Nick Cannon Reveals Who the Real Marshmello Is 😱 Wild 'N Out | #Wildstyle

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Precious Tucker
Precious Tucker - Hour ago
I clicked on this video for nothing :(
Ar H
Ar H - Hour ago
Whats the black girls name that battle nick in the beginning
Ar H
Ar H - 2 hours ago
Been watching this like million times and still laughing...Charli clips line to bIgmac is bomb....bomb....legit bomb..funny af
Craig 17
Craig 17 - 2 hours ago
euphemiarahming - 2 hours ago
Richard Michael
Richard Michael - 5 hours ago
That last Marshmello joke to Big Mac💥
Fadlul Faris
Fadlul Faris - 8 hours ago
How is marshmello on this show?! get Mute Spittah next!
ÇrÅzY çHíLd
ÇrÅzY çHíLd - 10 hours ago
False advertising
YSLBussDown - 10 hours ago
Justina lowkey was hurt when White boy said that
Nich Chourng
Nich Chourng - 11 hours ago
For y'all if u want to know who is marshmallow he is Chris Comstock ('_')/–🍪
Faith Fisher
Faith Fisher - 13 hours ago
Bro was staring at marshmallow😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aegon Targaryen
Aegon Targaryen - 13 hours ago
roses are red
violets are blue
this video is skit
and clickbait too

Hiraina Moeke
Hiraina Moeke - 14 hours ago
They should get eminem on this show
saitama unknown
saitama unknown - 14 hours ago
Wait um was this clickbait
ceenite - 14 hours ago
1:43 that was something I've never heard before🤣
Wynter Wonderland
Wynter Wonderland - 14 hours ago
I ain't think y'all where clickbait people
Ty West
Ty West - 15 hours ago
The title lied
ztatec 1
ztatec 1 - 16 hours ago
Sub to my yt rn
RedHøT Chili Guy
RedHøT Chili Guy - 16 hours ago
Why they bully him like that.
Tocahe White
Tocahe White - 17 hours ago
Clickbate much
ayeee imvu littt
ayeee imvu littt - 18 hours ago
Wow i thought this was real;-;
nunya lyons
nunya lyons - 18 hours ago
Dam everyone said Charon when to far
xzotic savage
xzotic savage - 20 hours ago
Raymond Banks
Raymond Banks - 21 hour ago
This one was dope 😂
Elijah Bussey
Elijah Bussey - 22 hours ago
clickbait at it's finest😂
Hisoon Hot
Hisoon Hot - Day ago
Am I the only one who knows that Marshmellow is actually SHAWN MENDES???🤔😂😂
hodo Mohamoud
hodo Mohamoud - 4 hours ago
I know that As well so your not the only one
TwistedElbow24 - Day ago
Marshmallow hi I’m a fan wow
Steve Mwangi
Steve Mwangi - Day ago
The last one about the dude getting hungry is epic😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤🙌🙌🙌🙌
zrt g
zrt g - Day ago
1 weak l8er anyone
Harmony C
Harmony C - Day ago
Just watch marshmallow tryna doge peoples hands
Malim Josef
Malim Josef - Day ago
Big was really stearing at mash the whole time
BOY BOY - Day ago
Lorenzo Holguin
Lorenzo Holguin - Day ago
Christian Palu
Christian Palu - Day ago
This is when the fun comes😂😂😂😂😂2:48
Javon Parisien
Javon Parisien - Day ago
I didnt see marshmello at all he had his marshmello helmet on the whole time
Qribx - Day ago
Loving the clickbait lmao
Preston Nguyen
Preston Nguyen - Day ago
huncho yee
huncho yee - Day ago
Poor marshmallow man
Emiliano Arellano
Emiliano Arellano - Day ago
The last joke got ma goof
MoII36Mo YT - Day ago
Im hurt
XNS Trill
XNS Trill - Day ago
We got clickbaited by Wild n Out thats tuff
Yasmim Cavlac
Yasmim Cavlac - Day ago
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia - Day ago
Mariah Probably jealous
Walking Bucket
Walking Bucket - Day ago
Subscribe to ya Boi
Chefcarter Robinson
Chanel Loveita
Chanel Loveita - Day ago
Justina looked hurt asf
410 - Day ago
I bet it’s that one weird dude I can tell cuz how he walks
Taylor Cole
Taylor Cole - 2 days ago
“these buttons are close” 😭
A'Rionna Marshall
A'Rionna Marshall - 2 days ago
The last one took me out 🤣
joel Owusu- Asumeng
joel Owusu- Asumeng - 2 days ago
nigga always horny i swear
mohamed million
mohamed million - 2 days ago
Clickbait tf
Rayray - 2 days ago
Nigga said Dwight powder 💀💀😭😭
Gaming with davonte
Gaming with davonte - 2 days ago
He doesn't even take the mask off
KOBE SHINI OYOA - 2 days ago
Click bait fuckk
Ezkavidor - 2 days ago
Its dotcom
vikash rajkumar
vikash rajkumar - 2 days ago
Dafuq.......kinda click bait shit is this.....
868. malik
868. malik - 2 days ago
Yall do know that marshmallow is shawn Mendes right?😂
Danny Sanabria jr.
Danny Sanabria jr. - 4 hours ago
Thats not true
Jeremiah Dalton
Jeremiah Dalton - 2 days ago
Ari Steenhuis
Ari Steenhuis - 2 days ago
Use me as a “get clickbaited” button
Joshua Basehore
Joshua Basehore - 2 days ago
Armani Crum
Armani Crum - 2 days ago
Shit just made me mad asf
Ernesto Gaytan
Ernesto Gaytan - 2 days ago
This is a scam no marshmallow face reveal srry
Life with Kira
Life with Kira - 2 days ago
I knew for sure he wansnt revealing that 😂
David Sanchez
David Sanchez - 2 days ago
Marsh mellow has had to have been one of the worst guests he dose not even talk in a show that is made for talking. 👍🏻 if you agree
Karisma's Life
Karisma's Life - 2 days ago
*Clicks on video.*
*Watches video.*
"This video is clickbait"
James Polk
James Polk - 2 days ago
"Roasted." 😂😂😂
iBeauty Kit
iBeauty Kit - 2 days ago
Click bait 🙄🥺 But it was still hilarious 😂
Lamborghini Corvett
Lamborghini Corvett - 2 days ago
What he did not even show his face
Naveyah Beaubrun
Naveyah Beaubrun - 2 days ago
Big Mac get rosted
-Sir WESLEE- - 2 days ago
*This was good, but after I saw the deleted scenes vid those laughs in the background are like 64% believable* 😅😐
Faded Clipz
Faded Clipz - 2 days ago
Zariyah Edwards
Zariyah Edwards - 2 days ago
Yashira Montesino
Yashira Montesino - 2 days ago
Damn we got click baited
Ricky Saavedra
Ricky Saavedra - 2 days ago
Just letting y'all know the real marshmello is chris comstock
Gosted beazt
Gosted beazt - 2 days ago
2:56 lol best part
Courtney Dawn
Courtney Dawn - 2 days ago
Why he do big mac like that
Arrow Wolf
Arrow Wolf - 2 days ago
Click bate much
ipeleng mathabe
ipeleng mathabe - 2 days ago
Justina should've gotten a ding for that one
J R Y - 2 days ago
Click bait
zProdi6y - 2 days ago
Click bait
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