David Dobrik Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

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David Dobrik
David Dobrik - 12 days ago
Thanks for having me Vanity Fair! I feel like I really got to know myself better lol
Jordyn McBee
Jordyn McBee - Day ago
david you’re such a beautiful handsome little angel aweeee👼🏼👼🏼💗
Sarah Parker
Sarah Parker - 3 days ago
All Gacha
All Gacha - 4 days ago
Your the best !
Jasmine Brueggeman
Jasmine Brueggeman - 4 days ago
10/10 would smash
Adrianna Flores
Adrianna Flores - 2 hours ago
He’s so hot I really can’t
Hiba Ahmed
Hiba Ahmed - 3 hours ago
renna bug
renna bug - 3 hours ago
Awuh I love David with all of my heart://
Addison Rourk
Addison Rourk - 3 hours ago
Alex Ramirez
Alex Ramirez - 3 hours ago
https://youtu.be/nLdSIWAKG6M go see bird
GLOSS DRIPN - 3 hours ago
confused how you know if he was lying or not
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat - 4 hours ago
he’s so adorable.
Leslie Guiles
Leslie Guiles - 4 hours ago
He didn’t call Zane a sell out that was Logan Paul 🤣
KD Gaming
KD Gaming - 4 hours ago
He really does care so much about Liza.... it's so cute I'm gonna die.
Julian Alvarado
Julian Alvarado - 4 hours ago
3:20 they laughed because he played tennis and at 6:15 he asked if he could leave they said no
Goldenunicorn77 No name
Goldenunicorn77 No name - 5 hours ago
Why would people just be ‘weirdly attracted’ to him? He is a handsome guy and he’s funny and adorable in every way!!!! He’s the only person I actively watch on YouTube and I LOVE him!!!
Awesome Person00483
Awesome Person00483 - 5 hours ago
Interrogator:are you single?
Interrogator:are you in a relationship
Me:wtf🤨 isnt that the same question
Jillian Louise
Jillian Louise - 5 hours ago
Why do I feel like we should call the FBI to rescue him...
Zahra Norouzi
Zahra Norouzi - 6 hours ago
Omg he is so sweet and funny 😁
Macy Hiatt
Macy Hiatt - 6 hours ago
davids totally higher than a 6. hes a cutie i love u david
Stella - 6 hours ago
He’s funny
Melina Ruiz
Melina Ruiz - 7 hours ago
Is he actually high?🌝
Paint Lover
Paint Lover - 7 hours ago
*David literally having a 15 minute panic attack*
Alpha783 - 7 hours ago
IM QUAKING he’s too goofy 😂😂
Emily Arlin
Emily Arlin - 7 hours ago
Manal Dilshad
Manal Dilshad - 8 hours ago
Am l the only one that is crying
Because I remember the break up and saw his face and cryed even more
Ashlyn Engleman
Ashlyn Engleman - 8 hours ago
its confirmed, David's type is married men with children

sorry Liza, but he's closer to liking Jet than you lmao
Yessica R J
Yessica R J - 8 hours ago
David looks like a stoner
mr.porkychop - 8 hours ago
HE SMOKES WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Sami Williams
Sami Williams - 9 hours ago
I feel like he’s saying Corina Knopf when he gets bleeped
Ninjaturtle_ _1308
Ninjaturtle_ _1308 - 9 hours ago
This was actually bit hard to watch tbh
Melinches - 9 hours ago
15:35 😂
Sophia and Addison Davis
Sophia and Addison Davis - 10 hours ago
Why is this the cutest thing I’ve ever seen😍😂
Sarah Cardona Garcia
Sarah Cardona Garcia - 10 hours ago
anyone else notice how at 4:20 there was a picture of scott. coincidence... i think not
Nasia Fragia
Nasia Fragia - 10 hours ago
WTF 11:51?
Kelly Kouture
Kelly Kouture - 10 hours ago
His cute little tongue poking out. 💖 lol
graape lego
graape lego - 11 hours ago
I hate how David was telling the truth that he isn’t trying to get Liza back.
graape lego
graape lego - 11 hours ago
David dobrik is so adorable and quirky.
Ibrahim Farid
Ibrahim Farid - 11 hours ago
Wait, wait... His family really ate his bunnies then?
earth inhabitant
earth inhabitant - 11 hours ago
ok but i actually feel really bad for him he was clearly uncomfortable and they wouldn’t let him stop
Malak A.
Malak A. - 11 hours ago
I think David is cuter than dallas
Aafreen Ashfaq Khan
Aafreen Ashfaq Khan - 12 hours ago
this is the most uncomfortable interview ive seen
Isabella Medrano
Isabella Medrano - 12 hours ago
Aww poor David . They had to talk about the relationship 💝
Colby Pearcy
Colby Pearcy - 12 hours ago
Who is the girl at 14:07?
Lindsey Rayne
Lindsey Rayne - 13 hours ago
“were you sad when your family ate your pets?” I screamed
Xavier Gonzalez127
Xavier Gonzalez127 - 13 hours ago
I love how when the dude said why are you doing Arron like that and David said that is none of ur business cuz her knows that personal stuff in the friend group should be in the friend group and if it’s a funny little argument he’ll ask permission
Ajah Burnett
Ajah Burnett - 13 hours ago
Why does he seem soooooo scared
Stephanie Alexx1
Stephanie Alexx1 - 13 hours ago
He looked cute saying no the second time 15:40
singalaka namba
singalaka namba - 13 hours ago
lil dicky and david dobrik need to meet
Stephanie Alexx1
Stephanie Alexx1 - 13 hours ago
This was too intense
xXA_mini_artistXx owo
xXA_mini_artistXx owo - 13 hours ago
Am I the only one who remembers a part in the video maybe they took it out but, they asked if David was actively trying to get back together with Liza....
Or I could just be stupid
Mo Miller
Mo Miller - 14 hours ago
ted bundy
Company 56
Company 56 - 14 hours ago
it would be much greater if we actually get info about what these needles mean..................... Else there is just no point in making it a "Lie Detector Test" and put it on youtube
Stella Ann
Stella Ann - 15 hours ago
Anyone else get so sad when they asked if he was happy and he said yes and the thing spiked so hard
Vedika Sharma
Vedika Sharma - 15 hours ago
When did he talk about Dolan Twins?
minseo - 15 hours ago
"Are you happy now?"
Lie detector: YOIT
dumb bitch juice
dumb bitch juice - 15 hours ago
I feel like hes being held hostage in a basement but i just couldnt stop watching 😂
drena lee
drena lee - 15 hours ago
James Lovelace
James Lovelace - 16 hours ago
Tell us the results! Lol
Joana Vassalo
Joana Vassalo - 16 hours ago
He makes faces when he lies 😂
Oliwia Mackiewicz
Oliwia Mackiewicz - 17 hours ago
„That’s two words.” „Yes I’m pretty high”😂😂😂
faizah saeed
faizah saeed - 17 hours ago
This was super uncomfortable to watch..
Soph :D
Soph :D - 18 hours ago
The commentators voice is triggering
JenniMacgregor X
JenniMacgregor X - 19 hours ago
I felt so bad when he said " people say they're weirdly attracted to me, like why are you saying that"
Cool Christina
Cool Christina - 19 hours ago
Yo I’ve genuinely haven’t had a good laugh in a while 😂 love the attitude at the end 😂😂
GD3RTY5 - 21 hour ago
💀 you’re welcome
Georgia Price
Georgia Price - 21 hour ago
11:43 "that sounds very funny"

*no comment needed*
Georgia Price
Georgia Price - 21 hour ago
aww I felt for David when he mentioned the backhanded compliments
ifrah malik
ifrah malik - 22 hours ago
How could we tell if he’s telling the truth ?
Saron - 22 hours ago
3:21 first time the interviewer laughed. This guy is a genius.
Jubali Bonner
Jubali Bonner - 23 hours ago
5:48 (mood)
im already tracer hehehe
im already tracer hehehe - 23 hours ago
He is so cute
Fashion TEA
Fashion TEA - 23 hours ago
11:56 *OOF*
Chas Glvn
Chas Glvn - 23 hours ago
DAVID IS FINE AF AND ALWAYS HAS BEEEEN 😍 he has a bad habit of sticking out his tongue 😂
Bronte Rundle
Bronte Rundle - 23 hours ago
I don’t know when he lies or when he is telling the truth so I just wasted my time
Ellie Moore
Ellie Moore - Day ago
This lie detector mans career has skyrocketed because of Shane 😂 wow he really is the oprah of YouTube.
Ellie Moore
Ellie Moore - Day ago
This lie detector mans career has skyrocketed because of Shane 😂 wow he really is the oprah of YouTube.
Mina Campos
Mina Campos - Day ago
Love his smile!!
ciaránmcmahon - Day ago
Are you happy?
Lie detector goes crazy
Ummmmmmmmm, hello
Dunlapxd - Day ago
This creepy creepy😂
Olivia Machado
Olivia Machado - Day ago
I can’t tell if he is somewhat high or having a panic attack and mental breakdown or both
Melissa Peterson
Melissa Peterson - Day ago
This seems fake. The lie detector doesn’t seem like it’s actually monitoring him.
brenoox3 - 22 hours ago
also lie detectors have been proven to be an unreliable source because people are mindful enough to beat them. i’m drunk why am i watching this sorry bye have a good day
brenoox3 - 22 hours ago
Melissa Peterson the dude administering the test is famous for giving youtubers lie detector tests. plus this is vanity fair so yeah. pretty fake. still fun for entertainment value lol
Johnny To
Johnny To - Day ago
vanity fair was like wtf..? when he said his aunt and uncle ate his bunnies
Eli barr
Eli barr - Day ago
lowkey feel like he is being attacked like he is clearly uncomfortable and does not want to be there
Josie Peppers Ya boy Jose peppers
This was my favorite lie detector test vid I’ve every seen😂
Toxic Boba roblox
Toxic Boba roblox - Day ago
7:36 ;( he’s really nervous
Esai - Day ago
the man's voice... it's like he's in my head
Influence - Day ago
Thanks David. I'm so happy you did it and shared it with us. Also making Jason a top pick made me tear up. Your squad brings colors every time there is gray sky above :D
The Cheeba Lounge
The Cheeba Lounge - Day ago
Hahahaha this has me cracking uppp omg !
some kid
some kid - Day ago
i feel like i was having heart palpitations while watching this
Cadence 6161
Cadence 6161 - Day ago
Dude he is so cute
mercedey schaefer
mercedey schaefer - Day ago
This video seemed so sad to me 😩☹️
Adair Broadway
Adair Broadway - Day ago
am I the only person who realizes this was a joke?
Makayla Sleeper
Makayla Sleeper - Day ago
Protect this man at all costs❤️
Judy Smith
Judy Smith - Day ago
9:09- 9:23 I felt his pain😞
Charlotte Skupien
Charlotte Skupien - Day ago
i felt like david was about to cry and i was so sad for him
Charlotte Skupien
Charlotte Skupien - Day ago
i feel so bad for david after this 😂😬
alexia rodriguez
alexia rodriguez - Day ago
david is so cute 😢😢😢😢
Josey Banner
Josey Banner - Day ago
This broke my heart 9:10. He looks like he’s about to cry 😥❤️
Scooby the service dog
He’s ultra nervous I mean who wouldn’t be
Victor Newgren
Victor Newgren - Day ago
I’ve lived in Chicago now for 12 years now

Im 12 yrs
Jewelina K
Jewelina K - Day ago
You can really tell he stoped wanting to be there
Jewelina K
Jewelina K - Day ago
R&A Fishing
R&A Fishing - Day ago
he’s baked
David vlogs
David vlogs - Day ago
Sellout is one word David wins
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