How Cod Saved the Vikings

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Colten H
Colten H - 3 hours ago
Another amazing video. I particularly liked the part around 5:00 where you explained how the practice of drinking the liver oil might have caught on. Too often in teaching complicated ideas we get bogged down in personifying the involved parties. This was a great description about a natural emergence and development of a concept.
Nikhil VJ
Nikhil VJ - 10 hours ago
5:30 : Traditional health wisdom. Yes, dude, it existed before all the fancy science stuff came along, and we're STILL learning from it. It gets inconvenient at times where the sheer number of combinations is infinite but for some reason the indigenous culture figures out the exact plant species, the exact proportions needed. Well, keep trying to figure that out, but please don't dismiss off explanations that fall outside of your boxes, for things that you know cannot be explained by anything inside of your boxes.
Nikhil VJ
Nikhil VJ - 10 hours ago
And hence... sorry Vegans, you can't survive so well in northern countries.
Crypto Mining
Crypto Mining - 11 hours ago
Oh my Cod!
Dudelord - 18 hours ago
Am I the lookout one that sees the new Asgard in end game in the first town shot?
Jeff Lindeman
Jeff Lindeman - Day ago
The conclusion so well-said, " manipulate reality to our advantage." One of the best videos you have made to date, IM-not-so-HO. Cheers
radiowallofsound - Day ago
685 dislikes can only be explained by vegans not liking facts, history and science :)
•Fuzzy beautiful sunshine nugget•
*I thought cod was call of duty*
*I didn't expect anything but i'm still disappointed*
borgresearcher - 2 days ago
what about the portuguese ? i bet they ate and still eat more cod than vikings
Bilal Patel
Bilal Patel - 3 days ago
Each time they had an argument, the Vikings sorted it out 1v1 in Rust.
pierre-emmanuel Moullet
Are we gonna talk of the time of the vids 9:11
MrChet407 - 4 days ago
Dude.. jesus christ so deep
Sam Durham
Sam Durham - 4 days ago
I was recently in lofoten and this was the weirdest sight I’ve seen in a while, however the place was unbelievable to see and the views were amazing. Also the dried cod is not for me 😂
David Suggs
David Suggs - 4 days ago
"Yeah I'll just watch this one Vertasium video about space gel or something," I said two hours ago.
ForteGX - 5 days ago
If the scientific method is the greatest technology we have ever developed, I think the one of the greatest follies we have is the lack of publishing on our failures, so that people can learn from the mistakes.
Bob Martin
Bob Martin - 6 days ago
"Cómo" lleva tilde... por Dios.
Cameron Garson
Cameron Garson - 6 days ago
alternative hypothesis: yes those who drank cod liver oil where stronger, and their children taller, but those who did not like the oil where naturally selected out due to their resulting higher mortality rate. then once the majority of people drank cod liver oil because they had Genes that would indicate a preference, it started to become a cultural practice.

I believe this hypothesis to be more accurate because it is based on the fact that food preferences are hereditary, and not the assumption that they would have been able to draw the correlation between drinking the oil and its observable physiological benefits
Jason Gooden
Jason Gooden - 6 days ago
Glad my mom forced us to take cod liver oil in the mornings
Robert Udale
Robert Udale - 7 days ago
Did you know, the 'evolution of ideas' is called memetics? And the basic unit of memetics (analogous to the gene in genetics) is a meme.
Leo Tan
Leo Tan - 7 days ago
Tor Olav Melhus
Tor Olav Melhus - 7 days ago
It's always fantastic when someone decides to travel to norway to experience and tell the tale of our history and culture.
This diet of cod or Torsk as we call them, was such a great way for me personally to learn that no food is disgusting.
Made properly, the only things not eaten on a cod would be the eyes, intestines and bones.
Fried cod head and tongue + liver with fat and bacon fits very well with potatoes and carrots, and of course the meat itself :D
Eins. Wanderer
Eins. Wanderer - 8 days ago
Call of Duty
Alefosio Veatupu
Alefosio Veatupu - 9 days ago
Damien Tong
Damien Tong - 9 days ago
To early to talk about winter
Dan Pinder
Dan Pinder - 10 days ago
Sorry, but Christopher Columbus never set foot in North America.
Arcverson - 11 days ago
I read the title as "How *God* Saved the Vikings"
Faze Vic
Faze Vic - 11 days ago
Anyone else saw them eating a brain 6:27?
snubbedpeer - 12 days ago
The British Navy started supplying lemons to their sailors and scurvy disappeared. Later on, they allegedly switched to canned lime juice and scurvy came back.
BlackTigerAce - 12 days ago
aura kingdom players knows, Cod save their live to
Imran Abdullah Khan
Imran Abdullah Khan - 12 days ago
4:53 tastes good, doesn't it? :v
Imran Abdullah Khan
Imran Abdullah Khan - 12 days ago
6:04 I never knew that you can see stars and sun at the same time in the sky!
Creeper? AWW MAN
Creeper? AWW MAN - 13 days ago
How’d the cod get vitamin D though
Rogelio Beltran
Rogelio Beltran - 13 days ago
Bro. Even with the bell clicked, I never get your videos
jomar undertun
jomar undertun - 13 days ago
"We" actually used cloudberrys when we were at see because they contain vitamin c and they can last hell of a long time without rotting
TC Terrence
TC Terrence - 13 days ago
The heck, I thought it was call of duty lol
Educated Manholecover
Educated Manholecover - 14 days ago
Viking helms never had horns fitted. This is a Victorian invention.
Educated Manholecover
Educated Manholecover - 14 days ago
Viking helms never had horns fitted. This is a Victorian invention.
kindoflame - 14 days ago
I feel like this video is a little condescending. Science is the study of the world through empirical means, which is exactly what the Vikings had. They may have not of had the scientific method or a complete understanding, but neither of those facts means that what they did learn through generations of engaging with the world not scientific.
KraigVonShultz - 14 days ago
I'm still don't know how call of duty saved vikings
Pat B
Pat B - 14 days ago
Do not slam blood letting it is very important for many people even now, although now you go in and a person puts a needle in your arm and takes a certain amount out instead of you just bleeding. I practice modern blood letting all the time to not have a stroke. It keeps the red blood cell count below the point my doctor is concerned causes plax and strokes. Not an uncommon issue many Nordic have it the rumor is.
Patrick Brumm
Patrick Brumm - 15 days ago
UW Madison for the win!
rpbsjy - 15 days ago
I thought it said: "How god saved the vikings"...
DaGingerHeadMan - 16 days ago
In cod we trust.
Kristian Kolbe
Kristian Kolbe - 16 days ago
Your "viking" facts are pretty bad. Was that a horned helmet? Watch a Lindybeige
Peter Gerkman
Peter Gerkman - 16 days ago
Funny that with the latest video on electric cars, I wrote a negative comment so it only appears to me, not to anyone else.
Narender Kumar
Narender Kumar - 16 days ago
Please make a video on surgery and plastic surgery
H3llHoundd - 16 days ago
Next video: How COD saved itself with Modern Warfare.
Graf von Rix
Graf von Rix - 16 days ago
I think you’ll find that the people living in Scandinavia new about the cod and it’s benefits long before the Viking age.
Galib Jaman
Galib Jaman - 16 days ago
They used to play Call of Duty!
depresed gamer
depresed gamer - 16 days ago
Cod liver oil is for "rikets and the other thing' athratis
Šüpmëmê2016 2016
Šüpmëmê2016 2016 - 17 days ago
Girl you got rickets, come get some vitamin D😍
**Iliketoplaywithfire** - 17 days ago
Wenn ihr mal einen kleinen aber feinen Discord Server wollt, dann schaut doch mal hier vorbei,
The Original Gamer
The Original Gamer - 17 days ago
What do you do when the cod is gone?
ObsidianCross - 17 days ago
rzeka - 18 days ago
I am eating cod while watching this
Somewhere South of Minnesota
One theory about how humans developed different races with different skin colors is related to the sun and vitamin D absorption. Less sunlight makes lighter skin necessary for more vitamin D synthesis; more sunlight makes darker skin necessary to absorb the UV radiation and protect the fetus.
Filthy Concertgoer
Filthy Concertgoer - 19 days ago
This might be my favorite Veritasium video! Love the blend of history with science.
MrB33keeper - 19 days ago
I think the Vikings were just lucky. They were hungry and the cod was there. Why does cod contain so much vitamin d? And why are all those cod carcasses there? Kudos for the scientific method.
Sgt. Clubby
Sgt. Clubby - 19 days ago
Bruh, I'm Norwegian . I never eat fish (cause I don't like it) and I don't have retarded bones.
Chang Min
Chang Min - 19 days ago
They did the stanky leg too hard
Petr Dvořák
Petr Dvořák - 20 days ago
6:27 My OCD triggered... so... painfull... to... watch!
Wayward Winchester
Wayward Winchester - 20 days ago
If they needed to murder fish for survival thousands of years ago, how does this justify murdering fish today in modern society with supermarkets and plant based options widely available as well as supplements? I'm a fan of your channel, so it is disappointing to see you promoting fish murder for a video and even posing all smiles holding a fish corpse. If you can live a healthy life without harming animals, why wouldn't you?
Andreas sether
Andreas sether - 20 days ago
Cool am from norway
HadNav M
HadNav M - 20 days ago
Do You Realize, that Even back then Call of Duty was the only playable game and it kept everyone alive
Big Smoke
Big Smoke - 20 days ago
Lofotem islands. Isn't that one of the new maps coming to bfv?
Oeff Ded
Oeff Ded - 20 days ago
*how call of duty saved the vikings*
Amedis - 21 day ago
God damn, you were here and I didn't even know :'(
MaQuGo119 - 21 day ago
Native europeans are amazing! love native people from all over the world, such resiliant peoples
Ipsit Prasad Sahu
Ipsit Prasad Sahu - 21 day ago
Please make a video on'how atoms really look'.
Griffin 1098
Griffin 1098 - 21 day ago
I didn’t know call of duty saved Vikings
MrMeltice - 21 day ago
Vinland saga, here I come!
N. Sekar
N. Sekar - 21 day ago
I'm having Vietnam flashback to the horrible taste of cod liver oil my parents made me take when I was a kid *shudders*
Knuwl - 21 day ago
As someone from alaska in very similar circumstances as norway this is super interesting, and I'm half Norwegian and a commercial fisherman but dont like fish but I guess a lot of foods are reinforced with vitamin d, interesting video thanks
BasilGaming 13
BasilGaming 13 - 21 day ago
The reason why the Vikings survived because of cod it’s because of entertainment because of call of duty is The only thing they had back in the day.
Enderguy168 - 19 days ago
Jacob Garcia
Jacob Garcia - 21 day ago
Cod Save the Queen
Mindey - 22 days ago
From there, it's interesting to ask, what are the scientific phenomena underlying the sum of all the cultural traditions?
FUKKIT - 22 days ago
who read cod as call of duty?
kyle robinson
kyle robinson - 22 days ago
Isn't weird how no other diseases caused by vitamin deficiency have been discovered in 100 years? Sounds fishy...
SmaZe - 22 days ago
they played cod in the dark times of the day and it saved them.
Jay Em El Jay
Jay Em El Jay - 22 days ago
And how do the fish produce or obtains its VitD??
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