Rip Offs

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Juicyca Nyan
Juicyca Nyan - 30 minutes ago

introducing the pearbook pro!
Kitten21924 Gacha and more
No pressure, but...
QuixPix - 3 hours ago
Put a game disc on the right of adam and face the back part on him and tada boom hes now semetrical fuck with him i did and its funny af
let's keep it unknown
let's keep it unknown - 4 hours ago
2:14 that was will well almost
Raptor pack
Raptor pack - 8 hours ago
I like it cuz jaiden's in it
Chaosgamer r
Chaosgamer r - 8 hours ago
Let's make a chain...

I'm kinda mad sad shaking it back..
Braden Payne
Braden Payne - 11 hours ago
I love all of you
Omega Prime
Omega Prime - 11 hours ago
watched 1 odd1sout video then found you and now your one of my favorites video
ShadeOfGreen - 11 hours ago
Yup morgz is a copy cat and the cringe king
Terrell Saldana
Terrell Saldana - 12 hours ago
Ur different then the odd ones out because you have different content and for jaden animation I’m pretty sure that your not a girl
radioactive bomber kitten
radioactive bomber kitten - 12 hours ago
Ok most of the animators are nothing alike I mean come on people
Gąchaløve :3
Gąchaløve :3 - 14 hours ago
Shshsushushshuhshshs......Shut up >:(
ITS_NIGHT_WOLFIE - 15 hours ago
I took inspiration from you, james, and Jaiden

And gingerpale
Kaleb Arriaga
Kaleb Arriaga - 15 hours ago
Boi :>
Lakebydaan 2
Lakebydaan 2 - 17 hours ago
JOKES_ON_YOU - 18 hours ago
I dont think of you as a rip off. But if jaiden animations, theodd1sout and markipliar had a beautiful baby with horns. It would be you.
PurpleStar Luke
PurpleStar Luke - 20 hours ago
The only thing Adam is a clone of

Callie LlamaTato YT
love commonsense
Callie LlamaTato YT
Maia Gutierrez
Maia Gutierrez - Day ago
lily pond
lily pond - Day ago
I always consider Adam as one of those alpha creators... Top tier animator ya know?
Danny vs Video games
Plot twist: hes a rip off
EDIT: this is just a joke do not take this seriously
Danny vs Video games
Danny vs Video games - 11 hours ago
chikis me its a joke
chikis me
chikis me - 18 hours ago
Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill - Day ago
You make cool vids
Saints_Ghost - Day ago
I love hen you guys all do collabs together, helps me find more of you all to watch! I love all your stuff!!!
L animations booiii
joke:this is a rip off
MINION JOE - Day ago
Like I remember I put a comment there's no competition on channels and someone said *ShUt Up* XD
Lerisa Sphinx
Lerisa Sphinx - Day ago
He looks like Mar-


Imagination Animation
I got inspired by
Destiny Young
Destiny Young - 2 days ago
By the wayyyy you've been uninvitedddd cause all you sayyyy are all the same things I didddd!!! COPYCAT!!!!! TRYNA... ok I'll stop....
No Name Brand
No Name Brand - 2 days ago
"we Hit 200K Subscribers"

Me: * Watching In 2019 * * Looks At The 2.6 Million Subs *
Me: Are You Sure About That
rocket gaming 101
rocket gaming 101 - 2 days ago
Yu aint nö rpof
Robin mentair
Robin mentair - 2 days ago
No 2 milion
HKrisher11 - 2 days ago
Frick everyone who said Adam is a rip off HE IS AN AMAZING YOUTUBER SO SHUT UP!
Hello There
Hello There - 2 days ago
Animation used to be expressing different styles and from a single frame you could identify someone’s style from someone else’s. Egoraptor, Flashgitz, Oney, all very different art styles. Now it is all just white uncolored characters with a few body poses and if they’re a big content creator maybe mouth animation. If you showed me a random frame from anyone’s video that didn’t have their main character in it there is little to nothing that distinguishes them from one another.
It’s clear that all the animation channels found that if they put animation in the title and had some slideshow of different poses while talking about relatable issues then that would get them a ton of views from elementary schoolers.
Just develop a new style that reflects your unique “personality”
Don’t be an animation channel and just do face cam videos since you can make videos faster that way and you were complaining about having to do so much animation.
Gacha coco
Gacha coco - 2 days ago
Glitter Palace
Glitter Palace - 2 days ago
You are not a rip of at all!!! I love you!,
Agent S
Agent S - 2 days ago
I'm cloning you know
Agent S
Agent S - 2 days ago
I'm grammar at bad, only 2 I am
RandomnessWithFries - 3 days ago
I am a cat Person
I am a cat Person - 3 days ago
If you guys wanna fo complain about rip offs go over to morgz
Ronikun - 3 days ago
„You are great“ from Germany
Z Gamer 2006
Z Gamer 2006 - 3 days ago
Someone: "You're a James clone"
Me: "You're an asshole clone"
Chokri Braham
Chokri Braham - 3 days ago
Adam you have 2.500.000 subscribers
Mia Northwood
Mia Northwood - 3 days ago
Hater: wow your a ripoff lollollol
Adam to le hater : ye I don't care ill make a vid on you
Me to le hater: oh ma garh why did you say dat you idiot im going to subscribe to you then unsubscribe just because it gives me pleasure in doing that especially after you said that hater

Lol or ill say SomeThingElse
Lemon Sugar
Lemon Sugar - 3 days ago
I watch you,Jaiden and James and art style is totally different , every art style is so you aren't a rip off
Boy Dumbrr
Boy Dumbrr - 3 days ago
(2:26) when u find unknown leftovers in the fridge
Boy Dumbrr
Boy Dumbrr - 3 days ago
When u find unknown leftovers in the fridge 2:26
Boy Dumbrr
Boy Dumbrr - 3 days ago
Milky Chan
Milky Chan - 3 days ago
Omg so rip-off
Milky Chan
Milky Chan - 3 days ago
@Maple Galaxia r/woooosh
Maple Galaxia
Maple Galaxia - 3 days ago
No he's not a rip off
SCN Sonic
SCN Sonic - 3 days ago
Im a Clone
Lemon x x Lemon
Lemon x x Lemon - 3 days ago
He's something else
Terris Snell
Terris Snell - 4 days ago
Alex Zachmeier
Alex Zachmeier - 4 days ago
I actually found Adam before Jaiden and James.
chloe mcgough
chloe mcgough - 2 days ago
I found James then him and then jaiden
lil boi200
lil boi200 - 4 days ago
Something else im really inspired by you and i want to make animation art thanks man ಗ‿ಗ
Youtube Channel
Youtube Channel - 4 days ago
Jael Rios
Jael Rios - 4 days ago
Jaiden!! Is in this video....AHHHHH
bendy the gaming demon
bendy the gaming demon - 4 days ago
Noob Lolol
Noob Lolol - 4 days ago
Adam: don’t call me a rip-off
Hater: *yo stop u ripoff u really suck di-*
András Banfalvi
András Banfalvi - 4 days ago
I have a stile.That called stupid
MrVasman786 - 4 days ago
I watch ginger pale odd1stout jaiden and a lot of other things I think your orginal
Ahmed Rayyan Thariq ahmed
One time my friend at school just played happier on YouTube recorded it and just put it on yt again😂😂😂😂😂😂
Crazy Ruby And friends
Crazy Ruby And friends - 4 days ago
Wow that guy at the end sound like theoddonesout :O
Robert Labonte
Robert Labonte - 4 days ago
odd1souts out and u are bfrit
lol i can't spell
Skully The Skeleton
Skully The Skeleton - 5 days ago
The main animators I watch are dommics ,somethingelseyt obviously, jaiden animations and theodd1sout so yeah check them out if Adam is working on a vid or something yeah.... but adam I have no idea how you are a ripoff your comedy is different it's childish but still funny unl8ke domics which is for bigger boi's and also very funny ye all get a A plus times 6
Sureka Scott
Sureka Scott - 5 days ago
Dumb Dumb

I’m talking about the people that call you a rip off.everyone might have similar content or probably the same art style but unless they are saying the same exact words same exact emotions they are not copying or or stilling content....stop it -_-
White Fox
White Fox - 5 days ago
Stay friends ppl this was a GREAT video of FRIENDSHIP
White Fox
White Fox - 5 days ago
Daniel R
Daniel R - 5 days ago
Haha rip off
Emiliano Morell Montes
Emiliano Morell Montes - 5 days ago
Emiliano Morell Montes
Emiliano Morell Montes - 5 days ago
GachaNightFury Weisman
GachaNightFury Weisman - 5 days ago
I love yur vids soooo much. My fav video is where you conquer your fear!
Jenifer Shockley
Jenifer Shockley - 5 days ago
Does anyone else know the difference of a rip off and a knock off?

Rip off: when you waste your money on something and it sucks; waste of money
Knock off: a look alike of another product
ಶೇಷಾದ್ರಿ-ಶ್ರಿಪದ್ಮಿನಿ ಕುಟುಂಬ
To be honest it's sad for these guys to even HAVE to make these videos about rip offs because it should be obvious that animation and animating in general is not.....owned.Its also funny to think about the expectations of those people like do they expect Only ONE ANIMATION CHANNEL IN THE ENITRE WORLD if not what do they expect ( not saying this to be rude just stating my opinion).But anyway KEEP DOING YOU somethingelseYT and all the other animated out there if they read this which I doubt bye..😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Melanie Spikula
Melanie Spikula - 5 days ago
I never thought of rip offs because I’ve never done it.
Lily Pad
Lily Pad - 5 days ago
I found fruit loops in a store brand cereal box called Fruit...Rings. FRUIT RINGS. Then I got fruit loops. They tasted the same
Lily Pad
Lily Pad - 5 days ago
yAs jaiden love your channel
lina kvedaryte
lina kvedaryte - 5 days ago
Ur no rip off
Luv de end card
SuperRadRex - 5 days ago
He isn’t a rip off

He’s somthing else B)
Ps4 Dramazar
Ps4 Dramazar - 5 days ago
I found you then I found odd1sout
Kenzie James
Kenzie James - 5 days ago
Mkay some idiots on YouTube r copycats *cough* morgz *cough*
Omega Penguin
Omega Penguin - 6 days ago
What about mr beast and morgz
Logan Fragoso
Logan Fragoso - 6 days ago
adam marciniak
adam marciniak - 6 days ago
I like your videos and you're not a rip-off
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