Can You Win Blindfolded Musical Chairs?

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Bakhtawar Hussain
Bakhtawar Hussain - 6 hours ago
5:31 😂😂😂😂😂
Ben Jennings
Ben Jennings - Day ago
9:12 that girl can cheat easily and “somehow” found the chair you could tell
Jullian McDaniel
Jullian McDaniel - Day ago
“What’s his is mine and what’s mine is mine”
Danny G
Danny G - 14 days ago
Isaac: I’m not gonna win
Also Isaac: wins
emme younker
emme younker - 15 days ago
Wait you didn't play musical chairs blindfolded! My school had a tournament of blind folded musical chairs (ps: I failed miserablely)
Fiona C
Fiona C - 22 days ago
Ok Ik ur blindfolded but have you tried musical chairs but with horses it’s rlly hard and no the horse doesn’t sit on a chair it’s just like big squares and you have to ride your horse in it it’s sooo hard
iibubbles -roblox
iibubbles -roblox - 22 days ago
300K!!! That’s SO much money I poor:(
Richie 678
Richie 678 - 25 days ago
the red head guy never actually sat on the chair sooo....
Panda _YT
Panda _YT - 26 days ago
7:50 when ur dog see that booty
Jace Ross TV
Jace Ross TV - 26 days ago
this kid said 300k after he won. Do you even number bro?
Tessy :D
Tessy :D - 27 days ago
"Looks like ryan just gave me... $300k"
Ryan at the beginning: "so we've got $2k"
Clear scotch tape
Clear scotch tape - 28 days ago
The guy that won the second round is a sexist idiot
Alli Willson
Alli Willson - Month ago
When steezy fell i lost it. Now, and when this was posted i still laugh at that moment.
Rat Buckaroo :3
Rat Buckaroo :3 - Month ago
Okay, next time you throw the chair,
make sure,
Ella Jones
Ella Jones - Month ago
did my dude actually say 300k 8:47, isn't that like 300,000
Adeon - Month ago
5:31 ouch
Yuri tarded
Yuri tarded - Month ago
why’d those outfits remind me of somethin...
scftelle - Month ago
Imagine a kid seeing this at the park and their mom is like: ‘Yeah sweetie they’re just playing a game’
tiktok is better than idk
Ryhan is rich lol watch this
Eva Locantro
Eva Locantro - Month ago
that Bella girl sucks for making her boyfriend feel like crap for loosing when she didn't even win lmao
Demoy's View
Demoy's View - Month ago
Such an awesome video
Maelee Ford
Maelee Ford - 2 months ago
I hated the Carson kid
Rose Pearl
Rose Pearl - 2 months ago
Why was the girl at 8:55 touch her bf's arm pits
Victor Suarez
Victor Suarez - 2 months ago
steezy I felt like was gonna pull up with the pickup lines and take Carson’s girl
Stupid Gorl
Stupid Gorl - 2 months ago
this looks so fun
Michael Yang
Michael Yang - 2 months ago
i’m so happy isaac won he’s so hot i was rooting for him
brynn ashley
brynn ashley - 2 months ago
im gunna win
Shoot for The sky
Shoot for The sky - 2 months ago
Bruh that’s the spot from the I rented a dog video
Genji Shimada From Overwatch
GAMEBOi YTW - 2 months ago
Steezy my man I love him
zyroFN - 2 months ago
7:46 that’s me on Friday
topshot gamer
topshot gamer - 2 months ago
Now this is real content
My Animated Story
My Animated Story - 2 months ago
RIP chairs
Died after Ryan threw them across the field.
Yassa Fortnite
Yassa Fortnite - 2 months ago
There are college kids in this

It looks like he gave me 300k 🤦🏻‍♂️ 😆 😂
Melanie McGinn
Melanie McGinn - 2 months ago
1:19 omg YES U.T is the best Tennessee for life! Lol my sister is also a freshman in U. T
Dizzy Mapping
Dizzy Mapping - 2 months ago
Ryan: 2000 for winning blindfolded musical chairs
Mr beast: 2000 for.... wInNiNg ChEsS
Joel - 2 months ago
Ava Bojorquez
Ava Bojorquez - 2 months ago
Wow I love it for how the first round the people who are like “ I am going to win” lost and the person who said “ I am going to lose” won 😂
DaYz on YouTube
DaYz on YouTube - 2 months ago
Did no one realize Haley is playing before they even were in a relationship?
PUBLICLAVA GT - 2 months ago
What an ending ! 😂
Luqmaan Bulbulia
Luqmaan Bulbulia - 2 months ago
Nobody :
Humble Isaac : *He gave me 300 K*
Luqmaan Bulbulia
Luqmaan Bulbulia - 2 months ago
Imagine taking your dog for a walk at the park and you see a bunch of people wearing white walking around while one guy is throwing chairs😂😂😂
Luqmaan Bulbulia
Luqmaan Bulbulia - 2 months ago
Isaak deserved to win cause he was the only one that was humble in the start while everyone else was talking smack
Carter Nguyen
Carter Nguyen - 2 months ago
i came to watch people fall when they think theres a chair behind them
Mellyssa Martins
Mellyssa Martins - 2 months ago
1:15 i had to replay that lol
Laureen - 2 months ago
It's so funny to see them first lik "I'm gonna win" to "im not gonna win"
Laureen - 2 months ago
I found this hilarious
just me
just me - 2 months ago
I’m gunna win
HEX - 2 months ago
11:45 LOL😂😂😂
funny game videos
funny game videos - 3 months ago
2:04 when you hear someone say 1,000$ for a challenge
2xBung - 3 months ago
I love seeing @deestroying in vids
luis esteban perexñ
luis esteban perexñ - 3 months ago
I wanted steely to win so badly
Fox4432 - 3 months ago
At this point it’s not even musical chair it’s take the chair and put in ur hands
Jonpop09 - 3 months ago
What about a deaf challenge
Saleh Alomari
Saleh Alomari - 3 months ago
I can see her cheating
Chongo Ok
Chongo Ok - 3 months ago
you got deestroying for this
RJ Fish
RJ Fish - 3 months ago
7:08 he is ready for the coronavirus
AK45GUY - 3 months ago
Why does this guy look like Lachlan..... and many other people......
wEiRd OoF
wEiRd OoF - 3 months ago
that outro doe
anna cao
anna cao - 3 months ago
Im guuna win
angiela lol
angiela lol - 3 months ago
Steezy is sooo cute😭😭.
Commander Kaden
Commander Kaden - 3 months ago
I’m sorry but Deniss was cheating there’s no way
one_love_wdw - 3 months ago
Am I the only only person who thought it was really cute when Carson and Bella introduced themselves as each others boyfriend and girlfriend 🥺
Adam - 3 months ago
Ryan is so funny!
Kayla Rimer
Kayla Rimer - 3 months ago
“It’s like 300k hell yea” more like 1k😭😭😭
HappyDay - 3 months ago
2:35 How did the guy in front of the camera not miss the chair if he wasn't cheating. xD
Kabba Barua
Kabba Barua - 3 months ago
Ryan's youtube videos are so creative
Loving Theme
Loving Theme - 3 months ago
RYAN. why r u so agressive with the damn chairs everytime u should remove one?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!
Yo Dude
Yo Dude - 3 months ago
literally most people cheated
qake57 - 3 months ago
I always win musical chairs

Simple explanation i like sitting
TheKiller2498 - 3 months ago
People walking by the parks thaughts:
Is that a cult?
Why are chairs flying?
Why are people blindfolded?
Why did 1920 bring their music with them?
Kids don't look! It's a YouTuber!
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve - 3 months ago
2nd place guy was totally cheating in before final round.
〉x Tasha x〈
〉x Tasha x〈 - 3 months ago
This used to be my entire friendship squad in pe class.
Sour Nicole
Sour Nicole - 4 months ago
5:41 ohh that girl with the black hair.. oof
Olechka Goncharova
Olechka Goncharova - 4 months ago
Why are the chairs red in the thumbnail?
*Jane* _Mrs.Cloud_
*Jane* _Mrs.Cloud_ - 4 months ago
In the the thumbnail the couple tho..
Temp - 4 months ago
If your a steezy fan yk he’s a god at musical chairs in his old videos
Edit: I finished the video and steezy didn’t win😐but Dennis did so I’m fine😂
HayleyBailey 123
HayleyBailey 123 - 4 months ago
they literally look like zombies
sarah Müller
sarah Müller - 4 months ago
The girl with the pink and long hair was cheating so bad
YoshiNinja - 4 months ago
Everyone else was so serious but the brown girl was just straight up vibing
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