months ago
yeah, ending scurvy sure is why Britain enslaved and colonized the world...I got what you were going for, but sounded really weird. And actually is just what the european "progress" ideology wants us to think
ivofena83 - 2 months ago
I live in north Scotland and NHS told me I don't need any cod oil or vitamin D. Who is wrong?
Ragnar Þór Guðmundarson
Actually... the Vikings didn't use hammers.
Ragnar Þór Guðmundarson
Eduardo A. Chongkan Líos
Eduardo A. Chongkan Líos - 2 months ago
I love how it ends: "with that knowledge, our future is determined not by luck, but by our ability to manipulate reality to our advantage"
zhead86 - 2 months ago
8:21- i would argue that gems like this are what make you a perfect fit to spread knowledge
Sidney Lin
Sidney Lin - 2 months ago
i know cod saved them or whatever but bro that plate of food looks disgusting god bless i cant believe europeans still live like this
adlsaias - 2 months ago
There is no citrus in Scandanvia. You need to explain why vikings did not die from scurvy which will kill you faster as an adult then rickets. Polar explorers had huge casualties in only a few months when they tried to pass a winter on carbs and boiled meat. The obvious answer is that Vikings were a low carb society. If your grains are close to zero you can get enough vitamin c from animal foods to avoid scurvy.
John Doe
John Doe - 2 months ago
DIY Miracle
DIY Miracle - 2 months ago
Heads up, viking was an occupation (pirate), not a culture.
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