Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 11

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PX Films
PX Films - Day ago
idk how old you guys but are but youre giving me hella inspiration. i unfortunately wrecked my '04 crossfire but seeing you guys rebuild cars on your channel gave me the courage to fix my car myself. glad to say shes almost ready to hit the road again
Dakota Vogel
Dakota Vogel - Day ago
Alex ? 2:06
Some Kids Doing Stuff
All that protective wear just to have sandals on 😂😂
Andras Gyetvan
Andras Gyetvan - Day ago
Why just Thomas got so much attraction? The dog behind the scene probably keep any eye on your properties! Don't let him (her?) down! :)
Thijs Wijnmaalen
Thijs Wijnmaalen - Day ago
outro is getting better guys! i think we al love to see an outro without cutting and editing. for example: you say what you normally say, but then in one take. I hope you gonna try to do that in one of your next videos
greetings from the North-East of the Netherlands
XxXJQXxX - Day ago
I want to take on my own project now they got me so inspired to do one of my own definitely can have my dad to help.
Clean Cuts Lawn Care
Clean Cuts Lawn Care - 2 days ago
Dallas stand up 👍💪🏽
naicr - 2 days ago
camera man doesn’t do much
Fifth Gaming
Fifth Gaming - 2 days ago
Are you russian?
Максим Журавлев
8:25 Super cat! Hello from Russia ;-)
Scotty B
Scotty B - 4 days ago
20:17 did he just say Jake Paul?
Jacob Spencer
Jacob Spencer - 4 days ago
21:48 wait wut come on
JIN JunSong
JIN JunSong - 4 days ago
Like father like son😂😂
E J.
E J. - 4 days ago
You guys are doing pretty good, fancy cars and cool guys showing off the toys. Keep it up and your views count will grow in no time. 👍
Michael Lamborghini Lover
Huracan H is silent. It is a Spanish word.
S\V Freaki Tiki
S\V Freaki Tiki - 4 days ago
LOL! So... How bad was that flash burn on your hands?
JNoot21 - 4 days ago
Hey Goonzquad got a 5.9 Grand Cherokee if you guys want to do something with it!!
jimmy jimmy
jimmy jimmy - 5 days ago
..good job ..yall.
Riley Suter
Riley Suter - 5 days ago
QLD means Queensland in Australia
finnlee monzo
finnlee monzo - 5 days ago
Hey go check out will motivation on YouTube. He made a video about you guys giving you guys props.
XxNocturnalKnightxX - 5 days ago
if ur fast enuff u can do the aluminum weld without any visible beads, and just a smooth weld.
Juan del Diablo
Juan del Diablo - 5 days ago
You guys are the legitnest.
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor - 5 days ago
Thomas the Master Tech/ Shop Watch Kitty -On the job 24/7 , lol
Crazywheels airsoft
Crazywheels airsoft - 5 days ago
That flag is badass
ramblingrebel68 - 5 days ago
If memory serves me correctly, most of the Audi and other European cars use fasteners that require a special torx bit .they are numbered with E-8/ E-50 and so on..
Western Wanderer
Western Wanderer - 5 days ago
So, you spent a butt-load of money on a wrecked Lambo, but you don't want to spring for a professional coming over and zapping those welds for you? You spent more on those fancy welding duds than a welder would have charged you for a few quick welds. Can't wait to see what happens when you hit 140mph.
kino zonicle
kino zonicle - 5 days ago
6:00 what's the name of that tool?
Galaxy - 5 days ago
Can you pls rebuild a AUDI R8
KAYAKS GONE WILD - 5 days ago
You guys have grown so much in the past year I’ve been here since the red croch rocket. Gongrats
Ryan Pettijohn
Ryan Pettijohn - 5 days ago
I love how meticulous you guys are with the prep work, covering and taping before paint. It's the little details that set a build apart from the next guy's. No shortcuts. Make it OEM! And definitely do updates on your mom & dad's murano
DasVERMiT - 5 days ago
24:11 - Don't cut towards your junk! Haha. Always cut away!
Killin it 24/7
Killin it 24/7 - 6 days ago
Y'all should build a 2001 f350 single rear wheel with a 7.3L powerstroke
DigiSpecMedia - 6 days ago
Damn I wish I could wake up every day and work on my own project cars. That would be the best life..who needs women and unlimited wealth when you can have the satisfaction of resurrecting your own Lamborghini?
spongewore69 - 6 days ago
Billy......oh my
MC Dirty Dan
MC Dirty Dan - 6 days ago
Back off hes mine
MC Dirty Dan
MC Dirty Dan - 6 days ago
Oh Billy 😍😍😍
mkhamburg82 - 6 days ago
hey guys..what's the name of the song at 09:35 .. can't find it in the music list. thx
Wesam BL
Wesam BL - 6 days ago
20:15 ake paul!!! Wtt
arza Lapian
arza Lapian - 6 days ago
best welding equipment.. the sandals :D hahahaha
Raul Chavarria
Raul Chavarria - 6 days ago
I love watching this build and your channel.
martin henri
martin henri - 6 days ago
Canada is a Country
Noah Dever
Noah Dever - 6 days ago
Wears jacket gloves and hair cover, wears Crocs
victor johnson
victor johnson - 6 days ago
You guys deserve this keep it going Boyz
ashley schooneman
ashley schooneman - 6 days ago
Your parents are so cool,fixing their own car,great video guys
kel novi
kel novi - 6 days ago
That Dude
That Dude - 6 days ago
Matte Grey Paint Will Look So Good!
Gvd Yg
Gvd Yg - 6 days ago
Gear Head
Gear Head - 7 days ago
Put some twins on your moms nissan
Stephen D
Stephen D - 7 days ago
So what do we call your parents? It has to have something quad in the name.
23zonekjr The greatness
Doing so much great work parents started the builds EXPEDITIOUSLY
maybe change the color to the gunmetal gray
TheJines Family
TheJines Family - 7 days ago
Murano updates!
TheJines Family
TheJines Family - 7 days ago
Parents goals fam
mcyclonegt - 7 days ago
Every time your bare skin is exposed to a welding arc you are getting massive amounts of UV rays. I know you are all invisible now, but that stuff will catch up to you in the form of skin cancer. Please cover up before you weld, even if its just a few inches of bead.
Robert Price
Robert Price - 7 days ago
PANTS, PANTS, PANTS PLEASE BE SAFE use proper clothing someone is going to get hurt take all precautions please
Vern Hoffmann
Vern Hoffmann - 7 days ago
Guys, love the channel, awesome how motivated you are
Good job cleaning the aluminum with the grinder. Only thing is that aluminum begins to oxidize immediately so use muriatic acid to clean it just prior to welding, ditch the alcohol.
TIG on aluminum is tough, but once you get it, it's sweet. If your machine can't run A.C., you're gonna have a tough time, much easier with a.c.. make sure that you have the right tungsten, and "ball" up the tip first (no pointy tip, you want a ball at the tip. If you use a pointy tip you won't be able to control where your arc is going)
Once you draw an arc you want to do a little dance with the torch and filler rod. If you're right handed you're going to move the torch to the left about an 1/8th of an inch and back your filler rod off to the left the same. Then the torch goes right an eighth, the rod comes right and dips into the leading edge of the puddle, then everything goes left again. A little left/right dance, about once a second. One one left for half a second and then right for half a second, rod and torch moving in unison.
Hope that helps.
UnthinkableTrap16 - 7 days ago
I’ve been watching since the mustang let’s see a older style mustang!!
mcastro825 - 7 days ago
Welding in shorts ur going to burn ur legs
El papi chulo Haha
El papi chulo Haha - 7 days ago
Aye how come u guys started the Lamborghini first instead of the GTR the red one
Micah Miller
Micah Miller - 7 days ago
OSHA flops
luis garcia
luis garcia - 7 days ago
Where do you guys buy your wrecked or insurance cars?
Mike Donovan
Mike Donovan - 7 days ago
You guys should get rid of that Lame ass white paint and do the Gun Metal Grey.
Think about it.
Grey would look GREAT!
Prodigy Music
Prodigy Music - 7 days ago
Respect for the master mechanic 👨‍🔧 👌🏻
Blake Lantry
Blake Lantry - 7 days ago
I’m being Watching since the quad videos
Delroy Cunningham
Delroy Cunningham - 7 days ago
Sick vlogs bro ya the best going on u tube
darksidedevelop - 7 days ago
Someone call the fashion police those are some serious sandals 😛 keep up the good work 👍
Uheldigengel - 7 days ago
Please wear a long sleeve shirt when welding. It gives of a ton of UV light, and you will get a sunburn. Trust me, it can be bad!
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock - 7 days ago
Turning out great :) so awesome starting to look like a lambo keep up the good work your guys rock
GLOCK 18 super charger
GLOCK 18 super charger - 7 days ago
Nice Helmet level 3
On pugb movile
junky jink
junky jink - 7 days ago
That Military flag is the sickest flag in the whole lot u should go all the way up to the top inside of ur shop and hang it by the top of the flag so it can hang down and blow im the breeze ......whoever created that flag if your reading this comment seriously amazing work ..
MiguelGGM - 7 days ago
are their parents American or are they foreign?
josh o
josh o - 7 days ago
how much did it cost to buy it scrapped?
Anonymous 6
Anonymous 6 - 7 days ago
Safety glasses from who?? Jake Paul !? MonkaS
VenomProGaming - 7 days ago
looks like he is one of those Japanese restaurant chief
izz king Savage
izz king Savage - 7 days ago
Where is the viper
Vulp - 7 days ago
I wonder why the Texas guy didn´t send a Texas-Flag xD
King Fahd car reviews
King Fahd car reviews - 7 days ago
Pls subscribe to my channel help a broda grow thank you.
AksiOnPc - 7 days ago
Name on Outro song ? :)
King Fahd car reviews
King Fahd car reviews - 7 days ago
Akash Ramlukan
Akash Ramlukan - 7 days ago
Waiting for todays video.
JB Blur
JB Blur - 7 days ago
What camera do you guys use?
Chris -
Chris - - 7 days ago
How much did you guys spend on this car in the salvage and how much are you guys putting into it to get it fixed up? Curious to know
WETeam17 - 7 days ago
Here in Malaysia is sleeping time but can't fall asleep now. Waiting for the new vid to drop.
Austin Hayes
Austin Hayes - 7 days ago
Dallas, Tx represent, perfectly shows how hospitable and extra we really are
Lan Phan
Lan Phan - 7 days ago
QLD Queensland
Austin Hayes
Austin Hayes - 7 days ago
those flops are the real mvp
Denzel Maximo
Denzel Maximo - 7 days ago
What's the next build? 🤔🤔
Efren Marrero
Efren Marrero - 7 days ago
yo Goonies wusup no 4x merch for the big dogs??? Help a big dog out maaaan so I can rock a Goonie shirt in the NYC kid! DANG!
Pack Savage
Pack Savage - 7 days ago my homie song hard asf ong
Gida Kaniar
Gida Kaniar - 7 days ago
Jake paul ???
RgProductionFX - 7 days ago
Dude, when you unfolded the flag and saw that intricate details. *_Goosebumps_*
Manuel Rangel
Manuel Rangel - 7 days ago
Looking forward to seeing your Mom and Dad doing their thing...
SQDR68-1 - 7 days ago
I think mat black would look sick on this Lambo!!!!
vortechstang - 7 days ago
Are y'all rebuilding this car to sell?
Dimitrakis Vorris
Dimitrakis Vorris - 7 days ago
Paint it gunmetal grey please
Vaiz - 7 days ago
You're so retarded bending metal makes it weaker....
THE DOUGH - 7 days ago
Damn, did not expect him to be able to hang off that weld, good stuff ;)
William Meakins
William Meakins - 7 days ago
Ill send you a British flag ;)
Philip O Callaghan
Philip O Callaghan - 7 days ago
As of my viewing , 33 thousand likes v 517 dislikes. 66 to 1 ratio...... I wonder what's to dislike? Some people don't appreciate all the loving? Please tell me.
Liam_ Pewmaster
Liam_ Pewmaster - 7 days ago
Tama Pranjivan
Tama Pranjivan - 7 days ago
Qld is Queensland Australia I think.
Abraham Cruz
Abraham Cruz - 7 days ago
I'm here before the Lamborghini sponsor🤠
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