I'm OVER Smartphones...

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BatchTheBrit - Day ago
His intro triggered my Google Assistant, thanks Austin 😉
J T - 3 days ago
I miss the days when a phone was just a phone, not a symbol of social status.
Chad Caldwell
Chad Caldwell - 3 days ago
The design as it is, is fine. A folding phone isn't the future. It's idiotic.
Zed Bot
Zed Bot - Day ago
I mean, if they make it thiner then it might be good. Like when its folded together it has the size of a normal one but you can also unfold it if you get what Im trying to say here xD
Marko Ahonen
Marko Ahonen - 5 days ago
i have a Galaxy A5(2017) :-)
Adam Almqvist
Adam Almqvist - 5 days ago
This video speaks right into my heart. Probably that's why the Galaxy fold talks the talk for my heart. That is the big change the Smartphone world needs!
Tavo Mena
Tavo Mena - 6 days ago
All of them are shitty and boring, I'll get a Note 9 (aka zero compromises phone) and wait until the day it dies and not care anymore
BlueArmy - 6 days ago
Omg guys I want you guys right now comment a great idea for a smartphone trust me its not that easy and it has to be realistic and new and innovating and can work and people will buy also list a price
lil scotch
lil scotch - 8 days ago
*laughs in samsung smart fridge*
L Lawliet
L Lawliet - 8 days ago
Austin cradling a baby “ohhhhhhh this is a big boi.....”
Ricky 2019
Ricky 2019 - 9 days ago
That's honestly what's going on phones are just getting better
Billy Blaze
Billy Blaze - 11 days ago
I see where you are going, back in 2011 Sony brought out the Xperia lineup and I was super excited to get the new Xperia Play, I'm mostly into mobile gaming, retro gaming to be more exact, but, back in 2011 the mobile industry was still in the early stages, android 2.2, single core processors, etc. But, despite all this I had high hopes for the Xperia Play, it sure was unique, with a physical controller adapted to the phone, stereo speakers and first gen snapdragon processor, it sure was ahead of its time, way to ahead unfortunatelly, it didn't do to well in the market and Sony left it behind, to bad, cause even after that, there was and still is a large comunity that has programed alot of emulators based around the Xperia Plays design, even today, with its low end profile it's still a good emulator mobile, Sony tried to enovate in design with the first gen of Xperia phones, but at the end decided to keep it "safe" and follow the crowd, I always hoped that Sony would reconsider the Xperia Play and brought back with todays high specs, that would bring a breath of fresh air to the mobile gaming comunity, guess i'll shop ebay for and old Play for old times sake.
duncdawg 26
duncdawg 26 - 12 days ago
What's next is price, and especially in the US, there's a long way to go. Look at what you can buy new for $100 - Nearly nothing. $200 can get you some okay but $100 is basically out of the question. Realme has phones that come really close but they don't have any US lte bands. Honor was starting to put some heat on Moto but then Huawei got kicked out, leaving the budget and entry levels basically solely for Moto. Now moto no longer needs to push its prices down to competitive levels because there's no/very little competition.
Abdulla Al-Attiya
Abdulla Al-Attiya - 12 days ago
Good idea for the future: a contact lens with a camera for tracking fingers and a camera for taking pictures and a transparent screen
William Jobin
William Jobin - 13 days ago
What kind of laptop he is using here 3:22
JXim439 - 15 days ago
Glad I'm not the only one who notice their creating Mobile purposes by copying the "full screen resolution" design from iPhone, it sucks 'cause most of the phones now and then look exactly the same with the shapes and all that, they now basically making them no differences except some small addition. Nah, I'm still happy with my FE even 'till now.
Shayne McC
Shayne McC - 15 days ago
Thank you! I've been saying what more can phones do. They're great!
matic mcweedman
matic mcweedman - 15 days ago
I like how people lie to themselves just to stick with the note 9.
Note 10 plus is better device in almost ewrithing its a evolution and the future
Faster and better cameras ,display is even more crisp . Over smarthones is a statment from the rich spoiled kid with to much
Stuff .....and no love
Yesh_ #23
Yesh_ #23 - 16 days ago
The future has to be holographic displays
Elisha Chua
Elisha Chua - 16 days ago
Good thing for consumers like us. We wouldn't feel the need to upgrade after just a few months of buying a new phone anymore. 👍👍
Firepilot21 - 17 days ago
I think the perfect smartphone will be the one that would have the ability to auto heal it self using nano bots. Flash forward 150 years from now
pop_ mu22
pop_ mu22 - 17 days ago
Everyone moved on from note 7 tragedy
Except austin fucker
Jim BoB
Jim BoB - 18 days ago
I agree with this video except for the iphone x and s8,9,10 i think was a pretty big leap and possibly the dead end for awile.
quintilian - 18 days ago
This is one of those videos made just for the sake of making a video.
Lancelot - 20 days ago
Just wait for X amount of years there will probably be a hologram phone.
gwvaio - 20 days ago
Or maybe you just don’t have first hand early access to the phones and events anymore?
Michael Moya
Michael Moya - 21 day ago
Literally just don't use the s pen if you don't want to..., The S10 and the note 10 are used for different things so how can you compare them in that much detail
Nicholas A.
Nicholas A. - 21 day ago
Or you just do what apple does and put shitty batteries in their phones so people upgrade faster.
XlifesXtoughX - 21 day ago
Let's be like Apple... That's the problem
Editing Edin
Editing Edin - 22 days ago
you could do a giveaway not throw a smartphone in trash lol
GOVAND - 22 days ago
I got a Samsung note 10 ad. nioce!
Lukasz Dziwolski
Lukasz Dziwolski - 23 days ago
Thats why I still have my iphone 6s
The Frugal Felix
The Frugal Felix - 24 days ago
Hence I “downgraded” from an XR to an 8 and now to an SE. Smartphones are controlling our reality, they need to be put back where they belong! As a convenience and communicator NOT our only source of entertainment!
DoHUJIkO - 24 days ago
Finally people will stop flexing with their wacky expensive slabs
Tharsan J
Tharsan J - 25 days ago
lit ep.
DailyDistortions - 25 days ago
Smartphones have become this era's televisions. Everyone has a smartphone like everyone has (or had) a television. Initially it is a battle of who can out perform, out innovate whoever else. Then, once everyone has said device, it just becomes passe, it becomes a part of everyday life. Like the evolution of television, which went from black and white to color in twenty years and then digital and high definition in fifty years after that, the evolution of said product can only incremental upgrades (size, clarity, less power consumption, communication standards and so forth). Smartphones have met the end of their golden era. Like televisions and computers, they have become just another standard part of daily life. From here on out it will just be incremental upgrades. Nothing earth shattering, just size, color, texture, networks and whatever materials are used to make them.
Kaysha - 25 days ago
And yet, legions of people fight over which version of the same thing is the best... Clueless
JIB23 - 25 days ago
Why don't they ask the real question that needs to answered. If that's the case they would need the bible. If we lived forever on this earth that would be a good question however what does it matter if your not alive.
JIB23 - 25 days ago
I already said this 2 yrs ago
Richard Corbishley
Richard Corbishley - 25 days ago
Still rocking my Xperia Z3 that I got back in 2014. There's been no reason for me to upgrade, some phones even give me reasons to *not* upgrade, like the edge-to-edge display that I keep bumping on every phone I try with one. My Z3 still lasts a day, has all the features I need, and has NFC (which for some reason even today some mid-range devices don't have). I keep the software up to date thanks to some amazing devs over at XDA-Developers who have taken this device from Android KitKat (which it released with) to running Android 9.0 Pie. Only complaint I can have is that it's slower than newer devices, although it still keeps up with some mid-range devices, so that's even bearable. There really isn't much reason to upgrade.
Jorge Ramos
Jorge Ramos - 26 days ago
Louie Carrington
Louie Carrington - 26 days ago
Wait till apple release the new iPhone and he'll be saying something else.
Sascha Kuhn
Sascha Kuhn - 26 days ago
I think foldable phones are cool but unpractical at this point. They need development. I would say 2-3 years from now and we get usable foldable phones that don´t break after some days or moths. Til then i stick with my rectangle phone. I get the things done I want it to do and that´s all I need. But we will see in the future what we get. Maybe it will be exciting again.
boi boi
boi boi - 26 days ago
Mohammed Mohaimen
Mohammed Mohaimen - 26 days ago
Austin :smartphones are dead
His channel is mainly about being a nerd on phones
kxyoto - 28 days ago
Can’t really be too critical.
Jonn Green
Jonn Green - 28 days ago
Hey Austin just subbed
Guitardude 360
Guitardude 360 - 29 days ago
Still rocking my 8 Plus. I don’t see any need to upgrade for a long time.
Henrik Lahn Andersen
Henrik Lahn Andersen - 29 days ago
Next step will probably make the smartphone a basic "PC functionality" device with companies AMD entering into the SOC design marked with Samsung with Navi (and Zen 2+?), it stands to reason the next step is 1 device for everything. When you are out it's a phone, when you get home you plug it in (or connect via Wifi) and it turns into a PC with a large screen, mouse and keyboard (And yes - you can already do this, however the power/functionality isn't there yet) ..... Atleast that's my guess for the biggest evolution in next few generations of smartphones.
MetalTrabant - 29 days ago
Maybe it's about time people coming off the hamster wheel of buying new phones every year... it would certainly decrease the amount of e-waste over the world, also would save some rare materials that's been used in electronics. We don't need a new phone every year. It's just senseless capitalism greeding over more money, no matter how much we waste our limited resources during the process and exploit cheap workforce in the 3rd world...
And the same with different OS versions every year. They constantly try to make slightly old things obsolete, when they don't develop your favourite apps for your 4-5 years old device, just because it's not the latest gadget...
Back then, I had my 2nd desktop PC for 10 years, with the same installation of Windows XP, and I was okay with it. Eventually upgraded things like hard drive, RAM, CPU, graphics card, because I could. Try this with smartphones... you can't even change the battery nowadays in many models, like it's already made for the trash bin.
Zachary Sletten
Zachary Sletten - 29 days ago
I actually just got the Motorola g7 for $200, and it's not a bad phone, it basically has the same features as any other phone just cheaper. If you ask me the new phones with iris scanners, face scanners, and QHD resolution are cool but unnecessary.
VEGAs - 29 days ago
Honestly who tf cares enjoy whatever you want.
F You
F You - 29 days ago
I have a Redmi Note 7
He doesn't guess the Redmi Note 7
Me: *get's mad*
Also me: *feels happy*
TheAnonymousChipmunk - 29 days ago
The only space in smartphone innovation now is in value.
JDM CJM - Month ago
Why do Americans/Canadians say Mobile like "Mobul" It's not a "Crocodull", It's a crocodile.....i-l-e.
Daniel J.
Daniel J. - Month ago
And that's the exact reason why apple are focusing on services.
Jabid21 - Month ago
Phone space had gotten a bit boring due improvement among generational leaps getting smaller and smaller. Also it's not very profitable business for most vendors so they stopped trying to make better phones.
Techie Time With GD Three
What a silly video. The advances have been amazing in just one year. You loco Austin.
Robert Ibanez
Robert Ibanez - Month ago
iPhone had the same design in front for 10 years. I really doubt they changed the phone designs
James Bedford
James Bedford - Month ago
Austin... I hope after this video you get rid of your smartphone... As you are “over smartphones”
James Bedford
James Bedford - Month ago
Every industry has stagnation at some point...
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